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So You Think You're Mean Enough? Eight Bad Dudes Say Otherwise.

Do battle in the back alleys of the Big Apple, in the shadow of ancient Chinese temples, in not-so-jolly old England. And win the grudging respect of eight of the toughest, meanest street fighters on the planet.
Forget about everything you know about playing by the rules. This is strictly survival of the fittest!
You'll need power, speed, and plenty of street smarts. Watch out for Geki and his Ninja weapons, Birdie's lethal head butt and the flying scissors kick of Gen.
You've got a few tricks up your sleeve, too -- a martial arts arsenal that includes hurricane kicks and dragon punches. Don't hold back for even an instant.

> Take on eight of the world's toughest street fighters, one fight at a time.
> No holds barred, best two out of three competition.
> Fight in England, China, Japan or the U.S.
> Punch, kick, block, or duck punches. Deliver karate chops and flying kicks -- just like a real street fighter.
> Defeat all eight fighters and get set for the ultimate street battle -- your final test.

No fancy hotels or five star restaurants on your itinerary. The only sights you'll see are the baddest dudes on any street corner anywhere.

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