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Sugetsu Advanced by Kazuki

Version: 1.0 |

Sogetsu Advanced FAQ  v.1.0
By Kazuki

Very fast slashing with good range.  Limited power.  Most special moves 
are strong, especially when POWed.  Slash is a commonly used character 
who is powerful, but usually used in a cheap way.  Bust is a strong 
balanced character in the air and the ground, and a great super.

Sogetsu's A slashes are hand attacks and therefore cannot be countered 
by Jubei, aggressive blocks, or Zankuro (so repeated crouching A's is 
very effective).  His B slashes have very good range and speed and are 
his primary weapons.  His C slashes have various uses, but none have 
exceptionally high damage.  Crouching C should be used just to pick at 
long range, to check to see if they are paying attention.  Keep in mind 
that the lag is fairly high, and if they jump in, you are probably 
toast.  The standing C is something to be used VERY carefully since the 
recovery time is HUGE.  However, since it rushes forward very quickly, 
it can hit where most people (except Ukyo) can't.  Use it to counter 
blocked attacks with lag.  Also can be used after a successful 
aggressive block (QCB, F).  The air C has great range, but has a slight 
startup time, so use the B when defending.

Tech Specific:
Slash:  The water spout is his primary weapon, being able to snuff out 
projectiles and air attackers easily.  The bubble has a few uses, but is 
needed to perform the "Unblockable Death Slash" (see Nasty Tricks).   
The teleport is near worthless except for escape since it will put you 
right next to your opponent as you recover if you try to use it 
Bust:  Bust is one of my best characters since he has a vast variety of 
attacks, normal and special, along with one of the best supers in the 
game.  The biggest mistake you can make is to think that his triple 
waterball and air throw can be used anytime.  Don't do that.  The air 
triple has plently of recovery time, and the ground one has its share as 
well.  The air throw, if missed and not and attempted cross up, will 
land you smack in front of them, rolling.  Use the single waterball ON 
THE GROUND and the air triple only if you know they will have to block 
all of them.  Don't use them as projectile defense since most other 
projectiles bust right through them.  Only use the air throw when you 
have a clear shot (like as they thrown a projectile) and always try to 
cross up.  His air block is VERY useful since it  not only blocks any 
slash, but also allows you to jump again or fall in ANY direction, and 
then perform any move except for another bubble.

Notable Styles:
The Grinder (Slash only: VERY cheap):  Use your spout to protect 
yourself.  Always lead off so if they rush or jump, they get hit, but 
nothing happens if they don't.  Keep in mind that the spout can still 
hit the entire time if they haven't touched it.  Keep fighting till you 
get POWed.  Then the evil starts.  Use the multiple ticking POWed up 
spout to force them into the corner.  Then keep using the spout of your 
choice to tick their health away.  Any spout, even C, has enough 
recovery to start another spout BEFORE the first is done.  This can tick 
away a whole bar.  Your opponent will likely kill you physically after 
and your honor will definetly be in question.

Fighting against Sogetsu:
General (Against Slash):  When he is unpowed, run in and take the ticks 
from the spout.  After the ticks end, the spout is harmless.  Hit him.  
Guard crush him out of all teleports.  Remember that when the bubble 
flashes, it cannot hurt you.
General (Against Bust):  Try to get under him everytime he tries to air 
bubble.  If you see the ground triple coming (the start time is 
significantly longer), cover and much ground as possible and either 
jump, or block and try to get a hit in.  Watch your blocking when he is 
in the air and maximinze damage if the air throw is blocked.  Don't get 
too aggressive against the air.  Stay on the ground to protect from the 
air block and super.

When POWed:
Slash: To grind or not to grind.  That is the question
Bust:  The waterballs come back so feel free to toss them out if you 
know they will make contact (blocked or not)

Using the Super:
Slash: Standard close B or A into super works.  You can also chain it in 
the CD combo.
Bust:  Almost perfect air defense, use it as such.  Don't use it against 
the ground since it doesn't tick all that much.  Can chain it into a BBC 

		   Slash: in the corner, can close B, into A Spout
"BBC" Combos:  Slash:  A Spout
	              Bust: Super!
Chain Combos: Slash: Super!
Nasty Tricks: Slash:  Sogetsu's Unblockable Death Slash!
Get a bubble close behind them.  Get close enough to hit them with the 
rage explosion and knock them into the bubble.  They will be stunned 
long enough to Death Slash them.
Winning in Style: Slash: Do the Nasty Trick.  You will either get a 
complement, or outrage.
	                Bust:  BBC into the super or land the final hit 
with his taunt (almost no damage and 
		 only chainable after the very end of a d/f + D)

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at perseus@uclink4.berkeley.edu
Note: As long as you give me credit for my work, and don't use this FAQ 
for profit, do whatever you like.

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