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Kazuki Advanced by Kazuki

Version: 1.0 |

Kazuki Advanced FAQ v1.0
By Kazuki (Ok, it might be a bit much to take Kazuki as my handle, but 
he IS my favorite character)

A long time ago, when SS4 first graced our arcade, Kazuki was thought 
to be the Dan of SS4, since he has less range and slashing speed than 
Sogetsu, and his moves were questionable.  Now we know better.  A very 
high level character, Kazuki has power, foot speed, and very 
specialized attacks.  Not for a beginner, he primarily relies on 
pressure tactics and fast thinking.  Keep in mind that Kazuki is also 
one of most honorable characters.

Almost all of Kazuki's slashes are very specific in their use.  Once 
you learn the range and abilities of his slashes, Kazuki can hold his 
own without special moves.  Standing, his A punch is a quick, high 
priority elbow (no weapon needed), his B slash is his "range" attack, 
and his C is his high power, super slow, VERY painful slash.  Crouching 
is similar, however, the A is now a longer chop, and the C is an 
"uppercut" type slash.  Usually, the crouching C is not needed since is 
jumping C is more reliable, and Bust has the multi kicks.  In the air, 
Kazuki is very powerful.  His A and D, as always, can pick off most 
attacks, but his B and C are more tricky to use.  His B slash has good 
range, and should be used to pursue and defend in the air.  His air C 
is extremely useful, being a very fast uppercut slash, almost straight 
up.  However, using the jumping C against the ground requires a little 
practice since its hit area is almost above Kazuki, so use a B till you 
get the hang of it.  Keep in mind if you do hit with the jumping C 
against the ground, you will land very soon after, usually soon enough 
to get in another B or C slash.  
Kazuki is probably the best runner in the game, with almost no lag on 
the start or end.  The only three things you'll need when running are:
C - Fast and strong, this slash has a huge arc, and can be used to take 
out airborne enemies.
D - Almost no lag if you hit at the end of his foot.  Follow with heavy 
pursuit.  Use it.
B into special - Slash can chain the close running B into the flame 
grab, and Bust can chain into the multi kicks.  Risky, but nasty.
The only special move both have is the self-explosion, a counter and 
tick attack that should be used sparingly, or against slow footed, or 
slow witted, opponents.

Tech Specific:
Slash: The weaker, but more versatile of the two.  Your main goal is to 
charge up all three fireballs as fast as possible.  After that, you 
have a supreme projectile and grab.  Keep in mind, the fireball, unless 
all 3 flames are used, has a startup time.  The more fire, the less 
lag.  The grab is NOT anti-air.  More like a close range ground strike, 
with great damage with fireballs, but almost none without.  Do NOT use 
the counter (A+ C when hit) unless it is to stop a combo, even then, 
only in emergencies since they do a lot more with real moves (they 
will, however, stop the opponent from POWing).  Only use the super in 
the chain combo.
Bust: Bust is more difficult, but much more powerful.  The main thing 
you MUST learn, is to land the final hit of the power slide combo since 
it does HUGE amounts of damage.  If you miss, you're toast.  The slide 
should only be used if:
1.) The enemy has just missed a huge move (like a Crescent moon slash 
or power gradation)
2.) You land a B slash to the back. (Note: You CAN pull crush into 
the corner, then B slash into slide)
DO NOT throw the move out randomly or try to use it right after a guard 
crush.  You invite death if you do.
The multi kicks (DF + any, then shake stick left and right while 
hitting button) is a tricky move to use. Since all buttons do the same 
thing you must land it or go floating in the air.  Used as an air 
counter, it does damage and has good priority AFTER the start up.  Make 
sure you get all 15 so hits, and then use a short pursuit for one more. 
(Many a fight has been finished with that step)  See Misc for more.

Notable Styles:
The Scrub:  A common occurrence in an arcade.  Some Kazuki "player" who 
throws out slides and fireballs (and tries to "Dragon Punch" after).  
Kill them.
The Maniac (Bust):  This is my style (as most people in the UCB 
underground know).  Basically, attack like a madman with no regard for 
self preservation.  Use lots of running Ds and if they jump (doesn't 
matter where) run and jump after them. Never use special moves unless 
the opening presents itself then make sure you land that last hit!  
Also, corner guard crushing and combos pick up the rest.  Keep circling 
since eventually, their back will be open.  Oh, power block a lot (QCF, 
F + D) and try to land the super at least once per match =).

Fighting Against Sogetsu:
Stay close.  VERY close.  Always remember that after the unPOWed ticks, 
it's done and the spout is useless.  Don't try to poke since Sogetsu's 
slashes are faster and have more range.  Be patient, Sogetsu has many 
openings, just wait for them.  If slash, max out your fireballs and 
blaze right through the bubble as he throws it.  Stay out of corners or 
the grinder might get you.  Against Bust, run under him a lot, since 
Sogetsu's air time is fairly high.  If he throws waterballs, charge him 
to cover ground, then jump.

Fighting Tam Tam:
This is ugly.  If you haven't read the Anti-Tam Tam section of the Tam 
Tam FAQ, it basically says play REALLY defense (i.e. turtle) against 
the A slash fest since you cannot match his range or speed. 

When POWed:
Slash: Nothing of note except the super chain
Bust: Slide combo is much stronger, but also much more vulnerable if 
you miss.  Don't try the super unless you are really sure, or in combo.

When Weaponless:
Slash has no moves.  Bust has one.  Get that sword.

Using the super:
Slash: Chain  only
Bust: See Winning in Style (note: the super can be cut short by hitting 
ABCD.  However, the stun animation will come out.)

After the Guard Crush:
Either: Running B into special, running C, standing or crouching B 
(sometimes misses)
BBC combos: Slash:Super (it DOES work, just tricky), Flame Grab, level 
3 fireball
	          Bust: Multi kicks (16 hits)
After the power block:  If you are close, C works (pain), otherwise B
Chain Combos: Slash: Flame Grab
	            Bust: Multi kicks (tricky)
Nasty Tricks: none
Winning in Style: Slash: Land the super
Bust:  Land the super, either normally or after the first 
two parts of the slide combo.                 Timing is 
essential since the super has a start time.  Practice. Keep 
in mind this combo does not do as much at the final hit of 
the normal combo.

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at perseus@uclink4.berkeley.edu or 
Note: As long as you give me credit for my work, and don't use this FAQ 
for profit, do whatever you like.

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