• Enable Fatalities

    At the team select screen, hold up and press pass/steal 20 times. A box will come down indicating that the code has been entered. To perform the fatality, shove an opponent while you are on fire. Note: This code will only work on Rev. 1.0 (01/17/94) and Rev. 2.0 (01/28/94).

    Contributed By: DarthMarino.

    9    14

  • Power-Up Cheats

    You can enter any of the following cheats at the ''Tonight's Matchup screen that appears before the tip-off.

    Baby Modehold the joystick Down-Right, and then press Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, Steal, Turbo, Shoot, then Steal
    Big Headshold the joystick Up and press and hold Turbo/Pass
    There is now a Shot-Percentage Indicator.Turn the joystick 360 degrees and press the Turbo, Shoot, and Pass buttons simultaneously 7 times.
    There is now Power-Up Goaltending.Press any button 24 times in a row.
    You now are playing in Tournament Mode.Hold Right and Turbo + Shoot + Pass until the tip-off.
    You now have Maximum Power.Hold Down + Turbo + Shoot + Pass + Start until the screen changes and the game starts.
    You now have Quick Hands.Hold Down and press the Shoot button 5 times. After the 5th press, keep holding Down + Shoot until the tip-off.

    Contributed By: BolerosCloud and IONO.

    12    37

  • Switch Team and Players Cheat

    Enter this cheat at the ''Halftime Substitution'' screen.

    You can now use the Pass button to change to a different team, the Turbo button to swap players, and the Shoot button to confirm your choices.Hold both the joystick Right and the Pass button until you see the words "TEAM SWAP ENABLED."

    Contributed By: BolerosCloud.

    12    17


  • Hidden Players (v.1.0 and v.2.0 only)

    Enter these as your initials.

    ElvicousELV JAN 8
    Grim ReaperGRM OCT 31
    Kerry HoskinsKER OCT 10
    KongoKNG JAN 16
    Lorraine OliviaLOR FEB 20
    RaidonRAD JUL 9
    ReptileRPT NOV 11
    ScorpionSCO JUL 6
    Sub ZeroSUB DEC 5
    Tim ComanTJC OCT 11

    Contributed By: triplem1075 and REALSONICPRO.

    30    90

  • Unlock Players

    At the ''initals screen'' enter the initals and the birthdate for the player desired.

    BERANSAB 8/29
    BOONEJB 2/22
    BOOTYMVB 4/18
    BROWNDEE 11/29
    COLEMANDC_ 6/21
    COXPGC 4/11
    DAVISWBD 8/17
    DEALLTD 4/30
    EWINGPAT 8/5
    FordenDWF 9/28
    GAYRMG 8/11
    GOSKIETWG 12/7
    GRANNERCG_ 12/4
    GREENJDG 5/31
    HAYJWH 9/20
    HEAGERJEH 7/13
    HEITSCHWMN 11/11
    HOSKINSKER 10/10
    JarvisEPG 1/27
    KammVLK 11/9
    KempKMP 11/26
    KinkeadDIE 1/1
    LaskoAML 8/31
    LinhoffJFL 4/16
    LiptakSL_ 6/24
    LoffredoML_ 5/25
    LowesJML 11/4
    MacikaREM 3/26
    MaloneKRL 7/24
    MartinezMAM 8/7
    MednickCMM 7/2
    MourningZO_ 2/8
    NewcomerJRN 6/18
    OlajuwonHAK 1/21
    OliviaLOR 2/20
    OurslerSNO 1/3
    PenachoMDP 1/13
    PetroGNP 10/8
    PippenPIP 9/25
    PontarelliVJB 4/11
    RivettRJR 1/17
    RobinsonROB 8/6
    SharpeROG 8/1
    SimpsonJMS 2/22
    SkilesJMS 7/29
    ThomasZEK 4/30
    TobiasTOB 8/24
    TsuiJYT 11/28
    TurmellMJT 3/22
    VogelVOG 6/27
    WebberWEB 3/1
    WilkinsDOM 4/16

    Contributed By: IONO, LuigiSan, and DarthMarino.

    16    45

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