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Reviewed: 09/05/01 | Updated: 09/05/01

If I could reach through and choke Dick Vitale...I would...

In the tradition of sports games, none other than NBA Jam has set the mood of the arcade basketball game. With several different real life teams to choose from, each offering up their best star players {depending on the version} and some pretty spectacular slam dunks, you've got a high speed basketball game worth playing. Based on a side scrolling view, you're playing a game of two on two against a computer controlled team. The basis of the game is simple, you make more points than they do before the end of the game. The turn off is that it doesn't matter if you're winning or losing, you still have to pay for each quarter you play, which can cost you a buck!

Some of the more ground-breaking area's is with the actual game play. You score points not only for three points and jump shots, but for some physics breaking slam dunks that can either start at the free throw or the three point line. With several different slam ducks to accomplish, you'll spend more time talking trash to your friends when you jam a tripe flip slam duck in their face!

-Game Play 8/10-

Back and forth along the court to score points or attempt to stop your opponents from scoring too much. With each successful shot that you make, you will eventually be turned to On Fire status, when this happens, you can make shots from just about anywhere within the half court mark, and you'll be dishing out the points. The introduction of the Turbo button in this game gives the gamer the ability to move faster and to make the slam dunks. What the down side is to all of this, is that the computer can either be easy, or stomp you into next week with little more than a thought!

-Control 8/10-

It's simple enough to use. You have three buttons to press during the game, one is the turbo button, another is the jump/shoot button and the other is a pass button. Some of the learning that you may do in NBA Jam is just trying to get the slams to come off, and those are down through a combination press of shoot and turbo as well as a controller stick movement.

-Audio/Visual 8/10-

If I ever have to hear Dick Vitales voice again, I'll kill someone! There is no game music to speak of, and all you here, is the consistantly annoying voice of that man calling out that you {or your opponent} is on fire or that another nail in the coffin has been laied down for your victory or theirs.

The visuals are smooth as silk, although you can't tell what your players look like. Just take comfort in the fact that you get to see their picture when you select them, and the fact that the slams look awesome enough dismiss the fact that you can't tell if that is really Pippen dunking or just some computer controlled crony!

-Quarter Crunching 8/10-

It costs a buck to play an entire four quarters. However, in order to get your record up there, you have to play more games to be a respectable contender, or if you really don't have anything better to do, go for the championship. Either way, your progress can be saved on a single machine with a passcode and initials, so don't spend forty bucks in one day to jump your record through the roof, you can come back to do it later!

-Overall 8/10-

Even though that announcer has to die a horrid death, NBA Jam is a pretty solid basketball game that puts two on two action ahead of everything else! With the slam dunks and the constant trash talking that you'll be doing at the machine with your friends, you'll find that it's worth the initial buck to play.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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