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Reviewed: 02/22/11

The War of the Gems comes to Fighting games

As I’m now past the date where Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has been released, I’m going to take a look back at the other games that have made this series possible. And to go far enough back to start it all off, I have to look at really the first in a long list of games that became an iconic series. You’re likely thinking of course X-Men Vs Street Fighter, but before even that were other games. The first one of these was X-Men: Children of the Atom. I however sadly haven’t played that one. So to be fair, I’m going to the next one, and likely the one that really started the craze: Marvel Super Heros.


Pretty straight forward, a fighting game with a bit more room in the air to land combos. This can ether be a good idea or a bad one. Good in the aspect that it takes skill to set-up some things, bad that it lowers the straight-forward aspect of a fighting game. I personally don’t mind this move since some of the gameplay is geared more to balance, so it’s mostly up to the player how to do things. 7/10


3 punch buttons and 3 kick buttons. With these you can pull off some rather insane combos. To me however the gameplay is a bit slow, but it’s also makes it tougher to do that Magneto infinite combo (which if you’re still doing by now, then you really need to get a life). Using a down-to-back with 3 punch button combo, you can activate one of your in-stock Infinity Gems, which do different things for you. I’ll explain that in gameplay. The thing is this game is just a bit slow for me. I don’t know why. 7/10


When it comes down to it, combos don’t always win a fighting game: It’s a balance mix of skills. This game relies too heavily on combos to win. That being said, there is a nice addition to the game: The Infinity Gems, that allow you to do things like gain Super Armor, speed up, or hit harder. I think for my tastes though these don’t last really long enough to make that much of an impact on the game. A good idea, but just not strong enough to carry it. Otherwise, you just get a combo fest, which isn’t bad, but I prefer a mix of skills. 8/10


I will say that these are some of the best 2-D graphics to ever come out of a fighting game. I also must say that the stages are a pretty nice touch in their backgrounds, especially Phylock’s stage. My only issue seems to be since this game is rather slow paced the characters don’t seem to react as fast as their moves sometimes are executed. Otherwise, who wouldn’t want to be going up The Daily Bugle on an elevator on the outside or be in Tony Stark’s Lab? 9/10


This is where I’m actually a huge fan of this series. All the characters have voices… even the ones that don’t matter. The original cast of many of these characters were done in this game. The only voice I think was changed was Magneto’s to his cartoon counter-part and at the time Tharos didn’t have a voice to him. The music is for this one ok. It’s not the same as future versions but clearly you can tell where they got the ones for later installments of this game. Sound effect wise, not bad ether, but it’s a typical fighting game affair. 8/10


Torn from the pages of Marvel Lore, Thanos is gathering the Infinity Gems to bring back his lover. Doing so he takes down any and all who get in his way. More so, everyone has their own reasons for taking these gems for themselves. From there it’s just a simple beat-down. And for once a good story in comic book history turns into a great one in gaming. I love it! 10/10

Replay Value:

Since this game has no on-line ability being so old, it’s really a ‘if you can find it to begin with’ kind of game. If you can, you won’t be as hooked on it as you would one of the other Vs. games in the series (that includes Capcom Vs. SKN games). I will say it has a nice charm to it and if you’re able to play it, it’s not that much of a problem using each character to get more background on them all. It’s not as over-the-top as other games in the series however, so play at your own risk. 7/10

Fun Factor:

I also will say that yes, this game is just as good as other games in the series for one thing: It’s breathtakingly enjoyable to mash up on someone. Since the cheep gaming of MvC2 isn’t really in this game, players have to at the least be on the ground fighting 80% of the time and beating the snot out of each other. Lovely to say the least. If you want to combo, you can, but you won’t really need to. This game’s more about knocking the other person’s head off. Which to me is much more enjoyable. 9/10


There is one problem: The game gets hard at the end. The first few parts are not that hard, save for facing Spider-Man for some reason, but then the Tharos Fight… well that’s a pain in the rear. I could also say that the game itself has one flaw: The Infinity Gems don’t last long enough for me to be worth it. This makes it a bit tougher to play for me in the end. If the gems lasted longer, or Tharos wasn’t cheeper than Iron Man is, I wouldn’t mind, but… 6/10


This has to be easily one of the best parts of the game: It was made to tribute the Late Jack Kirby, the Co-creator of many of these characters next to Stan Lee himself. No doubt that this game was done to inspire the world at large about his talents. More so to make some of the lesser-known characters come to life, such as Blackheart. Everyone knows these characters, and a dream match-up of them is just what we wanted. 10/10

Over-all Rating:

I like this game, but it could be much better. I got to say that there’s a few flaws, but it’s not as broken as the series would get. I will say though with all the work that was done with this game it’s worth going and finding just to play it. Is it the best in the series? Not too sure. It really said to the world that Marvel and Capcom together were serious about the long-road and we’re all better for it. If only we knew where it would lead us to then…

Maybe I’m being a bit hard on it I know, but I’m giving this one 75 out of 100.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Marvel Super Heroes (US, 10/31/95)

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