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    FAQ/Move List by RCheung

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/30/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: rmcheung@ix.netcom.com (=P)
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2,rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: ** Marvel Super Heroes FAQ v1.3 ** -- Hot Off The Press!!!
    Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 05:40:06 GMT
    Marvel Super Heroes FAQ v1.3 (msheroes.faq)
    Written by: Richard Cheung (=P)
    Capcom's new fighting game, Marvel Super Heroes can be easily thought
    of as X-Men: Children of the Atom II.  It uses the almost same engine
    and style of play.  As far as I call tell, it should be distributed
    nationwide by this time.
    (Please excuse all inaccuracies and send corrections to the above
    Everyone allowed to duplicate the information from this FAQ (including
    EGM =P ) as long as credit is given to this FAQ and its author.
    [Major Notes/Correction in This Version]
    The combo section is very limited right now.  I'm only adding the
    combos that I've discovered or been E-mail to me.  If need combos
    badly, there is a combo FAQ out there, you might want to pick it up. 
    Sorry if MSH FAQ v1.2 wasn't terribly, widely distributed.  I tried,
    but some Web Sites still have v1.1.  
    My HD crashed between v1.2 and v1.3.  I'm working off an E-mailed FAQ
    from Mousse Lee (THANKS!).  I know I'm forgetting alot of changes that
    everyone has sent me, please resend them if you don't see them here.
            * [Based on beta of the game.]
            * First FAQ.
            * Unorganized Information with plenty of typos.
            * [Based on beta of the game.]
            * Unorganized Information with plenty of typos.
            * History added
            * Abbrevations addded
            * Minor corrections
            * More info on Captain America, Magneto, and Spiderman
            * [Based on beta of the game.]
            * Common Moves added
            * More info on moves esp. Psylock
            * FIRST attempt to make the FAQ accurate with the full release
    version of the game.
            * Infinity Counter added
    v1.1    * Info on Blackheart, Shuma Gorath, and Bosses
            * How to taunt added
            * Gems corrected
            * Juggernaut item pick up added
            * Disable Gems added
    v1.2    * More corrections
    v1.3      * Combos added
              * Pumpkins added
              * Alternate Colors added
              * More junk
    Jab    Strong   Fierce
     a        b        c
    Short    Forward  Roundhouse
     x        y        z
            <Joystick Motions>
    BF (back forward)               [Hold] o-- --o
    QCF (Quarter Circle Forward)    | \ --o
                                    o  o
    QCB (Quarter Circle Back)       |  / o--
                                    o o
    FCD (Forward Circle Down)       --o \  |
                                         o o
    BCF (Back Circle Forward)       o--  / | \  --o
                                        o  o  o
    FCB (Forward Circle Back)       --o \  |  / o--
                                         o o o
    FDD (Forward Down Diagonal)     --o | \
                                        o   o
    UDF (Up Diagonal Forward)               o o
                                    |  \ o--
    BDD (Back Diagonal Down)        o-- / |
                                       o  o
    DD (Down Down)                  | |
                                    o o
    DCF (Diagional Cirle Forward)    / | \ --o  Note: While most of us use
                                              o  o  o     QCF or HCF,
    after you                                                         lose
    the computer describes
    certain moves are SUPPOSED
    to be performed THIS way.
    <Special Move Notes>
            These notes are placed in parenthesis after special moves.
    They indicate the move's attributes.
    A - Can also be done in the air
    C - Directionally controllable by using different punch or kick
            Usually for projectiles this means:
            a or x (jab or short)           -       Shoot Down
            b or y (strong or forward)      -       Shoot Middle/Straight
            c or z (fierce or roundhouse)   -       Shoot Up
    M - Must be done the in the air
    <Combo Abbreviations>
    c - crouching attack
    j - jumping or airbone attack (may involve a super jump)
    n - jumping neck attack
    s - standing attack
    t - throw attack
    [Common Moves]
    These moves work for all characters.
            --o --o         (tap forward on the joystick twice)
            abc             (tap all three punch buttons together)
    <Super Jump>
            | o             (flick the joystick down then up)
            o |
            xyz             (tap all three kick buttons together)
    <Infinity Counter>
            Similar to Alpha Counter on Street Fighter Alpha.  It uses 3/4
    of an Infinity Bar.
            o-- / | + punch
               o  o
            Does nothing, but looks cool.  =P  (Actually, it might be
    possible avoid projectiles with this.  Not sure yet.  Definatly for
    Psylock, though.)
            | | + Start
            o o
    <Change Gem>
            To to cycle between the gems in your possesion to select the
    one to use:
            tap Start
    <Use Gem>
            |  / o-- + abc
            o o
    <Disable Gems>
            "Both players must press and hold start at the begining of the
    match when it says 'round one fight.'  You know that it worked if it
    says 'no gems' at the bottom of the screen through the fight.  Also,
    if only one player presses start it will say 'no gems?' at the bottom
    of the screen for a couple of seconds but the gems will not be
    [Bob White]
    <Choose Alternate Color> (Not 100% sure, yet)
            You can select alternate colors by holding down on the
    controller when you select your character in the bottom row.  Hold up
    for the top
            The graphics are done the same style as all recent Capcom
    games.  The drawing are similar to X-Men: CoTA or SFA.  The
    backgrounds have beautiful scenery, except it still looks like they
    using 256 or 512 colors, so you can still see the dithering(?).  The
    animation for the X-Men characters that have been imported into this
    game seems to be smoother.  This particularly noticable for certain
    moves such Wolverine's Berseker Barrage.
            Marvel Super Heroes is based on the Capcom engine.  There
    still NO zoom back as Samuri Showdown.  Two different Capcom employees
    at Golfland told me that the engine can't do that.  This might no
    longer be a problem, since, the super jump is nice and difficult to
    control.  The super jump can still be activated with three kick
    buttons or a down-up joystick motion.  Controling your super jump in
    the air is almost nil.  You basically jump UP.
            There is still a super bar that can be powered up three times.
    The third power up has the infinity symbol on it.  NO, that doesn't
    mean you have unlimited super; it is just the way this game indicates
    level 3.  Although, different characters have different levels they
    can power up to.  Some can have 3, others 1.
            The new addition to the game are the magic power gems.  Each
    gem gives your characters a temporary power up.  They are (from
            Power   (extra damage)                          (red)
            Mind    (infinity power regeneration)           (blue)
            Soul    (healing)                               (green)
            Time    (extra speed)                           (pink)
            Space   (super armour)                          (purple)
            Reality (adds projectiles to normal moves)      (orange)
                    b       fireballs that travel straight
                    y       six "icicles" which drop either up or down,
                                    depending on where the opponent is
                    c or z  three electrical spheres in direction of
                        Start   pumpkins are lobbed at opponent whom will
    dizzy                           after about 2 - 4 hits. 
            "Gems always pop out on the side of thekk character who gets
    First Attack.  A Gem also always pops out on the side of the character
    when they get into "Danger", i.e. when their meter starts flashing
    because they're about to die.  To knock gems out of other players, hit
    them with any special moves.  That always does it.  Nothing else will
    do it." [jchensor@ucla.edu (J Chen)]
            You can also collect gems when you defeat certain CPU
    characters.  You can cycle through the many gems you have with the
    Start button.  To use a gem, do a quarter-circle-back motion with the
    joystick, and hit all three punch buttons.  A meter on the bottom will
    tells you how time you have left of a power up.  Also, each character
    a one specific gem that gives them extra power up.
            Each character has a gem which does something extra special
    for them, kinda a preferred gem.  They are listed below with the
    character descriptions.
            You can still air block just about anything.  Though, it
    appears you can't air block while flying.
    [The Characters]
    I'll be brief for now.  After all, everybody knows what Iron Man or
    Hulk looks like.
    <Captain America>
            Oh joy, here's the Ryu character.  Just GUESS what moves
    Captain America has.
    Gem: Power
            Captain America will have shadows behind his moves.  If he
    does a Shield Slash, it will be followed by shadows, allowing it to
    hit three times.  He will do three Stars and Stripes in a row instead
    of one.
    QCF + punch                                     Shield Slash (A/C)
            Captain America throws his shield at you.  If you block, his
    shield will bounce back into him for another throw.  If dodge it
    completely, his shield will richocet off the back wall and fall to the
    middle of the screen.  He must then repick up the shield if he plans
    to shoot again.
    FDD + punch                                     Stars and Stripes
            Captain America lunges forward in an upward motion and...
    BCF + kick                                      Charging Stars
            Captain America rushes at you quickly.  =P
    FCB + punch                                     Cartwheel
            Captain America does a cartwheel.  It goes through opponents
    and projectiles.
    Infinity Power (Super)
    QCF + abc                                       Final Justice
            Captain America does Charging Stars with a shadow behind it.
    If he connects, he will continue with an automatic combo.
            Captain America can double jump by tapping the joystick up
    after you've jumped.
    <Iron Man>
            Wait, isn't Iron Man a small Sentinel (sorry, I couldn't
    resist).  Maybe Stark Enterprises stays in business making Sentinels.
    Gem: Soul
            Whenever he hits someone after he usesthe Soul Gem, he fries
    the enemy with electricity.  The enemy stays blue for a while and they
    have little lightning streaks go around them.  This drains energy off
    their infinity bar.
    DCF + punch                             Uni Beam (A)
            A wide beam attack with HUGE delay times.  Alot like
    Sentinel's standing fierce.  Hmm...
    ax by or cz                             Smart Bomb (A)
            Two small, little bombs that fall out of Iron Man's shoulders.
    QCB + punch                             Repulsor Array
            Iron Man holds his hand up and energy shoots all over
    QCB + xyz (in air)                      Fly (M)
            Iron Man goes, "don't you wish the super jump was better" as
    he drops smart bombs like mad.  Repeating the moves makes him land.
    When you land, your legs stick out.  This can do damage.
    Infinity Power
    HCF + abc                               Proton Cannon
            Iron Man's calls for a huge gun to appears.  Then he blasts
    the whole screen.  It is similar to Cyclop's Super Optic Blast.
    1. j <b>, s <a>, s <b>, s <c>, Uni Beam
            Iron Man can shoot a missile by pulling down and pushing
    fierce.  A jumping fierce will also allow him to shoot a short range
    hand beam.  It can be aimed forward, diagonal up, and diagonal down.
              Pushing down and <y> will make Iron man slide.  Pushing down
    and <y> in the air does a rapidly descending knee thrust at a forty
    five degree angle.
            Well, Spaz Master fans, the
    pound-on-all-the-buttons-and-shake-the-joystick character is back, and
    more spazzy than ever.  Here's the really funny part, HE CAN DO
    BERSERER BARRAGE ANYTIME HE WANTS.  Yes, that right, you can score an
    easy 9 hits with Berserer Barrage anytime.  Even better, there is a
    Super Berserer Barrage that hit about 18+ times!
    Gem: Power
            Wolverine uses the ultra-fast, aftershadows, power-up that he
    had in X-Men:CoTA.  Also each of the aftershadows hit.
    ax by or cz                             Drill Claw (A/C)
            The direction is controlled by the joystick.  It can no longer
    go backwards.
    FDD + punch                             Tornado Claw
            You forgot to slam on that button there...
    QCF + punch (+ punch + punch... etc.)   Berserker Barrage
            This is the full blown Berseker Barrage from X-Men:CoTA except
    you can do it anytime now without losing Super Power.  As I said
    earlier, the animation is much smoother here.  You must tap the punch
    buttons repeated to score the extra hits.
    Infinity Power
    QCF + abc                               Super Berserker Barrage
            Plently of hits.
    FDD + abc                               Weapon X
            Wolverine rushes you.  If you don't block, you get plently o'
    hits.  It is similiar to Captain America's Final Justice.
            Wolverine's healing is ALWAYS on.  When he takes damage, 1/2
    of that damage will slowly heal back.  So technically, Wolverine only
    takes 1/2 damage.
            Description later...
    Gem: Power
            Psy gets three shadows similar to her power-up in X-Men:CoTA.
    Also, all the shadows can hit.  Only the middle one can BE hit.
    QCF + punch                             Psi-Blast (A/C)
    QCF + kick                              Psi-Spin (A)
              To combo all 3 Psi spins together, you only need to do the
    quarter circle motion only for the first one, then just push the
    appropriate kick buttons for the next two.  You can also go in any
    order, it does NOT have to be <x>,then <y>,then <z>.  The only
    limitation is that you cannot hit the same level kick button two
    times in a row.  So you can do...short, forward, roundhouse...short,
    forward ,short...short, roundhouse, forward... etc.  And they don't
    have to hit the opponent to chain together like that.        
    QCB + any button                        Ninjitsu (A/C)
            Teleports Psylock to any of the four corners of the screen.
    The button determines where.
            a       top left
            b       same spot
            c       top right
            x       bottom left
            y       behind opponent
            z       bottom right
    Inifinity Power
    QCF + abc                               Psi-Thrust (A/C)
             The direction of her Psi thrust is determined in the split
    second before the move actually comes out, hence the delay animation.
    Hold the stick in the direction you want to thrust.
    QCF + xyz                               Psi-Maelstrom
    QCB + xyz                               Kochou Gakure
    1. (consider double or triple jumping) j <y>, d <y>, Psi-Spin w/<y>,
    Psi-Spin w/<z>, Psi-Spin w/<x>  (If opponent block the first step, j
    <y>, follow it up with: t <b>, Psi-Blast w/<a>) 
              Psylocke's taunt hits opponents.  If the opponent is close
    enough it will knock a gem out of them like when you use a gem.   
              "Psylocke can *TRIPLE* jump, not Just double jump.  Just tap
    up again at any point during you super jump or normal jump to jump up
    again.  This makes for excellent control while trying to jump kick you
    enemy, because you can position yourself right over them, then wiggle
    the joystick back and forth so that they don't know which side to
    block on.  The triple jump is also useful for avoiding certain
    infinity moves such as Dr. Doom's Molecular Shield, Thanos' Space,
    Power, and Reality Gems, and Iron Man's Proton Cannon.  Just jump past
    them and do a combo when you land on the other side. 
              Pushing towards and <y> will make Psylocke lunge forward and
    do an overhead kick that hits couching opponents.  Pushing back and
    <z> will make Psylocke slide backwards then forwards [to her original
    position] and do a kick.  Pushing towards and <z> will make Psylocke
    slide forwards and do a kick.  This move can go under fireballs, and
    if you're close enough, you'll actually end up behind you're opponent
    when the move finishes.  Good for surprise attacks." 
            He talks to himself, just like in the cartoon.
    Gem: Power
            Power gem makes a mirror image of Spiderman attack you from
    the other side.  It does double damage and can easily confuse you.
    QCB + punch                             Web-Throw (C)
            He shoots a stream of web at you.  If he hits, you swings you
    over his head like a tether ball and, if you are close enough, throws
    you to the other side.  It is alot like Omega Red's attack.  If you
    are wonder, "How can Spiderman throw Blackheart?"  I have a comic card
    that says Spiderman has the proportional strength of a spider and can
    lift about 10 times his body weight.  Okay, so even I can't remember
    that last time he did that, but that's what the card says.
    QCF + punch                             Web-Ball (A)
            Spiderman shoots a ball of web at you.  If you are hit, you
    become encased in webbing and can't move.  If Spiderman is close
    enough, he can do a nice little combo.
    QCB + kick                              Web-Swing (A)
            Spiderman shoots a web up and then swing at you.  He trys you
    kick you while swing like in those really bad jungle movies.
    FDD + punch (+ punch)                   Spider Sting
            Now Spiderman can Dragon Punch too.  It doesn't go very high.
    At the top of the Spider Sting, Spiderman can punch his opponent back
    down to the ground for an easy 2-hit combo.
    Infinity Power
    QCF + abc                               Maximum Spider (C)
            Spiderman goes really fast and shadows trail him.  If you
    don't block, Spiderman knocks you up and down the screen in an
    automatic combo.  It is very similiar to Nightcrawler's X-Power from
    Konami's X-Men game.
    1. c <y>, s <z>, j <x>, j <y>, j <z>
    2. j <y>, c <x>, c <y>, s <z>, j<x>, j <y>, j <c>     
            Spiderman can jump off the wall like Chun Li.  I think he can
    also stay there.  Both Spiderman's Web-Throw does not work on
    Juggernaut; they will break.  Juggy still takes some damage though.
    Gem: Time
            Hulk's fierce/roundhouse moves are as fast as his jab/short
    BF + kick or DU + kick                  Gamma Rush
            Gamma Rush can be started by BF *or* by DU.  It works like
    Psylocke's Psychic Thrust...direction can be changed (once) in the
    middle of the rush by holding in a direction and tapping a button.
    This makes for *awesome* control.
    DD + abc                                Gamma Throw
            Hulk grabs a piece of the ground.  He then holds the ground
    over his head until you hit punch again for him to throw it.  This has
    huge delays.
    HCF + punch
            Just like the Gamma Throw, but he doesn't hold the ground; he
    throws immediately.
    HCB + punch                             Gamma Grab
            Hulk grabs you.  It can be blocked.  =(  (Damn, all you
    whiner.)  If he misses he just reaches out and grabs nothing.  If he
    connects, he swings you around with one hand and throws you to the
    other side.  Alot like T. Hawk's throw without the jump.
            Gamma grab range is his whole outstretched arm.  Thus, if
    someone lands on his elbow, ya still got him.  :)
            Also, this can be Tech Hitted!!!  =(
    Infinity Power
    QCF + abc                               Gamma Crush
            Hulk grabs a piece of ground, jumps up, and lands on your
    head.  It is alot like Collusus's X-Power and just as hard to connect
            Gamma Crush can be comboed, if you combo the first hit.  The
    first hit of the infinity bounces the person, so they will always be
    hit by the falling rock.
    1. n <x>, n <c>, c <c>, Gamma Throw, s <z>, Gamma Crush    
            He like he was in X-Men:CoTA.  Less damaging though.
    Gem: Space
            Magneto gets his infamous force field around him.  He takes no
    damage but cannot throw except in that air and non-blocking opponents.
    HCF + punch                             E-M Disruptor (A)
            Typical beam attack
    HCB + kick                              Hyper Gravitation (A)
            Four black sphere slowly float towards you.  If they connect,
    they suck you into Magneto.  Do combo here...
    UDF + punch                             Magnetic Wave (M)
            Magneto shoots two red wave attack at you from the air.
    QCB + xyz                               Fly
            Have fun...  Repeating it will make it him land.
    Infinity Power
    QCF + abc                               Magnetic Shockwave
            Magneto causes collumns of energy to rise from the ground and
    hit you.  It is similiar to Pyron's Super except the collums follow in
    succession, one after the other, until the edge of the screen.  If you
    are hit by one, you will be hit each one following.  Thus you will be
    hit by more collumns to the closer you are to Magneto.
    QCF + xyz                               Magnetic Tempest (A)
            Magneto creates several chunks of metal that float for a
    second then fly at
    the target.  Usually pretty fast and nice for nailing quick opponents.
            "When throwing (ground or air) with the b button, he can
    control where the opponent goes.  After he grabs, if you hold the
    joystick down and continue to tap the 'b' button, he throws straight
    down. If you hold the joystick up, he throws up in the air and away."
            Very slow.  Every move lags with huge delays.  Less damaging
    than in X-Men.  If Juggernaut does his normal Power Up and get's a
    Power Gem, he does about triple damage.  One standing fierce can
    almost take off half.  But don't worry, it is relatively easy to avoid
    Juggernaut for the short time has for the power up.
            Also, Juggernaut dkoes NOT stun except for combos and dizzies.
    If you hit  Juggernaut with a fierce, he can counter with atleast a
    jab or strong (sometimes even a fierce) BEFORE you can recover from
    your fierce.  I think this is to compensate for the delays that he has
    the last longer than some character's special moves.
    Gem: Space
            Juggy turns gray and takes little or no damage.  Definatly, no
    damage from regular moves.  While he was protected with the Space Gem,
    Final Justice (and probably other moves) don't continue the combo!
    QCF + punch                             Juggernaut Punch
            Juggernaut rushes you and punches you into the ground.  If he
    connects he does about 1/6 of your life, and you go fly across the
    screen.  It has good priority, but a huge recovery time.
            He can use this move as a sacrafice move.  If he is close
    enough, he can start the Juggernaut Punch right as some characters
    start thier special moves ie. Ironman's Uni Beam. Juggernaut will get
    hit by the Uni Beam, but it will only slow down the rush.  He will
    finish the move when the Uni Beam ends and pound Ironman who is
    recovering from his own move.  This usually a good idea if Juggernaut
    has enough life and just powered up.
    QCB + punch                             Earthquake
            Juggernaut hits the ground as he does in X-Men.  It about 1/5
    as damaging in this game, and things don't fall from the sky.  This
    move is usually NOT a good damage trade off.
    FDD + three punches                     Citorak Power Up
            This can be done anytime.  It almost doubles Juggernaut's
    damage for about 3 secs.  It also makes Juggernaut stand still for
    about 1 sec when he's powering up.
    HCF + kick                              Juggernaut Splash
            Juggernaut does a low dive at you.
    Infinity Power
    QCF + three punches                     Juggernaut Headcrusher
            Juggernaut rushes you with a headbutt that hits many times and
    does plenty of damage if it connects.
            "Speaking of Juggernaut, you'll notice on certain boards that
    there are additional objects laying around (most noticeable are the
    backbone and the boulder).  To pick an object up, move on top of the
    thing and tap down twice and all three punches.  (Like the Hulk move.)
    Object can be destroyed while you hold it, and the range isn't that
    great... but if you hit with it, *ouch*!" 
                                            [Rich Joseph
            Spiderman's Web-Ball and Web-Throw do not work on Juggernaut;
    they will break.  Juggy still takes some damage though.
    <Shuma Gorath>
            Strange purple octopus guy.
    Gem: Time
            Shuma can turn people into stone.
            "Hits turn them into stone but revert them back if hit again
    while stoned.  Thus, after turning them into stone once, you can hit
    them with all 6 hits from the Roundhouse attack and they will still be
    stoned (first hit frees them, second stones them, third hit frees
    them, fourth stones, fifth hit frees them, and sixth stones them
    again.  Do it repeatedly until the Gem runs out." [jchensor@ucla.edu
    (J Chen)]
    BF + punch                              Shoot
            Shuma shoots a ring of eyes at you.
    BF + kick                               Mystic Bounce (A/C)
            Shuma does an overhead Blanka Ball with a trail of shadows.
    Decent damage.
    HCB + kick                              Grab
            Shuma's special grab.  Shuma picks you up, drops you, and
    smashes you.
    Infinity Power
    HCF + abc                               Chaos Demension
            Shuma will glow for a few second.  Hit the opponent with
    almost any regular move and Shuma will surround you, lift you, and
    drop you.  It is similiar to Spiral's Super and just as easy to avoid.
              "Just activating Shuma's Infinity move, QCF+all punch, will
    actually hit and stun the enemy if you're close enough, just as
    sometimes happens when you use an infinity gem near an enemy.  You can
    exploit this by backing you opponent into the corner, activating the
    infinity move to stun them, and immediately grabbing them right after
    for a Chaos Dimension." [Josh <josh@ea.oac.uci.edu>]
            Shuma can shoot a short beam with a standing fierce.  In the
    air, Up + Forward Kick gives you the "Shuma Copter", while Down +
    Forward Kick gives you the "Stone Drop" (can petrify).  With a
    Roundhouse normal grab, Shuma will drain your life and give it to
            The "keep-away" character who does relatively little damage,
    but has awesome range. Blackheart can produce a vast array of
    projectile with just one button.
    Gem: Reality
            Turn Blackheart invisible.  Wish it lasted longer.
    HCF + punch                             Dark Thunder (C)
            Blackheart shoots lighting.
    HCB + punch                             Thunder Slam
            Blackheart shoots a ball at the ground.  Jab is close and
    fierce is across the screen.  When the ball hits the ground, it
    explodes into a collumn of lighting.  If you use this move after your
    little demons stun a player, it is one of Blackheart's most damaging
            "If you use Fierce and tap the button again before it
    explodes, you get a column of fire.  If you use Strong and tap the
    button again, you get a column of Ice.  Jab can only produce
    lightning.  If player is closer than max range of where columns
    appear, the Fierce and Strong columns try to track the enemy and will
    appear under them."
    [jchensor@ucla.edu (J Chen)]
    Infinity Moves
    QCF + abc                               Armageddon
            This causes a hail of meteors to fall from the sky.  It has
    bad lag on the set up, and most of the time is blocked by anybody
    who's awake.  Decent damage if you can hit though.
    QCF + xyz                               Heart of Darkness
            This causes a pit to form under your opponent which demons fly
    out of. If the demons hit, they keep hitting you up into the air, then
    a beam of some sort shoots out of the pit and the character drops to
    the ground. Usually blocked, also if Blackheart is hit during this
    move it never finishes.  Great damage tho.  You can use ths move after
    a Thunder Slam connects for a quick and damaging combo.
            Both fierce and roundhouse will cause Blackheart to shoot
    demons which can done in the air.
            Dashing is invulnerable, and can be faked.  (Just rush, then
    hold back).  He can also dash in the air.
    <Dr. Doom>
            Funny that Magneto doesn't just crush him.
            "It looks as though Dr. Doom is harder than Thanlos.  Dr. Doom
    uses alot of beam weapon attacks.  He can also summon a bunch of rocks
    from the ground which create a shield about him.  He then tosses them
    you.  Watch yourself, his attacks are painful."
                                 [Orion Henry (ohenry@sdcc10.ucsd.edu)]
            "Word of warning: Dr. Doom's Infinity attack (the Photon
    Array) is one of those that uses up just one level of Infinity power;
    I've seen him do it 3X in a row..." [Rei Nakazawa
            "Thanos uses a bunch of magical attacks: tossing rocks,
    flames, or bubbles.  Advice block alot.  His moves are mostly set in
    combos.  He uses the Infinity Gems for his Infinity Moves.  The gems
    can be joggled from him; it just takes hard work, and normal attacks
    won't do it.  You have to use your Infinity Moves to have him drop a
    Reality - This causes 2 stone pillars to rise from the ground which
    surround you.  Decent damage if you block.  TONS of damage if you
    Soul - An electrical blue beam shoots from his head; if unblocked it
    picks you up, and tosses you around while Thanos drains your life.
    Mind - This causes the background to change to a space scene.  The
    directions on the joystick are reversed ie. foward goes backward."
                                [Orion Henry (ohenry@sdcc10.ucsd.edu)]
    Power - He shoots a HUGE fireball at you that will almost
    always leave you dead.
    "Time Gem - Thanos throws a glowing box at you, if you're hit, you
    glowing and are temporarily slowed down.
    Space Gem- Thanos opens a vortex in front of him that sucks up rocks 
    from the ground.  Then another vortex will open over your character,
    dump the rocks back on you." [Josh <josh@ea.oac.uci.edu>] 
    Blackheart [Mousse Lee (mousee@pixi.com)]: 
            Mephisto: "Quickly my son, give me the gems and I will show
    you power beyond your imagination."
          Blackheart: "Father...   ...the earth heros make you look
    foolish, your tired and authoritarian dictatorship is over.  He who
    has the gems rule the universe..."k
    [Final Thoughts]
            A Capcom employee has told me that there are codes to play
    Thanos and Dr. Doom.  He says he doesn't know them, though.  Also, he
    doesn't know if Akuma is in the game.
    [Additional Credits]
    Mr. Nutz (pcoyne@ucla.edu)               Infinity Counter Correction
    Milo Cooper (mdcooper@crash.cts.com)     Blackheart Info
    Tuxedo Kamen (jqassar@sdcc10.ucsd.edu)   Iron Man's Repulsor Array
    Orion Henry (ohenry@sdcc10.ucsd.edu)     More Info on Characters and
    Rich Joseph (rich@itrc.dciu.k12.pa.us)   Taunting, Gem Corrections,
    Bob White (rwhite@tir.com)               Disabling Gems
    David Spence (bj890@freenet.carleton.ca) Blackheart Info
    Yu De Lin (yulin@cs.Buffalo.EDU)         Minor Corrections
    Mousse Lee (mousee@pixi.com)             Corrections and Info
    Rei Nakazawa (nakazawa@scf.usc.edu)      More info on Gem and Bosses
    "Mr. Nutz" <pcoyne@ucla.edu>             Magneto throwing
    jchensor@ucla.edu (J Chen)               Gem and Character Corrections
    LadiFlyer@aol.com (Dan Wells)            Minor Corrections
    Chris Rasin <sfjbyd@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us> Name of Blackheart's move
    ROBERT A NEYLON <uneylr00@mcl.ucsb.edu>  Minor Corrections
    Chris Yu <cyyu@ucsd,edu>                     Combos
    Ejones337@aol.com                                    Magneto throwing
    Josh <josh@ea.oac.uci.edu>                   Character Strategy
    Colin A. Main <vmain@wimsey.com>             Web Throw correction
    Scott <shadowmen@aol.com>                    Psy correction
    Eugene Bradley <ebradley@deepthought.armory.com> WWW Page for FAQ
    (Note: All paraphase and quotes, longer than 3 lines, contributed by
    other people have been given credit next to the quote.  All quotes
    less than 3 lines have been ruthless stolen by me.  =)  Actually, if
    gave credit to everything, this FAQ would look like a Thesis.)
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