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FAQ/Move List by BSmolik

Version: 5.4 | Updated: 02/09/95

              :::  ::: :::::::  :::    :::     :::::::  ::::::::
              :+: :+:    :+:    :+:    :+:     :+:      :+:   :+:
              +:+:+      +:+    +:+    +:+     +:+:+    +:+  +:+
              +#+#       +#+    +#+    +#+     +#+      +#+#+
              #+  #+#    #+#    #+#    #+#     #+#      #+#  #+#
              ###  ### #######  ###### ######  #######  ###   ###

:::::::  :::    :::  ::::::: ::::::::: :::::::  :::    ::: ::::::: ::::::::
   :+:    :+:+   :+:  :+:        :+:      :+:    :+:+   :+: :+:        :+:
   +:+    +:+ +: +:+  +:+        +:+      +:+    +:+ +: +:+ +:+        +:+
   +#+    +#+  +#+#+  +#+#+#+    +#+      +#+    +#+  +#+#+ +#+        +#+
   #+#    #+#    #+#      #+#    #+#      #+#    #+#    #+# #+#        #+#
#######  ###    ###  #######    ###    #######  ###    ### #######    ###

                              FAQ Ver 5.4
                           Released 02/9/95

          This file is Copyright (c) 1994. All rights reserved.

Distribution of this file, in whole or in part is permitted, provided
it isn't modified in any way and that proper credit is given to the authors.
(Got that EGM?!)

_/                             Introduction                               _/

Hello all, and welcome to the Killer Instinct FAQ.

The game is a Mortal Kombat/Virtual Fighter/Street Fighter type game with
graphics that blow 'em all away.

There are  2 separate FAQ's.  This will eliminate me from having
to place symbols for moves that worked on the old one and do not
work on the new one.  The current way to tell if you have the test
version or the release version of KI is if the guy on fire's name is
Meltdown then you have a test version.  If his name is Cinder, then you
have the newer release version.

If anyone has the test version of the game let me know I have a few things
I would like to try out on that version. Almost all machines shipped are
version 1.4 and are being upgraded to 1.5(or 2.3) soon.
I will try to keep the FAQ version equal to the machine (chip) version
but I have found out that 5.0 may have been another test version.  I will
work on this!   Version 1.4 is the latest release version with drive version
1.0.  Most games out now have 1.4 chips and 1.0 drives. I am not going back
on version numbers for the FAQ.
See the misc section for release date stuff!

_/              What's new, coming soon, and happening                    _/

Well as always there is way too much new to list.  Lots of moves confirmed,
new moves, and many changed.

It has been brought to my attention that the combos are too hard to read,
I am working on a better way, but for now this will have to do.

There is another chip being made...I am calling it version 1.5 but not sure
exactly what version it is. It may be 2.3. Hopefully Midway will go with

their standard numbering.

There are many NEW ideas and moves here not talked about anywhere else!

Spinal fans... check his section for a infinite powerup move!
This is probably the biggest news in this versions of the FAQ. Not Seen

Play as Eyedol! Includes many of the moves!

Thought by some to be glitches, Air Combos are slowly being discovered. I
will add them as I find them. Some examples are Orchids Tiger Morph and
Jago's Heel Kick. Both can be done in the air. See each character's section
and the Air Combo Section.

Yes I know there are SEVERAL other FAQ's out there. The style's are a
little different (more like SF descriptions) and without all the
descriptions ect. I do not plan on having a FAQ competition so do NOT send
me stuff like 'they said this, and you did this' stuff. It's a free world.
I will still accept complements and FRIENDLY criticism.
(Don't Panic!)

A WWW (World-Wide_web) page has been created for the FAQ. Currently
it is just the FAQ, with a easy point and click interface. Hopefully
soon there will be pictures and other stuff. Thanks to Christopher
King! Nice Job! The address is:

so check it out!

My goal for 5.5 is to have Many of the new 1.5 chip moves such as the FAKE
overhead slams, as well as what all the overhead slams do. Another goal is
descriptions and moves for all 3 hit air combos and a ton of new combos
for everyone.

Hey! A one page FAQ (actually about 1 and a half) is also out.  It has
all the moves from the FAQ compressed without all the descriptions.
This will make it easier to bring it along with to your favorite spot!
Thanks to The Immortal Spam (Great Job!) There is another good one, but I
believe this one is going to be the OFFICIAL 1-page FAQ.

The 'TEST' version of the FAQ moves seemed to get into EGM's January
issue. (Electronic Gaming Monthly) They did NOT ask for permission and
gave no credit to the FAQ. About 50% of the moves listed in there
are wrong, and it was easy to tell it was from the FAQ. (same mistakes
in the same places i.e. HCT, HCF) Basically poor editing made it
easy to spot the fact they copied.

Other Magazine news. I have heard that the FAQ will be making it AGAIN into
EGM, whether or not the FAQ will get credit is another story. Also the FAQ
IS going to be in the March issue or GamePro Magazine, and they did ask for
permition. Thanks guys!
This has to be the most Published FAQ around! It's also on a ASCII ART site
for my KI logo (Which was made by hand) and a new one coming soon!
Because of the requests and so many other FAQ's popping up, the moves
are in two formats. (Trying to please more people). The moves are now
listed as both F,D,B,6 and HCB,6 (where available.) Also many moves
require that you stop at DB (Down and back on a angle).
As long as were are on the subject some moves require you to hold the
joystick forward such as Fulgore's 3 electric bolts. It you do not hold
the stick forward you will only get one. (Many people have written saying
they can't get three....this is why)

The machine is popping up everywhere which means I can finally start playing
again!  It has been a while since I have played since Midway has had me
banned from a local place.  Basically thank you everyone one this list!
Without you, this FAQ would have stopped dead like they wanted.  I am not
after Midway or anything (they have made some great games) they have just
adopted the attitude that FAQ's are killing the Arcade.  From all of your
responses I like to think this FAQ is helping.  Many have written saying
they would not be playing KI if it wasn't for this FAQ because SF players
had an advantage and were destroying them at the game, so it was not fun
to even try. I hope this FAQ is serving its purpose by doing more
good than harm!

_/                           Game Description                             _/

* First Look *

The characters are rendered in some sort of 3D package (on SGI or something)
and have the similar look to DKC style graphics. The games is NOT rendered
in real time (like VF) but use a style along the lines of MK. (Pre-
recorded graphics).

If nobody is playing (which is very unlikely) the games cycles screens
about Nintendo, and this being the Ultra 64 coming to your home soon. Also
each character gets a into-animation showing them somewhere then the
screen shrinks to show their story and Stats. These animations are VERY
well done, and should be seen.

* On the Inside *

The usual stuff with the some Ultra 64 technology, and a hard drive for the
graphics. Under the test screens there are the options for making the
game very easy,easy,medium,hard,extreamly hard. (Most arcades use
medium). There is a options to see the % of win's and stuff. Most
of the % are about even for games played and wins. There IS a stat.
section for Eyedol in the 2 player list, and Eyedol vs the computer.
And we now know why it's there!
More to come as I find out.

* Rounds *

Each player starts with 2 bars of energy to use for the entire game.
(Think of it as one LARGE bar but only half is shown on screen at a time.)
Once the first bar is gone, the player falls, gets up and starts to use the
second bar of energy.  A voice will say ROUND 2 or Killer Instinct!
The player who wins the first round gets to keep their remaining
energy plus still has the second bar to use.  This makes it more
fair to the person who wins the first round.  So, if you weren't paying
attention, and lost big time the first round... chances are very slim for a

Last Breath: This allows you one last chance for life.  You get enough
energy to take one more hit!  I have won matches using this, and really
upset some people!  After the voice says 'No Mercy' start rotating your
stick and mashing buttons, your guy will get back up and start to fight
again!  You MUST do this before the other person start's doing the No Mercy!
If you are the winning person and do not want your opponent to come back

with his 'Last Breath' you must just hit them again, and forget about the
No Mercy! If you comeback you will get a FLASHING bar. (Power Up)

* Power UP *

The Power up bar is the white flashing vertical bar in your health bar.
This means you will be able to do many more devastating moves such as
the Shadow moves and Triple projectiles. Most times the bar is powered
up by doing a combo breaker. Sabrewulf can get it by doing his Energy Howl,
and Spinal can get it by obtaining skulls. If the bar is NOT flashing, then
you are not powered up.

* Combos *

A combo is a consecutive series of hits (punches/kicks/specialty moves)
without your opponent being able to retaliate.  These are not all confirmed
and don't work all the time.  Each character's combos are discussed in
detail in their section of the FAQ.  They've given each combo a "name"
and when you complete one the game will flash it up on the screen (similar
to PR) and speak it, like "Hyper Combo"!  The game is basically a "Combo"
game. The whole object is to get massive combo moves.  I know I am missing
a bunch of combo moves for people.  I am going to have to re-organize this
part because if I put them all in this thing would be huge!  Maybe a
separate FAQ on combos?
The "names" are as follows: (some might have changed!)

      3 Hits: Triple Combo
      4 Hits: Super Combo
      5 Hits: Hyper Combo
      6 Hits: Brutal Combo
      7 Hits: Master Combo
      8 Hits: Awesome Combo
      9 Hits: Blaster Combo
     10 Hits: Monster Combo
     11 Hits: King Combo
     12 or more Hits: Killer Combo
     Then ULTRA  combos are special combos at the end of the match.

Ending with a ULTIMATE combo will end with a No Mercy. (I will add these
as I get them) Here is some news! There IS a Ultimate combo for EACH
No Mercy, not just 1!

FREE Seconds: There are ways to get a 'free' second hit for combos.
The buttons are joined together. (I will probably regret telling this
because I already get my butt kicked enough by combos!)  The buttons joined
are 1 and 4, 2 and 6, 3 and 5.  In other words, if I jump at a person and
press 2, then after hitting I press 6, it will do a total of 3 (maybe more)
moves.  So the last move is a free-bee.  The idea to combos are to see what
moves go together, or flow together.  If you are using Jago, and have his
sword out, you might as well use it a few times before putting it away
right? These only work on a jump in attack.

Each player also has a combo that will make their opponent dizzy. (opponent
hunches over like at end of a match) This will allow you to do another
big combo without your opponent being able to block it. These are
in each section in ().
** I have been told that Dizzy's will NOT be in the next chip release (1.5)
or are atleast harder to do.

Each character's section includes a "COMBO MOVES:" section. These tell
you how many hits you will get with is after doing a special move.
For example.
Spinal: After doing a charge then a B,3 Will make it a 3 hit move.
These will hopefully help in the construction of combos.

Each Character will now have a Combo Ender section. These are moves done
towards the end of combos that usually throw your opponent up into the air,
allowing you to do a Air Juggle afterwards. Knowing these will help with
creating your OWN combos and not just using the ones in the FAQ's.

Each player also has a combo breaker.  These are described in each
character's section.  Basically it stops your opponent from finishing a big

* Hint: Know these well, your going to need them!

*New Combo Breaker Theory. This was provided by Solo and friends. (thanks

Below is a chart on what buttons to try and use.
Opponent Used      You  Use
        1               3 or 6
        2               1 or 4
        3               2 or 5
        4               3 or 6
        5               1 or 4
        6               2 or 5
In short this is what the chart tells you; If you are being comboed by any
quick attack, break it with fierce. If you are being comboed with any medium
then break it with quick, and if your being comboed with any fierce, then
break it with medium.  With this method (and some good luck) you can break
combos on the first hit! This is why I said before that the Combo Breaker
code allows you to break combos with ANY button. If you are not great with
combos, and don't know what your opponent usually starts the combo with then
stick to the Usual breakers, but if your brave, give this a try.  I am NOT
making any promises, just giving some incite!

* Speed Combos *
This description is in it's own description because it's new after that it
will be up in the combo section with the rest of the stuff people just skip
over. I do not know to many of these but they are being worked on. Speed
combos are combos that are done by holding buttons or different joystick
movements to Speed up the combos. Here is an example:
Regular Jago Combo:f,d,db 6,4,f,d,db5 and pay attention to how slow it goes.
Speed Jago Combo: (H)6(H)5,f,d,db(R)6,4,f,d,db(R)5
It's impressive if it works and very hard to break. It's going to take a lot of
 practice to get
these to work, so be patient!

* Knockdown Attack *
These are ways of fighting back after being knocked down. For example, if
you are playing orchid, you get comboed against and knocked down, charging
back, then forward +6 when getting up will do her forward cartwheel. These
moves are almost un-blockable, but most opponents have backed-up before you
get up anyway.

* Reverse Control Move (RCM) *

These are moves that will surprise your opponent like your walking forwards
then all of a sudden you in their face pounding them. These will be written
as RCM's.

* Air Juggle *

Basically they are a special move done after you have knocked your
opponent into the air, hitting them on the way down. After a player gets
a Combo Breaker, most Projectile Attacks will throw 3 projectiles.

* Air Combos *

These Air Combos are moves done after kicking your opponent while
in the air. Each characters Air Combo's will be listed in their own section.
There are a few way's to do them, but basically there are two standard

moves. Both require that you jump in and kick your opponent first. Finally
people are starting to find 2 kinds of Air combos! Orchid can do her
Spinning attack in the air also!
People are starting to do 3 hit combos in the air.

* Ultimate Victories *

If you win without completely losing your first bar of energy it is
considered an "Ultimate Victory" and the character gets a close up
animation! These animations are described in each character's section of
the FAQ.

More commonly known as fatalities......
When you defeat your opponent the computer yells "NO MERCY" and that is
your chance to kill him. (ie Finish HIM! from MK)  These "No Mercy's"
are also described in each character's section of the FAQ.
In version 1.4 'No Mercy' has been changed to Danger!  I am assuming
this is a bug, because it's a little too late to be telling the person
danger, when they're dead! They should go back to the old version where
it said 'Danger' when the red bar flashed, and 'No Mercy!' when your
leaning over.


These are performed like No Mercys.  After the computer yells No Mercy,
then doing one of these will make your opponent be humiliated!  These are
also shown in each character's section.  Remember You can only do a
Humiliation if you did NOT lose a bar of energy!

* Shadow Moves *

These can be done when the Power up bar is flashing.  If you do a special
move, then a silver outline follows your every move.
(more to come as I find them)

*Shadow Combos are also being discovered. Check each section for different
ones! Most require that you hold multiple buttons, these are VERY tough,
and similar to speed combos!


Each game is played on a different stage.  Each with its own background
and playing area!  You can now PICK what level and music you want to
play on in 2 player mode.  After scrolling to your player, press the
joystick down with a button.  Each button is a different screen.  The
first person to pick their character, picks the stage.  The second
person to pick, picks the music (by the same method of selection).
I do not know all the stage choices yet but if I do, it is posted with
it's stage and what button to press.  Each character now has a stage
associated with them, and there are some stages you will only get in two
player mode.  If you do not select music, the appropriate music for that
stage will be played.  In any case, the music described in the stages is the
appropriate music, but not necessarily the music you hear.  I do not have
all the music descriptions yet, nor do I have a full description of all
the backgrounds. (soon, really!) The Joystick/button selection is in ().
As a added note, most of the stairs are located on the left hand side,
giving player one a slight disadvantage.
The current stages are as follows...

- Canyon (D,1)

In this stage you are fighting on a rope/log bridge with a huge rock
canyon in the background.  An interesting effect is that the bridge kind of

bounces when you jump on it. The setting sun has the sky turned blazing red
and the clouds are streaming towards you like mad. The music for this
stage has sort of an Native American sound to it.
The main thing to remember on this stage is to avoid being trapped on
either end of the bridge since this puts you higher than your opponent and
at a serious fighting disadvantage! This stage is associated with Chief

- City Rooftop in Chicago  (U,5)

This stage has you on the rooftop of a skyscraper in a futuristic city at
night.  In the background there are various other buildings with flashing
red beacons.  There are also two billboards, one showing an animated
Ultra 64 logo and the other showing a realtime scaled down version of your
current fight!  There is no high or low ground on this stage, but being
trapped in a corner can be pretty damaging. The roofs look a lot
like the ring's used in Virtual Fighter and you CAN knock your opponent off
the roof, you need to do a charge at them usually in the middle of a combo.
You will usually fall onto the pink car from the Chicago street stage!
This stage is associated with Orchid.

- Castle Rooftop (U,4)

Similar to the City Rooftop scene but in this one you are set in more of a
medieval time.  Sort of a Transylvania feel to it, with bats flying around
and lightning flashing....even has a full moon!  Again, no high or low
ground but watch those corners. And again, you can be knocked off the
roof when charged. This is Spinal's Stage. I believe you land in the
lava, but I may be wrong.

- Boxing Gym (???)

This one has you in a boxing workout gym with a boxing ring in the
background and large punching bags.  This is one of the cooler
scenes cause as you and your opponent move back and forth the perspective of
the scene changes and you can really see the 3-D effect with the punching
bags and all. Of course this is T.J. Combo's stage.

- Chicago Alleyway (D,4)

Wow we're out on the streets, fighting amongst the broken down cars and
graffiti covered buildings!  This scene is also on of the better ones for
seeing the 3-D effect of the perspective changes, particularly in the cars
in the background.  The music here has lots of police sirens going in it.
Some of the graffiti is "Chicago Lives!","MT"(turmell?),"Kev Boyle's
Vehicle Surgery"???. (Don't think is's anyones home)

- Chateau (D,5)

Here you are fighting in a nice cozy little room with a fire going in the
fireplace and classic paintings hanging on the walls.  Rich maroon velvet
drapes and gold chandeliers add to the feel of the room.  There is a large
wooden door to the far right and stairs leading upwards to the left.
Don't get forced onto the stairs, this puts you on higher ground and
therefore at a disadvantage. This is Sabrewulf's hangout.

- Mountain Shrine (U,3)

This stage looks like you were transported to Alaska. There is snow
all around, with a large concrete looking statue of two people (back
to back) behind you. One of them looks like Orchid. The fighting area
is a long narrow area, with a small bridge in the middle. The area with
the statue looks like there should be some way to fight up there, and

to anyone at Midway, it would of been cool to be able to walk(fight) all
the way around the statue instead of about one half.(just a thought)

- Mountain Temple (U,1)

This stage is a lot like the above Mountain Shrine, except there is now
a temple with the roof being held up by the two sculptures. Maybe a before
and after a nuclear bomb thing here. It makes the other stage look like
the ruins of this stage. This is Glacious' stage.

- Industrial Warehouse (D,6)

This stage place's you on a metal (grated) catwalk, high above in a
ole Warehouse. On the side of the catwalk reads 'TDJ Stamper Industries'
The fighting area is much shorter then normal, and the characters seem
very close. This is where Fulgore hangs out.

- Warehouse Basement (D,3)

Probably not really the basement, but similar in looks, with a small
bridge over lava. I haven't seen anyone fall in yet but I have heard
that it is possible. There are flying bats all over. The bridge
does bounce a little bit, and the camera really pans in and out a lot!
This is one of Eydol's stage's. You can knock him into the lava with a

- Eydol's Lair ( ??? )

This is the other place that you can fight Eyedol at. It is hard to
explain, but you fight real close to the screen (Feet are at the bottom
of the screen) and looks like a old auditorium (Trashed) with empty
seats ect.

- Desert Roof Top (D,Start or U,6)

Here you are on a rooftop in the desert. In the background there appears
the old ruins of a city with very little left. There are vultures
circling around, and a very bright sun in the background.
I believe that this is Cinders Stage

- Sky Top (D,5 --- Player 1 Does It Then Player 2)

Well here is one of the more nasty scenes in the game, not for the
weak stomach. You are on top of a small (roof-like) brick area with
clouds flying towards you very fast! (enough to make you motion sick)
The big problem here is you can get knocked off of the brick top at any
time! If you are close to the edge, and someone charges, you going to
have quite a fall! You see your character falling for several seconds
towards you, then poof, the body makes a cut-out (similar to a
gingerbread man shape) in the ground. (A quick loss of $.50 here!)

- Alter (D,2)

You are now in a marble type alter room. A candle lit area, and pillars with
bloody horns, and skulls attached. The room has a very cool looking
reflection to it on the floor. This is Riptor's pad.

- Dungeon (U,2)

This is a infinite scrolling stage, which means you CANNOT get trapped
into a corner!(yea) The background just keeps repeating some pillars.

- Tiger Shrine (???)

This stage has a large Golden Tiger head built into the back wall. It looks
straight out of a D&D adventure, with jewels and gold. This is Jago's

_/                              Controls                                  _/

Your character is controlled by using 6 buttons and 1 joystick.
The top row of buttons are high attacks/punches and the row bottom are low

attacks/kicks.  To keep the move list simple I will use the numbers 1-6 to
represent button presses.  Below is the map.

          1  2  3

          4  5  6

If you have played the SF games then the buttons are:
1 = Quick Punch   2 = Middle Punch        3 = Fierce Punch
4 = Quick Kick    5 = Middle Kick         6 = Fierce Kick

Pull Back (away from opponent) to block.

To explain joystick movements I will use the following:

F = Forward     B = back        D = Down        U = Up

QCT= quarter circle towards     QCB = quarter circle back

HCT = half circle towards       HCB = half circle back

Some new found moves and shadow moves require that you hold a button,
do the joystick movement and then release the button. For these I
will put a (H) for hold and a (R) for release followed by the button.
Also, most regular moves can be done in this style as well if you
find that you play better by holding then releasing.

I've found that not all moves are quarter or half circle.
There are moves that seem to require a 3/4 circle from back to top.
For these I will use 3/4CT. (for 3/4 circle towards, from back to top)

Also, the way I describe the moves may change.  I have been told that
some moves work better if you use F,D,D/B (down back) instead of making
a circle.  I will look into this!  But for now, I will still use the
circle method.

There are moves requiring a quarter circle from Forward up to
forward down. These are noted as FU,F,FD.

Almost all the characters have a move using QCT and Punch, I just do not
know exactly what they all do. (yet)

With ALL characters: B,3 when very close will make you do a hard
looking hit that your opponent will have to stand up and block. This move
is basically instead of throws. It stops your opponent from 'turtleing'.
With B,2 (On new versions) You will do a fake overhead then you can
attack low if you opponent stands up!

* Moves that start with Back normally need to charge. (hold back for a
  few seconds).

Moves that do not end with a number (a specific button) can use any
button (punch or kick where specified). The greater the number the
longer the move will last.

All players have a special move when getting up from being knocked down.
These will be listed in each section as Knockdown move.

_/                              At Character Select

Similar to another Midway game Up and Start is Random Select.

When choosing a character, if both players push Down and Start, the
announcer says 'Combo Breaker'. Rumored to make the breakers easier,
I have been told that the Combo Breaker move can then be done with
any button!

It both players hold to the right, and hold buttons 1 2 3 (after choosing a
character) you will here a swish sound and then be in TURBO mode. This mode
is VERY fast, and long combos are difficult to execute. Utra combos look
awesome! And contrary to popular belief you can do this in single player
mode, but you still have to do the move on both sides.

When you are on your chosen character (and have not pressed a button)
moving the joystick Up and Down will allow you to change the colors
of your player. (I believe there are 7)

Play as Eyedol: See his section for moves!

Moves with * in front of them have not yet been confirmed by myself, or more
than one person.  As I try them, or anyone else (besides the person who gives
them to me in the first place) says they worked I will take off the *.  I am
not saying I don't trust people..., I just don't want to get flamed by
people saying "Your FAQ says this, and it doesn't work, and I lost,and..."
So let me know if you can confirm a move, especially now with the
new version out!

_/      *********************** CHARACTERS ***************************    _/

* T.J. Combo *

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220
Age: 25

Undisputed heavyweight champion for Five years, stripped of his title when
found using cybernetically enhanced arms. Now broke, he enters the Ultratech
contest for the love of money.

A young looking African-American boxer.  He wears black shorts
and an American flag pattern tank top.  He is huge and pretty powerful.
It might have been better to digitize him rather than render, cause he looks
a little too plastic-like.

Known Moves:
Swinging Backhand:      B,F,1
Spinning Backhand:      F,B,1,1 RCM! (The Extra 1 will add a punch.)
Double Roll and Punch:  B,F,2
Charge and Punch:       B,F,3
Things After a charge:  B,3 will stop TJ in the middle
                        B,2 will go from his charge to his roll
                        B,1 charge to his backhand
Straight Knee:          B,F,4
Straight Up Knee:       B,F,5 (Can knock opponents out of the air)
Flying "Tiger Knee":    B,F,6
Punching Bag:           1,1,1,1,etc (Must be close)
Winding Uppercut:       (H)3,(3 seconds),(R)3 then press 3
Knockdown Attack:       B,F,Kick
Shadow Punch:           (H)3,B,F, (R)3  (When your powered up)

Air Juggle:             B,F,3
Air Combo:              Jump,5,F,B,4
Combo Ender:            Any special move except quick knee.
Combo Breaker:          F,B,3

8 hit combo:            Jump,6,B&D,2,2,F,2,6,6
8 hit combo:            B,F,6,B,1,F,1,pause,B,F,3
? hit combo:            B,F,2,F,B,1. (ultra at end of match)
9 hit combo:            B,F,2,B,6,6,3,F,3
13 hit combo:           B,F,2,B,6,F,4,B,5,F,1,pause,B,F,3
20 hit combo:           B,F,2,B1,F5,B1,F5,B1,F1,pause,B,F,3 (Hard to do!make su
re only
                        tap b1, no hold!)
Combo Moves:
F,1 ---- (2)
B,2 ---- (2)
B,3 ---- (2)
B,4 ---- (2)
B,5 ---- (2)
B,1 ---- (3)
B,6 ---- (3)
B,F,3 -- (4 + end)
B,F,1 -- (4 + air)
B,F,2 -- (4 + air)
B,F,6 -- (3 + air)

Ultra: Charge Forward,B,3
Ultra 18 hit combo:     B,F,2,2,B,3
Ultra ?? hit combo:     B,F,4,F,5,5,B,3
Ultra 26 hit combo:     B,F,2,B,6,F,4,5,B,3,pause,B,F,3

Ultimate: HCB,5 This is the screen No Mercy

Humiliation:            D,D,D,1

No Mercy:               B,B,F,F,2 (Close)
A bell rings, he jabs his opponent in the gut and then turns his back to
the viewer, and breaks the opponents neck!

No Mercy 2:             B,D,F,6  (Close)
He punches his opponent and then spin punches them into the glass of the

Bad News, I have been told he has been slowed down in the next version.

Ending: When he wins the Tournament, Combo finally achieves his ambition
to regain his lost fortune and popular status. Once a nobody from the ghetto,
Combo celebrates his win and newfound wealth by parading through those
same streets. With money and fame at his side, Combo believes he can archive

* Jago *

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 190
Age: 21

A Tibetan Warrior monk, who calls on the power of the Tiger to discover
his destiny. Overseen by the Tiger Spirit, Jago must enter the contest
and destroy the evil within.

He wears a sword strapped across his back like Conan and wears a mask sort
of like the ninjas in MKII. The sword is used for close range attacks.

Known Moves:
Fire ball:              B,D,F, Punch  or HCT,Punch
Yellow Fireball:        (H)1,B,D,F,(R)1  or (H)1,HCT,(R)1
Flying Heel Kick:       F,D,D&B, Kick
Quick Heel Kick:        (H)6,F,D,DB,(R) 6
Uppercut:               F,D,F, Punch
Blade swipe:            F,D,D&B,3
Red Fire Ball:          (H)3,B,D,F,(R)3 or (H)3,HCT,(R)3 (When Powered up)
Knockdown Attack:       ???
RCM Move:               B,D,DF,1

*Shadow Moves:          F,D,D&B,5 (When powered up)
*Shadow Heel Kick:      (H)6,F,D,DB,(R)6

Air Juggle:             B,D,F, Punch  or HCT,Punch
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,D,DB,5
Speed Combo:            (H)6,(H)5,F,D,DB,(R)6,4,F,D,DB,(R),5
Combo Enders:           Quick Uppercut
                        F,D,F,2   Before he lands HOLD 2, HCF, Release 2
                        HCF,1 - He will roundhouse and then shoot a fireball.
                        also try F,D,DB,5

3 hit combo: (dizzy)    Jump,6,F,D,D&B,3,F,D,D&B,4
3 hit combo: (dizzy)    F,D,D&B,4,F,D,D&B,4,F,D,D&B,4
6 hit combo:            Jump,6,B,2,D,F,1
7 hit combo:            F,D,D&B,6,B,5,F,D,F,2
7 hit combo:            Jump,6,F,2,2,2,D,F,2
? hit combo:            F,D,D&B,6,5,5,F,D,D&B,4 (ultra at end of match)
13 hit combo:           F,D,D&B,6,B,5,F,D,D&B,3,B,5,F,D,F,3

Combo Moves:
F,D,D&B,3 -- (2)
B,5 -------- (3)
B,D,F,1 ---- (3 + end)
F,D,D&B,5 -- (3 + end)
F,D,F,2 ---- (3 + end)
F,D,F,3 ---- (3 + end)

Ultra: F,D,DB,4
Ultra 27 hit combo:     F,D,D&B,6,B,5,F,D,D&B,3,B,5,F,D,D&B,4
Ultimate 9 hit Sword:   F,D,D&B,6,B,5,F,D,D&B,3,B,5,D,F,3

Combo Breaker:          F,D,F,2

Humiliation:            F,D,B,5  or HCB,5

No Mercy:               B,F,F,1. (About 1 person away)
Jago takes out his sword and slices his opponent a few times.  The last
strike hits him in his crotch area.

No Mercy 2:             B,B,F,F,2 (Stand anywhere)
Jago sits Indian style and medetates while his eyes are glowing.  Then a
car falls from the sky landing on his opponent.

Ending: Jago returns victorious to his shrine to commune with the
Tiger Spirit. By defeating the evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago moves
one step closer to total enlightenment.

* Glacius *

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300

An alien being from a distant planet. Crash landing on Earth, he was
captured by Ultratech, hoping to prove the aliens are inferior, they
force Glacius to fight for his life.

A ice creature who looks like he is from Terminator 2.  He has these
weird fang like features on his face.  He has many moves that are easy to
do, but connecting with the moves can be difficult.

Known Moves:
Ice Stab:               F,D,D&B,1
Puddle Port:            B,D,F,4  or HCT,4
Puddle Uppercut:        B,D,F,(5 or 6)  or HCT,(5 or 6)
Frost Ball:             B,D,F,Punch  or HCT, Punch
Shoulder Slam:          B,F,Punch
Overhead Hammer:        HCB,3
Reverse Uppercut:       B,D,F,6 then B,D,F,5  or HCT,6 then HCT,5
Power Frost Ball:       (H)1,QCT,(R)1   (When powered up)
Ball only bounce once and flies quickly at the opponent.
Shadow Uppercut:        HCT,3 (When Powered up)
Knockdown Attack:       ???
Combo Ender:            Icepick, Frostball, PuddlePunch, Shoulder charge.

Air Juggle:             B,D,F,6  or HCT,6
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,5

3 hit combo: (dizzy)    B,3,F,3,B,3
7 hit combo:            D,F,D,B,5,B,3,3,D,F,3
7 hit combo:            B,F,3,B,2,D,F,6
8 hit combo:            B,F,3,B,2,D,F,3
? hit combo:            B,F,3,2,2,HCB,3 (ultra at end of match)

Combo Moves:
B,3 -------- (2)
B,2 -------- (3)
B,D,F,5 ---- (3 + end)
B,D,F,6 ---- (3 + air)
B,D,F,3 ---- (4 + air)
F,D,D&B,1 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: B,F,3
Ultra 22 hit combo:     B,F,3,B,2,F,3
Ultimate 5 hit Pool:    B,F,3,B,2,F,D,D&B,1

Combo breaker:          F,D,D&B,1 or B,F,3

Humiliation:            F,F,B,4

No Mercy1:              B,D,F,2  or HCT,2
Glacius extends a long pick from his hand freezing his opponent by
touching them.

No Mercy2:              F,D,B,5  or HCB,5
Glacius turns into a liquid metal blob and covers his opponent
resulting in the opponent being absorbed.

No Mercy3:              B,B,B,6
Glacius turns into a pool of liquid metal and slides under the
opponent.  The opponent is sucked down into the pool.

Ending: After he escapes from Ultratech's grasp, Glacious returns to the
site of his crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at
Ultratech, Glacious can take the materials he needs and repair his damaged
ship. As the memories of the evil he faced at Ultratech slowly fade,
Glacious begins the long arduous trek back to his home world.

* Spinal *

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110
Age: 2650

An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration, Ultratech have recreated
an ancient warrior from the past. Having no memory, and lacking in purpose
he fights regardless.

He's a Skeleton warrior.  He wields a huge scimitar in his left hand and a
shield in his right.  Wears a red bandanna around his head.  And he lets
loose this really evil (ala Tales from the Crypt) laugh when he wins.

Spinal can Morph into the other characters, but only the character
he is fighting against!

Easy way to beat Eyedol: (Once you got that far and probably died),
continue and do the Combo Breaker Code (Down and start on both joystick
before the round) Then do the Morph move and use Eyedol to beat Eyedol.
As soon as he starts to fight back, do the combo breaker. (Be careful
not to blow up).

**** Infinite Powerup (Confirmed) With only 1 circleing skull, hold 1, Half
Circle Towards, Press 2 and release 1. Spinal Will throw 2 Skulls! You

opponent will think...humm must be a glitch, but now you can throw 2
fireballs ANY time with that same movement. You can also throw single
fireballs with the usual HCT,Punch. Spinal can still do combo-breakers but
CANNOT absorb any projectiles or he will blow up! He will be Powered up
for the rest of the match!

Known Moves:
Absorption Shield:      B,1 (hold till hit with a projectile)
Flaming Skull:          B,D,F, Punch or HCT,2 (only with circling skulls!)
Red Skull:              (H)1,B,D,F,(R)1 or (H)1,HCT,(R)1
Teleport Front:         D,D,D,3 Teleports to infront of opponent.
Teleport Back:          D,D,D,6 Teleports behind his opponent.
Charge:                 F,F, Punch
Slide:                  D,6
Super Slash:            B,F,2  (Spins twice if you have a skull)
RCM:                    F,B,2 (Super Slash)
Morph:                  After starting a combo,tap D,D,D,button. This
                        will morph him into his opponent, do a combo,
                        then morph back. Depending on which button you
                        use, he will do a different opponent combo.
                        When he morphs his NAME changes on top.

Air Teleport Front:     (H)1,jump,d,d,(R)1 Jumps then teleports
Air Teleport Back:      (H)4,jump,d,d,(R)4    "   "     "

Air Juggle:             B,D,F,1 (only from a morphing combo, and must
                        have a circling skull)
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,5
Combo Enders:           Morph or F,F,3

3 hit combo: (dizzy)    F,F,1,3,F,F,3
6 hit combo:            F,F,1,F,F,1,F,F,1
9 hit combo:            Jump,6,F,F,1,B,3,3,3,F,F,3,F,3.
               (you can add a slide onto it if it worked!)
9 hit combo:            B,F,2,F,F,1,B,3,F,F,3
13 hit combo:           F,F,1,F3,B2,B3,F3,D,D,D,3
? hit combo:            F,F,(3+6), 2*QCT,3 (2 times QCT)
Combo Moves:
B,2 --------- (2)
D,D,D, Any -- (2 to 4 + end or air)
B,3 --------- (3)
B,5 --------- (3)
F,F,2 ------- (3 + end)
F,F,1 ------- (4 + end)
F,F,3 ------- (4 + end)

Ultra: HCB,1

Ultra 23 hit combo:     B,F,2,F,F,1,B,3,3,3,D,B,D,F,3
Ultra ?? hit combo:     B,F,2,B,D,F,3 (must have at least 1 skull)

Combo Breaker:  F,F,2 (Try F, then F and 2 at the same time)
                        or D,D,6 still works!

Humiliation:            B,D,F,6  or HCT,6

No Mercy:               B,B,B,5  (anywhere)
Another skeleton comes out of the ground and grabs opponent's body,
and brings it down with him!

No Mercy2:              B,B,F,4  (close)
Spinal slices the opponent with a sword twice and then pierces him with
a spike that emerges from his shield 3 times! (Very cool)

* Rumor No Mercy 3:             ??
A Giant Asteroid comes down and crushes you.

Note about the Absorption shield. If you have at least one skull around you
then some of your moves will give you a second hit. Also, Spinal can only
have up to six skulls. If he gets anymore then that, he will explode and
be left with only one skull.

Ending: Tired of being constantly surrounded by death and destruction,
Spinal decides on a career change. Although nominated for an Oscar for his
first film, Spinal still has difficulty finding roles with meat in them.

* B. Orchid *

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125
Age: 23

A secret agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances that
surround the Ultratech contest. Her true identity and abilities are
shrouded in secret.

She wears a green jumpsuit and wields two little sticks (sorta like nunchuks
without the chain).  These sticks glow when she hits and can magically
lengthen to about 3' so they can be used like light sabres for some
specialty moves.  She moves very quickly but, her moves don't do much
damage.  But can do some easy combos! On her jumpsuit are the words HOT
on both sides.
Known Moves:
Backflip Kick:          B,6.
Tiger Morph:            B,F, Punch
Helicopter Kick:        B,F, Kick
Laser Boomerang:        B,D,F, Punch  or HCT,Punch
Spinning Slash:         F,D,D&B,3
Helicopter Blade:       F,D,D&B,(1 or 2)
Shadow Blade:           (H)2,F,D,D&B,(R)2  (When powered up)
Shadow Tiger:           (H)3,B,F,(R)3 (When powered up)
Knockdown Attack:       B,F,6
Air Fireball:           ????
Air Juggle:             B,D,F,1  or HCT,1
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,2
Combo Enders:           HCF,3

3 hit combo: (dizzy)    F,D,D&B,1,F,D,D&B,1,F,D,D&B,1
7 hit combo:            Jump,6,B,D,F,6,B,6
? hit combo:            B,F,6,B,F,6
9 hit combo:            B,F,6,B,6,D,F,3
20 hit combo:           F,D,D&B,2,F,1,B,1,4,F,6,B,6,F,D,D&B,2,F,1,B,1,
24 hit combo:           B,F,6,B,1,F,6,B,1,F,6,B,1,F,5,pause,B,D,F,1

Combo Moves:
F,1 -------- (1 after a medium helicopter kick)
B,1 -------- (3)
B,6 -------- (2 after a fierce helicopter kick)
B,2 -------- (2)
B,4 -------- (3)
B,F,5 ------ (3)
B,F,6 ------ (3)
B,5 -------- (3 + air)
B,D,F,3 ---- (4 + end)
B,F,4 ------ (4 + air)
F,D,D&B,3 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: B,F,2

Ultra 35 hit combo:     F,D,D&B,2,F,1,B,1,4,F,6,B,6,F,D,D&B,2,F,1,B,1,
Ultra 37 hit combo:     B,F,6,B,1,F,6,B,1,F,6,B,1,F,2,pause,B,D,F,1
Ultimate 6 hit Ho:      B,F,6,B,1,F,D,D&B,6

Combo Breaker:          B,F,6

Humiliation:            F,D,B,3  or HCB,3

No Mercy:               D,F,B,4 (Stand about 1 person away)
The opponent turns into a frog. After that press 6 and if you're close
enough you will step on them and kill them! (Press up and 2 (alot) then
after they come back to like, HCT,3 does a impressive 3 hit combo!)

No Mercy 2:             B,B,F,F,1
Orchid turns to opponent and opens up her shirt to expose chest to them.
Opponent falls over dead. (Another Orchid just gets upset.)

Ending: Orchid escapes unscathed with vital information about Ultratech's
corrupt future plans. She informs her superiors of Ultratech's evil
intentions so they can act to bring about the corporation's destruction.

* Chief Thunder *

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 280
Age: 42

Mystical defender of native Americans, Thunder enters the contest in
order to uncover the mystery surrounding his brother's disappearance in
the previous year's tournament.

A Native American chief with tomahawks. Very quick, very strong, very
cool graphically.

Known Moves:
Head Attack:            F,D,B, Punch
  (If you miss then do the second part of this below. Only if used 3.)
Reverse Head Attack:    F,D,B,3
  (In the air after a miss. He then dives at the opponent.)
Tomahawk Throw:         B,D,F, Kick (You can move the tomahawk up or down.)
Spinning Chop:          B,F, Punch
Jumbo Tomahawk:         (H)5,B,D,F,(R)5
Shadow Tomahawk Dive:   (H)3,F,D,B,(R)3   or (H)3,HCB,(R)3
RCM:            F,B,2
Combo Enders:   Medium and Fierce Head Attacks, or HCF,6

Air Juggle:             B,D,F,1
Air Combo:              Jump,6,HCB,2

9 hit combo:            Jump,B,6,3,F,3,B,3,D,F,6
? hit combo:            B,F,3,B,F,1
11 hit combo:           B,F,3,B,6,F,D,B,(2 or 3),pause,B,D,F,4
13 hit combo:           B,F,3,B,6,F,6,D,B,2,pause,B,D,F,4

Combo Moves:
B,2 ------ (1)
B,6 ------ (2)
B,F,6 ---- (2)
B,D,F,6 -- (4 + end)
B,F,2 ---- (4)
B,F,3 ---- (4)
B,F,1 ---- (4 + air)
F,D,B,2 -- (4 + air)
F,D,B,3 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: B,F,1
Ultra 25 hit combo:     B,F,3,B,6,F,6,B,2,F,1,pause,B,D,F,4
Ultra ?? hit combo:     B,F,3,B,F,1
Ultimate 7 hit Energy:  B,F,3,B,6,F,6,F,D,D&B,2
Ultimate:               HCB,2

Combo Breaker:          HCB,2

Humiliation:            D,D,D,F,4

No Mercy:               B,D,F,3 (About 3 inches away)
He will do a sort of rain dance, aim his axe at the enemy, who will then
go into convulsions as electricity seems to hit him.

No Mercy 2:             F,D,B,6
He does a super hatchet uppercut, resulting with various parts remaining
of the different opponents.

* No Mercy 3:           D,B,B,F,(4/5) Only works on the older chip version
He does a exploding Tomahawk spin. (Stand Close)

Ending: After discovering the fate of his brother, Thunder contemplates the
future and mourns the loss of Eagle. But, with his death avenged, Eagle's
soul can finally rest in peace forever. Or can it....

* Fulgore *
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 560
Age: 1

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, entered into the
contest as a final tests of it's capabilities before mass production
can begin.

He is a grayish metallic looking guy with blue veins running all over the
surface.  He has two large blue glowing sloth-like claws on each hand. He
also has a funky looking crest on his head.  He has VERY fast kicks, and
combos.  Looks like a next generation predator.
(Lots of conflicting data from people. I will try to verify these myself
by the next FAQ)

Known Moves:
Electric Bolts:         B,D,F, Punch
Electric Charge:        B,F, Kick
Uppercut:               F,D,F, Punch
Lightning Bolt:         F,D,D&B,6 (Push back twice, and he shoots out 2)
Reflector:              F,D,B, Punch
Fire Balls:             B,B,D,F,1(throws 2) F,B,B,D,F,1 (throws 3)
Teleport Near:          B,D,B, Punch
Teleport Far:           B,D,B, Kick
RCM:                    (H)6,B,F,(R)6

Shadow Charge:          (H)6,B,F,(R)6
* Shadow Move:          (H) 3,F,D,F,(R)3
Shadow Combo!:          (H)6,(H)3,b,f,(R)6,5,f,d,f,(R)3
Combo Enders:           Quick,Medium, Fierce Uppercuts
Air Juggle:             B,B,D,F,1 (2 energy bolts)
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,D,F,2

To do a shrink move, do a combo on the Desert Roof (D,Start) to your
opponent near the edge, then do one of the following below (Immediatly)

and either you or your opponent will be up to the others knees!
Shrink Yourself:        B,D,B,4
Shrink Opponent:        B,D,B,6

6 hit combo:            Jump,6,D,3,F,D,F,3
? hit combo:            B,F,6,4,4,1 (keep hitting 1)
8 hit combo:            B,F,6,3,B,6,F,D,F,3
10 hit combo:           B,F,4,B,1,F,D,D&B,6,F,D,F,3
13 hit combo:           B,F,6,B,6,F,D,D&B,6,B,1,F,D,F3

Combo Moves:
B,6 -------- (2)
5 ---------- (2 after charge with 6)
6 ---------- (3 after charge with 6)
F,D,D&B,6 -- (2)
B,1 -------- (3)
B,F,6 ------ (4 + end)
B,F,5 ------ (4 + end)
B,D,F,2 ---- (4 + end)
B,D,B,1 ---- (4 + end)
F,D,F,3 ---- (4 + end)
F,D,F,2 ---- (3 + air)

Knock into air quick combo: Charge with a 6, then uppercut with 1.
Ultra: F,D,F,1
Ultra 25 hit combo:     B,F,4,B,1,F,D,D&B,6,F,D,F,1
Ultra 27 hit combo:     B,F,6,B,6,F,D,D&B,6,B,1,F,D,F,1
Ultimate 9 hit Gun:     B,F,6,B,6,F,D,D&B,6,B,1,F,D,D&B,2

Combo Breaker:          F,D,F,2

Humiliation:            B,D,F,5
No Mercy:               F,D,D&B,3 (Stand 2 characters away)
He shoots a laserbeam from his head and fries his opponent.

No Mercy 2:             B,D,F,6.
His head opens up and a Turret gun blows you away.
Note: He can take ALL of Sabrewulf's bat's by doing the reflector move.
After each reflected bat, they then circle around Fulgore. Sabrewulf will
eventually run out of bats!

The combat test of the Fulgore series assault cyborg has been a success, and
mass production can now begin. after years of research, an awesome weapon
is in Ultratech's hands. The dawn of a robot-controlled empire will soon
begin. The first prototype model, Fulgore 1, is deactivated and placed in a
museum. The only humans left to view it are now slaves.

* Cinder * (Formerly Meltdown)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Age: 31

A convict, experimented on by Ultratech. A failed chemical weapon test
mutated his body turning him into living flame. If he defeats Glacius,
he enters the fray.

He is similar to Glacius but he is made of fire!  He always has a glow
around him and little puffs of flame coming off him floating upward.
My complaint here is that if player two chooses him, he look's like
Glacius with a red flame around him.

Known Moves:
Human Fireball:         F,F,Punch (can be done in the air!)
Human Fireball (combo): B,F,Punch
Flame Thrower:          F,F,Kick or B,F,Kick
Flip Kick:              F,D,F,Kick
Flaming Palm:           B,B,1
Outline:                F,D,B,2
Invisible:              F,D,B,3
RCM:                    B,F,punch  or B,F,kick

Invisible Teleport Front:       F,D,B,1 or HCB,1  (when powered up)
Invisible Teleport Back:        (H)1,F,D,B,(R)1  or (H)1,HCB,(R)1
                                (When Powered up!)
Shadow Human Fireball:          (H)2,F,F,(R)2  (When Powered up!)

Air Juggle:             F,F,3
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,2

Combo Enders:   Flip Kicks (Medium is nice)
                F,F,2 or B,F,2

3 hit combo: (dizzy)    B,F,2,B,6,B,B,1
7 hit combo:            Jump,6,B,B,1,F,3,6,D,F,6
10 hit combo:           B,F,2,B,1,F,D,F,5,pause,F,F,3
13 hit combo:           B,F,2,B,1,F,F,1,D,5,F,D,F,5,pause,F,F,3

Combo Moves:
B,6 ------ (1)

B,5 ------ (2)
B,3 ------ (2)
B,2 ------ (3)
B,1 ------ (3)
F,F,1 ---- (2)
F,F,2 ---- (4 + air)
F,D,F,4 -- (4 + air)
F,D,F,5 -- (4 + air)
F,D,F,6 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: F,F,3
Ultra 25 hit combo:     B,F,2,B,1,F,F,1,D,5,F,F,3,pause,F,F,3

Ultimate:               HCB,5

Combo Breaker:          F,D,F,5

Humiliation:            B,B,B,6

No Mercy:               B,B,B,2
Cinder forms a hole on the ground that slides under the opponent
and sucks them in.

No Mercy 2:             B,D,F,4  or HCT,4
Cinder flares up then shoots a flame from his finger and melts
the opponent into a pool of liquid.

Ending: As he leaves victorious, cinder finds a hostile police reception
waiting for him outside Ultratech's gates. No stranger to confinement
because of his former life of crime, Cinder has no intention of being
imprisoned again. Using his newly acquired power, he easily evades the
law and escapes.

* Sabrewulf *

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 400
Age: 45

Afflicted with the disease Lycanthropy. Spending most of his life as a
recluse, Sabrewulf enters the tournament on the promise of a cure if

Grayish colored wolf/werewolf wearing some torn up green clothing. Very cool
blood dripping from his mouth all the time.
Probably the best guy for beginners.

Known Moves:
Spinning Claw:          B,F,Punch (Keep pressing Punch for multipel spins)
Energy Howl:            F,D,DB,6 (All his moves will do more damage)
Lunge:                  F,D,B,Kick  or HCB,kick
Throw Bat:              F,D,B,Punch  or HCB,Punch
Big Slash:              B,F,5
Rolling Slash:          B,F,4
Leaping Slash:          B,F,6
RCM:                    F,B,2

Combo Enders:   B,F,3 or 5 or 6

* 3 Sabrewulf Shadow moves. I can't get them to work, if anyone does let me
know! All 3 must be done while in a combo.
(H)4,B,F,(R)4   Rolling Shadow
(H)5,B,F,(R)5  Shadow uppercut
(H)6,B,F,(R)6 Shadow leap?

Air Juggle:             B,F,6
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,5

2 hit combo:(dizzy)     B,F,5,B,5
3 hit combo: (dizzy)    B,F,5,B,5,F,5
7 hit combo:            Jump,B,6,B&D,6,F,3,3,D,3
? hit combo:            B,F,4,3,3,B,F,4
? hit combo:            B,F,4,F,2,2,B,3,F,2,2,B,2,F,2,2,B,1
10 hit combo:           B,F,4,B,3,F,6,pause,B,F,6
16 hit combo:           B,F,4,B,3,F,2,B,2,F,6

Combo Moves:
B,3 ---- (3)
B,1 ---- (3)
B,2 ---- (3)
B,F,2 -- (3)
B,F,3 -- (3)
B,F,1 -- (3 + air)
B,F,4 -- (3 + end)
B,F,5 -- (4 + air)
B,F,6 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: B,F,4
Ultra 31 hit combo:     B,F,4,B,3,F,2,2,B,4,pause,B,F,6
Ultimate 11 hit claw:   B,F,4,B,3,F,2,B,2,D,F,3
Combo Breaker:          B,F,2

Humiliation:            F,F,1

No Mercy:               B,B,B,5  (About 2 pople away)
Sabrewulf extends a claw and rams it into the gut of his opponent.

No Mercy 2:             B,B,F,2  (About one person away)
Sabrewulf spin slaps his opponent onto the glass of the view screen.

Note: Fulgore can take all your bats by reflecting them. You can eventually
run out of bats!

Ending: With victory, Sabrewulf obtains the cure that he's sought for so
long. Rid at last of his curse, Count Van Sabrewulf can lead a normal

* Riptor *

Height: 7'0
Weight: 700
Age: 4

A product of Ultratech's DNA manipulation project. By mixing human and
reptilian genes, they hope to cross intelligence and ferocity in a lethal
fighting machine.

Two-legged raptor type dinosaur.  Reddish orange in color.  When he gets
hit he bleeds purple blood.  Seems a little out of place in this game.

Known Moves:
Fireball:               F,D,B,Punch
Flame Attack:           F,D,D&B,Punch
Charge:                 B,F,Punch
Leaping Claws:          B,F,Kick
Fireball air:           F,D,B,Punch (Do it in the air.)
Tail:                   F,D,D&B,Kick
Big Leap:               B,D,F,4
Uppercut Slash:         F,D,D&B,1
Blue Fireball:          (H)2,HCB,(R)2  (When powered up)
RCM:                    F,B,kick

Air Juggle:             F,D,B,1
Air Combo:              Jump,6,F,B,5

Combo Enders:   Uppercut,Fierce Fireball, or Big Leap

6 hit combo:            Jump,6,F,3,D,B,3
? hit combo:            B,F,5,3,3,B,F,4
9 hit combo:            B,F,4,B,1,F,D,B,3
14 hit combo:           B,F,4,B,1,4,F,4,B,1,F,6,pause,F,D,B,1

Combo Moves:
B,6 -------- (1)
B,1 -------- (2)
B,2 -------- (2)
B,F,4 ------ (2)
B,4 -------- (3)
B,F,6 ------ (4 + end)
F,D,B,3 ---- (4 + end)
F,D,D&B,1 -- (4 + air)

Ultra: B,F,4
Ultra 22 hit combo:     B,F,4,B,1,4,F,4
Ultra 25 hit combo:     B,F,4,B,5,F,5,B,1,F,4,pause,F,D,B,1
Ultra ?? hit combo:     B,F,2,B,1,1,1,F,4
Ultimate: HCT,1 (Same as first no Mercy)

Combo Breaker:          B,F,6

Humiliation:            D,D,F,F,3

No Mercy:               B,D,F,2
Riptor jumps at his opponent and the screen goes black.  Next you see
him with a big belly burping and farting.

No Mercy 2:             B,B,B,5
Riptor spits acid at his opponent frying them.

Rumor No Mercy 3:       F,F,B,6 (2 people away)
Ritor Slashes you with his tail.

Ending: Ultratech's plans to create a genetically engineered weapon have
escalated beyond even the company's control. By toying with the laws of
nature, Ultratech has finally doomed the human race. Dinosaurs once again
rule the Earth.

* Eyedol * You can play as him!

He is the 'boss' character. He is a 2 headed giant, wielding a big club.
He swings his club like a baseball bat, he spits fireballs, sometimes 3
in a row. (more once I see him!)

Play As Eyedol: Pick Riptor and hold 1,2,4 and left till the VS screen pops
up, then hold 2,3,6 and right till you hear EYEDOL! You can even play 2
player! His combos are TOUGH, and he is a tough one to play. Use his Golf
Swing a lot!
** Note: His moves do NOT need to charge back, just do B,F move.

Know moves:
Fireball:               HCT,punch
Tripple Fireball:
Headbutt Charge:        B,F,1  (Good Combo Starter)
Club Swing:             B,F,2
Golf Club Swing:        B,F,3
Forward Jump Smash:     B,F,4
Straight Up Jump Smash: B,F,5
Backward Jump Smash: B,F,6
Stop Ground:            B,2 (Does not regain Energy! Maybe after a combo?)
All jumps will avoid projectiles!

*Stomp to 3 Fireballs:  B,2,HCF,3
Stomp to Leap Attack:   B,2,F,Kick
Stomp to Head Ram:      B2,F1
Stomp to Head Ram to Super Golf Swing:  B,2,F1,B3

To stop stomping press 2
To stop chargingpress b,1

Air juggle move:        B,F,1  (And you can keep your opponent up there like th
e old
                                Cheep err Chief Thunder Days)

Combo Breaker:          B,F, Punch

? hit Combo:            bd1,f1,b5,f3 then Juggle
? hit Combo:            b,f,4,b1,f3
? hit Combo:            B,F,1,B,3,3,3,3,F,3

Some stuff about playing as him:
Well it was fun for the first 2 times... after that nobody has been really
interested. His combo's are tough to do, and without knowing any fatalities
it makes him kinda boring. Hopefully we will know more soon!

My guess is Midway leaked this because their new Chip will ship soon
and will probably be different in how you play Eyedol, and decided to
get their money's worth.

I also agree with a post that said DO NOT tell everyone about this. I
also do not want to be fighting Eyedol EVERY time I play against some
newbie squid.

Play as Eyedol Bug! I haven't had a chance to try it, mostly because it
has not been duplicated yet. But here is what happened. A friend was
playing as spinal (against Eyedol) Did the morph into Eyedol and hit
START (with credits in the machine). (He hit the opposite start button).
then the screen showed the Eyedol square and another with the second
player. He hit start again (on both) and boom. He WAS Eyedol. The only
move figured out was back and 3 for the club against the ground. NO
charge back then F moves (yet). We could not do it again (tried for
about 2 hours). More as I find out! Don't waste your money till we get
the details straightened out.

He regains his health by stomping in place!
He can shoot 3 fast fireballs at once.

Ending: Haven't seen it, but told it was funny.

_/                          Miscellaneous Stuff                           _/

* Rumors *

The game was designed in Europe, and just created here.
There are more then just Humiliations, and No Mercy's.
There are some hidden characters.
There are more then 2 hidden levels.
The current version number of the latest release is 1.4
Midway is changing moves and Stages with every release version to make
the FAQ un-accurate. (So if something doesn't work..let me)

* Bugs *
TJ Combo's Ultimate does not say Ultimate afterwards...just the kind of

Not known, but most likely a hardware bug that is also in SOME MK II
machines, nobody will be able to move. The characters just stand there.
If you hit the machine (near the joystick's) this will free them up.
At a arcade here, this is a constant and they will NOT fix them. They
have signs that say play at your own risk... no refund!
**How to fix this problem! It seems that the grounding wire is a bit too
long and gets bent up and touches the controls. If you take the wire and
ground it to the screw in the middle of the control panel by the edge, and
make sure it's tight, so it wont touch anything when the panel is shut, this
should fix it! If your arcade has this problem, please suggest this fix.

Both Jago and Orchid (computer players) seem to be able to do Ultimate's
during the first round! Please fix this Midway!

When the computer used to say No Mercy, it now says 'Danger Danger' Which
IMHO is a little too late.  Hopefully this will be changed back!  It should
say danger when you have about 2 hits left! (To let your opponent know when
to start the ultimate combo ;-)

Just a personal thing. Midway needs to fix the collision detection for jump
over attacks. Either make it like Kombat or take them out. But jumping over
someone then pressing kick once you past is a CHEESY way to get in hits.

* Misc *

Release Dates: (yea) It should be everywhere.

Thanks to a certain new inside source I am finding out about the
air combo's and many of the Hold button moves. Just when I thought
I could do some catching up, we discover many more moves.

Apologies for not refining many things yet. I know that many moves
only require QCT and not half's. I am working on it. The holidays were
very busy. I plan on updating this soon, because I am sure I will
find out about the Air Combos in the next few days! I will try to
update it atleast once every 2 weeks. (more often as important moves
come in.)

This FAQ is also available by FTP, courtesy of GamePro magazine's Andy
Eddy. Just FTP to ftp.netcom.com and cd /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.  Hopefully
the latest version will always be here.  So if your in doubt about which
version you have, give this place a try.

It is also on Karl Czapla's site.  This is a place to get it if you do not
have FTP access. Just Send mail to : kczapla@night.vtc.vsc.edu
with the subject: send lmtkill
And you will receive the FAQ in your mail! (Very easy)

Hopefully the list of places to get this FAQ will grow. If you have a FAQ
site, let me know!

The latest version will also be in the rec.games.video.arcade news!

Midway, Nintendo, Ultra64, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Terminator, and
all other trademarks used in this FAQ are hereby acknowledged.
I am not associated with anyone! And take no responsibility for anything.
(Except for this FAQ)

*** Please DO NOT call any of these companies begging for moves or hints.
It will only hurt relations!  If you have some big questions ask me, and I
will TRY to get an answer!  Getting answers from them has been a very
touchy subject, and we are trying to keep an opening here.  Thank you.

This list below is in order of information given to me, so please
no whining without reason!

                Credits and Thank You's!

Brian L. Smolik (me).....................floyd@ripco.com
John George .............................jvl@ripco.com
Michael J. Kokal ........................mjk@paragonind.com
Steve Christofferson ....................sbchrist@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Spencer Olson ...........................olsospe@elof.acc.iit.edu
Scott Wiersum ...........................swiersum@interaccess.com
Benjamin Novak ..........................b-novak@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu
Zakarius "Pappy" ........................Zakarius@aol.com
Billy J. Bissette .......................bjbisset@eos.ncsu.edu
Andy Eddy ...............................vidgames@netcom.com
Chris Nicolella .........................none yet.
Utz Vogt ................................Deathlove@aol.com

Karl Czapla .............................kczapla@night.vtc.vsc.edu
Steven D. Gould .........................Bhubsc01@solix.fiu.edu
Henry Wu ................................henrywu@casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Pericom .................................EQR8KHOKHAM.UNL.AC.UK
Henry Ha ................................ST501@Jetson.UH.EDU
The Immortal Spam .......................spam@ccs.neu.edu
RpM .....................................RPM@uh.edu
Patrick Stewart .........................pbstewa@eng.clemson.edu
Damon Howell ............................dmangh@creighton.edu
Fred ....................................infacyc@prism.gatech.edu
Fubar ...................................fubar@netaxs.com
Don Mlnarik .............................tbird@creighton.edu
Daniel Markham ..........................batman@vpnet.chi.il.us
Joey Kovach .............................RONKO104@delphi.com
Ninjak ..................................ninjak@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu
Frodis!!! ...............................frodisman@aol.com
Mitch Burton ............................peldor@netcom.com
Lewis Tu ................................lewis2@delphi.com
Mike Durler .............................michael@crash.cts.com
Peter Laviniere .........................z007910b@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us
Chris McCullough ........................25096@ef.gc.maricopa.edu
Graeme Stewart ..........................graemes@interlog.com
Scott Burciaga ..........................banzaiar@netcom.com
Miles Hardison...........................skater555@aol.com
Jason Deen...............................jbdeen@email.oit.unc.edu
John Gray ...............................Jgray@grits.valdosta.peachnet.edu
Peter Momot .....(sorry for last time)...mupm2@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
Christopher King.........................chking@unity.ncsu.edu
Mike Long ...............................mikelong@ispace.com
Robert Adkins ...........................radkins@outernet.greensboro.nc.us
Solo.....Thanks a ton!...................c638153@showme.missouri.edu
Shiva ...................................smtt28e@prodigy.com
Warprat .................................somewhere on prodigy!
Dr Daytona ..............................Daytona@aol.com

Mike Zsoter..............................None
Eric Meiferdt............................None
Jeff Yang ...............................None
Steven Petroniak ........................None
Jason Homesley ..........................None

And anyone else I forgot! If you should be here, drop me a line and
I will get you in next time! (Sorry).
Like I said before, this FAQ would not of been possible without everyone's
help! Thanks a million! This list gets any longer I will need a Credits FAQ!

                   Special Thanks
Several Midway Reps. for giving what information they could at the time,
and will hopefully be as helpful in the near future. They know
who they are ;-)
Nintendo .....................................Nintendo of America
Midway ......(thanks for the trouble).........Williams/Bally/Midway
RareGame .....................................Rareware

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