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FAQ/Move List by Fulgore

Version: 1.5d | Updated: 10/14/2001

 ## Killer Instinct - F.A.Q. ##
 ##   for the Arcade v1.5d   ##
         by _Fulgore_

   Last Modified: 14/10/2001


* Contents *

1.  Contents
2.  History
3.  Game Hardware
4.  Basic Moves
5.  Definitions
6.  Guide Key
7.  Characters
8.  Demons, Streaks and Kings.
9.  Tricks and Glitches
10. Maybe the max's combos...
11. Credits


* History *

Do you have the Instinct?

Prologue: A wind-swept battlefield of the distant past, littered with the debris
of war. Above the moans and cries of the defeated can still be heard the clashing
sound of a single titanic confrontation. Two great warlords, leaders of their now
smashed armies, are locked in battle, with the world itself as the prize. But this
epic battle is not to have a conclusion. Suddenly, the warlords were engulfed in a
nimbus of light, and vanished from the face of the earth, banished to the realm of
Limbo. The battle-weary heroes whose spell had trpped the warlords heaved a sigh of
relief. Armageddon had been averted, for now.

The Future: The world has seen much progress in the centuries since the warlords were
banished, not all of it for good. Pollution has weakened the enviroment. Governments
have fallen. Chaos rules, with huge mega-corporations batting and destroying each
other for shares of the world's wealth.
In this bleak world, a single corporation, Ultratech, rises above the others. Rather
than joining in direct battles with their competitors, Ultratech has profiled from
their suffering by selling them the very weapons they use against each other.
Sales of weaponry are not the only source of profit for Ultratech, however. Their
entertainment division produces the top rated television broadcast of the future,
the Killer Instinct tournament, which also serves as a testing ground for Ultratech's
weapons. The winners of the tournament are promised whatever they desire. The losers
suffer a significantly poorer fate.

It is into this bloody contest that our heroes have been drawn. T.J. Combo, disgraced
heavyweight champion of the world who seeks redemption. Glacius, a captured alien
fighting for his life and a chance to escape. And the deadly robot Fulgore, progammed
by Ultratech with a Killer Instinct and the freedom to use it.
Each fights for his or her own reasons, but each has the same goal: win the tournament
and destroy all oponents.

It will take more than radical moves and deadly special attacks to win this tournament.
It will take a will, a desire; it will take a Killer Instinct.

More history...
It's the media event of the year: the no-holds-barred combat tournament held by the
sinister Ultratech corporation, who take great pains to ensure that the brutal fates
met by many of the combatants are never witnessed by the outside world.
To Ultratech the contest serves a dual purpose - to enhance their already soaring
public popularity and to field test their array of ghoulish creations on anyone
foolish enough to come forward. Only the strongest are invited, and even then very
few decide that they've got what it takes to compete.
The previous year's tournament was won by Spinal, a triumph in cell regeneration that
awed and thrilled the public. He brought down Black Eagle in the final clash which,
like every other fight, was carefully edited on video before being handed over to the
media for screening.
This year, though, Ultratech's ingenious but unstable Director has broken more moulds
than ever before, and a whole host of fearsome warriors join Spinal to stand in the way
of any potential champion.
Only one of the participants, of course, can emerge victorious.
And whether Ultratech will once more rule the roost or suffer their first defeat since the
tournament began, only time has the power to tell.


* Game Hardware *

Killer Instinct 1 is what started it all in 1994
It is one of the best fighting games of all time! Killer Instinct 1 came first to arcades in 1994
with 3 powerful work forces involved (RARE, NINTENDO and MIDWAY). They utilized UTRA64 technology
aka nintendo64. It's powerful graphics, sound, music and movies were outstanding for its time
(and look great even today!) With the success of this amazing fighter, it was soon ported to SNES
in 1995, but the SNES version was no match for the arcade. The SNES version had weaker music, sounds
and it lacked FMVs.

== Here is some information on the KI hardware ==

Conversion Class: JAMMA

Number of Players: 2

Gameplay/Type of game: Competitive/Fighting game

Control Panel Layout: 2 Player

-8-way Joystick
-6 Buttons: Quick Punch, Medium Punch, Fierce Punch, Quick Kick, Medium Kick, Fierce Kick

Main PCB: Nintendo/Rare 5770-14397-03

Main processor: SDT79 R4600-100MS <50MHz

4x - CPLDs, various

Sound Processor: ADSP-2105 10MHz Analog Devices DSP (Amplified Mono (one channel) - DCS Sound System)

Special Hard Drive:
Custom built by Seagate Model ST9150AG
Cylinders: 419
Heads: 13
Sectors: 47
Size 131.0 Meg


* Basic Moves *

Each fighter in the Killer Instinct tournament has basic moves that are similar. In the
human characters, these are usually punches or kicks of various degrees of ferocity. The
non-human characters use other means of attacking. Each attack has three levels of
intensity; quick, medium and fierce.

Quick Punch / Kick / Bite / Sword
No matter what method of attack is used, a Quick attack is just that; it's fast but doesn't
do a lot of damage. However, it can be difficult to get an attack in on opponent who is
unleashing a flurry of quick punches.

Medium Punch / Kick / Bite / Sword
A Medium attack is somewhere in between a Quick and Fierce attack in terms of speed and damage
It is possible to perform Medium attacks quite rapidly, but this requires some timing.

Fierce Punch / Kick / Bite / Sword
Fierce attacks are devastating, but are somewhat slow. It's possible to counter-attack after
a Fierce attack if you time it correctly.

Denying your opponent a clear strike is the best way to avoid damage (duh!) in any fighting
game. In Killer Instinct, blocking skills are especially essential.
To block a move, hold the Control Pad cross away from the attacking character. If correctly
blocked, any normal move (Quick, Medium or Fierce) will not do any damage. To block correctly,
you must master blocking high and low.

Blocking High
If you just stand there and block, that will be good enough to block an attacker who is just
standing there, or even one who is jumping in on you. However, if your enemy tries to get
sneaky, and attacks low, blocking high will not be enough.

Blocking Low
Press Down and away from the attacker on the Control Pad and you will block low. Blocking low
is necessary to block low attacks, such as sweeps. Sometimes you can also block standing
attacks while ducking, but don't count on it. The only problem with blocking low is it leaves
you open to a top attack.

Top Attack
If you opponent is blocking low, you can top attack over the top of their defense. To do this,
press away from your opponent on the Control Pad cross and press Fierce Punch.

Some characters can perform an uppercut by pressing Down on the Control Pad and Fierce Punch.
This is especially useful when an attacker jumps at you. Several characters do not have
uppercuts, but they have special move counter-attacks against jumping attackers.

Press Down and Fierce Kick next to a standig opponent to execute a sweep attack. If you hit,
it will knock your foe down. Not every character has a sweep move.

Press down on the Control Pad and your character will duck. From this position, he or she can
attack low. Some characters, like Sabrewulf, can actually avoid some attacks this way.

Special Moves
Each character also has a fine selection of special moves to use in combat. Each character's
special moves are different, and usually require the use of buttons in combination with the
Control Pad cross.

E.C.T. (elementary combo theory)

So you mastered the basics of pounding each other. Now it's time to learn a combo or two. Combos are
basically a combination of buttons that produces multiple hits. Now, these hits aren't really free, as
you must connect with the first one in order to activate the combo. However, a successful combo can give
you many extra hits for the low price of just a few button presses. It's possible to get a 30 hit combo
for a mere 6 butoon presses! But that will come later. First, you must learn the law of
Jump-In Auto- Doubles.

Jump-In Auto-Doubles
In order to perform a Jump-In Auto-Double, you must first jump-in and attack your opponent, successfully
hitting them. Once you have scored the first hit, if you press the proper butoon next, you will not only
get your first hit, but you will also get two or three bonus hits. The whole sequence will register as a
Triple Combo or Super Combo. The trick is to know what pair of buttons on the controller as if they were
connected as shown in the diagram below:

 |   \/       QP<->QK MP<->FK MK<->FP
 |   /\

The jump-in attack is what is know as an "Opener" move. This means that if this initial attack is succesful,
your opponent is briefly open to whatever combo series you want to punish him or her with. Each character
also has several special moves that function as openers. If you hit with an Opener move, there is at least
one button (sometimes more) that you can press to get an Auto-Double.

Top Attack Auto-Double
Top Attacks are also Openers.

So what do you do once you have mastered Triple and Super Combos? You extend your combo tally using moves
known as Linkers. After you have succesfully hit your opponent with an Auto-Double, you can continue to
combo them by following the last hit of the Auto-Double with a Linker move and another Auto-Double button.

End Specials
The best way to finish a combo is an end special, which can be added after any Auto-Double or Linker. End
Special are listed in each character's profile. An example of a complete combo sequence would be:

   Jump-In hit
Auto-Double button
Auto-Double button
   End Special.

I.C.T. (intermediate combo theory)

There's nothing that can make you feel quite as helpless as a multi-hit combo. So what can you do about
it besides put the Control Pad down and some soda and chips? You can bust out a Combo Breaker, that's what!

Each fighter has a special move that will function as a Combo Breaker. A Combo Breaker can potentially
interrupt any part of a combo - Auto-Double, Linker, and End Special (but not the final hits of an Ultra Combo).
The key is to use the proper Combo Breaker to break the move. This takes practice and a keen eye, plus vast
knowledge of every character's Openers, Linkers and Auto-Doubles.

Combo Breakers can be summed up as follows:

Quick breaks Medium.
Medium breaks Fierce.
Fierce breaks Quick.

The best way to envision Combo Breakers is like the game "Scissors, Paper, Rock" The correct combo
breaker will beat your opponent's attack. To break an opener sequence or an end finisher, you must
perform the combo breaker using the button that breaks the button your opponent is using. So if he
hits you with a Fierce opener, you can break with your Quick combo breaker.

Since you can break a Linker with any of the buttons (Quick, Medium or Fierce), it's risky to do
long combos. However, you still have to learn the timing to do the combo breaker and that only
comes with practice.

Breaking a combo does several things. First of all, its gets you out of the humillating sequence
of hits and damage, and it throws your opponent for a loop! Second of all, all characters have
some moves that are enhanced after they have briken a combo. We have left these advanced post-breaker
moves for you to discover on your own.

A.C.T. (advanced combo theory)

So you've mastered all the basic combos; jump-ins, openers, linkers and end finishers. Well that's
far from all you'll find in Killer Instinct! Below you'll find some of the more advanced tricks,
but we're going to leave it to you to find some of the really special moves (like Air-Doubles,
Shadow Moves and Post Breakers Specials). Keep building upon your knowledge of Auto-Doubles and
you'll be surprised how many new moves you can discover.

Danger Moves
When you have your opponent on the ropes and basically defeated, you can perform a Danger Move on
him or her. You will only have a few seconds to perform the move. Some of the Danger Moves require
special timing, or that you stand a certain distance from your victim.

Ultra Combos
If you opponent is almost defeated (his second life bar is almost gone and the bit that remains is
flashing), you can perform an Ultra Combo. Basically, Ultra Combos are like special End Finishers
that work when your opponent is almost defeated. Go into a combo sequence, and if you hit, finish
it with the Ultra Combo move noted for the character you are using. If you do it correctly, you
should get a double digit Ultra Combo, usually in excess of 20 hits. There is no way to combo break
an Ultra Combo, but if you're getting hit by one, you were almost defeated anyway.


* Definitions *

Regular Move
These are done by pressing a button, or by pressing one direction on the joystick, and a button.
They are usually quick, but don't cause much damage.

Special Move
These are unique moves which can be performed at any time during the fight. They cause more damage
and give you more points than regular moves, but require a specific joystick motion along with a
specific button-press.

Transition Move
These are special moves which switch to another special move in the middle, often surprising the opponent.

Overhead Hit
These moves are the answer to people who go into a blocking crouch, and wait for you to attack
so they can block and hit you. When you press ?+FP or a+FP near a crouching opponent, your
character will do a powerful attack which hits your opponent from above, even if they are blocking.
These moves are rather slow, and if you miss, or they stand up and block it, you will be vulnerable.
Fortunately, pressing B+FP or B+MP will do a "fake" overhead attack. If your opponent stands up
to block your fake attack, you can hit/bite/claw/stab/kick them in the legs/ankles/groin, and maybe
start a combo.

Combos are several moves strung together which are unblockable after the first hit. After you
perform a combo, the announcer will yell out what type of combo it was. The names of the combos
(with the number of hits) are as follows:
Triple(3), Super(4), Hyper(5), Brutal(6), Master(7), Awesome(8), Blaster(9), Monster(10),
King(11), Killer(12+), Ultra, and Ultimate.

Stun Combo
These short combos leave your opponent reeling and helpless. They only work on an opponent
who is not already stunned, and whose energy bar is not flashing green or flashing red. Hitting
the opponent with the same move or special move several times can also stun them
(example: throwing several projectiles), as can hitting them with the same two moves two or three
times in a row (example: fierce attack, uppercut, wait for them to get up, fierce attack, uppercut).

Ultra Combo
This refers to any combo using an Ultra ending - a special type of combo ending which can only be
used when the opponent's second energy bar is flashing red or completely gone. It adds 18 hits
onto the combo, and kills the opponent.

Ultimate Combo
This refers to any combo using an Ultimate ending - a special type of combo ending which can
only be used when the opponent's second energy bar is flashing red or completely gone. It adds
no hits to the combo, but makes the combo end in one of the character's No Mercy moves, and
gives you lots of points.

Turbo / Shadow Combo
Turbo combos are combos whose endings go faster than normal and are harder to break. Shadow
combos not only go faster than normal, but they take off more damage and they have a shadow.
To do a turbo combo simply hold the button, do the ending motion, then release the button.
Do the same thing when you have a flashing line and you will do a shadowed version. Turbo
combo endings give you 50% more points than the normal ending, and shadow combo endings give
you twice the normal points.

Combo Extender
These are special combo connectors. Each character has only one Extender, and most characters
cannot do combos of significant length without doing thier extender move. Extenders are the
easiest part of most combos to break, but no character can do thier longest combos without
using an extender. For most characters, Extenders double as a special move (outside of combos).
When used this way, Extenders are often called "reverse-control moves" because for most characters,
the motion is CF,B+#. Extenders are used to "set up" special juggles and Air-Ultra combos,
because doing an Extender after knocking your opponent into the air can fool the machine into
thinking you are still in the middle of a combo, allowing you to do a combo-ending on your
falling opponent, instead of an air-juggle.

Combo Breaker
These special moves are used to stop the combo your opponent is doing on you. They must be performed
between hits in the combo, and only when you still have some energy left. You do not need to charge
Combo Breaker moves. When using Combo Breakers, specific buttons must be used to break other buttons.
QP/QK breaks MP/MK, MP/MK breaks FP/FK, and FP/FK breaks QP/QK. So if your opponent is doing a combo
that uses button MP, and your Combo Breaker is B,F+QK/MK/FK, you would press B,F+QK to break that combo.
We have noticed that for some reason, you can use QP/QK to break B,F+FP moves and connectors.
You can only break a combo during an autosecond or during a multiple-hit combo ending. Combos which
use no autoseconds or multiple-hit endings cannot be broken. A very few multiple-hit combo endings
are unbreakable. After a character (except Eyedol) does a Combo Breaker, the little white vertical
line at the end of thier current energy bar (the "shadow line") will start flashing.

Retaliation Move
These are special moves which can only be performed while you are getting up after having been knocked
to the ground by your opponent. These moves do significant damage and make you temporarily immune to attacks.
They are designed to keep your opponent from attacking you as you are getting up. A smart opponent, however,
will anticipate your retaliation move and throw a projectile, timed to hit you just as your retaliation move
finishes and you are vulnerable again.

Air Juggle
After you perform a combo that knocks the opponent into the air, you can hit them as they are falling with
an air juggle move. Only certain special moves have can juggle opponents; other moves go right through them.
Air juggle moves don't take off much energy, but they add extra hits to the combo. Air juggles done when a
character's shadow line is flashing do three hits instead of just one.

Shadow Move
When your character's shadow line is flashing, you can perform special moves which you could not normally
perform. These special moves go faster, do more hits, or cause more damage, than thier non-shadow counterparts.
Shadow moves give you more points than the non-shadow counterparts.

No Mercy
After defeating your opponent for the second time in a fight, the announcer will say "Danger," and you
will have the chance to perform a No Mercy to finish them off. A No Mercy may have a different outcome
depending on what character you performed it against. They are listed as "finishing moves" in this guide.
On the first version of this game, the announcer said "No Mercy", instead of "Danger", and thus the name...

If you defeat your opponent for the second time in a fight without loosing all the energy in your first
energy bar, you will be able to perform a Humiliation. A Humiliation is a move which forces the opponent
to dance to some strange music. Each character does a unique dance.

Last Breath
After being defeated for the second time in a fight, your character will be dizzy. Rapidly shake the
joystick and press all the buttons to speed up the dizzy process. If you do this long enough without
your opponent hitting you or performing a finish move you, will regain your senses and and fight with
your last breath. You will be given just enough energy so that if you block a special move, or get hit,
you will die. When fighting on your last breath, you get a flashing shadow line which never stops flashing,
and all your hits do double damage. The ever-flashing shadow line allows Sabrewulf to do some shadow
combos he normally can't do, since any shadow move he does normally stops his line from flashing.

Awesome Victory
If you defeat your opponent and then do a No Mercy, a Humiliation, or knock them off a rooftop, you will
see a special animation after the fight, and the announcer will say "Awesome victory!".

Supreme Victory
If you defeat your opponent while still on your first bar of energy, you will see a special animation
after the fight, and the announcer will say "Supreme victory!".

If you defeat your opponent without losing any energy, the word "Perfect" will appear during
the Supreme Victory animation, and the announcer will say "Perfect!". Sometimes you can get a "Perfect"
by winning with all of your first energy bar gone, but none of your second.

Stages Description:
- Canyon (D+1)
  In this stage you are fighting on a rope/log bridge with a huge rock
  canyon in the background. An interesting effect is that the bridge kind of
  bounces when you jump on it. The setting sun has the sky turned blazing red
  and the clouds are streaming towards you like mad. The music for this
  stage has sort of an Native American sound to it.
  The main thing to remember on this stage is to avoid being trapped on
  either end of the bridge since this puts you higher than your opponent and
  at a serious fighting disadvantage! This stage is associated with Chief
- City Rooftop in Chicago (U+5)
  This stage has you on the rooftop of a skyscraper in a futuristic city at
  night. In the background there are various other buildings with flashing
  red beacons. There are also two billboards, one showing an animated
  Ultra 64 logo and the other showing a realtime scaled down version of your
  current fight! There is no high or low ground on this stage, but being
  trapped in a corner can be pretty damaging. The roofs look a lot
  like the ring's used in Virtual Fighter and you CAN knock your opponent off
  the roof, you need to do a charge at them usually in the middle of a combo.
  You will usually fall onto the pink car from the Chicago street stage!
  This stage is associated with Orchid.
- Castle Rooftop (U+4)
  Similar to the City Rooftop scene but in this one you are set in more of a
  medieval time. Sort of a Transylvania feel to it, with bats flying around
  and lightning flashing....even has a full moon! Again, no high or low
  ground but watch those corners. And again, you can be knocked off the
  roof when charged. This is Spinal's Stage. I believe you land in the
  lava, but I may be wrong.
- Under Castle Rooftop (???)
  This is the scene of the entrance to the Spinal's Castle, with a bridge in
  the background and the Spinal's Castle doors.
- Boxing Gym (???)
  This one has you in a boxing workout gym with a boxing ring in the
  background and large punching bags. This is one of the cooler
  scenes cause as you and your opponent move back and forth the perspective of
  the scene changes and you can really see the 3-D effect with the punching
  bags and all. Of course this is T.J. Combo's stage.
- Chicago Alleyway (D+4)
  Wow we're out on the streets, fighting amongst the broken down cars and
  graffiti covered buildings! This scene is also on of the better ones for
  seeing the 3-D effect of the perspective changes, particularly in the cars
  in the background. The music here has lots of police sirens going in it.
  Some of the graffiti is "Chicago Lives!","MT"(turmell?),"Kev Boyle's
  Vehicle Surgery"???. (Don't think is's anyones home)
- Chateau (D+5)
  Here you are fighting in a nice cozy little room with a fire going in the
  fireplace and classic paintings hanging on the walls. Rich maroon velvet
  drapes and gold chandeliers add to the feel of the room. There is a large
  wooden door to the far right and stairs leading upwards to the left.
  Don't get forced onto the stairs, this puts you on higher ground and
  therefore at a disadvantage. This is Sabrewulf's hangout.
- Mountain Shrine (U+3)
  This stage looks like you were transported to Alaska. There is snow
  all around, with a large concrete looking statue of two people (back
  to back) behind you. One of them looks like Orchid. The fighting area
  is a long narrow area, with a small bridge in the middle. The area with
  the statue looks like there should be some way to fight up there, and
  to anyone at Midway, it would of been cool to be able to walk(fight) all
  the way around the statue instead of about one half.(just a thought)
- Mountain Temple (U+1)
  This stage is a lot like the above Mountain Shrine, except there is now
  a temple with the roof being held up by the two sculptures. Maybe a before
  and after a nuclear bomb thing here. It makes the other stage look like
  the ruins of this stage. This is Glacius' stage.
- Industrial Warehouse (D+6)
  This stage place's you on a metal (grated) catwalk, high above in a
  ole Warehouse. On the side of the catwalk reads 'TDJ Stamper Industries'
  The fighting area is much shorter then normal, and the characters seem
  very close. This is where Fulgore hangs out.
- Warehouse Basement (D+3)
  Probably not really the basement, but similar in looks, with a small
  bridge over lava. I haven't seen anyone fall in yet but I have heard
  that it is possible. There are flying bats all over. The bridge
  does bounce a little bit, and the camera really pans in and out a lot!
  This is one of Eyedol's stage's. You can knock him into the lava with a
- Eyedol's Lair ( ??? )
  This is the other place that you can fight Eyedol at. It is hard to
  explain, but you fight real close to the screen (Feet are at the bottom
  of the screen) and looks like a old auditorium (Trashed) with empty
  seats ect.
- Desert Roof Top (D+Start or U+6)
  Here you are on a rooftop in the desert. In the background there appears
  the old ruins of a city with very little left. There are vultures
  circling around, and a very bright sun in the background.
  This is Cinders Stage
- Sky Top (D+5 - both players)
  Well here is one of the more nasty scenes in the game, not for the
  weak stomach. You are on top of a small (roof-like) brick area with
  clouds flying towards you very fast! (enough to make you motion sick)
  The big problem here is you can get knocked off of the brick top at any
  time! If you are close to the edge, and someone charges, you going to
  have quite a fall! You see your character falling for several seconds
  towards you, then poof, the body makes a cut-out (similar to a
  gingerbread man shape) in the ground. (A quick loss of $.50 here!)
- Alter (D+2)
  You are now in a marble type alter room. A candle lit area, and pillars with
  bloody horns, and skulls attached. The room has a very cool looking
  reflection to it on the floor. This is Riptor's pad.
- Dungeon (U+2)
  This is a infinite scrolling stage, which means you CANNOT get trapped
  into a corner!(yea) The background just keeps repeating some pillars.
- Tiger Shrine (???)
  This stage has a large Golden Tiger head built into the back wall. It looks
  straight out of a D&D adventure, with jewels and gold. This is Jago's


* Guide Key *

1    = quick punch
2    = medium punch
3    = fierce punch
4    = quick kick
5    = medium kick
6    = fierce kick
S    = Start button
U    = Up
D    = Down
F    = Forward (towards opponent)
B    = Back (away from opponent)
DF   = diagonally Down+Forward
DB   = diagonally Down+Back
JF   = jump forward
JB   = jump back
QCT  = Quarter Circle Towards (roll stick D->DF->F )
HCT  = Half Circle Towards (roll stick B->DB->D->DF->F )
QCDB = Quarter Circle Down Back (roll stick DF->D->DB )
QCDF = Quarter Circle Down Forward (roll stick DB->D->DF )
OH3  = Over Head 3 (press B+3 or DB+3 near a crouching opponent)
CF   = Charge Forward (hold stick towards opponent for a bit)
CB   = Charge Back (hold stick away from opponent for a bit)
CDB  = Charge Down Back (hold stick diagonally down+back for a bit)
CDF  = Charge Down Forward (hold stick diagonally down+forward for a bit)
H#   = hold that button (H3 = hold down fierce punch)
R#   = release that button (R5 = stop holding medium kick)
BU   = break Ultra (see the "Tricks and Glitches" chapter)

,    = "then"
+    = "and"
/    = "or"
|    = "this indicates that the combo breaks here and a new combo start's"
...  = Between parts of a transition move, this means that you can wait any
       length of time between doing those parts of the move.  Often, you can
       walk around and/or get hit during this time, and still be able complete
       the move.  If you leave the ground (jump, teleport, get uppercutted) or
       block during this time, you will not be able to complete the move.

wait = the next part of the combo does not connect directly to the previous
       part (the "wait" could actually be anywhere from 0 to 10 seconds)

line = the little vertical white line at the end of your current (not maximum)
       energy bar will start flashing after you do a Combo-Breaker, Energy
       Howl, or Absorbtion Shield.  Sometimes called the "shadow line", you
       need it to do shadow moves.  Doing several shadow moves makes the line
       stop flashing.  Doing one shadow move makes the line stop flashing for
       Sabrewulf.  Shadow combo endings do not stop the line from flashing.


* Characters *

Special note: all the combos listen here are for advanced players only;
you need much practice before start to trying these combos.

##### JAGO #####

Full name: Jago
Age: 21
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 190 lbs.

Jago is a mysterious warrior monk from a remote region of Tibet.
Guided by the powerful Tiger Spirit to seek his destiny, he has
been lead to the Killer Instinct tournament to destroy the evil within.

Found abandoned as a baby at a Himalayan monastery and taken in by the
Monks of the Tiger, Jago showed great promise from the start and, under
the tutelage of the ancient Abbot, has swiftly become one of the Order's
star pupils. During meditation he is visited by the very Tiger spirit his
Order serves, which grants him great powers and Chooses him to battle the
sinister evil of Ultratech. At first the power threatens to overwhelm
Jago's sanity, but he soon masters it and becomes the finest warrior the
Order has yet fathered. The ever-present uncertainty as to his origins,
however, still troubles him.

== ENDING ==
Jago returns victorious to his shrine for communion with the Tiger
By defeating the evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago is brought one
step closer towards total enlightenment.
Granted new powers for his loyal service, Jago strives for self
improvement. He must now seek out a greater challenge and fulfill his

Green Fireball      QCT+1/2/3       (projectile)
Yellow Fireball     H1,QCT+R1       (magic 2)
Flying Uppercut     F,QCT+1/2/3     (anti-projectile)
Sliding Uppercut    CF,QCT+1/2/3    (anti-projectile)
Green Sword         QCDB+3
Flying Heel Kick    QCDF+4          (anti-projectile)
Flying Heel Kick    QCDB+4/5/6      (anti-projectile)
Fast Flying Kick    H5,QCDB+R5      (anti-projectile)
Fast Flying Kick    H6,QCDB+R6      (anti-projectile)

Fast Red Fireball         H3,QCT+R3      (line)
Shadow Fast Heel Kick     H6,QCDB+R6     (line)

G. Fireball to Flying Kick    QCT+1,QCDB+6      (projectile, anti-projectile)
Y. Fireball to Flying Kick    H1,QCT+R1,QCDB+6  (projectile, anti-projectile)
Double Flying Kick            QCDB+6,wait,B,F+6             (anti-projectile)
Fake Flying Kick              QCDB+6,B,F+6                  (anti-projectile)
Fake to Silent Flying Kick    QCDB+6,B,F+6,...B,F+6         (anti-projectile)
Fake to Double Flying Kick    QCDB+6,B,F+6,...B,F+6,B,F+6   (anti-projectile)
Double to Double Flying Kick  QCDB+6,wait,B,F+6,B,F+6       (anti-projectile)

Air Juggle       H2,QCT+R2       (1 hit)
Air Juggle       H2,QCT+R2       (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    F,QCT+1/2/3
Retaliation      F,QCT+1/2/3     (anti-projectile)

Sword Stab     B,F,F+1      (close)
Falling Car    B,B,F,F+2    (1 to 4 pla)
Humiliation    HCB+5        (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate SS    HCT+3        (during combo)
Ultra Combo    QCDB+4       (during combo)

1          2 hits          after QCDB+3
2          2 hits          after Jump,6
D+3        2 hits          after QCDB+3
QCDB+3     2 hits          N/A
4          2 hits          after QCDB+5
5          3 hits          after QCDB+6
6          3 hits          after QCDB+3

D+3          1 + air
F,QCT+1      2 + end
QCT+1        3 + end
QCDB+5       3 + end
F,QCT+2      3 + air
F,QCT+3      4 + end

== COMBOS ==
3: QCDB+5,3,F,QCT+1
     1    1     1
Points: 4500

5: jump,6,3,F,QCT+1,H2,QCT+R2
        1 1     2         1
Points: 15000

20: CF+2,2|QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,H5,QCDB+R5,QCT+R2
      1  1    2   3         1      2  3         1   3      2     3
Points: 60500

22: CF+2,2|QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,5,H3,F,QCT+R3,QCT+R2
      1  1    2   3         1      2  3         1  3          4     3
Points: 80500

30: QCT+1,QCDB+6,wait,F+6,5,QCDB+3,5,4,QCDB+4
      1       1        1  3    2   3 1   18
Points: 159100

31: F+2,2|QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,1,QCDB+R4
      1 1   2    3        1      2   3        1   1   18
Points: 164100

31: QCDB+6,5|QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,QCDB+3,5,H6,QCDB+R6,H4,QCDB+R4
       1   3     2  3         1      2  3         1  1     18
Points: 164500

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: any combo,F,QCT+2,QCDB+3,QCDB+5,QCDB+5,QCDB+3,F,QCT+2,QCDB+3,QCDB+5,QCDB+5,QCDB+3,F,QCT+2,...,QCDB+4
       ?           3     0     0       1      2        3      0      0      1      2       3  ...   18
Points: limited

-To do the 20 hits Killer: line, corner.
-To do the 22 hits Killer: line, corner, against Eyedol.
-To do 30 hits Ultra: the firewall must be hit the
 opponent at the same time with the flying kick, the
 double Flying Kick motion (QCDB+6,wait,F+6) is done
 by timing the second kick (F+6) so that you press
 the F+6 just as the main flying kick hits the opponent,
 or a split a second afterwards.
-Jago 31 hits Ultra (164500) only works against Sabrewulf on
 Chief Thunder stage at the corner and one of the hits
 of the last Auto-Double (with 4) is missed.
-Max 80 hits Ultra only works against Eyedol and the
 second QCDB+5 must hit just one time.

### TJ COMBO ###

Full name: T.J. Combo
Age: 25
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 220 lbs.

T.J. Combo was once the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for
five years straight. He was stripped of his title for his brutal metods
of punishing opponents. He now fights to regain his fame and fortune.

Having fought his way from a seedy backstreet gym to the world heavyweight
title through sheer raw power and aggression, after 5 years at the top
T. J. "Combo" Garrett is brought crashing down by his own overwhelming greed.
Having blown most of his cash on titanium arm implants to ensure that the
title remained his, Combo is stripped of belt, wealth and public respect when
the Ultratech surgeon who performed the operation sells his story to the media.
Furious and humiliated, Combo returns to his old ghetto haunts and vows to defy
the world at large in reaching the top once more.

== ENDING ==
With victory in the tournament, Combo has finally achieved his
ambition to regain his lost fortune and popular status.
Once a nobody from the ghetto, Combo celebrates his win and new found
wealth by parading through those same streets.
With money and fame at his side, Combo believes he can achieve

Single Backfist      CB,F+1
Double Backfist      CF,B+1
Triple Backfist      CF,B+1,1
Double Roll Punch    CB,F+2          (anti-projectile)
Triple Roll Punch    CB,F+2          (anti-projectile, charge 2 seconds)
Lunging Punch        CB,F+3
Winding Uppercut     C3,R3,3         (charge 2 seconds
Flying Knee          CB,F+4/6        (anti-magic 1)
Rising Knee          CB,F+5
Punching Bag         1,1,1,1,etc...  (up close)

Shadow Lunging Punch    H3,CB,F+R3   (line, anti-projectile)

Rolling Punch to Rising Knee           CB,F+2,B+5
Lunging Punch to Single Backfist       CB,F+3,B+1
Lunging Punch to Double Rolling Punch  CB,F+3,B+2    (anti-projectile)
Lunging Punch to Sudden Stop           CB,F+3,B+3
Lunging Punch to Flying Knee           CB,F+3,B+6    (anti-magic 1)

Air Juggle       CB,F+3          (1 hit)
Air Juggle       CB,F+3          (3 hitss, line)
Combo Breaker    B,F+4/5/6
Retaliation      B,F+4/5/6

Neck Breaker    B,F,F+2      (close)
Screen Punch    HCT+6        (close)
Humiliation     D,D,D+1      (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate SP     HCB+5        (during combo)
Ultra Combo     CF,B+3       (during combo)

CF,B+1     2 hits          N/A
F+4        2 hits          after CF,B+1
CF,B+2     3 hits          after CB,F+6
5          3 hits          after CF,B+1 or CB,F+2/4/6
6          3 hits          after CB,F+2
CF,B+1     4 hits          after CF,B+1

CB,F+5      1 + air
CB,F+2      3 + air
CB,F+6      3 + air
CB,F+3      4 + end
CB,F+1      4 + air

== COMBOS =='
3: CB(4 secs),F+3,CB+3,F+4
               1    1   1
Points: 5000

4: jump,6,CDB+6,F+5,CB,F+3
        1    1   1      1
Points: 6500

25: CB,F+2,CB+1,CF+5,B+1,CF+5,CB+1,H1,F+R1,walk,CF,CB+1,H6,F+R6,wait,CB,F+3
        3    2    3   2    3    2       4            0      3            3
Points: 107000

42: CB,OH3,F+2,CB+1,CF+5,B+1,CF+5,CB+1,4,5,5,CF,B+3,wait,walk,B+1,H6,F+R6,wait,CB,F+3
        1   3    2    3   2   3     2  2 1 1    18             0       1           3
Points: 149000

42: CB,F+2,CB+1,CF+5,B+1,CF+5,CB+1,H1,F+R1,walk,CF,B+1,F,B+3,wait,CF,CB+1,H6,F+R6,wait,CB,F+3
        3    2    3   2    3    2       4           0    17            0      3            3
Points: 207000

43: CB,F+2,CB+1,CF+5,B+1,CF+5,CB+1,H1,F+R1,walk,CF,B+1,F,B+3,CF,CB+1,H6,F+R6,CF,CB+1,H6,F+R6,wait,CB,F+3
        3    2    3   2    3    2       4           0    17       0       1       0       3           3
Points: 217000

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+3 or CB,F+6 - CB,F+4,5,CB,F+4,5,CB,F+4,5,etc...
                            1  3     1  3     1  3 etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 25 hits Killer: line, corner, vs Eyedol.
-To do the 42 hits Ultra (149000): line, and the H6,F+R6 juggle must be done
 very early, catching the opponent with one hit while they are still about
 three character-heights in the air. This will give Combo time to "unfreeze"
 and do his normal CB,F+3 three-hit juggle.
-To do the 42 hits Ultra (207000): line, corner, air Ultra, vs Eyedol.
-To do the 43 hits Ultra: line, corner, air Ultra, vs Eyedol.
-The CB,F+4,5 in the 80 hits Ultra must be with the opponent in the corner.

#### SPINAL ####

Full name: Spinal
Age: 2650
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 110 lbs.

Spinal's origin is a closely guarded secret of Ultratech. A secret
branch of the corporation, using a variety of special techniques,
have succeeded in reviving an ancient warrior.
With only the vaguest memories of his past life, Spinal knows how
to do only one thing; fight!

A legendary warrior over 2000 years ago, the thing now known as
Spinal has been torn from the peace of death by Ultratech's cell
regeneration experiments. Trapped in the new world, he has no choice
but to obey orders despite his reluctance, and to make things worse
he begins to suffer tormenting flashbacks to the ancient life he can
never quite remember. After the awe and wonder he inspired when first
unveiled to the public, this year Spinal finds himself in the shadow
of Ultratech's latest creations (Fulgore, Riptor et al): and, filled
with resentment, he sets out to prove his worth.

== ENDING ==
Tired of constantly being surrounded by death and destruction, Spinal
decides on a career break...
Although nominated for an Oscar for his first film, Spinal still has
great difficulty finding roles that have meat to them.

Absorb Shield      B+H1              (absorbs special moves for skulls)
Shield Charge      F,F+1/2/3
Teleport Front     D,D+1/2/3
Teleport Behind    D,D+4/5/6
Teleport Front     H1,Jump,D,D+R1    (midair)
Teleport Behind    H4,Jump,D,D+R4    (midair)
Flaming Sword      CB,F+2
Flaming Sword      CF,B+2
Weak slide         QCDF+6            (anti-projectile)

Flaming Skull           QCT+1/2/3            (line)
Double Flaming Sword    CB,F+2               (line)
Double Flaming Sword    CF,B+2               (line)
Fast Red Fireball       H1/2/3,QCT+R1/2/3    (line)
Fast Red Fireball       QCT+1/2/3            (with at least 3 skulls)
Two Flaming Skulls      H1,QCT+2+R1          (line)

Shield Charge to Sword Slash         F,CF+2/3,B+2
Teleport Front to Teleport Behind    D,D+3,D,D+1
Teleport Behind to Teleport Front    D,D+6,D,D+1
Flaming Skull to Flaming Skull       QCT+1,QCT+1,etc...  (line)

Air Juggle       QCT+1               (1 hit, line)
Combo Breaker    F,F+1/2/3
Combo Breaker    D,D+4/5/6
Retaliation      D,D+1/2/3/4/5/6

Skeleton Grab    B,B,B+5    (1 to 4 pla)
Shield Stab      B,B,F+4    (close)
Humiliation      HCT+6      (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate SG      QCDB+1     (during combo)
Ultra Combo      HCT+3      (during combo)

QCDF+6     1 hit           N/A
CF,B+2     2 hits          N/A
CB,F+2     1 hit           after 2/3
CB,F+2     2 hits          after 2/3       (line)
5          2 hits          after F,F+2
6          2 hits          after F,F+3
2          3 hits          after F,F+3 or Jump,6
3          3 hits          after F,F+1 or CB,F+2 or CF,B+2 or QCDF+6

F,F,1            (3 + end)
F,F,2            (3 + end)
F,F,3            (4 + end)
D,D+1/2/3/4/5/6  (# + ???)   (Morph into opponent and do one of their endings)

Best Morph Buttons (BMBs):
Cinder-2(4+air)   T.J.Combo-6(4+air)   Fulgore-2(4+air)   Glacius-2(4+air)
Jago-3(4+end)     B.Orchid-2(4+air)    Riptor-2(4+air)    Sabrewulf-3(4+air)
Spinal-3(4+end)   Eyedol-2(4+air)      Chief Thunder-3(4+air)

== COMBOS ==
3: D+3,F,F+3,F+3
    1     1   1
Points: 4500

4: F,CF+3,B+2,D+6
       1   2   1
Points: 6500

23: F,F+2,CF+2|B+2,CF+3,B+2,CF+3,B+2,3,A.E.,wait,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1
       1    1   2    3   2    3   2  3  4           1     1     1     1     1
Points: 70000

23: CB,2,2,2,D,D+1 - CF,B+2|CF,B+2,6,CDF+5,B+2,6,CDB+5,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1,QCT+1
       1 1 1    0        3      3  3     1  3  3     1        4          1     1     1     1     1
Points: 98500

32: F,F+2,CF+2|B+2,CF+3,B+2,CF+3,B+2,3,QCT+3
       1    1   2    3   2    3   1  3   18
Points: 125000

37: CB,2,2,2,D,D+1 - CF,B+2|CF,B+2,6,CDF+5,B+2,6,CDB+5,F+1,wait,CF,B+2,wait,H2,D,D+R2,wait,QCT+1
       1 1 1    0        3      3  3     1  3  3     1 18           0              4         1
Points: 178500

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+6 - 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,etc...
              1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 23 hits (70000) Killer: corner, with 5 skulls, A.E = any
 Ending that hits four times the opponent, the Ending
 must launch the opponent to the air and do it with shadow for
 extra points.
-To do the 23 hits (98500) Killer: corner, with 5 skulls, not playing on
 Player 2, vs Thunder, after you do this: CB,2,2,2,D,D+1, Spinal
 stay transformed into "shadow Thunder".
-To do the 37 hits Ultra: line, not playing on Player 2, vs Thunder,
 after you do this: CB,2,2,2,D,D+1, Spinal stay transformed into
 "shadow" Thunder.


Full name: Chief Thunder
Age: 42
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 280 lbs.

Mystical defender of Native American people, Chief Thunder enters
the Killer Instinct tournament to solve the mystery behind the
disappearance of his brother, Eagle, in the previus year's tournament.

Long months have passed since the previous year's Ultratech tournament,
and despite the wide-ranging searches of his tribe's supernatural phoenix
allies, the Chief's beloved but overambitious younger brother has failed
to return in either triumph or defeat. After much agonising over the
matter, and to great protest from his tribesfolk, Thunder decides that
he must suspect the worst concerning Eagle's fate, and pacifies his people
by nominating himself as avenger. The Chief has no dreams of glory, taking
up Ultratech's challenge with nothing but vengeance and a primal justice
in mind.

== ENDING ==
After discovering the fate of his brother, Thunder contemplates the
future and mourns the loss of Eagle.
But, with his death avenged, the soul of Eagle can finally rest in
peace forever.
              Or can it...?

Flying Mohawk     QCB+1/2
Flying Mohawk     HCB+3
Spinning Chop     CB,F+1/2/3   (anti-projectile)
Spinning Chop     CF,B+2       (anti-projectile)
Tomahawk Dive     QCB+3        (midair)
Phoenix Throw     QCT+4/5/6    (projectile, control)
Fast Phoenix      H5,QCT+R5    (projectile, control)

Shadow Tomahawk Dive      H3,HCB+R3     (line, midair)
Giant Red Phoenix         QCT+5         (line)
Small Red Phoenix         H5,QCT+R5     (line)

Flying Mohawk to Tomahawk Dive    HCB+3,F+3
Flying Mohawk to Tomahawk Dive    HCB+3,HCB+3
Flying Mohawk to Shadow Dive      HCB+H3,F+R3       (line)
Flying Mohawk to Shadow Dive      HCB+3,H3,HCB+R3   (line)

Air Juggle       QCT+4          (1 hit)
Air Juggle       QCT+4          (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    QCB+1/2/3
Retaliation      QCB+1/2/3

Rain Dance      HCT+3      (1 pla)
Axe Uppercut    HCB+6      (close)
Humiliation     D,F,F+4    (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate RD     QCDB+2     (during combo)
Ultra Combo     B,F+1      (during combo)

QCB+1        1 hit           after OH3
F+2          2 hits          after CB,F+3
F/B+4        2 hits          after QCB+3 (midair)
5            2 hits          after CB,F+2
CF,B+2       3 hits          N/A
B/F+6        3 hits          after CB,F+1/2/3

CB,F+3      3 + air
QCT+6       3 + end
QCB+2       4 + air
QCB+3       4 + air

== COMBOS ==
4: CB,F+1,D+6
       3   1
Points: 5250

5: jump,6,3,QCT+5,QCT+4
        1 2    1     1
Points: 11600

24: CF,B+2|CF,B+2,6,CDF+5,B+2,6,CDF+5,H3,F+R3,JF,B+H2,QCDB+R2,wait,QCT+4
        3      3  3    1   3  3    1      3       0      4           3
Points: 133500

41: CB,CF+2,6|B+2,6,CDF+5,B+2,6,CDF+5,B+H2,QCDB+R2,wait,CF,B+2,F+1,wait,QCT+6
         3  1  3  3   1    3  3   1     3     4             0  18         3
Points: 204250

        3   1  3  3    1   3  3    1       3      0       4       0   18     0              3       0          4
Points: 303500

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+6 - CF,B+2,CF,B+2,CF,B+2,CF,B+2,etc...
                  3      3      3      3  etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 24 hits Killer: line, vs Eyedol, not playing on player 2.
-To do the 41 hits Ultra: line, corner, against Jago one of the hits
 of the H2,QCDB+2 is missed, Air-Ultra.
-To do the 49 hits Ultra: line, against Eyedol, not playing on Player 2,
 better in Sabrewulf or Thunder stages, corner, the Ultra Move must be
 done exactly as the falling opponent reaches the ground or the Air-Ultra
 won't work at all and the first QCDB+R2 must be hit 3 times.
-The CF,B+2 in the 80 hits Ultra must be with the opponent in the corner.

#### GLACIUS ####

Full name: Glacius
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3'' (variable)
Weight: 300 lbs. (variable)

Glacius is an alien being from a distant planet. When his spaceship crash
landed on earth, he was captured by Ultratech. Hoping to prove these alien
beigns to be inferior, Ultratech forces him to fight for his life in the
Killer Instinct tournament

Wandering the galaxy in search of new life, a curious Glacius skims too
close to the Earth and, sucked in by its gravitational field, crashlands
deep in the heart of a snowbound mountain range. Groggy but counting
himself lucky to be alive, he surveys the damage and sets out in the hope
of finding the parts he needs. The history books of Glacius' race warn of
the humans' unreasoning brutality, but surely they exaggerate? Unfortunately,
the alien will soon have time to regret his trusting nature when Ultratech
capture him for use in their own unique brand of 'scientific research'.

== ENDING ==
After escaping from the grasp of Ultratech, Glacius finally returns
to the site of his crashed spaceship.
With the advanced technology present at Ultratech, Glacius takes the
materials he needs and repairs his damaged ship.
With memories of the evil he faced there fading slowly, Glacius
begins the long and arduous trip back to his homeworld.

Blade Uppercut      QCDB+1
Shoulder Charge     CB,F+1/2/3
Double Charge       CB,HF+1
Bouncing Iceball    QCT+1/2/3     (projectile)
Puddle Teleport     QCT+4
Puddle Uppercut     QCT+5/6     (anti-all)

Fast Bouncing Iceball    H1,QCT+R1     (line)

Double Puddle Uppercut                 QCT+6,QCT+5,HF
Instant Puddle Uppercut                QCT+6,QCT+5,...QCT+6
Instant Puddle Uppercut                QCT+6,QCB+5,...QCT+6
Puddle Uppercut to Puddle Uppercut     QCT+5,QCT+6/QCB+6
Puddle Uppercut to Puddle Uppercut     QCT+6,QCT+5/QCB+5
Puddle Teleport to Any Special Move    QCT+4, any special move

Air Juggle       QCT+6           (1 hit)
Air Juggle       QCT+6           (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    B,F+1/2/3
Retaliation      QCT+4/5/6

Blob Engulf    HCB+5      (1 pla)
Needle Freeze  HCT+2      (1 pla)
Acid Puddle    B,B,B+6    (1 to 4 pla)
Humiliation    F,F,B+4    (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate AP    HCB+1      (during combo)
Ultra Combo    B,F+3      (during combo)

1          2 hits          after CB,F+3
CF,B+2     2 hits          N/A
3          2 hits          after CB,F+2
2          3 hits          after CB,F+2/3 or Jump,6
4          3 hits          after QCT+5 or Jump,1
6          3 hits          after QCT+5

QCT+5           3 + end
QCT+6           3 + air
QCDB+1          4 + air
QCT+3           4 + air

== COMBOS ==
3: CB,HF+1,D+6
        2   1
Points: 4500

3: CB,F+2,F+6,QCT+2
       1   1    1
Points: 4500

"90+% damage":
5-7: CB,OH3,CF+2,6,B+2,|H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
         1    1  1  2         4          3
Points: 16500|70000

21: CB,F+2,DF+6|walk,B+2,CF+2,1,B+2,CB+2,F+2,2,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
        1    1        2   3   0  2    3   1  3        4         3
Points: 95100

35: CB,OH3,CF+2,2,CB+2,2,F+3,wait,CF,B+2,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
        1    1  3   2  3  18          0        4          3
Points: 184000

36: jump,1,CDF+4,4,B+2,2,CDF+4,F+3,wait,CF,B+2,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
         1   3   1  2  3    1  18           0        4           3
Points: 183300

36: CB,F+2,DF+6|walk,B+2,CF+2,B+2,CB+2,F+2,B+6,F+3,wait,CF,B+2,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
        1    1        1    3   2    3   1   1  18           0        4          3
Points: 189000

41: CB,F+2,DF+6|walk,B+2,CF+2,1,B+2,CB+2,F+2,B+6,F+3,wait,CF,B+2,QCT+3,walk,B+2,H3,QCT+R3,wait,QCT+6
        1    1        2   3   0  2    3   1   1  18           0     4        0         4         3
Points: 214100

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: CB,CF+2,2,CB+2,2,F+3,wait,CF,B+2,B,B,B,QCT+3,JF,B+2,QCT+3,walk,B+2,QCT+3,JF,B+2,QCT+3,walk,B+2,QCT+3,etc...
         1  3   2  3  18          0           4      0    4         0    4       0    4         0     4  etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the "90+% damage" combo: line, not on Player 2 and before the
 H3,QCT+R3 you must wait a little time then the combo ends in Hyper and
 the four fireballs hits the opponent as a new combo.
-To do the 21 hits Killer: line, vs Sabrewulf.
-To do the 35 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 36 hits (183300) Ultra: line.
-To do the 36 hits (189000) Ultra: line and against Sabrewulf the first CF,B+2 hits two
 times and you can get 37 hits.
-To do the 41 hits Ultra: line, vs Sabrewulf and the first QCT+3 must be
 when him are still about a character's height off the ground, then, the first
 three fireballs hits the opponent normaly, but the fourth, hit a little later,
 sending him just high enough into the air that you can do the CF,B+2,QCT+3
 one more time.
-To do 80 hits: only against Eyedol, in the Scrolling Dungeon secret stage (U+2),
 the B,B,B (three little steps back) after the first reverse are necessary for
 the first QCT+3 hit the opponent in the right form,  and the first three fireballs
 hits the opponent normaly, but the fourth, hit a little later, sending him just
 high enough into the air that you can do the CF,B+2,QCT+3 another time.

#### FULGORE ####

Full name: Fulgore MK.1
Age: 1
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 560 lbs.

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered
into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities.
Once its abilities are proven, mass production will begin.

One of Ultratech's latest creations and possibly the most dangerous to date,
Fulgore is the first in a planned series of cybersoldiers boasting
state-of-the-art armouries, worked at feverishly over the last few years by
a particularly erratic Ultratech genius and his team. Dark rumours abound as
to where the prototype's human parts originated - the kind of rumours nobody
dares voice. Before the Fulgore Mk.I model is even finished, the scientists
are already working on an upgrade: and to prove the prototype's ultimate worth,
it is entered into the tournament with orders to destroy all opposition.

== ENDING ==
The combat test of the Fulgore series assault cyborg has been a
Mass production can now take place...
After years of research, a weapon of awesome power is in the hands
of Ultratech.
The dawn of a robot controlled empire will soon begin.
The first prototype model, Fulgore 1, is deactivated and placed in a
museum. The only humans left to view it are now slaves.

Flying Uppercut    F,QCT+1/2/3    (anti-projectile)
1 Energy Bolt      QCT+1/2/3      (projectile)
2 Energy Bolts     B,B,QCT+1      (projectile)
3 Energy Bolts     F,B,B,QCT+1    (projectile)
Reflect Shield     QCB+1/2/3      (reflects projectiles)
Teleport Front     B,QCB+1/2/3    (control)
Teleport Behind    B,QCB+4/5/6    (control)
Claw Charge        CB,F+4/5/6
Eye Laser          QCDB+6

Auto 3 Energy Bolts       QCT+1          (line)
Shadow Flying Uppercut    H3,F,QCT+R3    (line)
Shadow Energy Charge      H6,CB,F+R6     (line)

Energy Charge to Flying Uppercut    CB,F+4/5/6,F,QCT+1    (anti-projectile)
Teleport to Flying Uppercut         B,QCB+1/2/3/4/5/6,F,QCT+1/2/3
Teleport to Eye Laser               B,QCB+1/2/3/4/5/6,QCDB+6

Air Juggle       B,B,QCT+1        (1 hit)
Air Juggle       F,B,B,QCT+1      (2 hit)
Air Juggle       QCT+1            (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    F,QCT+1/2/3
Retaliation      F,QCT+1/2/3

Eye Laser      HCB+3      (1 pla)
Machine Gun    HCT+6      (1 to 4 pla)
Humiliation    HCT+5      (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate MG    QCDB+2     (during combo)
Ultra Combo    F,QCT+1    (during combo)

3          2 hits          after CB,F+5
4          2 hits          after Jump,1
5          2 hits          after CB,F+6
QCDB+6     2 hits          N/A
1          3 hits          after CB,F+4/6 or QCDB+6
2          3 hits          after Jump,6 / CB,F+5/6
6          3 hits          after CB,F+6

B,F+5        3 + air
B,QCB+1      4 + end
QCT+2        4 + end
F,QCT+3      4 + end

== COMBOS ==
3: CB,3,F+6,F,QCT+1
      1  1      1
Points: 5000

6: jump,6,6,F,QCT+3
        1 1     4
Points: 21000

20: QCDB+6,1|QCDB+6,CB+6,F+6,6,QCDB+6,H1,B,QCB+R1,QCT+1
       2   3     2    3   1  3    2   3        3     3
Points 56500

34: CB,OH3,F+6,6,QCDB+6,6,F,QCT+1,wait,QCDB+6,H5,CDB,F+R5,wait,QCT+1
        1   1  3    2   3     18          0            3         3
Points: 145500

39: QCDB+6,1|QCDB+6,CB+6,F+6,6,QCDB+6,6,CB+H5,F+R5,wait,QCDB+6,CB,CF+5,QCT+1,wait,QCDB+6,CDB+H5,F+R5,wait,QCT+1
       1   3     2    3   1  3    2   3        1           0        0    18           0           3          3
Points: 166500

       1   3     2    3   1  3    2   3        1      0        0    18      0           1       0       0
3     3
Points: 176500

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+6 or CB,F+6 - CB,F+6,CB+5,F+5,wait,QCDB+6,CB,F+5,CB,F+5,wait,QCDB+6,CB,F+5,CB,F+5,etc...
                            1    2   3          0       0      3          0       0      3  etc...
Points: unlimited (Ultra), limited (Killer)

-To do the 20 hits Killer: line, you should locate of this way:
 Corner|Fulgore|Jago (or Jago|Fulgore|Corner), vs Jago.
-To do the 34 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 39 hits Ultra: line, corner, only against Jago, in Thunder
 stage and the Ultra Move (F,QCT+1) must be done exactly as the falling
 opponent reaches the ground, or the Air-Ultra won't work at all.
-To do the 40 hits Ultra: line, corner, only against Jago, in Thunder
 stage, the Ultra Move (F,QCT+1) must be done exactly as the falling
 opponent reaches the ground, or the Air-Ultra won't work at all and the
 B,QCB+R1 must be done quickly after the reverse move so it hits one time
 high in the air.
-To do the 80 hits Ultra (Glitch): corner. This combo too works
 without the break Ultra, but with break Ultra is more easy to do.
-The 80 hits Ultra or Killer is REALLY HARD to do, you need much
 practice (and BIG luck) to do it.

#### CINDER ####

Full name: Cinder (Ben Ferris)
Age: 31
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 195 lbs.

Cinder was a convicted criminal who agreed to participate in
Ultratech's chemical weapons test in exchange for early parole.
A failed experiment turned him into a being of living flame.
He was now been offered freedom he can defeat Glacius in the
Killer Instinct tournament.

Ben Ferris, a small-time criminal with counts of assault,
breaking and entering and arson on his record, is the latest
convict to be bought out of jail for Ultratech's twisted uses.
His fate is to be used as a human guinea-pig in the company's
chemical weapon developments, an unexpected side-effect leaving
him consumed by fire but somehow, much to his own horror, still
alive. He is kept confined in a top-security block until Ultratech
decide to enter him into the tournament under the codename Cinder
to defeat Glacius fairly and in full public view, his freedom
providing the ultimate incentive.

== ENDING ==
Leaving as the champion of the tournament, a hostile police reception
awaits him outside the gates of Ultratech.
As no stranger to confinement from his former life of crime, Cinder
has no intention of being imprisoned again.
Using his newly acquired power, he easily evades the capture attempt,
leaving his potential captors in his wake.
Picking a location suitable for his current condition, he ponders his
next move.

Flaming Palm     B,B+1
Red Outline      HCB+2        (immune to all projectiles)
Red Outline      H1,HCB,R1    (immune to all projectiles)
Invisibility     HCB+3
Flame Torpedo    F,F+1/2/3    (ground/midair)
Flame Torpedo    CB,F+1/2/3
Flame Stream     F,F+4/5/6
Flame Stream     CB,F+4/5/6
Flip Kick        F,QCT+4/5/6

Shadow Flame Torpedo     H2,F,F+R2      (line)
Shadow Flame Torpedo     CB+H2,F+R2     (line)
Invis. Teleport Front    HCB+1          (line)
Invis. Teleport Back     H1,HCB+R1      (line)

Flame Torpedo to Diagonal Flame Torpedo    F,F+3,B+3    (midair)
Flame Torpedo to Flip Kick                 F,F+1/2/3,QCT+4/5/6
Teleport Front to Flip Kick                HCB+1,F,QCT+4/5/6
Teleport Front to Flip Kick                H1,HCB+R1,

Air Juggle       CB,F+3          (1 hit)
Air Juggle       F,F+3           (1 hit)
Air Juggle       CB,F+3          (3 hits, line)
Air Juggle       F,F+3           (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    F,QCT+4/5/6
Retaliation      F,QCT+4/5/6

Lava Pool      B,B,B+2    (1 to 2 pla)
Meltdown       HCT+4      (1 pla)
Humiliation    B,B,B+6    (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate MD    HCB+5      (during combo)
Ultra Combo    F,F+3      (during combo)
Ultra Combo    B,F+3      (during combo)

CF,B+1     2 hits          N/A
3          2 hits          after F,F+3 / CB,F+3
4          2 hits          after CF,B+1 / F,F+3 / CB,F+3
1          3 hits          after F,F+2 / CB,F+2
2          3 hits          after CF,B+1 or Jump,6

F,F+2        4 + air
CB,F+2       4 + air
F,QCT+4      4 + air
F,QCT+5      4 + air
F,QCT+6      4 + air

== COMBOS ==
3: CDB+3,F+3,6
     1    1  1
Points: 4500

5: CDB+3,F+2,F+6,F,F+3
      1   2   1     1
Points: 12000

27: F,F+3(in air),B+3,CB+4,F+3,CF+4,1,B+1,CB+4,F+3,CB+4,1,H2,F+R2,F,F+1,CF,H6,QCT+R6,wait,F,F+3
       1           1    2   1    2  1  2    2   1    2  1      4     0           4           3
Points: 121200

37: CB,OH3,CF+2,1,CB+1,2,1,F+3,wait,F,F+1,F,F+1,F,F+1,H5,F,QCT+R5,wait,F,F+3
        1    2  3   2  3 1  18         0     0     0          4           3
Points: 179600

41: F,F+3(in air),B+3,CB+4,F+3,CF+4,1,B+1,CB+4,F+3,CB+4,1,F+3,wait,F,F+1,F,F+1,F,F+1,wait,H6,F,QCT+R6,wait,F,F+3
       1           1    2   1    2  1  2    2   1    2  1 18          0     0     0               4          3
Points: 181200

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+6 - F,F+2,5,F,F+2,wait,F,F+1,F,QCT+5,F,F+1,F,QCT+5,etc...
                 2  2    4          0       4     0      4   etc...
Points: unlimited (Ultra), limited (Killer)

-To do the 27 hits Killer: line.
-To do the 37 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 41 hits Ultra: line.
-The 80 hits Ultra too works without the break Ultra, but with
 break Ultra is more easy to do.


Full name: Von Sabrewulf
Age: 45
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 400 lbs.

Sabrewulf is afflicted with the rare disease, Lycanthropy.
Although he has spent most of his life as a recluse, he
enters the Killer Instinct tournament on the promise of
a cure if he is victorious.

Since the day when a wolfbite left him afflicted with a
particularly virulent strain of lycanthropy, Count Von
Sabrewulf has lived in exile in his remote mountain tower,
shunned by society, struggling with insanity as his disease
grows steadily worse. A handful of years back his worst
nightmare was realised when he failed to revert to human form
at all. Every rumour of a possible cure has been at best a hoax,
so when a message arrives promising salvation should he enter
and win the Ultratech contest, Sabrewulf is highly suspicious
but obliged to seize any chance that comes his way.

== ENDING ==
With victory, Sabrewulf obtains the cure he sought for so long from
the hands of Ultratech.
Cured at last of his curse, Count Von Sabrewulf can return to leading
a normal existence.

Flaming Bat      QCB+1/2/3    (projectile)
Spinning Claw    CB,F+1/2/3   (stops flashing line)
Spinning Claw    CF,B+2
Rolling Claw     CB,F+4       (stops flashing line, anti-projectile)
Charging Claw    CB,F+5
Leaping Claw     CB,F+6       (anti-all)
Energy Howl      QCDB+6       (starts shadow line flashing)

Double Spinning Claw       CB,F+1/2/3    (line)
Double Rolling Claw        CB,F+4        (line)
Long Range Leaping Claw    CB,F+6        (line, anti-magic 2)

Charging Claw to Rolling Claw     CB,CF+5,B+4
Charging Claw to Charging Claw    CB,CF+5,B+5
Charging Claw to Leaping Claw     CB,CF+5,B+6
Stationary Claw Roll              CB,CF+5,B+5,...F,B+4
Quick Charging Claw               CB,CF+5,B+5,...F,B+5
Quick Leaping Claw                CB,CF+5,B+5,...F,B+6

Air Juggle       CB,F+6          (1 hit)
Air Juggle       CB,F+6          (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    B,F+4/5/6
Retaliation      B,F+4/5/6

Claw Stab       B,B+5      (close)
Screen Punch    B,B,F+2    (1 pla)
Humiliation     F,F+1      (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate CS     HCT+3      (during combo)
Ultra Combo     F,B+4      (during combo)

CF,B+2     2 hits         N/A
5          2 hits         after CB,F+1
2          3 hits         after CB,F+2/4/6
3          3 hits         after CB,F+4
6          3 hits         after CB,F+2/3

CB,F+1          3 + air
CB,F+4          4 + end
CB,F+5          4 + air
CB,F+6          4 + air

== COMBOS ==
2: CB(4 secs),CF+5,B+5
                1   1
Points: 1000

6: jump,CB+6,6,F+5,CB,F+6
          1  1  1      3
Points: 26500

24: CB,CF+6,2|CB+2,F+4,CB+H3,CF+R3,6,CB+2,4,H5,F+R5,wait,CF,B+2,H4,F+R4
         1  3   2   4          4   3   2  1      4           0       4
Points 105600

36: CB,OH3,CF+2,6,B+2,6,CF+4,B+4,wait,walk,CB+2,H4,F+R4
        1    4  3  2  3   1   18             0      4
Points: 155600

38: CB,CF+6,2|CB+2,F+4,CB+H3,CF+R3,6,B+2,CF+4,B+4,wait,CF,B+2,H4,F+R4
         1  3   2   4          4   3  2    1   18          0       4
Points: 165600

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+6 - 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,etc...
              1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 6 hits unbreakable: line.
-To do the 24 hits Killer: line and not playing on player 2.
-To do the 36 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 38 hits Ultra: line and not playing on Player 2.

### B.ORCHID ###

Full name: Black Orchid
Age: 23
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 125 lbs.

B. Orchid is a secret agent, sent by an unknown group to
investigate the mysterious disappearances that surround
the Killer Instinct tournament. Her true identity and
abilitie are shrouded in secrecy.

For many years Black Orchid has been amongst the codenamed
elite of a professional spy organisation working for the
greater good of society. Her past remains hidden, including
some things of which even she is unaware: she won't find out
for some time yet that Jago is actually her brother. Realising
that clear evidence of Ultratech's crimes and dark ambition
is proving impossible to come by, she eventually decides that
the only way into the company is also the most dangerous - straight
through the open front door. Once her superiors are persuaded of
the necessity, she goes ahead and enters the tournament.

== ENDING ==
Escaping unscathed with vital information about the corrupt future
plans of Ultratech, Orchid rushes back to report.
Informing her superiors of Ultratech's evil intentions, they can now
act in bringing about the destruction of the corruption presiding there.

Sabre Charge       QCDB+1/2
Swinging Sabres    QCDB+3
Tiger Charge       CB,F+1/2/3    (anti-all)
Laser Boomerang    QCT+1/2/3     (projectile)
Helicopter Kick    CB,F+4/5/6

Shadow Sabre Charge        QCDB+2        (line)
Shadow Tiger Charge        H3,CB,F+R3    (line, anti-all)

Air Juggle       QCT+1             (1 hit)
Air Juggle       QCT+1             (3 hits, line)
Combo Breaker    B,F+4/5/6
Retaliation      B,F+4/5/6         (anti-projectile)
Retaliation      F,B+4/5/6         (anti-projectile)

Frog Squash     D,F,B+4,...6  (close)
Heart Attack    B,F,F+1       (close to 4 pla)
Humiliation     HCB+3         (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate HA     HCB+5         (during combo)
Ultra Combo     B,F+2         (during combo)

F+1             1 hit           after QCDB+2
B+1             1 hit           after F+1
QCDB+1          1 hit           N/A
QCDB+2          1 hit           N/A
QCDB+2          2 hits          N/A    (line)
CF,B+5          2 hits          N/A
1               3 hits          after CF,B+5 or CB,F+6
6               3 hits          after CB,F+3
B+6             3 hits          after CB,F+6

CB,F+5          3 + air
QCT+5           3 + air
QCT+3           4 + end
QCDB+3          4 + air
CB,F+4          4 + air

== COMBOS ==
3: CB,F+2,D+6
       2   1
Points: 4500

4: QCDB+2,QCDB+3,QCT+1
       1     2     1
Points: 11000

37: CB,F+2,DF+6|walk,CB+5,1,F+6,1,QCDB+1,CF+1,CB+5,1,F+6,CB+1,CF+6,1,H3,QCDB+R3,QCT+1
        2    1         2  3  3  3     1    1    2  3  3    3   3   3         4     3
Points: 103000

47: CB,OH3,F+6,CB+1,CF+6,1,QCDB+1,F+1,CB+5,1,F+6,CB+1,F+2,wait,QCT+1
        1   3    3    3  3    1    1    2  3  3    3  18         3
Points: 152000

48: CB,F+6,CB+1,CF+6,1,CB+5,1,F+6,CB+1,F+6,CB+1,F+2,wait,QCT+1
        1    3    3  3   2  3  3    3   3    3  18         3
Points: 152500

51: CB,F+2,DF+6|walk,CB+5,1,F+6,1,QCDB+1,CF+1,CB+5,1,F+6,CB+1,F+6,CB+1,F+2,wait,QCT+1
        2    1         2  3  3  3     1    1    2  3  3    3   3    3   18        3
Points: 163000

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: U+6 - QCDB+2,5,QCDB+2,5,etc...
                 1   2    1   2 etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 37 hits Killer: line and only vs Sabrewulf.
-To do the 47 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 48 hits Ultra: line and the first CB,F+6 must be
 done about three or four character distance then it only hit
 one time.
-To do the 51 hits Ultra: line and only vs Sabrewulf.
-To do the 80 hits Ultra: corner.

#### RIPTOR ####

Full name: Riptor
Age: 4
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 700 lbs.

Riptor is a product of Ultratech's DNA Manipulation Project.
By splicing human and reptilian genes, they have created a
fighting creature with animal ferocity and human inteligence.

Another of Ultratech's miraculously realised concepts: a
crossbreed of human and reptilian DNA, resulting in a creature
that combines formidable intelligence with sheer brute strength.
Nurtured from the egg by a dedicated Ultratech professor and her
team, the beast nicknamed 'Riptor' by others has barely reached
4 years of age before it first demonstrates its full savage power
in a human kill. Riptor is confused and often finds itself torn
between human reasoning and predatory instincts, resorting to
attack when it fails to understand the situation, as ever more
people find out the hard way.

== ENDING ==
Ultratech's plans at creating a genetically engineered weapon have
escalated beyond even their control.
By toying with the laws of nature, Ultratech have finally doomed the
human race... dinosaurs once again rule the Earth.

Claw Uppercut    QCDB+1
Charge Attack    CB,F+1/2/3
Fireball         QCB+1/2/3    (projectile)
Air Fireball     QCB+3        (projectile, midair)
Flame Jet        QCDB+3
Leaping Kick     CB,F+4/5/6   (anti-projectile)
Leaping Kick     CF,B+4/5     (anti-projectile)
Leaping Kick     HCT+4        (anti-projectile)
Tail Flip        QCDB+4/5/6   (anti-projectile)
Air Tail Flip    QCDB+6       (midair)

Fast Leaping Kick         H6,CB,F+R6    (line, anti-projectile)
Fast Purple Fireball      H2,QCB+R2     (line)

Charge Attack to Breathe Fire      CB,F+1/2/3,B+3
Charge Attack to Tail Flip         CB,F+1/2/3,B+4
Charge Attack to Leaping Claw      CB,F+1/2/3,B+5
Leaping Kick to Midair Fireball    CB,F+6,QCB+3     (midair)
Leaping Kick to Air Tail Flip      CB,F+6,QCDB+6    (midair)

Air Juggle       QCB+1           (1 hit)
Air Juggle       QCB+1           (3 hits, line)
Air Juggle       QCB+3           (1 hit, midair)
Combo Breaker    B,F+4/5/6
Retaliation      B,F+4/5/6       (anti-projectile)

Eat Opponent   HCT+2        (1 to 4 pla)
Acid Spit      B,B,B+5      (1 to 4 pla)
Tail Stab      F,F,B+6      (1 pla)
Humiliation    D,D,F,F+3    (1 to 4 pla)
Ultimate EO    HCT+1        (during combo)
Ultra Combo    B,F+4        (during combo)

CF,B+4     2 hits         N/A
CB,F+4     2 hits         N/A
QCDB+5     2 hits         N/A
2          2 hits         after CB,F+1 or Jump,6
1          3 hits         after CB,F+4
5          3 hits         after CB,F+3/4

QCDB+5          3 + end
CB,F+6          3 + air
QCB+3           4 + air
QCDB+1          4 + air

== COMBOS ==
3: jump,6,CB+3,F+3
        1   1   1
Points: 4500

8: CB,F+3,QCDB+5,QCDB+1,wait,QCB+1
       1     2      4          1
Points: 26500

20: CB,CF+3,6|B+4,CF+1,B+4,CF+1,CB+4,4,H3,QCT+R3,QCB+1
         1  2  2    3   2    3    2  1        4    3
Points: 94100

33: CB,OH3,CF+4,1,CB+4,1,4,F+4,wait,QCB+1
        1    2  3   2  3 1  18         3
Points: 144600

34: CB,CF+3,6|B+4,CF+1,B+4,CF+1,CB+4,4,F+4,wait,QCB+1
         1  2  2    3   2    3    2  1  18        3
Points: 154100

Max Killer (Glitch):
80: any combo,QCDB+1,wait,CF,CB+4,F+2,QCDB+1,wait,CF,CB+4,F+2,QCDB+1,etc...
       ?         4             0   0      4            0   0     4   etc...
Points: limited

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+3 - CB,F+1,2,CB,F+1,2,ect...
                  1  2     1  2 etc...
Points: unlimited

-To do the 20 hits Killer: line.
-To do the 33 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 34 hits Ultra: line.
-To do the 80 hits Killer: corner, only against Eyedol and
 if you want to get more points, you must do all the end
 finishers in shadow mode (QCDB+1 >> H1,QCDB+R1).
-The 80 hits Ultra must be with the opponent in the corner.

#### EYEDOL ####

Full name: Eyedol
Age: that would be telling
Height: too tall
Weight: really heavy

Eyedol is Ultratech's trump card. Ultratech's scientists
snatched him out of Limbo to do battle with the finalist
in this year's Killer Instinct tournament.
Little did they realize what kind of power they were
releasing when they set Eyedol free from his magical

Eyedol and his greatest rival, Gargos - known only in the modern
world to the Monks of the Tiger as the great Spirit they
serve - were the last surviving Warlords of ancient times,
battling for ultimate control of the land. The heroes of the age
joined together to banish them to Limbo, and for 2000 years there
they stayed: but now Ultratech's meddlings have resulted in a
device that can scan the void for life, and despite their efforts
to shut it down before anything nasty gets out, a weakened Eyedol
manages to break through at the last minute, right into the
company's scheming hands.

== ENDING ==
"Billy... Are you my long lost son Billy?..."
"Why would I be your son?... My name's Eyedol."
"My son was lost in a car crash... I give him those bracelets for his
"Somehow.......... we don't think so."

To play as Eyedol (on the 1.5d chip), pick Cinder, and when
the VS animation starts, hold right on the joystick and
press 1,4,3,5,2,6.
If you do it right, you will hear a voice saying: "Eyedol".

Fireball               QCT+1/2/3     (magic 1)
Horn Charge            B,F+1
Mace Swing             B,F+3       (reflects projectiles)
Forward Leaping Mace   B,F+4       (anti-all)
Upward Leaping Mace    B,F+5       (anti-all)
Backward Leaping Mace  B,F+6       (anti-all)
Energy Stomp           B+2
Double Horn Gore       3 / 3,3     (must be right next to opponent)

Triple Fireball                   QCT+3        (during stomp)
Turbo Horn Charge                 B,F+1        (during stomp)
Quick Turbo Horn Charge           B+2,F+1

Energy Stomp to Stop              B+2,2
Horn Charge to Stop               B+2,F+1,B+1
Horn Charge to Mace Swing         B,F+1,B+3
Charge to Forward Leaping Mace    B,F+1,B+4
Charge to Upward Leaping Mace     B,F+1,B+5
Charge to Backward Leaping Mace   B,F+1,B+6
Stomp to Turbo Charge to Swing    B+2,F+1,B+3

Air Juggle       B,F+1       (1 hit)
Air Juggle       B+2,F+1     (1 hit)
Combo Breaker    B,F+1/2/3
Retaliation      B

B,F+1      1 hit          after B,F+1
B,F+4      1 hit          after 5
B,F+5      1 hit          N/A
1          2 hits         after B,F+4
4          2 hits         after B,F+4/5
3          3 hits         after B,F+1/4/5
5          3 hits         after 3/B,F+1/4/5
6          3 hits         after B,F+4

B,F+1      1 + end
B,F+3      4 + air
H3,B,F+R3  Turbo 4 hit + air

== COMBOS ==
3: B+2,QCT+3
    0     3
Points: 4500

6: F+3,3,CB+5,F+4
    1  1   3   1
Points: 8100

Max King:
11: CB,F+1,CB,F+1,CB,F+1,5,CB+H3,F+R3,wait,CB,F+1
        1      1      1  3    0    4           1
Points: 28850

Max Killer:
12: F+1,4,5,CB+H3,F+R3,wait,CB,F+1
     1  2 1   3    4            1
Points: 32900

Max Ultra (Glitch):
80: BU: B+3 - CB,F+1,CB+5,F+3,wait,B,F+1,B,F+1,B,F+1,etc...
                  1    3   4          1     1     1  etc...
Points: unlimited (Ultra), limited (Killer)

-To do the 80 hits Ultra (or Killer) the opponent must be
 in the corner.
-The 80 hits combo too works without the break Ultra,
 but without break Ultra this combo is of limited points
 (less 105000 points).


* Demons, Streaks and Kings *

The faster time I can do: 1:90 (I hear about 1:83 with Fulgore, but
I am not sure of this; I don't have proofs...)
To do 1:90 you must play in 2 player mode, pick Cinder vs Eyedol
(pick both players D+5 to do the Sky Platform) and do the Turbo Mode
(both players in vs screen, F+1+2+3).
Quickly, when the round starts jump back with Eyedol and do the F,F+3
with Cinder, REMEMBER: you must be really QUICKLY doing the move with

The max wins, will depends of the quantity of money that you want to burn :)

To perfom a very BIG Killer KINGS, pick CINDER vs ORCHID,then do the BU
(broken Ultra) of CINDER and do this combo:


do it till 80 and then in the 2nd energy bar, do CINDER ultimate
(jump,6,2,HCT+5) and your 80 is * by~5,if you do 1.000.000 pts,
the ultimate make the 1.000.000 * by~5 = 5.000.000 pts.
I don't test it but you can also do a big Killer King using Cinder,
making the Ultra normaly (without the Ultimate move), but with this,
you need a big patience to do a really "high quantity" in the Killer
Kings table.


* Tricks and Glitches *

High Scores Table:
During the demo mode, press up on one of joysticks to view the high scores.

Random Select Character:
At the character selection screen, hold up and press start. A random
character will be chosen for you.

Change Character Color:
At the character selection screen, pressing up or down will change the color
of your character. You cannot choose the same color your opponent chose.

Stage and Music Select:
When you are selecting your character in a two-player game, hold up or down on
the joystick and press a button.  This will pick your character, but will also
choose either the background or music from a specific stage.  If you are the
first person to choose your character, you get to choose the background.  If
you are the second person to choose, you get to choose the music.  The
joystick direction and buttons needed for each stage are listed below:
Snow Shrine (Glacius stage):           U+1
Scrolling Dungeon (Secret):            U+2
Ice Sculpture:                         U+3
Castle Rooftop (Spinal stage):         U+4
Chicago Rooftop (Orchid stage):        U+5
Desert Rooftop (Cinder stage):         U+6 / D+S
Canyon Bridge (Thunder stage):         D+1
Bloody Altar (Riptor stage):           D+2
Lava Bridge (Eyedol stage):            D+3
Chicago Street:                        D+4
Castle Fireplace (Sabrewulf stage):    D+5
Sky Platform (Secret):                 D+5 (both players)
Ultratech Industries (Fulgore stage):  D+6
Unfortunately, these stages are unselectable: Jago's stage, T.J. Combo's stage,
under the Spinal's stage and Eyedol's Castle stage.

Combo Breaker Mode:
During the VS animation, hold Down and press Start. It must be done on both
sides.  You will hear "Combo Breaker". It makes Combo Breakers easier to do.

Turbo Mode:
During the VS animation, hold Right and  press 1+2+3. It must be done on both
sides.  You will hear a "swoosh". It makes the game go faster for one fight.

Running on the Rooftop:
Play on a rooftop stage and when the opponent has very little energy left have
Riptor and the opponent get on opposite ends of the rooftop.  Have Riptor
throw a slow fireball and make sure the opponent isn't blocking.  When the
fireball is a ways out, have Riptor do his fierce Charge Attack (CB,F+3).
The fireball hits the opponent (and knocks them off the building) but Riptor
keeps on running across the roof. While the opponent is falling, you can
hear him running.  This can also be done using Eyedol: QCT,1 and then wait,
B,F+1.  Spinal's QCT+1, wait, F,F+3 works also, but since Spinal's run is
silent, you only get to SEE him running against the edge of the rooftop.

Air-Ultra Combos:
To do an Ultra combo on thin air, use a combo to launch your opponent into the
air.  While they are still in the air, do your character's Extender move,
followed by thier Ultra motion.  If you can do both of these before the
opponent has come to rest on the ground, your character will start thier Ultra
combo, regardless of whether or not the opponent is anywhere nearby. If you
are playing Chief Thunder, T.J. Combo, or Fulgore, the air Ultra will hit the
opponent into the air, even if they are across the screen (everyone else
misses).  Your opponent must be on flashing red (or empty) energy for the Air-
Ultra to work. The three characters who hit are special...  Chief Thunder's
Air-Ultra will not launch the opponent at the end unless you start it just as
they are about to hit the ground.  Fulgore's Air-Ultra will always launch the
opponent, but the eye-laser part of the Air-Ultra always misses.  Combo's Air-
Ultra does not work unless you start it just as the opponent is about to hit
the ground.  However, with Combo, you can do an Air-Ultra on any rooftop stage
merely by backing your opponent against the edge (when they are on flashing
red energy) and then doing a Double Backfist, followed immediately by a F,B+3.
Since Jago's only air combo ending (F,QCT+2) does not launch the opponent very
high, Jago's Air-Ultra can only be done against Sabrewulf (because he stays in
the air longer).  We've tried it against Eyedol, who stays in the air the
longest, but it doesn't seem to work.  Spinal's must be done by launching the
opponent with a morph ending, since none of his own combo-endings launch.
Something to try is: Play as Fulgore against Sabrewulf or Eyedol on a rooftop
stage. Do Fulgore's Air Ultra as quickly as possible after launching your
opponent, to see how high you can get the Air Ultra to send them. We've been
able to make the Desert rooftop disappear entirely, and get a really good view
of Chicago.

Glacius QK puddleport combo glitch:
To do glitch, do any combo with Glacius then do a press and release QK puddleport
before the combo ends. At that instant, do a press and release finisher or finishing
move. The best finisher to use the fireball one since it's nearly unblockable. I've
gotten the Ultra and Ultimate to work like that, and have had my Ultra's broke in that

Sweep Glitch:
Do any combo and before the combo ends do a down and FK. At that instant do any press
and release finisher to get the same effect as Glacius's puddle glitch except almost
any character can do there finishing move outside a combo like the computer. It takes
practice and timing to do this glitch so it won't be easy to get off. You can also break
Ultras through this glitch.

Cinder Slow-Motion 80 hits Killer:
You should make any combo that makes the opponent fall then do a press and release the
F,QCT+5 end finisher and then only continues making the normal 80 hits combo.
    1   2  3  2  3         4       0       4     0       4 ,etc...
Important note: Sometimes the F,QCT+5 (after the F,F+1) only hits 3 or 2 times.

Immortal Eyedol:
When you kill Eyedol (in one player mode) kill him but don't make that him fall to
the lava lake (you must be stand very close of him) and when him begins to vomit
fire of their mouth you should begin to walk back some 3 or 4 steps and (e.g. with
Glacius) hold down medium punch and press forward and release medium punch, then
Glacius will do the "Ice Shoulder" and it hits Eyedol and you can do it whenever
you want and Eyedol never dies.

Slow-Motion combo finishers:
To do a Slow-Motion combo finisher you should make any combo that makes the opponent
fall then do a press and release any end finisher move.
e.g.: With Glacius:
You must do the H3,QCT+R3 quickly after you tap the button of the auto-doble move
and then you will see Glacius making a Sl-ow-Mo-ti-on end finisher.
Also you can do the Ultra or Ultimate move.
Important note: some end finishers don't hit the opponent.
List of end finishers that works:
-Jago: F,QCT+3 (3 hits) | QCDB+5 (2 hits)
-TJ Combo: CB,F+6 (1, 2 or 3 hits)| Ultra (17 hits)
-Spinal: F,F+1 (3 hits)
-Thunder: QCDB+2 (3 or 4 hits) | Ultra (17 hits)
-Glacius: QCT+3 (4 hits)
-Fulgore: B,QCB+1 (1 or 3 hits) | CB,F+5 (1 or 2 hits) | Ultra (14 hits)
-Cinder: F,QCT+4 (1 hit) | F,QCT+5 (4 hits) | F,QCT+6 (1 hit)
-Sabrewulf: none
-Orchid: none
-Riptor: CB,F+6 (1 hit)
-Eyedol: none

Break Ultra:
To do the Break Ultra move: play in 2 player mode and pick Orchid vs Sabrewulf
(for example), then perfom a combo with an ending to SABREWULF in his flashing
red bar, remember that he must have his energy flahing red when he's in the air
Then when he's in the air, do the reversal, jump back, and quickly the Ultra
motion, when Sabrewulf is getting up, tap B+6 and Orchid Ultra is BROKEN.
Now the time is frozen, and you can touch her from any distance, all you have to
do is to tap button 2 again and again to 80 hits.
IMPORTANT: BE CAREFULL do not make ORCHID FALL because if she falls the game will
freeze in the second energy bar.
Remember: this is the combo that you should make with Orchid for the Break Ultra
really works:
-vs Sabrewulf, Riptor and Spinal:
 CB,F+6,CB,F+5,wait,CF,B+5,jump to back and QUICKLY B,F+2 (Ultra move).
-vs the remaining players:
 the same combo but with CB,F+4 ending move.
Here are the way to break Ultra with all characters:
-Jago: JF+6 or B+6
-T.J. Combo: B+3 or CB,F+6
-Spinal: B+6
-Chief Thunder: B+3 or B+6
-Glacius: CB,F+3 or B+3 or B+6
-Fulgore: CB,F+6 or B+3
-Cinder: B+6 or B+3
-Sabrewulf: B+6
-Black Orchid: U+6
-Riptor: B+3
-Eyedol: B+3
IMPORTANT NOTE: the broken Ultra move and the combos after do this are
REALLY HARD to do, you need much practice to do these.

Chips 1.0 and 1.4:
This guide is for the arcade version of Killer Instinct, chip 1.5d.  If you are
using an older chip, you'll have access to lots more glitches, like unlimited
skulls for Spinal, and shrinking people on rooftops.  Also, You cannot use the
OH3 move to start long combos on the old chips.


* Maybe the max's combos... *

== Max Combos (Killers - non Glitches) ==

Jago:           *22 (In this FAQ)
TJ Combo:        25 (In this FAQ)
Spinal:          23 (In this FAQ)
Chief Thunder:   24 (In this FAQ)
Glacius:         21 (In this FAQ)
Fulgore:         20 (In this FAQ)
Cinder:          27 (In this FAQ)
Sabrewulf:       24 (In this FAQ)
Orchid:          37 (In this FAQ)
Riptor:          20 (In this FAQ)
Eyedol:          12 (In this FAQ)

== Max Combos (Ultras - non Glitches) ==

Jago:            32 (31)
TJ Combo:        43 (In this FAQ)
Spinal:          37 (In this FAQ)
Chief Thunder:   49 (In this FAQ)
Glacius:         41 (In this FAQ)
Fulgore:        *40 (In this FAQ)
Cinder:          41 (In this FAQ)
Sabrewulf:       38 (In this FAQ)
Orchid:         *56 (51)
Riptor:          34 (In this FAQ)
Eyedol:          --

== Max Combos (Ultras and Killers - Glitches) ==

Jago:            80 Ultra or Killer (In this FAQ)
TJ Combo:        80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Spinal:          80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Chief Thunder:   80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Glacius:         80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Fulgore:         80 Ultra or Killer (In this FAQ)
Cinder:          80 Ultra or Killer (In this FAQ)
Sabrewulf:       80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Orchid:          80 Ultra           (In this FAQ)
Riptor:          80 Ultra or Killer (In this FAQ)
Eyedol:          80 Ultra or Killer (In this FAQ)

(*)= not confirmed, maybe fake...


* Credits *

This FAQ was created by _Fulgore_
e-mail: jmdzoom@yahoo.com
home page: http://www.geocities.com/jmdonline

Some Information Resources:
Killer Instinct Instruction Booklet (SNES), another FAQ's, internet sites
and of course... HOURS and HOURS of trying combos!!!

Specials Thanks:
Roberto Geller.........robertogeller@yahoo.com.br

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