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FAQ by Dark-Kez

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/24/02

Hokuto no Ken General Faq  
Copyright DarkLavos (DarkLavos@aol.com)2000-2001                 v1.0
1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) Raw Technique
4) Strike 100 Times!
5) Battle Format
6) The Battles of Hokuto no Ken
7a) Nanto Konyouken - Southern Cross (Easy)
7b) Nanto Roku Seiken (Medium 1)
7c) Ken-oh, Conqueror of the Century (Medium 2)
8) (Medium 3) Rei's Mode
9) Messiah of the Century Legend (Hard)
10) Conqueror of the Century (Hardest) Raoh's Mode
11) 'End it with one Punch!'
12) Ending of the Faq

-= 1) Introduction =-
This is a General Faq providing as much help as is possible for the
Arcade fighting game Punchmania: Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North
Star). I've spent hours of enjoyment, not to mention heaps of money
playing this game in it's various modes. There isn't much raw help
that you can give for this game, but I'll try and make it clear.

This Faq was written and compiled by Dark/Kez (DarkLavos@aol.com),
with 50% of the input from Vyse
(OmegaWeapon@UltimeciasCastle.freeserve.co.uk). Though I'm generally
faster, and we're on similar levels, Vyse has more skill at the game
than I....maybe... it's debatable...

His memory, (and mine to a lesser extent) of the move names and text
is brilliant. But we don't have everything. Mainly coz we don't feel 
like paying £1 to lose to Colonel on purpose just to see what he
says. Please send what you can to aid the development of a Faq for
this marvellous game. Plus, if you have any of your own 'End it with
one Punch' techniques then please send 'em in.

Current Bests:
              Vyse - Has completed the entire game.
              Dark - Half-beat Fudoh twice

              Vyse - Defeated Easy mode using only one arm including
                     the hundred crack tally for Zeed and Shin.
                   - Defeated Easy mode using Mantis Hands not taking
                     a single hit in all three stages. Will attempt
                     to do this in Medium 1 mode next time.
                   - Defeated Easy Mode with Tiger Claws, taking but
                     one hit from Shin.
                   - Managed to beat Toki without missing a shot
                     (not a perfect, due to two OK shots).
                   - Beat Easy with Headbuts (with a partner).
                   - Took no hits on Medium 1. Scored SS with 45
                     Million score.
              Dark - Defeated Amiba, Toki and Ryuga on hard mode all
                     together first time. Really pissed Vyse off.
                   - Defeated Medium 1 with one hand only. Used
                     one hand on the hundred crack for Kiba, but two
                     hands for Rei and Souther. (Got B)
                   - Beat Medium 1 taking only two hits (both from
                     Shuh) scored an SS with 39.7 Million score.
                   - Perfected Toki, two 98% and remainder 100% on
                   - Perfect on Yuda. All stats 98% or above.

Credits: Sharon Z, Scanlines.
For Full Credits List, see bottom of Faq.
-= 2) Version History =-
v0.1 (25/08/01) - Rushed Version of the Faq, trying to get it in a
                  presentable format and state of completion.
v0.2 (27/08/01) - Additions and corrections from Vyse. Each opponent
                  will soon have a few personal comments from Dark
                  and Vyse. (Where applicable). Also added 98% of the
                  Japanese move names. Still need to be confirmed
v0.3 (02/09/01) - Added Heart loss, and Raoh (Hard) loss. Also
                  general updates.
v0.4 (03/09/01) - Added Souther, Ken-Oh (Medium 2) losses. Added to
                  Rei's ending some more.
v0.5 (05/09/01) - 'End it with Punch' section added. Corrected
                  Souther's final special. Added Ken's final for Rei
                  battle. A few more tips here and there. Grades for
                  defeating a mode added along with their phrase.
                  Corrected Syria with Syrius in the battle with
                  Ryuga. Updated by Vyse.
v0.6 (10/09/01) - Most of the pre-battle quotes have been added. A few
                  more quotes here and there.
v0.7 (10/11/01) - Many incorrect quotes have been altered. Had Ken's
                  special used on Zeed incorrect, so fixed that.
                  Added small parts to the story after seeing the
                  film. Also added another challenge game completed
                  to Dark, and noted completion of 'Hard' difficulty.
v0.8 (05/12/01) - Added Colonel's Victory in.
v0.9 (21/12/01) - Added existance of alternative lines. Corrected
                  Roah's speech before he beats Ken.
v1.0 (05/01/02) - Added more alternate lines, (Zeed, Shin). Updated
                  achievements section.
-= 3) Raw Technique =-
Generally, if you're new to the game, the best thing to do is start
on Easy mode, same as most games. Important things to remember:

This game is about Speed, NOT power! The amount of times I see people
whacking the pads with all their might and then wondering why they've
lost to Zeed, really just gets me down.

Time your shots to hit the pads AS THE LIGHTS COME ON! Your blow 
should be moving towards the pad as it comes out, and actually HIT
the thing after it's lit. 

If you see a pad coming out, don't hit it when you see the light, 
but move your hand into a position where you could quickly hit it. 
This is generally for easier modes of the game, because you get VERY 
few periods where you can move your hands, as they are always
punching pads in harder modes. The best thing you can do, is to
send your punch at the pad, as it's coming out. 

Try and keep an eye on the punch pads! Unless you're really good at
the game, or you have a moment of relative calm (e.g. the enemy is
jeering at you), or have a mind brilliant at multi-tasking, don't
take your eyes off of looking at the pads. They should always be
looking for pads to hit. It's a great temptation to check your health
every five seconds, but it can lose you a few hits. On Hard mode, a
few hits is half of your energy bar.

Stance: I've found recently that a good stance can help a lot, most
definately with the Hundred Crack Fist tally below. I stand at an
(impressive?) 6 foot 3 inches, with Vyse just topping me. We have to
aim downwards to even hit the pads! Therefore I take a very low stance
to aid my punching. I stand with right foot forwards, knee slightly
bent resting against the machine for support. Left leg is way out
back kinda sitting in a low stance so that my shoulder level with the
central pads. I punch straight forwards and hit them. It means I
have a better feel for where the pads are and that I don't have to
reach too far for the bottom ones. Try a different stances sometimes,
don't just stand there. It may help you. Vyse uses the same stance
except his left leg is forward.

-= 4) Strike 100 Times! =-

The most common type of special technique in Hokuto no Ken, commonly
called the Hundred Crack Fist tally. Here's a description.

The number of hits flashed up.
     e.g. Strike 70 Times!
All of the pads light and come out as soon as they've been punched.
You have to strike the number of punches in the time limit. Note
that each pad thats punched equals two hits for some reason. So you
really only have to strike the pads 35 times for the 70 hit move.

This seems to really get a lot of beginning players. Just striking
random pads fast just does not seem to work. This is our best
technique. When I was doing Hardest mode with Vyse, I did all the
specials as Vyse was tired. We even beat Kenshiro. I had to strike
340 punches in that set of battles! Here's how to clock up your

I usually punch very fast, as you have to. The faster you punch,
the more force your hands take. (F=ma Yea..?) Therefore, your
knuckles/fists/palms are taking a major beating. I recommend using
the gloves for these tallies when new. Although I used to use them,
I find speed is best unencumbered without protection, the way it
should be!

Try and get a good stance. I find I've been fighting so~ much better
with a decent stance. Try and get your shoulders on level with the
middle pads so you just punch straight forwards, and you've hit them.
Make sure it's comfortable too. Grab your gloves, and when the pads
start flying hit doubles! Punch with both arms at once: top two pads,
middle two, bottom two, REPEAT. Don't pull your arms way back, keep
them as close to the pads as possible. You should move your fists
straight from top two to middle two pads. Always remember to smack a
final pad in anger at an opponent you've finally defeated after
many long and hard months!

That's my technique. I'm sure Vyse agrees with me, but I haven't
spoken to him about stance yet. I'm still experimenting with that,
but it seems to have marvellous effects.

Extra Notes: Shoulda put this in earlier really... This double tech
that we use, does not get you the best score. The Doubles is FAR
easier to do, and I will use it when I need to win, and don't care
about score. Also if I don't want to waste energy for later opponents
like Ryuga and Jyuza.
But we kept getting low arts scores on this tech, and it was
confusing. Scanlines told us it was because of the doubles. Hit 'em
singles he said, and your arts score almost doubles. And it does too.
Hitting singles though is harder, certainly tough to get used to.
But when you get in the swing of it, it feels good! ^_^ Doubles feel
so weak in comparison. Also if you do it really well, any onlookers
get kinda shocked by how good you are. Honestly, seeing someone do
this properly looks tough.
So, singles for score, doubles for certainty. Rough scores are...

Generally 40% max for double shots, although you're more likely
to get 30% and below. If you get high ones that's because you're
close to doing singles.
Single shots net you the best tallies, and you'll get anything up to
the max for it.
-= 5) Game Format =-

Okay... here's how the basic format of a mode goes..

1> You get the intro story for the mode. Use this to psyche
   yourself up. (Works for me). Also don't skip the story sections!
   If you're tired from the previous battle, use this time to get 
   your breath back, and wipe away sweat. You'll need any free time
   you get!

2> The enemy will taunt you, or say something at the start of

3> You start fighting. When either you or the enemy hit, or get hit,
   your tech bars go up slightly. The tech bars are the row of lights
   under your character. Remember that when you hit the computer, 
   the tech bar goes up faster than when the computer hits you!
   (This is true in reverse for your opponent.) Also remember that
   the opponents bars go up MUCH quicker than yours, and get 1-3 
   specials for your one. Obviously, the more hits they get on you,
   the more specials they get, the harder it'll be for you, and the 
   more likely you are to lose.

4> Every now and then, your opponents tech bar gets filled, and he'll
   throw his special at you. You will find this harder to block than
   his usual hits (as is meant to be). They may also be very evil,
   like Jyuza's one, where he usually throws all 6 pads at you at
   the start of his special. These are usually named in the true
   Hokuto no Ken style ^_^

5> When Kenshiro's tech bar is filled, breath a deep sigh of relief
   as you've as good as won. I've only ever ONCE missed a final tech,
   and if you're careful, make sure you never miss it. The special
   move consists of you dealing blows either in a sequence, or as 
   fast as possible. The most common are of the form "Strike xx
   times!". Make sure you know what you're supposed to do, and time
   the punches well! When the tech is over you've defeated the
   BE WARNED! Sometimes you have to do two specials in a row.

   Hit only the lit pad!
   Strike 70 times!

   Is one example.

6> The opponent either dies, or is defeated. They give a piece of
   info, or a death cry, or maybe both. Generally Kenshiro says that
   they shouldn't have challenged him.

7> You get a run-down of how well you did in the battle. You get
   given statistics (e.g. Agility) and awarded a percentage as to
   how well you did in that area. Points are also awarded, based on
   the percentage. Bear in mind, that if you hit every shot, Good OR
   OK, then you get a MAJOR bonus on your score. If you would have
   got 4 million points, about an extra 2 mil are awarded. A very
   nice bonus, essential for beating high scores.

8> After this, the mode repeats 1-7 until all opponents are defeated,
   or you've lost.

9> Once you defeat a mode's ending boss, on the final score screen you
   will get a grade based on your performance throughout the entire
   mode. Each grade is accompanied with a sentence from Kenshiro, Rei
   or Raoh depending on which mode you play. Here are the grades.


  SS: You are the toughest man in Hokuto Shinken 2000.
   S: You are the true successor to Hokuto Shinken.
   A: You've become a real man.
   B: If you're not strong enough, don't attempt to become the Hokuto
      Shinken successor.
   C: You have a long way to come before becoming the Hokuto Shinken
   D: With your weak skill, you'll never become the Hokuto Shinken


   S: You might even be able to bring the Ken-oh to his knees.
   A: This is as far as you go.
   B: Already? It seems the Death Omen Star has...fallen.


   B: Hm... you've grown in strength...
   C: I had no idea that I was capable of shedding tears.

-= 6) The Battles of Hokuto no Ken =-
The style of the Faq is as follows.

Overall: A round-up on the opponent.

Name:                The Opponent's Name
Star:                If the opponent has a Star according to the
                     story, it is listed.
Story:		   The background of the opponent and their 
                     connections with Kenshiro and Raoh.
Pre-Battle:          After the story before the battle, your character
                     will say something to his opponent.
Start:               What your opponent will say before you start the
Style:               Hokuto/Nanto style fighting. North/South Stars
Poor 1:              If you do badly, your opponent will jeer with
                     this line. Take a breath, as there are usually
                     few pauses but not all the time.
Poor 2:              Some opponents have more than one jeer.
Good:                If you do well, you or your opponent may say 
                     something. Quite rare.
Name's Special:      What the opponent's special technique is called,
                     and any advice on it.
Ken's Special:       What Ken uses to defeat the opponent.
Ken's Defeat:        What is said when Ken falls.
Name's Death/Defeat: This shows whether the opponent lives or dies.
                     It also shows what is said.
Ken's Final:         What Ken says on the status screen after battle.
               [Alt] This is an alternative line. Some places have
                     more than one quote!

-= Ken's Special Breakdown =-

This goes in order. Here's Zeed's as an example.

Ken's Special:  (Strike 30 times!)
                Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star!
          Ken - You're already dead! 

Ken has to strike 30 times, then he yells "Hundred Crack Fist of the
North Star!", then he tells Zeed he's dead. If something is in
brackets, it is not said. Sometimes technique names are not spoken,
but displayed. If what is spoken is different to what is displayed,
the name of the technique is written, and the true name is in

Sometimes the move name is yelled before or after the technique is
performed. Sometimes, there are no move names.

(Technique name if other than speech)
[Japanese Name]
A ? somewhere indicates we don't know what is said at this point.
-= 7a) Nanto Konyouken - Southern Cross (Easy) =-

(Dark)   Your first opponent here is Zeed. He's not hard, throwing 
         max two or three pads in a sequence. His special's very
         nasty compared to his usual fighting and takes beginners
         by surprise. But it tends to go in a clockwise motion. Never
         take this for granted, as he may break it.

Name:           Zeed
Story:          Zeed and his troups were raiding and killing women
                and children after the apocalypse. If he and his 
                troops look strange, it's due to mutation. Kenshiro
                can't stand the actions of this band and fights them.
                Was called Zendar in the film.
Pre-Battle:     ?
Start:          What are you doing here, don't you know we're Zeed's
Poor:           You can't talk the talk!
          [Alt] Your fists couldn't kill a fly!
Zeed's Special: You've got some nerve, eh?
Ken's Special:  (Strike 30 times!)
                Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star
                [Hokuto Hyakuretsuken]
                Kenshiro: You're already dead! 
Ken's Defeat:   Ha ha ha ha!
Zeed's Death:   Zeed: Say what?
Ken's Final:
     Kenshiro - I can't let you worthless dogs live.
          [Alt] I would have followed you to the ends of the earth!

(Dark)   Second is Heart. All hits are double shots, so hit them so.
         Very easy to win, very easy to perfect. Special is still
         doubles, just faster. Ken's special, starts slow, but it
         really speeds up so keep it in mind. Timing these well is
         important. A section for funniest 'end it with one punch'
         is finally here, near the end of the FAQ ^_~.

Name:                Heart
Pre-Battle:    Ken - Stand aside pig! Hokuto Shinken has no equal!
Start:               Weee~ll, the more the merrier!
Heart's Special:     Weee!
Ken's Special:       Didn't I tell you? Hokuto Shinken had no equal!
                     North Star Death by Soft Strikes
                     [Hokuto Juuha Zan]
                     (Hit in Order - Clockwise starting at Mid Left.)
Ken's Final Special: You fat lump of lard! (End it with one punch!)
Ken's Defeat:        It can't be over yet? I can't stand the sight
                     of blood!
Heart's Death:       This can't be... wha...?!
Ken's Final:         I said it before, Hokuto Shinken has no equal!

(Dark)   Shin is the boss for this stage. Zeed and Heart are a
         total piece of cake compared to this guy. He'll go anywhere
         up to four shots in sequence. His special is tough too in
         comparison to his fighting style, but similar to his usual

Boss:           Shin
Story:          Shin was also taught by the same master as Ken,
                although in a different style. He cut the seven
                scars into Ken's waist in the shape of Ursa Major,
                the symbol of Hokuto Shinken. He also was told by
                Jagi to capture Yuria, Kenshiro's girlfriend.
                Kenshiro is here for revenge and to regain his
Star:           Junsei - Star of Martyrs
Style:          Nanto Konyouken - Southern Cross Lone Eagle Style
          Ken - Shin! I crawled back from the depths of agony to face
                you again!
Start:          Huh..? You came all the way here just to get
          [Alt] Long time no see Kenshiro!
Poor:           (pause) Just watch your tongue, BOY!
Good:	          Well well, you're not the Kenshiro I remember.
Shin's Special: I'll send you back to the abyss, Kenshiro!
                South Star Thousand Dragon Head Attack!
                [Nanto Senshu Ryuu Geki]
Ken's Special:  I can't forgive you Shin!
                (Strike 50 times!)
                North Star Cross Slash! [Hokuto Juujizan]
Ken's Defeat:   The successor to Hokuto Shinken giving up so easily?
Shin's Death:
         Shin - Uhh... I think I'm in trouble. But I won't die by
                your hand! *Jumps off edge*
Ken's Final:    My anger broke your secret technique. Burning anger
                is greater than revenge.
Final: Well done, defeating the easy mode's a step towards taking on
       the next difficulties. You may want to do this a few times
       until you're confident with it (although it's really easy
       enough as it is, even newcomers to the game admit it)
-= 7b) Nanto Roku Seiken - The Six of the South Star Saint Stance =-
       (Medium 1)

Story Outline:
"Hokuto and Nanto are one and indivisible. The six men who mastered
Nanto Seiken, are known as the Nanto Roku Seiken. Now begins the
battle that are Kenshiro's destiny."

(Dark)   This guy's not so hard. This battle is made slightly unfair
         (story-wise) by the fact that you're fighting Kiba AND his
         wolf pack. They each have techniques. They are listed as
         Kiba, and Wolf Pack. This format of battle's a little weird.
         When Ken gets his special bar full, The King of Kiba uses his
         one first. He will use The Call of Kazan's Armor. Hit these,
         then you'll get Kenshiro's technique, and you've as good as
Name:                 King of Kiba
Pre-Battle:     Ken - It is you who'd better prepare himself!
Start:                No-one has passed through here and lived to
                      tell the tale!
Poor:                 (pause) Argh! Come on! I'll take anyone on!
Wolf Pack's Special:  Kazan Wolf Pack Fist! [Kazan Gunrouken]
Kiba's Special:       Kazan's Head Butt!
Kiba's Final Special:
     	         Kiba - Time to play my Trump card! Huuuargh!
                      The Call of Kazan's Armor!
                      [Kazan Kougaikhou]
                Ken - I feel no mercy for you! (Time your punches
                      well! Mid Left, Mid Right, then Both!).
               Kiba - Huaargh! Is that the best you've got?
Ken's Special:        Now lets see what you have.
                      (Strike 50 times!)
                      Mountain Splitting Wave! [Ganzan Ryuozan Ha]
Ken's Defeat:         Haaarrgh!
King of Kiba's Death: Yaargh!
Ken's Final:          I didn't wanna use my fists on scum like you,
                      but you gave me no choice.

(Dark)   Rei's the first opponent I ever lost to. His attacks seem to
         be normally two punches, in quick successions. (Like a claw
         strike going across the chest - hits left and right sides).
         The man with seven scars is Kenshiro by the way.
         At the end of this battle, the two opponents use their
         opposing styles against each other, hence the unusual move.

Name:          Rei
Story:         Rei's hometown and (most of) his family was killed
               by Kenshiro, the man with the seven scarred chest.
               In fact Jagi, who was immensely jealous of Ken, had
               impersonated him to ruin his good name, even going so
               far as cutting seven scars into his own waist. After
               the battle, Rei finds he was at fault and becomes
               Ken's best friend.
Star:          Gisei - Star of Justice/Righteousness
Style:         Nanto Suichouseiken - Southern Cross Waterbird Style
         Ken - Lets just see which is stronger, Hokuto Shinken or
               Nanto Seiken.
Start:         The Man with the Seven Scarred Chest...
Rei's Special: I guess I'll have to slay you with my bare hands.
               The South Star Waterbird Fist!
               [Nanto Suichoken]
Final Special:
         Rei - The South Star Tiger Destroys Dragon
               [Nanto Koharyuu]
         Ken - The North Star Dragon Attacks Tiger
               [Hokuto Ryuugekiko]
Ken's Defeat:  That's it for your Hokuto Shinken? How disappointing..
Rei's Defeat:  You sure are tough... *falls down* ugh...you might
               even be able to bring the Ken-oh to his knees.
Ken's Final:   You're not gonna defeat me unless you pull out, ALL 
               the stops.

(Dark)   Much harder than first two opponents, Shuh can throw hits
         fairly fast. His technique's more annoying than what you've
         seen so far.

Name:           Shuh
Story:          Was fighting Ken in a dojo match, and won. Didn't
                kill Kenshiro as was the custom. Souther ordered Shuh
                to kill him, but instead, clawed his own eyes out.
                Why you fight him in the game I don't know...
                but Souther's pyramid is in the background...
Star:           Star of Benevolence/Obligation
Style:          Nanto Hakuroken - Southern Cross White Heron Fist
          Ken - I let my fists talk to all those who take me on.
Start:          Ever since the six stars were scattered, we were
                destined to meet in battle.
Shuh's Special: South Dipper White Heron Fist [Nanto Hakuroken]
                Alluring Vision Palm [Yuugenshou]
Ken's Special:  Tears from the Star of Benevolence. Called
                Hokuto! Secret Hokuto Shinken technique!
                Water Shadow Spirit! [Suiseishin]
                (Hit them in the order they pop up!)
Ken's Defeat:   Thats it? I must have expecting somebody else.
Shuh's Defeat:  You dare to say that about Nanto Seiken? Uugh..
Ken's Final:    Live within me Shuh, the Star of Benevolence.

(Vyse)   Tough. Plenty of doubles as well with streams of single 
         punches will get thrown your way. Finally, watch out for
         when you must strike him 80 times! You don't seem to get
         very much time to perform this move and you can easily screw
         it up. Nothing's worse than failing it and getting another
         'Pole Star Cross Fist' from your foe which almost certainly
         take you out if used a second time.
(Dark)   What Vyse and I have noticed, is that though Pole-Star Cross
         Fist ain't that a nasty move, it's damned powerful! Each hit
         takes about triple to quadrouple the usual battle damage, so
         pay close attention to these!

Boss:              Souther
Story:             Defeated Kenshiro the first time, imprisoning him.
                   Ken was later freed by Shuh's son, Shiba. Forcing
                   Shuh to cap his pyramid, he killed Shuh before
                   Ken's eyes. Ken was losing as his Hokuto techniques
                   were not having any effect. He was then helped by
                   Toki, telling Kenshiro that Souther's heart was on
                   the other side of his body, therefore his pressure
                   points were reversed. That explains the battle
                   certainly...The pyramid was built in homage of his
                   master whom he killed accidentally, hence why
                   Souther became evil.
Star:              Command
Pre-Battle:  Ken - No! I'm positive I nailed your pressure points. 
Style:             Nanto Hououken - Southern Cross Phoenix Fist
Start:             Eh heh heh! I've been waiting for you.
Poor:              Your technique will have no effect on this body.
Souther's Special: Pole-Star Cross Fist! [Kyokusei Juujiken]
Souther's Final Special:
             Ken - Souther, I've solved the riddle of your body.
         Souther - I was made to be ruler, no-one can best me in
                   South Dipper Phoenix Fist... [Nanto Hououken]
                   Heaven Soaring Cross Phoenix! [Tenshou Juujihou]                  
         Souther - And now to finish you Kenshiro.
             Ken - The Star of Command must fall! (Hit only the lit pad!)
                   Secret Hokuto Shinken technique!
                   Heaven Breaking Life and Death!
Ken's Special:     Your life has run its course. (Strike 80 times!)
                   [Hokuto Mercy Moshoha]
Ken's Defeat:      I am the Emperor, a different breed to all of you.
                   All stars grovel at my feet.
Souther's Death:   The Phoenix! The Emperor's dreams dashed. I've 
                   suffered total defeat. The successor to Hokuto 
                   Shinken, I was no match for you...
Ken's Final:       What a compassionate man. No-ones heart is warmer.
-= 7c) Ken-oh, Conqueror of the Century (Medium 2) =-

Story Outline:
"Using his fists for his own ambitions, a tyrant named the Ken-Oh 
ruled the turbulent world. Now battle begins for Kenshiro who must
seek out and destroy this tyrant."

(Vyse)   Very easy. Before he uses his move, he will only throw 
         double punches at you and they are usually two pads next to
         each other. His first move is much faster with a stream of
         punches that have no end until you hit enough of them.
         His final tech is original but still easy. Just look at the
         pads carefully and quickly whack the only one that lights up.

Name:              Colonel
Style:             Nanto Muonken
Pre-Battle:        ?
Start:             We are the chosen of the guards.
Colonel's Special: I will shut you in the darkness for ever...
                   The Silent Fist of the South Star!
                   [Nanto Muonken]
Colonel's Final:   Better be afraid of the dark! (Hit the Lit Pad!)
Ken's Special:     (Strike 50 times!)
                   Bone Breaking Punch of the North Star!
                   [Hokuto Kaikotsuken]
Ken's Defeat:      Aaaarrrh!
Colonel's Death:   Raarrrgh!
Ken's Final:       You and I are on completely different levels.
(Vyse)   Slightly tougher than Colonel. His first move is fairly 
         easy to handle with double and single punches. Just DON'T
         screw up on the Ken's final tech. Miss just 'one' of the 
         punches and you will fail having to put up with another
         Death Wind Golden Steel Fist from Devil.

Name:            Devil
Story:           Imprisoned for 200 years for killing 700 people.
                 Style is older than Hokuto Shinken, and has the
                 mentality of a child.
Style:           Rakan Niouken
           Ken - If you're the Devil, then I'll show you that Hokuto
                 Shinken is the Indra reborn.
Start:           Life...I need Life...!
Devil's Special: Death Wind Golden Steel Fist! [Fuusatsu Kongouken]
Ken's Special:   The only thing left for you is death!
                 (Time punches well! - 7 Punches)
                 North Star Seven Star Point of Death!
                 [Hokuto Shichishiseiten]
Ken's Defeat:    ?
Devil's Death:   Ughh.... Mama...
Ken's Final:     You don't have a prayer.

(Vyse)   Much tougher than Colonel and Devil. The first battle in the
         game where all six pads get thrown at you which is at some
         point near the start. 
(Dark)   Uighur's special technique is really fluid, he doesn't stop 
         to use it, it's just like a very hard part of the combat, 
         but it IS named. If you see his face come close to the
         screen grinning, DON'T stop for a breather, he'll keep at ya!
(Vyse)   This is the first opponent I ever had real trouble with. It
         took about 2 months to overcome him, then Ken-Oh went down 
         straight after first time.

Name:             Uighur
Story:            Kenshiro's brother Toki was being held at the
                  prison in Cassandra - The Town of Wailing Demons.
                  Kenshiro had to defeat the Warden of Cassandra,
                  Uighur to save Toki.
Pre-Battle: Ken - Leave this gate open. It need never be closed again. 
Start:            Hah ha haa, you got courage coming here I'll give
                  you that much!
Uighur's Special: (Taizan Style Thousand Streak Whip)
                  [Taizan Ryuusoujouben]
Uighur's Final:   
         Uighur - Mongolian Champion Wave! [Mouko Hakyokudou]
            Ken - North Star Steel Rending Grasp! [Hokuto Kouretsuha]
Ken's Special:    So... Thats your terror?
                  (Strike 70 times!)
                  The Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star!
                  [Tenshou Hyakuretsuken]
Ken's Defeat:     The legend of Cassandra is everlasting!
Uighur's Death:   
            Ken - You vile creatures deserve no future.
         Uighur - Aaaaaaaaaaarghh!!!!
Ken's Final:      Begone with the legend of Cassandra!
(Dark)   Tough. Ken-Oh's special is a clockwise motion attack that
         he can break quite easily so careful.

Boss:             Ken-oh
Star:             Violence
Style:            Hokuto
Pre-Battle: Ken - I am aware that the Ken-Oh is Raoh. He is my 
                  brother, and has designs to become the heir of
                  Hokuto Shinken
Start:            Kenshiro you decided to show up. I must
                  congratulate you - I didn't think you had the guts
                  to get this far.
Ken-oh's Special: Uuuurrraaaaarrrghh!
                  (Heaven's Command Charge) [Tenshou Honretsu]
Ken's Special:
         Ken-oh - Kenshiro, the Ken-oh won't be slain by the likes
                  of you. It's my pleasure to finish you off here
                  and now.
            Ken - I'm not the Kenshiro you once knew!
                  (Strike 100 Times!)
Raoh's Defeat:
         Ken-oh - Hm... you've grown in strength! Ken, it isn't over
                  yet. I rule the heavens. And today, the mother of
                  all battles... begins!
            Ken - The old Raoh would have gone down by now.
Ken's Defeat:     You've come a thousand years too early, to face the
Ken's Final:      Raoh will most certainly be back.
------------------------------- --------------------------------------
-= 8) Nanto Roku Seiken, Star of Justice =-
      (The Six of the South Star Holy Fist)
      (Medium 3)
      You will play as Rei in this mode.
      Your health cannot be restored in this mode.

Story Outline:
"Rei, who should be helping Kenshiro to save the world, has challenged
the Ken-Oh, Conqueror of the Century to battle!"
(After the battle with Ken-Oh)
"But the Death-Omen star has fallen over Rei. Nanto Suichoken, Rei, 
the Star of Justice. This is the story of a fierce battle of a man 
living in the turbulent world."

(Dark)   All in a difficulty bracket of it's own! Health is NOT
         restored between battles. One bar, four opponents, powerful
         blows. Hard? OH yes.. You start with Ken-oh.
         The Self Sacrifice Offset Fist is an ultimate suicidal strike.

         The hits for Self Sacrifice go in this order, Top Left,
         Middle Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, Middle Left, Bottom
         Right at about half-second intervals. There's a gap, then
         this attack is repeated. Then you get all six pads.
         Bets way to hit ALL of these is from the bottom up.

Name:             Ken-oh
Star:             Violence
Style:            Hokuto
Story:            The Death Omen Star falls over Rei during battle.
                  (Those who see the Death Omen Star are fated to die
                  within one year). Raoh strikes a pressure point
                  that gives Rei only three days of life left.
Start:            Now, I will banish you - to the Nether World!
Ken-oh's Special: Uuuurrraaaaarrrghh! (Heaven's Command Charge -
                  Generally goes across) [Tenshou Honretsu]
Rei's Defeat:     ?
Rei's Special:    The Ultimate South Star Technique,
                  Self-Sacrifice Offset Fist! [Danko Sousaiken]
                  (18 hard shots!)
         Ken-oh - What!? It has no effect on me! (or "What!? It has
                  no effect on muuugh!" if you hit enough of them!)
Rei's Final:      (None)

(Vyse)   Like before but beefed up a little. This time you will have
	 to do nothing when Kiba calls Kazan's armor again. You will 
         instantly use Rei's special to wipe Kiba out.

Name:                 King of Kiba
Pre-Battle:     Rei - You are nothing but trash in the face of Nanto
Start:    Wolf Pack - This is the first time anyone's been stupid
                      enough to come at me of their own free will.
                [Alt] We're just having a bit of fun, Arrrgh!
                      Don't meddle in our affairs!
Poor:                 (pause) Argh! Come on! I'll take anyone on!                   
Kiba's Special:       Kazan's Head Butt!
Wolf Pack's Special:  Kazan Wolf Pack Fist!
                      [Kazan Gunrouken]
Kiba's Final Special: How dare you kill my son! Arrrgh!
                      The Call of Kazan's Armor!
                      [Kazan Kougaikohou]
Rei's Special:        You really wanna die young?
                [Alt] Just who do you think you are?!
                      Don't stand in my way!
                      (Time your punches well!)
                      The South Star Waterbird Fist! [Nanto Suichoken]
Rei's Defeat:         Argh! (Victory cry, not a cry of pain)
Rei's Final:          A whole army of wimps like you couldn't take
                      me out!

(Dark)   He's mad.
(Vyse)   Not too tough but his Special can easily take off a 
         huge chunk of health if you're not careful and you need all
         the health you can get for the final fight.
         We say 'mad' coz he's our favourite villain in the game. His
         laugh and battle stance is too much for us to not laugh at.
(Dark)   The technique here hurts! This is like a Hundred Crack, but
         the number of hits is not set. You are knocking Amiba off
         the edge of a cliff, and he's resisting. You have to knock
         him back all 15 metres in the time limit! REALLY go for this
         one FAST!

Name:            Amiba
Story:           Originally a student of Nanto Seiken, he's an expert
                 of copying other people's techniques. Taking the
                 features of Toki, he was performing horrible studys
                 on pressure points and creating creature half-human
           Rei - Haven't changed eh? Going to try the Hokuto Shinken
                 style next time?
Start:           Impossible! How could Rei show up here!
Poor 1:          Uwa ha ha ha haa!
Poor 2:          (pause) I'm a genius, uaha ha ha ha ha!
Good:      Rei - Hah! You dared to show your face again?
Amiba's Special: Hawk Talon Triangle Kick! [Yousou Sankakukyaku]
Rei's Special:   What colour is your blood man!?
 	           (Knock him over with quick jabs!)
Rei's Defeat:    I'm a genius, uaha ha ha ha ha! (again)
Amiba's Defeat:  *falling over cliff* Waa...! Arrgh!
Rei's Final:     A Shinken imposter like you is no match for me.

(Vyse)   Tough and annoying! Not only is your health usually low at
         the start of this fight from the previous battles, but Yuda
         is the hardest of the four and you will need at least 50%
         health to stand a chance of taking him out. Plus, his
         annoying cry when you hit him really puts you off.

Boss:           Yuda
Story:          Yuda had captured Rei's girlfriend and also broke
                up the school of the 108 practitioners of Nanto when
                he left to join Raoh.
Star:           Enchantment, Betrayal
Style:          Nanto Koukakuken - Southern Cross Crimson Crane Fist
          Rei - I can hear you scoffing at me Yuda!
Start:          I'll put an end to this today, once and for all.
Poor 1:         Ha ha ha ha ha.
Poor 2:         (pause) You expect to defeat me with that fool?
Yuda's Special: South Dipper Crimson Crane Fist (Crimson Crane Fist)
                [Nanto Koukakuken]
                Secret Blood Beak!
Rei's Special:  Yuda, Star of Beauty and Betrayal, shall shine
                no more!
                (Strike 80 Times!)
                Secret South Star Waterbird Fist Technique!          
                Soaring White Loveliness! [Hishou Hakurei]
                (Hit them in the order they pop up! This is not to
                be taken lightly, only 6 shots VERY fast.
                Fortunately, you only have to hit the 80 strikes to
Rei's Defeat:   The Gods do not allow the Star of Justice to shine
                brighter or more beautiful than the Star of
Yuda's Death:   
         Yuda - Rei, the only friend I have in this world. Be happy
          Rei - Once again, you too are alone Yuda. It looks like
                you are down for the count. Hmm... had enough?
Rei's Ending:   Once again I shall be a star in the heavens,
                shining over you. Farewell.
Rei's Final:    Yuda, Star of enchantment and betrayal, successor to
                Nanto Roku Seiken, so long.

(Dark)          Rei finally succumbs to the deadly effects of
                Raoh's killing blow but has completed his goal,
                and is happy that revenge and honour has been 
                satisfied by defeating the betrayer of the Nanto
                Roku Seiken.
-= 9) Messiah of the Century Legend (Hard) =-
This mode more closely follows the story of the film.

Story Outline:
"He has no peer, Raoh, has at last began to work to achive his 
ambition. Kenshiro, you are the only one who can stop Raoh!"

(Vyse)   I find Jagi easy, but many would disagree. He is a tough
         introduction to this mode but compared to the others, he IS
         easy. So if you have trouble, go back and train on the other
         modes. Another thing, don't go wild because this mode has
         five opponents and you'll need to be calm for these easier
(Dark)   The technique I recently noted, is all double shots.
         But they're HARD double shots. e.g. Top Left and Mid Right.
(Vyse)   Yeah, that part is right. Usually the first time he uses it they 
         are each seperate pairs, but for the second time it is
         much harder and all the pairs are thrown virtually instantly.

Name:          Jagi
Story:         Jagi is Kenshiro's brother, and was intensely jealous
               that Ken became the Hokuto Shinken successor. He made
               it is lifes work to cause Ken pain. He manipulated Shin
               to kidnap Yuria, Ken's wife. He also cut seven scars
               into his own chest after Shin did to Ken, and
               impersonated Kenshiro to spoil his name. For example,
               he destroyed Rei's hometown and kileld his family all
               except for his sister, whom he has captive. Rei is
               searching for the man with seven scars, and found Ken
               not Jagi.
Style:         Hokuto
         Ken - Choose a battle site, fast!
Start:         Kenshiro, say my name!
Special:       Now I'll show you what Hokuto Shinken is all about!
               Arhat Attack of the North Star! [Hokuto Rakangeki]
Ken's Defeat:  Jagi - Who the heck are you?
Ken's Special: You're the man who refuses to forgive!
               (Strike 80 times!)
Jagi's Death:
       Ken  -  This is the end!
       Jagi -  Ahh come on you loser! Just remember, there are two more 
               brothers lined up waiting! Don't think this is the end!
               Uuugh... uuugh... UUUGHH UUAARRRGH!
       Ken  -  What!? Those two are still... alive?!?
Ken's Final:   Eternal torture would be too good for you!

(Vyse) Still mad. Harder than before, but I'd say about the same as
	 Jagi. Harder if you're worn out though. His Special is alot
	 tougher than when he used it in Rei's mode.

Name:            Amiba
Story:           Amiba's been creating animal men, and impersonating
           Ken - That face, twisted, crazed. You can't be Toki!
Start:           Show me what you're made of, I'm a genius!
Poor:		     I'm a genius, uhaa haa haa haa haa!
Amiba's Special: Hawk Talon Triangle Kick! [Yousou Sankakukyaku]
Ken's Special:   You're own feet will carry you into the abyss!
                 (Hit them in the order they pop up!)
                 North Star Strike of Lingering Regret!
                 [Hokuto Zankaisekihoken]
Ken's Defeat:    And you're the successor to Hokuto Shinken?!
                 Hah!! You've got to be kidding!
Amiba's Death:
           Ken - You will be forced backward against your will!
         Amiba - No...no.. someone help me! Please! Wahhh... ahhhh!
Ken's Final:     So this is how scum goes down! (Pun..? ^_~)

(Vyse)   Very tough. Difficulty increases a notch for this opponent.
         His special is also nasty.
(Dark)   The Heaven Soaring Hundred Crack Fist in the story is
         exactly as the name implies - Ken's Hundred Crack Fist done
         from mid-air.
(Dark)   Having FINALLY got here, I can also help. Ken's final special
         is easy, just don't miss ^_^

Name:           Toki
Story:          Ken's 2nd eldest brother to test Ken whether he is
                ready to take on Raoh.
Style:          Hokuto
          Ken - Toki, the man who I always admired, and has the most
                impressive tricks in all the history of Hokuto?
Start:          Kenshiro, I leave my spirit with you.
Poor 1:         Your footwork is poor boy!
Poor 2:         ...Turn your sorrow into anger, and live on.
Toki's Special: This is probably the first, and last time we will
                fight each other...
                Heaven Soaring Hundred Crack Fist!
                [Tenshou Hyakuretsuken]
Ken's Special:  The Oath of the North Star! (Time your punches well!)
Ken's Defeat:   With your weak technique, you won't be able to defeat
Toki's Defeat:  Impressive Kenshiro, I have indeed seen a
                successor's fighting style.
Ken's Final:    If only you weren't ravaged by disease...

(Vyse)   Horrible. My current challenge I have yet to defeat. Ryuga
         will start the battle with six pads together, followed by
         sets of two's, three's and four's. His Special is perhaps
         even worse. Good luck if you get this far!
(Dark)   Read the text below for when he starts the battle. He'll
         Start throwing punches at the dash!
(Vyse)   Update. I've finally defeated Ryuga, and Raoh for that matter.
         But he's still hard and I had 7% health left after the 
         battle. One thing I discovered is that there is NEVER a 
         pause in this battle until you use your move. That makes
         it even tougher. No, not even for his jeer or special.
(Dark)   I finally got here too, even more worryingly, I beat him
         first go. He's a level above Toki, like Uighur is above Devil.
         Also like Uighur, the battle is NON-STOP. Uighur's only
         becomes easy when you're good, and seems like the easiest
         thing after this. There's no break for the special like Uighur,
         so damn well don't get tired! I did, and lost to Raoh next.
(Vyse)   A level above Toki? Be serious, he's about 2 or 3 levels above
         Toki coz he's just so damn fast. But then again, he's got to
         be good if he can fight that well and speak at the same time.

Name:            Ryuga
Story:           Yuria's half-brother (They had the same father.
                 Yuria was Ken's girlfriend). Tried to lead an army
                 but failed, instead pledging his forces to Raoh. When
                 fighting Ken he realises his mistake and realises
                 Kenshiro can save the world. He attacks Toki and
                 kills himself, hoping to help Kenshiro.
Style:           Ten Rou Ken - Heaven Wolf Fist
           Ken - So, do you intend to rule this wild world?
Start:           Kenshiro, successor to Hokuto Shinken I presume?
                 My name is Ryuga - of Syrius.
Poor:	           Those who disobey the Ken-Oh, will pay with their
Ryuga's Special: See how you cope with the fists of Syrius!
                 Heaven Wolf of Chilly Claw Fist [Tenrou Touka Ken]
                 (Should be Heaven Wolf Freezing Fang Fist)
Ken's Special:   Do you really wanna die so badly? Then I shall grant
                 you your wish.
                 (Strike 80 times!)
                 Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star!
                 [Hokuto Hyakuretsuken]
Ken's Defeat:    These times could do without the likes of
Ryuga's Defeat:  Ugh... Now I see that you are all that they said,
                 a modest man was chosen for these times. Kenshiro!
                 Go for Raoh!
Ken's Final:     Farewell Ryuga, you will live within me forever.

(Vyse)   God-like. Uses the same move as before but this time it seems
         to be a random set of punches. I found him about the same
         difficulty as Ryuga. Plus, you do get a couple of pauses.
(Dark)   Nil-Thought Reincarnation is a tech that Kenshiro learns (he
         becomes aware of it after meeting with Toki) and Raoh later
         learns also. It can only be learnt when you truly understand
(Vyse)   Careful at the end. After striking Raoh 100 times, another end
         it with one punch will appear like before but this time it comes
         up much quicker and missing it could spell certain death for
         Kenshiro. I've seen it happen, so don't turn around and shout
         'YES!' after the hits otherwise you've just wasted alot of

Boss:               Raoh
Story:              There were two endings filmed for the Hokuto
                    film. Hence there are two endings in this game.
                    Either Raoh wins, or you do. This is Ken's Last
                    Battle as Messiah of the Century Legend.
Star:               Violence
Style:              Hokuto
Pre-Battle:   Ken - Say goodbye to your ambitions Raoh!
Start:              Bring it on. I seek neither fame or fortune... 
                    only true victory!
Raoh's Special:     Aarrgh... Kenshiro! Uuuurrraaaaarrrghh!
                    (Heaven's Command Charge) [Tenshou Honretsu]
Poor:               (pause) What!? It has no effect on me! (again)
Ken's Special:      
              Ken - This last blow will mark our final farewell.
                    Uuuaaarrrgghhh... Nil Thought Reincarnation!
             Raoh - All right then. I'll pound you to dust! My soul
                    lives in my fists! I, Raoh, am the root of the
                    true power!
                    (Strike 100 times!)
                    (Ultimate Technique - Nil Thought Reincarnation)
             Raoh - DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!
                    (End it with one punch!)
Ken's Defeat:       I, Raoh, am the root of the true power!
Raoh's Death:       Urrgh...! Agony of defeat! ...Weeell, very
                    impressive brother. Farewell Kenshiro, the
                    heavens await. Raoh needs no help in returning
                    to the heavens. My life.... NO REGRETS!!!!!
Ken's Final:        Raoh, you were my fiercest rival.
                    (After the credits)
                    Both me and my brother Toki have aspired to be
                    like our great brother Raoh. As the successor
                    to Hokuto Shinken my soul will forever carry
                    your destiny.
Ken's End Sequence: As you can tell by the text, Raoh is killed at 
                    the hand of Kenshiro. Raoh has no regrets for
                    everything he has done in his life and he goes
                    to the heavens happy to have such a strong
                    brother. He respects only strength.
-= 10) Conqueror of the Century Legend =-
      You will play as Raoh on this mode.

Story Outline:
"The enemy is a God, but if it is necessary to achieve your goals, you
must even fight against Gods. Raoh, the Star of Violence in the
turbulent world is trying to become the Conqueror of the Century! Use
every technique possible to smash all those standing in the way of the
goal! Another legend is about to begin!"

(Vyse)   Very challenging. Although he starts off very tough with six
         pads and plenty more to follow, his special I find much
         easier. So look forward to it.

Name:           Toki
Story:          Roah's next youngest brother. Attempts to stop Raoh
                from his ambition but gets killed in the fight.
         Raoh - You sure you won't regret it?
         Toki - I choose this path without hesitation. Now it is
                time to succeed you.
Start:          Well, let us draw the curtain on this fateful day.
Poor 1:         Your footwork is poor, boy!
Poor 2:         Goodbye Raoh...and now...Fulfill your promise!!
Toki's Special: And now I'll bury you with this special move.
                Heaven Soaring Hundred Crack Fist!
                [Tenshou Hyakuretsuken]
Raoh's Special: You want to see the fists of Raoh? HERE THEY ARE!!
                (Heaven's Command Charge - Strike 70 Times!)
                [Tenshou Honretsu]
Raoh's Defeat:  I think you can see the Death Omen Star.
                (Those who see the Death Omen Star are fated to die
                within one year)
Toki's Death:   It is time for me to meet those who have lived...
                and died... in this crazy world.
Raoh's Final:   Farewell, my dearest brother.

(Vyse)   Incredibly hard. I have yet to defeat this guy. He starts off
         hard enough but his special move seems to send endless supplies
         of 6 pads at you. Very challenging. Have fun!
(Vyse)   Finally got through him. But didn't last much longer afterwards.

Name:            Jyuza
Story:           Also in love with Yuria (Ken's girl) but couldn't
                 court her because he was her half-brother (They had
                 the same father). Faced Raoh trying to save Yuria
                 whom Raoh had taken from Shin just before Ken
                 arrived. Raoh and Jyuza were childhood friends.
Style:           Nanto Goshasei - South Star Five Wheel
Element:         Kumo - Cloud
          Raoh - Give it your best shot Jyuza! The King of Fists 
                 will send you to oblivion! 
Start:           How've you been Raoh? (Really happy style)
Poor:            Serves you right Raoh!
Jyuza's Special: My style is unorthodox, so I'll give you one glimpse
                 into my secret.
                 Attack Wall Repel Water Palm! [Gekiheki Haisuishou]
Raoh's Special:  Now, I will banish you, to the Nether-World!
                 (Strike 80 times!)            
Raoh's Defeat:   It would be wise to burn an image in your mind of
                 my fighting prowess.
Jyuza's Death:   'Til the very end I am Jyuza of the Clouds...
Raoh's Final:    You were a worthy opponent, Jyuza!

(Vyse)    Very tough, but tougher than Jyuza? Never tried this guy 
          before. We acquired the information below by taking on 
          this mode together.
(Vyse)    Yes, he is tougher than Jyuza. He seems to send 5's and 6
          pads at you continuously until he uses his special which is
          much easier. Usually very quick pairs of pads.

Name:            Fudoh
Story:           Was once devious ogre-like man, Fudoh changed his
                 ways after meeting young Yuria. After reforming,
                 Fudoh ran an orphanage. Told Kenshiro where and what
                 Yuria was. During a fight with Raoh, was accidentally
                 killed by Raoh's army.
Style:           Nanto Goshasei: Yama - Mountain
          Raoh - Fudoh, transform into an Ogre and FIGHT ME!
Start:           Why do you seek Ogre blood?
           [Alt] Now I'll show you the Ogre within.
Poor:            Whats wrong? Let's get it on!
Fudoh's Special: You..! I won't forget this!
                 (Gosha Mountain Kill - Not mentioned in game)
                 [Gosha Zangazan]
Raoh's Special:  Its time to finish you off Fudoh! (Strike 90 times!)               
Raoh's Defeat:   Whats the matter? I thought you were going to pulverise
Fudoh's Defeat:  Victory...is impossible...for he...who has not...
Raoh's Final:    My only desire is total victory!
(Vyse)    C'mon, Kenshiro is the games hero, he deserves to be tough.
          The first time me and Dark fought him... we lost. Both
          of us slain by this guy. Good luck if you ever reach him!
(Vyse)    After defeating him, he's not as hard as we thought he was.
          He never sends out six pads at once. It's just a _really_
          long battle.

Final Boss:          Kenshiro
Star:                Command
Style:               Hokuto
Pre-Battle:   Raoh - Maybe you were the one that I was aiming for!
Start:               It is time for the lunatic Star of Violence to
                     be snuffed out!
Poor:                Say goodbye to your amibitions, Raoh!!
Kenshiro's Special:  Now YOU will return to the heavens!
                     The Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star!
                     [Hokuto Hyakuretsuken]
Raoh's Special:      
               Ken - This blow will mark our final farewell.
              Raoh - All right then! I will pound you into dust! 
                     My soul lives in my fists! "I stand up to my
                     heart and soul, these fists!" 
                     (Strike 100 Times!!)
Raoh's Defeat:       Not even iron fists that can crush heaven and
                     earth, can crush this small heart of mine!
Kenshiro's Defeat:   
              Raoh - Back to the heaven's for you Kenshiro!
               Ken - Argh! Both Toki and I have aspired to be
                     like my great brother Raoh! I was no match
                     for you....
              Raoh - Now, begins the legend of Raoh! Conqueror of
                     the Century!
                     Now everything will end!
Raoh's End Sequence: "Perhaps I should give thanks to the Gods for
                     delivering me such a worthy adversary."

                     Ken is defeated by Raoh but not killed as he is
                     satisfied that he is beaten. A whole new reign
                     of Raoh begins!
                     This is the story's alternate ending, the other
                     explained in the hard mode ending.

-= 11) 'End it with one Punch!' =-
       by VyseTheUnimpressive

This is part of Kenshiro's technique which he uses at two points in 
the game. One for Mr.Heart on Easy mode and one for Raoh on Hard mode.
For Raoh's battle, I wouldn't try any of the following coz missing the
punch could spell your loss which is NOT what you want on a battle as
hard as that one. But for Mr.Heart just mess around and have a laugh
with whatever technique you wish to perform on the middle right pad.
The list begins here. If you miss the pad for Heart, it won't change a
thing other than lower your arts points so give it your funniest shot!

- Ken's Headbutt! - Headbutt the pad as hard as you can with a long 
  run up. Best to start running as Kenshiro calls Heart a fat lump of 
  lard. Quite inaccurate if you time it wrong.
- Hawk Talon Triange Kick! - Kick the middle pad. You want to be half
  good at kicking for this one. Best to use a side kick. Front kicks 
  usually screw up coz theres a massive machine in the way. This one
  is very easy.
- Quick Jab! - Try using your tiny finger to push the pad in. Its very
  hard. Unless you've got big fingers like Vyse has! Hoo-Hah!!!
- Throwing the Glove! - Instead of hitting him, why not throw your
  punching glove at him? This works best if the glove isn't attached
  to the machine by a cord. Stand well back and throw the glove at the 
  pad with enough force to knock it back.
- Spinning Elbow - Spin around and strike the pad with your elbow
  while facing away from the machine. Works wonders.
- Double Spin Elbow - My best one yet which has only worked once. Stand
  well back from the machine. Run and do a forward roll towards the
  machine and hopefully you'll stand up from it in front of the machine.
  Then like before spin around and strike the elbow with your pad while
  facing away from the machine. I've made two attempts at this. My first
  time I got got it perfect. Second time wasn't so good. My forward roll
  was a little late and I ended up rolling and banging my head into the 
  machine. It wasn't funny. Obviously, I missed the pad.

-= 12) Ending =-
Current Credits list is as follows.

Scanlines: Gave us the best help of all, single shots for better
           Hundred Cracks! Improved our gameplay no end, and our
           top scores also.
Sharon Z: Thanks a lot for the Conqueror/Messiah of the Century
          Chapter names. I've played the game so much and can't
          remember the chapters... >_<

Enjoy reading this, and good luck with the fight in the
turbulent world!

Thanks for Konami, making our favourite Arcade Game Hokuto no Ken,
and also the brilliant Suikoden series of RPGs. Eagerly expecting the
next of them now... ^_^

Oh, and thanks to Vyse for being such a good rival in all aspects,
keep up the competition!
(C) Dark/Kez, Vyse.

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