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Reviewed: 02/14/02 | Updated: 02/14/02

A lacking sequal to a great game

Golden Tee Fore 2002 was the sequel to Incredible Technologies(IT) first 3D version of their Golden Tee series. The first one title Golden Tee Fore was an excellent game. As a vendor who has 15 of the games I can tell you this game is well worth the average game price of $3.00.

The thing that made the 3D version of this game was the addition of the league and tournament play features that allowed players across the nation to face off against each other in the Tournaments and the Leagues.

League Play gives the players the ability to keep their lifetime statistics via a member card which they can purchase from IT. In league play you get points for various things you do in the game(ie. how far you drive the ball, distance of the putt you make) and over the course of the year you keep those points and move up in the league standings. The top players at the end of the year the top players get an invite to an IT hosted tournament.

Tournament Play gives the players to actually win up to $5000 in the monthly tournaments. Each month IT runs a tournament based on the courses that are in the game. The round is 9 holes and the conditions(wind, tee placement) change weekly. There are three divisions Bronze, Silver and Gold. Everyone starts in Bronze, and after placing in the top 50 in a division you can move up to the next. As you move up in division the money and the competition increase.

In the 2002 update for Golden Tee Fore, 3 the old courses were removed, Mystic Hills and Red Rock Canyon were kept as 9 hole courses, and 5 new courses were added, 2 of which are only accessible in league play. Many other things were changes as well, and not for the better.

Shortcuts, which were the best way to get a good score by taking the not so subtle routes of the course are almost none existent. Many of the courses are boring to play mostly because you have to take 2 or more strokes just to get a shot at the hole.

The bouncing ball, for some reason the folks at IT felt that making your ball literally jump off of edges even when your ball would have stopped in last years edition. This feature is very, very annoying as there are times when your ball will stop and then all of a sudden jump into the water or sand.

Also there quite a bit of poorly coded objects in this update. Spots in game where the ball will just get stuck yet the game will see the ball as it is still moving. Most of the time the game will have to be reset in order to fix this, which can piss off the group of four that dropped 3 bucks each on the game.

Hopefully, IT will get it right with their upcoming 2003 update, which has a 1000% price increase from the $270 it cost to get Golden Tee Fore 2000. For the price increase lets hope they bring back the features that made the game great before.

Rating: 7

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