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Reviewed: 08/18/02 | Updated: 08/18/02

Play it and you'll wind up practicing this game for life

For you Arcade gamers, you may have been playing or mastered Bemani (a DJ style keyboard mania game which is developed by Konami). And this isn't gonna prove that you can be a DJ, after all. But If you're a veteran user, or you really think you need to give yourself a shot, then EZ2DJ is your choice to start your courier, as a DJ (well, not exactly to start a courier, but I do think so, well...)

Why EZ2DJ?
Believe it or not, EZ2DJ is developed by a Korean game company called Amuse Company. Yeah, It's a Korean game. And it turn out to be one of the most popular DJ keyboard game after Bemani. The gameplay is good. Difficulty is very well arranged. The graphics and animation, may be far more superior than Bemani I suppose... We'll go into this later.

Gameplay : 10
Yeah, gameplay is far better than good. Why? EZ2DJ gives you five option to choose from. Different choices of genre of this game gives you different difficulty throughout the whole game. to start from basic, Ruby mix is the easiest, and Hard mix is the hardest..... oh god, you won't even believe how difficult this game is if you choose the hardest.... May be hurt, after all...... and, you can tune your own note speed as you desire, and this game is two player game so that you can compete with your friends to see who is the most suitable person to be a DJ. What more interesting is, after you finish the game, it will show you a ranking from the first, to the thousand, which means, If you really score a perfect and neat ranking, first place shall be yours...... but, getting to the first is nearly impossible.

Notes and the beat is one you should pay the most attention to when you play the game. Feel the song, feel the beat and press the button according to the note that pops up from the screen. To give a simple instructions, you got 5 keyboards, two blue key note button on the upper board, 3 white/ grey note button on the lower board, a plate for you to turn and a pedal for you to step on (Purple notes means you have to turn the plate, and Green notes means you have to step the pedal on it). Difficulty is very well balanced and arranged, Easy can be easy, and Hard may make you drop out your heart. Well, that's the gameplay for this game.

Music: Perfect 10
At first, choosing songs from EZ2DJ is a must when you play the game. But, what songs you want to choose? They are variety of songs for you to choose on, and can't really say that the songs are bad. The songs are great and well composed. Well done for Amuse for the great job anyway. The songs are mainly Trance, Techno, Hard core, Alternative rock, some of the songs may even have Jazz and soft rock on it! the Melody is greatly arranged to ensure that you can really feel the beat while playing this game.
Well, make yourself comfortable while choosing songs and play the game well, it's worth it.

Graphic / Animation: 7
Well, It's a DJ game, what should we expect on? If you really seeing someone play the game, you could study the animation of the game more. But if you play the game, I think you should focus more on notes but not animations, unless you want to fail the game and let the audiences laugh at you.

Back to it, Animations is quite nice to look at. But the MTV arrangement is some quite of weird. and not to mention, it's too abstract and not understandable. Maybe the company does want you to focus into the music more than animation. But, some of the drawing style of characters that comes into the MTV are well drawn. But, it's quite forgetful. oh well.... I may not an expert on it....heh.

Machine Design : 8
Well, If you really care about it...The machine design is good. and attractive, plus, stands out well.....Keyboards, Plate, and Pedals are well places to make sure that you are really comfortable when you put on your hands and legs (pedal stepping) on it. Position yourself wherever you want to. Oh, and not to mention, this machine is big. Of course, It's a two player DJ game anyway.

Overall: 10
I didn't mean to make this game really a must play game, but if you really want to try this game, I don't have a reason why not you shouldn't try this game, You might even waste your money, and wind up practicing this game for 2 or 3 months if you are a genius, and about 7 to 8 months if you are really dense. But this game really suitable for boys and girls to play it. Don't be desperate if you can't master this game, remember, Practices makes Perfect.

To go out and play OR to purchase this machine? Don't ask,
I can go to a Arcade center anytime, and pay for one dollar to play this game. But if you really stay in a bungalow or villa, then you should consider purchase this machine if you are really RICH. Remember, Don't disturb your neighborhood when playing the game. This is no classical or play a piano here.

That's it for now...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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