Review by Hsieh

Reviewed: 09/28/03

DDR what?

Para Para Paradise is a very fun arcade game that will make you wonder why you never tried it out in the first place. It’s based off Para Para dancing, which is a type of dance where you use you hands and arms, and of course your body as well. Each song in Para Para Paradise is choreographed specifically for that song.

Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, the PPP player is given total freedom of movement. Instead of a dance pad, the player is on a surface with four sensors, with more sensors above the player. The sensors are VERY sensitive. It is quite easy to learn as well, since Para Para Paradise includes a tutorial. However, the versions I have seen in the arcade are all in Japanese, so it may be hard to understand it.

Para Para Paradise is a very fun game – dragging your friends along with you to the arcade can be fun, as everyone dancing Para Para together at the same time is a great thing to see, and you will never forget it.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are excellent! With arrows at around 60 fps, and the smooth contrast of background to arrows, it’s no wonder Para Para is so successful in Japan. Speaking of backgrounds, the backgrounds never divert you from your dance, which is a HUGE plus.

Sound: 9/10

The sound in Para Para Paradise is a true winner. Even though the announcer commentates, it’s very rare, and it’s not irritating at all. The music is great (as in AWESOME) and some of the tunes are very catchy, such as Deluxe. All of the songs are very easy to listen to – with at least 40 tracks in the game, you can keep listening without end.

Gameplay: 10/10

Bemani games are famous for how they are very simple to learn, but very hard to master. Para Para Paradise has no joystick to drag, no panels to step on…all that is needed to be done is to wave your arms in the air and you’re all set.

Of course, you haven’t played Para Para Paradise until you learn the Para Para dances. You cannot truly enjoy the game until you’ve learned a couple of the dances – again, helping your friends learn them with you will produce a great experience!

Challenge: 8/10

Para Para Mode is very challenging, but many songs are easy to pick up, which lowers the challenge quite a bit. You see, after the tutorial (which is extremely easy) you have learned most of what you’re going to be doing for a while in Para Para Paradise. Many songs are EXTREMELY tough, however, so you may be dancing for a while (which is fun nevertheless).

Overall: 10/10

Para Para Paradise is an excellent game. It can be played solo (and quite well), but it rocks if you’re playing with a group of friends dancing in unison with you. Because it’s a unity game, competition is not encouraged. Remember, it’s not a freestyle game like Dance Dance Revolution – in fact, it’s not meant to be individual at all. It’s much better when you’re with a group of friends – the more, the merrier!

If you manage to locate Para Para Paradise, give it a BIG, fun try. Go Para, young grasshopper.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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