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    Game: Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II/Super Muscle Bomber
    Platform: Arcade - CPS2
    Author: Andrew Rae - aka Mr Durp
    Contact: sprinter_h at hotmail.com
    Yet another quote list, this one from the CPS2 game Ring of
    Destruction: Slammasters II.  All text is as is, meaning that
    if there are typos in this document, they also appear in the game.
    As always, send any corrections my way.  You know where my email is.
    Meet 1: I will take you on a spinning ride of destruction!
    Meet 2: You might as well play dead, 'cause the real thing can be a drag!
    Meet 3: Your neck is gonna be a lot shorter when I'm through with ya!
    Win: They keep sending boys into the ring instead of men!
    Lose: Time to retire when I get beat by a punk like you!
    Meet 1: I can make grown men cry!
    Meet 2: Let me corner ya, and you're history!
    Meet 3: I've got the fists to finish you!
    Win: You break like icicle in summer!
    Lose: By Lenin, what hit me!
    Meet 1: I will gun you to pieces!
    Meet 2: I can blacken both your eyes in record time!
    Meet 3: I'll get rid of you like a box of bad ammo!
    Win: You couldn't get past a cadet recruiter!
    Lose: Frag! I've been over run!
    Meet 1: You will be added to my many deaths in kabuki!
    Meet 2: Sometimes I feel the need to ring your neck! [Typo!]
    Meet 3: I must defeat you gracefully!
    Win: Your lack of discipline was plain for all to see!
    Lose: How did your technique overcome my mastery!
    Meet 1: If I toss ya, don't worry, I'll catch ya! Ah ha ha ha!
    Meet 2: Hope you have a good health plan, cause I'm gonna break ya!
    Meet 3: No one calls me a disco reject and lives!
    Win: The bigger they are, the harder they hit!
    Lose: Blimy! You felled a Titan!
    Meet 1: Say your final words, I will make this one quick!
    Meet 2: Watch yourself, or I may crack your head like a melon.
    Meet 3: I may be small, but I crush big bozos like you every day!
    Win: Yo, El wimpo! Is that your best?
    Lose: You can't defeat me! My ladies will not stand for it!
    Meet 1: Feel the wraith of me monkey 'mon! [Typo!]
    Meet 2: You look like a weakling 'mon! This will take me's a second!
    Meet 3: If ya not careful, you may die from me jungle fever, 'mon!
    Win: Mon, you gots no rhythm and you fight like a girli.
    Lose: Ohh! My head rings like a steel drum mon!
    Meet 1: Let's hope I don't break the mat with your body!
    Meet 2: I am gonna have to bust your ribs like wishbones!
    Meet 3: I will pluck you like the feathers in my shoulder shields!
    Win: I hardly got to stomp you!
    Lose: That'll learn me to fight on an empty stomach!
    Meet 1: I will finish ya like a two pound burger!
    Meet 2: Let me play a little Frisbee with ya' body, eh?
    Meet 3: When I sit on ya, there ain't no gettin' up!
    Win: Ha, I've dropped logs that wuz bigger'n you.
    Lose: Uugh, where'd that tree come from?
    Meet 1: I'll finish you so fast, you won't have time to scream.
    Meet 2: You're gonna beat me? Think again!
    Meet 3: Try to out grab me, and you might not live to regret it!
    Win: You skill is no match against my power!
    Lose: Incredible! You've stung the scorpion!
    Meet 1: I'll bury you where you stand!
    Meet 2: I'll dig your grave with my own shovel!
    Meet 3: You shall have the honor of being defeated by me!
    Win: there was no glory in defeating you. [No capitalization!]
    Lose: I yield the field to you today.
    Meet 1: I will pull your soul from you, and devour it!
    Meet 2: I will haunt in your nightmares for years to come!
    Meet 3: I am the harbinger of your destruction!
    Win: By kali! you offer no challenge!
    Lose: Your karma was greater than mine.
    Black Widow
    Meet 1: You'll see what makes the Widow the deadliest of all!
    Meet 2: Step into my parlor said the spider to the chump!
    Meet 3: Excellent! Someone new to dance in my web!
    Win: Now you've felt the widow's bite!
    Lose: Blast, caught in my own web!
    Meet 1: Despair, for now you face the greatest one of all!
    Meet 2: I'll make this quick and painful for you!
    Meet 3: You have no hope, I have never known defeat!
    Win: The years have changed nothing. I'm still the greatest!
    Lose: Can this be true? Have I finally been beaten?
    Endings below
    All begin with 'A new champion is born!'
    It's Haggar, the only wrestler to serve as Mayor only to become
    an uncivil servant to those who oppose him!
    Haggar: Ortega only aspired to be me! He did not have the grit and
    the street smarts to pin me to the floor!
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 308 lbs
    Home Town: New York, USA
    Favorite Attack: The Pothole Plugger
    Haggar: Once again I prove that Mike Haggar means victory!
    It's Biff Slamkovich, the meanest comrade to cross over into
    the western world of wrestling!
    Biff: Ortega has finally been defeated! His strength was no
    match for Russian Gut Crush!
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 264 lbs.
    Home Town: Kiev, Russia
    Favorite Attack: Backfire Bomber
    Biff: Now no one stands in my way!
    It's Gunloc, from the place in America where even its name "Slam
    Town" instills fear in all!
    Gunloc: That wimp Ortega really thought he had a chance to pin
    me, the meanest, leanest, looseset ring leader ever! [Typo!]
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 276 lbs.
    Home Town: Slam Town, USA
    Favorite Attack: The Grand Slam
    Gunloc: I will slam to the mat anyone who steps foot in my ring!
    It's Oni, the swift and sleek Japanese master of the international
    wrestling ring!
    Oni: The samurai way is one of concentration and heart.  By uniting
    the two I become unstoppable!
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 221 lbs.
    Home Town: Osaka, Japan
    Favorite Attack: The Black Crane
    Oni: I show them my Neck Wrecker and then they are dazed by my speed;
    they cannot fight and I win!
    It's Titanic Tim, the human behemoth straight out of Britain!
    Titanic: Being the champion was inevitable because I knew once I
    could face Ortega he'd cower under my Titan Breaker!
    Height: 7'9"
    Weight: 432 lbs.
    Home Town: London, England
    Favorite Attack: The Elevator
    Titanic: And now that it has happened, there's nobody left to
    challenge me. I will rule forever!
    It's Stingray, the Heart Breaker from the beautiful beaches
    of Acapulco, Mexico!
    Stingray: Si, senores and senoras, [Yes, ladies and gentlemen,]
    it is great Stingray who wins again. But of course it was
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 163 lbs.
    Home Town: Acapulco, Mexico
    Favorite Attack: The Hammerhead
    Stingray: My perfection of Atomic Diver has destroyed all the
    competition! Now I am the best!
    It's King Rasta, the mean fighting machine who trains on the beaches
    of Venice, California!
    Rasta: Victory was mine before I even stepped into da ring, mon!
    All I can say is if anyone dreams of defeating me...
    Weight: 6'6"
    Height: 331 lbs.
    Home Town: Venice beach, California
    Favorite Attack: The Rasta Raker
    Rasta: Dey had bettah wake up and apologize!
    It's Grater, who butchered the competition to make it to the top!
    Grater: I knew the competition was weak! They didn't stand a chance
    as I tossed them from rope to rope!
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 359 lbs.
    Home Town: Kentucky, USA
    Favorite Attack: The Rolling Wrecker
    Grater: It really goes to show that the butcher does stand up
    against the meat!
    It's Jumbo Flap Jack, the man mountain from the Canadian Yukon!
    Jumbo: Choppin my opponents down was easier than rollin a log!
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 441 lbs.
    Home Town: Yellow Knife, Canada
    Favorite Attack: Patty Flipper
    Jumbo: Now I'm the king of the mountain! Ha, I am the mountain!
    It's the mysterious Scorpion, the deadly hunter of the ring!
    Scorpion: No one can escape the sting of the Scorpion! All are
    my prey!
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 231 lbs.
    Home Town: Unknown
    Favorite AttacK: Death Sting
    Scorpion: My venom has laid low the strongest. I will hold
    the title forever!
    It's Saber, the human blade.
    Saber: My will has forged my body into the ultimate living 
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 297 lbs.
    Home Town: Sydney, Australia
    Favorite Attack: Trench Bomb
    Saber: Is there anyone with courage to face me? To offer me a
    It's the Wraith, the phantom of the ring!
    Wraith: My victory is eternal. I am the specter of defeat to
    all who face me!
    Height: 7'2"
    Weight: 351 lbs
    Home Town: New Dehli, India [That's Delhi...]
    Favorite Attack: Neck smasher
    Wraith: I only hope that my opponents will all rest in peace.
    It's the Black Widow, the death dancer of the wrestling ring!
    Black Widow: My web has snared them all, none can hope to
    escape it, or me!
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 209 lbs.
    Home Town: Hanover, Germany
    Favorite Attack: Web Dance
    Black Widow: I have shown you the power of the spider! I will
    reign unchallenged!
    Ortega has returned to reclaim his crown!
    Ortega: The years have not worn away any of my power. My might
    has no equal!
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 344 lbs.
    Home Town: Unknown
    Favorite Attack: Max Back Breaker
    Ortega: After all this time and still there is no one who can
    defeat me!
    Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II and all therein is © Capcom.
    This document is © Andrew Rae.

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