Review by Kaiden

Reviewed: 08/30/03

Three games, three realized wonders!

Three Wonders is a collective of 3 games developed by Capcom:

- Midnight Wanderers - an Action-platform game like Megaman, Willow arcade and others, where you control a kid named Lou and make him run, jump, climb and shoot...oh yes you can also have a 2nd player: Siva...

- Chariot: Adventures throughout the sky - A shoot'em up game located in the sky ^^ ... where you take control, again, of Lou and Shiva, and like a Delirium game or others, you destroy everything by shooting (but there are many different things to say, I'll list them later)

- Don't Pull: A puzzle game that doesn't belong to the ''Midnight Wanderers'' series...though it's for kids, it's always a fun and, sometimes, hard game!



A cool 2d action-platform game that can be better than Megaman! (I should kill myself for having sayd this...)

GRAPHICS: Cool! Better than SNES Megaman ones! Backgrounds are nice but levels are WONDERFUL, though they're short...and aren't on floors like Megaman ones...from left to right, that's all...however, effect of weapons and attacks are beautiful! Colored and detailed! 10/10

SOUNDS: Mmm...stages' sounds are good...and effects are nice too...not so cool as other games, but they're still nice...when you deal a damage unit on a boss, he'll, uhm...make a noise like a broot ^^'...8/10

STORYLINE: ''See? That's the cloud called ''Hope''...and behind it, the star named ''Happiness''...'' An evil entity is controlling the world and had morphed all the people into trees...this evil entity is hiding too the legendaries Chariots...

Well, we can't expect much more for a, high rate. 9/10

GAMEPLAY: Normal, and simple. You travel throughout laterals levels and you defeat enemies by shooting them with your weapon (Lou shoots arrows, and Siva shoots knives). When you're hit by something, you lose your clothes, when you're hit again, you die and you lose a life...when you lose all your lives, you must insert another coin in order to continue playing. Pretty jump with a button and you can hold on some run with the stick and you shoot with another button...once you've got the handle, it'll be easy. 9/10

DIFFICULTY: From Easy to Medium...enemies aren't a threat, but some bosses can be tricky...especially the almost-last one and obviously the last one. Balanced. 10/10

REPLAY VALUE: I don't rate it, since there ISN'T replay value here...enemies are always the same, chests are always the same, bosses are always the same, levels are always the

OVERALL: Probably the best of the 3 wonders!



One of the best shoot'em up with power-ups and everything!

GRAPHICS: Almost the same as Midnight'll recognize some enemies from the game above...and a boss too ^^! Shoots are great! And enemies attacks are many and well made. Great work. 10/10

SOUNDS: Finally, a thing better than Midnight Wanderers: here the musics are many and great, especially the Area Boss (Bazz, Dazz, ...) one...sounds are good too...and there ALWAYS is that broot noise ^^'! 10/10

STORYLINE: isn't really a storyline in this game being a shoot'em up...spread the Chariot light to purify the world, I I don't rate here...

GAMEPLAY: Like any other Shoot'em up...move your Chariot, and shoot straight...well you can only shoot diagonally with the power ups of the Wide pressing the B button you can perform a powerful attack (a huge ray with the Wide Shot set and many fireballs with the Rapid Shot set)...there also is a ''tail'' behind you...if a blow hit it, one of its ball will disappear and the blow will too...nice touch for not being slaughtered by ...tricky enemies...ah, a thing...obviously if there aren't balls anymore...blows will not be blocked (don't worry: balls will regenerate...remember, though, that when you perform a special attack some of your tail balls will disappear). You can pick powerups and other special attacks like bombs that go straight below you. When you die, you'll reappear in any case (if you don't have lives, you'll have to insert a coin) and your enemies will be damaged. Pretty much like any other shoot'em up game, but with some nice addings. 10/10

DIFFICULTY: Higher than Midnight Wanderers: you'll die MORE times here...enemies are many and their blows, in the final level, will almost cover the whole screen! So beware...9/10

REPLAY VALUE: I don't rate it again...see the reasons up in the Midnight Wanderers section.

OVERALL: Longer than Midnight Wanderers, but still amusing!


=== DON'T PULL ===

A puzzle game...nice! Maybe for kids, but sometimes hard!

GRAPHICS: Well...kiddish...but still good! There are many colored enemies (thus they are the same..slimes, dragons, ...). All is joyfully coloured ^^! 8/10

SOUNDS: Kiddish. There are only kid themes and EVEN cutscenes...nothing more to say. Shut down your soundboxes if you don't like kiddish themes ^^! 8/10

STORYLINE: There isn't storyline here.

GAMEPLAY: You are in a square-like place. You have to push squares in order to press enemies...yes ^^. You can press them to the outer area, or against other squares. There are bombs that stun enemies (and your teammates as well) and nice fruits and vegetables to eat for bouns points! In the outer area there are some rolling stones and are VERY fast so be sure not to go there! 10/10

DIFFICULTY: From easy to Hard...first levels are obviously for kids...but later one, the games has MANY enemies and so on! 9/10

REPLAY VALUE: Well, there is an enough replay value here...only for seeing how things would have go if I'd press this instead of that...and you can search goodies too! 8/10

OVERALL: If you have already completed Midnight Wanderers and Chariot: ATTS, you can try this...but if you don't like kids' games, leave it where it is.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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