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Reviewed: 07/12/16

Three "meh(s)" into one.

Three Wonders is a relatively unknown video game - unknown, when it comes to Capcom’s “big ones,” that is, because, when it came out, it impressed quite a lot of people, evident by the fact that it has been ported in a few other platforms after some time. Was this really good, though? Well, before answering that question, it must be mentioned that this is actually a compilation of three separate games, therefore, the following review is divided in three small “chapters.”

Midnight Wanderers: Quest for the Chariot

This is the main face of the team, the one whose demo played on the cabinet to lure players into dropping some coins, and it sure did so back in the day, because, graphically, this is the most beautiful one, although nothing really stands out, not to mention that after the initial “forest” level, it all goes downhill a bit. Other than that this plays a lot like a Ghouls ‘n Ghosts clone, with the main character (or characters, if played co-operatively), jumping around, throwing projectiles from his hands, and collecting powers-ups; mainly items that enhance his attacks, something that , depending on which one the hero holds, can really make a difference in later stages. Speaking of which, those who get easily annoyed by those Arcade games that later on fill the screen with almost unavoidable enemies/projectiles (like me), should better avoid this, because, of the few levels available, the last three(?) are simply irritating. The real problem, however, is that, while solid, this is a pretty simplistic action-platformer that doesn’t really have anything special about it.

Gameplay: 5.5/10 (x 0.30)
Replay Value: 3/10 (x 0.30)
Graphics: 8/10 (x 0.10)
Design: 7.5/10 (x 0.10)
Sound: 6.5/10 (x 0.10)
Music: 6/10 (x 0.10)

Chariot: Adventure through the Sky

The second in line is your run-of-the-mill shooter, where the heroes become Gradius-like “spaceships. Audio-visually, this is a step down compared to the ‘Midnight Wanderers’ section, but gameplay-wise it’s pretty much the same; in other words, nothing to die for. It’s a lot easier, sure, but, other than that, dull. Why? Mainly because it is “just a shooter;” the player moves the “spaceship” around, shoots enemies, and collects power-ups that improve the main attack… and that’s all.

Gameplay: 5/10 (x 0.30)
Replay Value: 2/10 (x 0.30)
Graphics: 7/10 (x 0.10)
Design: 6.5/10 (x 0.10)
Sound: 6/10 (x 0.10)
Music: 6/10 (x 0.10)

Don't Pull

The final part is a generic action… “puzzler,” which feels totally out of place since the protagonist of the show is a rabbit, for… some reason, and the enemies are blobs and dragons(?!). The concept: push blocks to crash all enemies, then move on to the next level. It’s somewhat hard, at times too much, but it’s generally fun… for a while. Yes, you got that right; like the rest of the bunch, this is just “ok” and nothing more than that, and it gets repetitive too soon, since there are only a few enemies available, and the overall mechanic doesn’t deviate much from the main recipe.

Gameplay: 6/10 (x 0.30)
Replay Value: 5/10 (x 0.30)
Graphics: 7/10 (x 0.10)
Design: 6/10 (x 0.10)
Sound: 6/10 (x 0.10)
Music: 6/10 (x 0.10)

Score: 5.2/10

Those “offended” by this review think about this for a second: Capcom. The company whose business model goes something like “if it sells, create 1000 more sequels and versions of it.” This never happened with this, otherwise, decent, three-games-in-one. Why? Because it’s just that; decent.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Three Wonders (US, 12/31/91)

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