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Reviewed: 03/04/04

Chaotically Underrated

When it comes to Video Games at a Arcade this may not be one of the best but its quite possibly one of the most underrated when it comes to its genre. Oh sure it does have a considerably better reputation than the rather ominous likes of ''Shaq Fu'' and ''Rise of the Robots''. (Then again well to put it as nicely as humanly possible, thats not saying much.) Unfortunately it didn't do all that much better with fans of the genre as it is. Which is a pity cause I find it to be one of the Genre's more entertaining titles.

One of the more underrated aspects of this game is the Graphics. Oh sure its not up to the Caliber of ''Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival''. (Then again there is hardly ever a 2-D Fighter that could do that.) This game unlike Capcom Vs. SNK 2 was actually made by SNK/Playmore and I actually wouldn't consider this game's graphics to be inferior to CVS2 their just... different. (Well aside from Guile whom I admit did look a wee bit too distorted here to somewhat put it mildly.) Though the illustrations that you see of the character you play as during the winquotes after each match look great. And the people behind the designs of the Backgrounds are certainly doing their job well too.

The Character Roster for this game is a bit above average. Oh sure you got a good amount of your ''usual suspects'' from both sides such as Capcom's Ryu, Ken, Guile, M. Bison, Akuma, etc. and SNK's Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, Ryo Sakazaki, etc. However this game also happens to have some rather ''lesser seen'' characters from Both sides such as Capcom's Mega Man Zero, Firebrand from Gargoyle's Quest and Demitri Maximov (whom unfortunately is the only DS character in this game since they'd all fit in well here. There is also SNK's Mars People from Metal Slug, Shiki from Samurai Showdown and more. The Cast listing could've been better but its certainly nothing horrible. The potential characers they could use is one big reason why I look forward to a SVC 2 game. (Whether that'll happen or not is a different story.)

But one of the MAIN reasons why I'd look forward to this because of potential new characters is because of this. At the start of every match there is actually a brief but not too brief conversion between your character and your opponent. Why is this even remotely worth mentioning you ask? Simple almost all of the lines were very well-written, stay true to their characters and are frequently amusing. (Like Vega's vanity over just about anyone he fights. Or when Poison, Hugo's Manager either flirts and/or trash talkes at her Big Star's opponents. And those were just a couple of examples) They are different to each fight match-up and even most of the winquotes were made for when certain specific fighters beat a certain foe. If anyone of you have played the Inu-Yasha fighting game for the PS One then you'll most likely know what I am talking about here. Some may find this concept a bit too odd to put it mildly but to be honest I am quite fond of this concept here. Oh I know its not one of THE most important things in a Fighting Game but it does definitely give this game a nice bit of flavor and spice tht maybe just a extra but its a very nice extra. These written by the good folks of SNK, some people consider them to be MUCH better writers than Capcom. And with games like this its not utterly hard to see why.

Okay now that I have been talking about the ''spices'' of this game I might as well dig into the ''meat'' of it which is of course namely the Gameplay. How good does it go? Not too bad at all actually. The Challenge isn't absurdly high, many of the characters do have effective moves and well the only real problem is on how... ''mediocre'' the control can be at times. Its not utterly horrendous I can assure you of that but don't be too surprised if some Special moves come off a bit harder to pull off during a battle. (And its not always for the more complex moves as well.) But fortunately it doesn't happen seemingly all that time so the chances of you facing some rather bad control is not too high. The Gameplay is a bit more simplier as its 2 Punch buttons and 2 Kick Buttons instead of the usual 3 though it doesn't substantially harm this game's quality all that much at all.

However one other complain I do have is on how ''average'' the musical score for this game is. (And yes 2-D fighters certainly can have good musical scores like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Darkstalkers 3 and Marvel V. Capcom 2 just to name a few.) One really small gripe is in how... ''odd'' the names of the stages in the game can be. (Like the ''Nude Palace'' for one example.

Overall its a very underrated game and its certainly better than what a good amount of fans made it out to be. I do DEFINITELY hope that a SVC 2 is certinly possible. (As in how I am especially confident that it'll be better than its prodecessor here, then again that happens very oftenly.) When it comes to recent 2-D Fighters in the Arcades its no Guilty Gear X2 but its still a quality game nevertheless.

+ An Above average Cast listing (with even some surprise guests like Demitri Maximov from Darkstalkers) which is one of the reasons like a SVC 2 game is promising.
+ Gameplay & Challenge Level is generally solid
+ The Character Design illustrations look terrific and the Graphics really aren't THAT bad. (The Backgrounds are actually pretty darn good.)
+ Surprisingly well-written dialogue between the characters before & after the battle.
+ It generally has a good sense of humor
- Control can be a bit flawed at times.
- The Names of the Stages are just a bit... awkward
- Guile's Character Sprite in this game was a bit odd.
- Subpar Music

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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