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Reviewed: 04/01/02 | Updated: 04/01/02

Before King of Fighters, before Chin, before Kensou had brown hair...there was Psycho Soldier!

Ever play King of Fighters and wonder where the heck that guy Kensou came from? Well, did ya? I do! He came from a 1987 arcade game called Psycho Soldier, along with Athena.

Since the first game Athena starred in sucked, SNK decided to revamp her, turn her from a goddess into a school girl, give her psychic powers, make her fight against evil, and lastly give her a partner, (Sie) Kensou! The two pretty much went around beating up enemies with their psychic powers, along with various power-ups including the Psycho Sword, turning into a Phoenix, increasing the strength of their psychic powers, having balls protect them from enemy attacks, etc. At the end of every level there was a big building with a boss either near it or inside of it. They had to destroy the building to destroy the boss to move on to the next level. This repeated for 5 more increasingly difficult levels, until Athena and Kensou have wipe out all the bad guys. At the end of the game, they play music to the game's main theme, which was the first vocal track ever for a video game! The song was only a minute long, yes, and it was poor quality, but to hear someone sing in a 1987 arcade song was not very common, you know (BTW, the song was also used as the Psycho Soldiers' main theme in King of Fighters editions '94 and '97).

Psycho Soldier didn't have the greatest graphics, or the greatest sounds, but the controls were pretty good most of the time, and the gameplay is tough enough to keep cranking in the quarters, especially if you got a friend to help you wipe out the evil Athena and Kensou must fight against the entire game. Too bad the game is too short and the levels have little variety. But hey, at least it's playable, unlike that 'Athena' garbage SNK threw at us the year before. That had to be only the worst arcade game ever made.

So whether you're looking for a fun action game for 2, or want to find out what games Athena and Kensou were featured in BEFORE King of Fighters, then I recommend playing Psycho Soldier, whether in an actual arcade or emulated (like I did). Try to download the Japanese version, though...the English version's singing is so bad you may not want to play the game! I know I almost didn't...

Graphics: 5/10
Sound/Music: 7/10 for Japanese song (-2 for the U.S. song)
Control: 8/10
Replay: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Rating: 7

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