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Reviewed: 01/22/19

Sailor Moon Fights The Devil

Psycho Soldier is a fairly-inspired arcade video game that allows younger players to battle their way into the underworld in a crusade to defeat the Devil. It was one of those games that was for kids but had themes in the game that weren't really for kids. Anyway, I like how players can fire laser beams at the enemies and also use the laser beams to destroy the walls that block your progress. There are all sorts of demons to defeat and even the bosses look menacing. Players have a set number of lives and an unlimited amount of continues.

Players can upgrade their attack to include a short-range sword attack and collect a variety of power-ups; including extra lives. The music is soft and delicate, making this into the kind of game you can safely play in a hotel room with your parents in front of you. If the player fails to blast away the walls, they will eventually crush the player forcing him to lose a life due to the auto-scrolling. Sometimes, the sounds are a little too soft, especially when I'm playing it in a room by myself. And the lyrics of the song sound a bit feminine for my tastes.

The first stage is really interesting because you fight your way through a post-apocalyptic metropolitan city. And then the stages start to get more surreal as the player eventually ends up fighting the Devil's heart as the final boss. Destroying the Devil's heart causes the player to beat the game. I would recommend this game to players age 7 years of age and older due to its fantasy violence and mature themes. If your child is mature enough to handle these things, this could be his introduction to retro platforming arcade games.

The ending is also nice although it seems to end a bit too abruptly. There is a different song for each stage which makes it nice because even old video games need to have a decent soundtrack. You only need to use two or three buttons to adequately play the game. Just focus on defeating the enemies and blasting the walls before they can use the auto-scroll to crush the player. And I like how the outfit of the female main character reminds me of a Japanese schoolgirl/waifu. I thought that waifus were mainly a 21st century thing. Anyway, this game would be enjoyable to play on a laptop, desktop, or a tablet.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Psycho Soldier (US, 12/31/87)

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