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Reviewed: 04/03/03 | Updated: 04/03/03

Police Driving 102

A nice looking game. This driving game was released in the arcade scene in 1988 by Taito Corporation (Now, they're out of the arcade scene. Hats off to these guys for making such wonderful arcade and console games. They won't be forgotten). This was the forefather of all driving games that had the police theme on it in the arcade scene. This game is for police driver wannabes. So if you want to flex up your vehicle driving skills and will consider to be a future police officer, then this driving game is for you.


You assume the role of an undercover police officer (Miami-Vice like police officer, right??) who, along your partner, must go through five stages and complete them by finding runaway criminals received through police dispatch radio and plow them with your unmarked police car, which is a custom-made German Porsche sports car, so that they'll stop driving and you can arrest them.


To control your custom-made German Porsche sports car (Stop thinking about such a real car in the real world, it'll never exist), you have the steering wheel, pedals and a gear stick. There's also a button that'll allow you to change the view of your car to help you visualize the pursuit of your suspects. You can also use nitro boosters to help you along in catching the suspects and bringing them to justice.


You can pay attention to the actual sounds of the police dispatcher, telling you the description and showing you the picture of the suspect's car before you start off your mission to pursue the suspect. As for the video, the best that I ever saw was in the opening demo of the arcade game itself. As for the rest, the only videos that I'll ever consider is when you're able to disable the getaway cars of various suspects and apprehending them at the end of each stage.


Pretty hard to complete for a driving game like this kind. The problems that you'll face at the arcade is if the damage done to the suspect's car will be carried over to the next continue game you'll start with again or whether the continue feature will be enabled or will be disabled. So, these are things that you should consider looking at if you can still find this at the local arcade scene and still play this (If it still exists, that is).

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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