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Reviewed: 01/13/04

The thought is correct but, your methods I will dsicuss.


I was wrong about what I said about ''Vigilante.'' After playing the game for a while, I found ''Vigilante'' to be a very cool game. I admit, at first I hated the game because it was always so easy to get killed. However, after learning the patterns to survive in ''Vigilante'', I almost have no problems while playing the game now. All you have to do is keep the nunchucks with you. ''Vigilante'' was created by Irem in 1988 as an update to their previous game ''Kung Fu Master''(Spartan X) which was made in 1984. It featured some of the same aspects from ''Kung Fu Master'' but was different. If you see at an arcade ''Vigilante'' go ahead and try it, you may like it but if not oh well.

Game playability 7

The gameplaybility in this game is not exactly the best, but it's not that bad either. Your character, intitled ''The Vigilante'', has the same 5 moves from ''Kung Fu Master'' : punch, kick, low kick, low punch, and jump kick. However, there are some differences in the moves. Like when you use punch on a enemy that takes move than one hit to kill, the enemy just stands there while other enemies rapidly come up to attack you. It doesn't push them away like the kick does, so I would use just kick if I were you. Also, your jump kick is made up like a flying side kick and unlike ''Kung Fu Master'' the jump kick is weak, but it's good for getting out of close calls. And, you got to keep your energy bar intack because, on very attack, your energy will go down real fast, so you got to keep the enemies off you the best you can, or you'll be at the ''continue in 10 seconds'' sequence in 5 seconds Also, keep in mind that energy bar never replenishes after a level so this is another big reason to take care of your energy. In the middle of every level you'll get a pair of nunckucks. That weapon is only source of survival in this game, so you better try to not get it knocked out of your hands or things will be real bad for you. The enemies can be really tough, but that doesn't mean they can't be killed. Your enemies' names are: Stranglers- remember the holders from ''Kung Fu Master''? these guys are 10 times worst, you would think these guys are vampires by the way they drain your energy out, all that's missing is the cape, the red eyes, and the fangs, because, once they get a hold of you, you're gonna missing a lot of energy. They take only one hit to kill. Hit Man Joe- he is based off of The Sorcerer from ''Kung Fu Master'' because like the fireballs that the Sorcerer throws, the bullets from Joe's gun are very damaging. He takes four hits to kill. Stick Guy 2.2- this is the character that would just make you want to curse because, he plays the long range play. That is, when a CPU character hits you from a distance that you can't reach but, it can. Cheap isn't it. He can hit you in the head and in the legs and it doesn't take that much for him to kill you, unless you have the nunchucks. He takes 4 hits to kill. Wild Sambo- he is the same as the stick guy except he use a chain to attack you with. He takes 4 hits to kill. Hammer Thrower Gool- he is one of the two big guys you would meet in the middle of a level. He's big and tall, has a mohawk, and wears black. All he does is throw heavy punches to the head and body but, the real ticker about him is it take 6 hits to kill him. Dirty Jack- oh boy, now this is were the real pain in the patookie comes in, he carries a knife to attack you with, wears black too, and he plays the long range play. Jack is a pain because he can stab you 3 times to kill you, and it also takes 6 hits to kill him, keep the chucks PLEASE!! Bosses, hmm.... what can I say about them. I can say that they are hard the kill, that they can block, that they take very little damage, that their energy bar slowly replenishes itself, and THAT THEY CAN SIMPLY WIPE... YOU... OUT!!!... This is the part that you will really hate, but bear in mind that each boss that you face does have a certain pattern for killing them. I Guess now you want to know the names of the bosses, well here they are. Raging Bison- level 1 boss, he looks like a bum on a street corner looking for a 40. Mad Brothers- level 2 boss, acrobatic thugs who flip away from your attacks and use jump kicks on you. Maseball Boy- level 3 boss, a big guy with a mase ball he uses to throw at you. When it gets knocked out of his hands he resorts to triple punch rush, a side kick, and a low kick while he blocks. Skinhead the Horrible- level 4 boss, same size guy who throws dynamite sticks while standing on a platform and he uses the same moves. Giant Devil- The leader of the Sinkheads, and the final boss. He is hardly affected by your attacks, that's a real pain. While you try to attack him he'll throw kicks to your belly. The only good attack you can use on him is the kick. The levels end with you getting to the van that has Madonna in it as drives away, this happens until the 4th level.

Story 8

The Streets of today are not safe. A person can't go to the grocery store without the thought of being mugged or murdered by a thug from the Skinheads. The community of the city felt that they weren't safe and that they were prisoners in their own homes and the police couldn't do anything to help. However, that was going to change when along came a lone warrior who felt he could change the problem by protecting the citizens from the Skinheads. When ever their was trouble he would to anyone's rescue. So the citizens called him ''The Vigilante''. The Skinheads were getting very irritated, so they came up with an idea the bring the Vigilante under their control. They kidnapped his girlfriend, Madonna, and put her in the back of a van. Luckily, Vigilante was able to see to the occurrence. So, he has to follow the van until he can save Madonna. Along the way, members of the Skinheads will try to stop him on his way though the slums, the junkyard, across the bridge, to an old factory, and all the way up a construction site were he faces the leader of the Skinheads, The Giant Devil. The Vigilante must prevail against all odds for the city, for justice, and for Madonna.

Audio/Video 7

The characters look pudgy and their teeth stick out like a beaver. Irem did a good job of making the game look the look but, as for gameplay well you'll just have to play to find out. When the stranglers are pushed off by the Vigilante, he says ''Huh!!'', when gets hit he says ''Ooh'', when he dies he says ''Whoaa....'', when any boss kills the Vigilante they laugh like this ''AH HA HA HA...'', and when the bosses die they say ''Aaag...'' Also the BGM is pretty good.

Replayability 6

''You like game, want to play again'', an Irem man said. I responded, ''Well, I might play it again but you may not find a lot of people rushing to play ''Vigilante'' again, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a lot of them did.''

Rent or Buy 8

Go ahead and download it to see what its like.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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