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Coin Guide by Fmodena1

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 10/25/99

S A N    F R A N C I S C O    R U S H    2 0 4 9-

A detailed guide to collecting coins in every track of SF RUSH 2049 
arcade game.

Updated last on:   Oct.25, 1999


1.   Updates
2.	 Introduction
3.	 Track Coin Guides:
-Track 1
-Track 2
-Track 3
-Track 4
-Track 5 
4.   Cheats/ Secrets
5.   Closing Notes/ Credits 


1.	Updates!

UPDATE 1.0-  Oct. 16, 1999
     First publication,  have a few locations for each track,  
including some major coin arenas on Track 1, 2, 3, and 4!  If you have 
any major coin areas that I don't, please send them in and I will give 
you full credit.  Send all submissions to:  Fmodena1@aol.com.

UPDATE 2.0-  Oct. 19, 1999
     Second update,   added locations to tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5.  Added 
some more stuff in the Intro section like my RUSH name,  coins,  miles,  
etc.  Check it out!

UPDATE 3.0-  Oct. 25, 1999
     My third update,  added locations to all tracks and a few 
corrections?.  Updated my personal info, and have decided to open up a 
new section entitled "CHEATS/ SECRETS".  Check it out!

2.  Introduction

                  This "FAQ" is for the arcade game San Francisco RUSH 
2049.  It is the 3rd installment of the RUSH series.  It has 3 tracks to 
start out with,  but if you want to save your times and mileage,  
select "JOIN TEAM RUSH" and you can input your name and an 10 digit 
number of your choice.  It will save your info for your next game or 
next visit.  Just next time you play,  enter your 10 digit number on 
the keypad to your right on the actual machine.  When you earn a 
certain amount of mileage you will get cool cars and different paint 
jobs.  And 2 hidden tracks by getting a certain amount of mileage!  So 
joining TEAM RUSH has its advantages.  Now this FAQ is about collecting 
coins.  What are they you ask?  Well,  coins are things you collect in 
hidden places around all the tracks.  Each track has 100 coins in all,  
but each time you get another 100 coins, they will reset into their 
original places and that's how you get 1,000,  making it 5,000 coins 
for all tracks combined.  They can be ANYWHERE!  Some in short cuts,  
some just in plain blatancy right in front of you,  and some you can 
see, but cant get to.  Heck,  they've even hidden them in cross-streets 
and little indentations in buildings!  You just have to look.

        Here's some info about me:

 RUSH Name:   FERRARI  (if you want to know all my times and nitty 
gritty details, check the High Scores page on the official site,  

 MILES:  3,779 right now.  I go every weekend so expect this number to 
change often!

 COIN COUNT: Track 1: 97
                          Track 2: 99
                          Track 3: 98
                          Track 4: 500
                          Track 5: 54

CAR OF CHOICE:   I almost always use on every track the "Contender" 
car.  But on track 3,  I use my special midnight blue,  yellow striped 
car that I got for how many wins I have on that track,  23.  I use now 
on track 4 the yellow Team RUSH car because I have over 100 coins.

TRACK OF CHOICE:   Definitely track 3,  with track 2 in a close second.


3.  Track coin guides! 
     This is the section where you can find almost all the coins for 
every track.

             TRACK 1:

      MAJOR COIN ARENA:    Complete 2 laps.  On the third,  stop down 
to about 70 mph when you get to the top of the first big jump (where 
you go sailing over Lombard Street),  you should just make it over 
Lombard.  Follow those cable car rails to your LEFT!  You should be 
driving down a large 2-sided street and a huge bright reddish-orange 
half pipe ahead of you.  Go straight in the middle of the ramp and you 
will see a large chain-link fence type tube around you.  Right when 
your car is on it,  turn left so you make a full circle,  while still 
ascending the tube.  If you did it right,  you will see a large 
platform with a field of 30+ coins!  When you are finished with getting 
those,  go down the other end of the platform and you will see 
something similar to what you came into it with.  A large hole in the 
ground.  It leads right back to the first shortcut in the beginning.

	Another large area is in the large fan room that you enter when 
you touch the graffiti mark in the subway.  When you touch it,  the 
yellow turn sign lowers down and you will enter a large arena.  There 
is a lone coin at the bottom,  but the major coinage in that area is at 
the top!  To get there,  go up to one of the 5 large horizontal pillars 
leading into the center of the arena.  Go up onto one of them and 
travel on top of them to the center of the platform.  You will find 
about 20 coins up there!

     SMALL COIN AREAS:      Right when you start your first lap,  turn 
left just a little bit.  You should see a narrow tunnel with 3 coins at 
the entrance.  Get those and continue into the tunnel.  You should come 
out on the main road.  

       Still going down the main road,  passed Lombard street and the 
big jump,  take the next turn a lot sharper.  You should see an opening 
in a white wall.  When you get in,  you have two choices on where to 
go:  Far left;  Go into it and you should jump onto a swerving little 
air-born road.  You should see the main road below you.  Continue into 
it and you will enter a thing that looks like a half loop.  Stay in the 
middle of it!  You should pick up about 10-20 coins!  Now the Far 
right:   Make a hard right at the entrance to the shortcut I talked 
about in the beginning of this paragraph.  You should be in a subway 
tunnel.  On the left side of the tunnel is a big line of coins!  There 
should be about the same amount of coins whichever way you go in the 
main shortcut.  And also if you want,  take the far-left shortcut but 
take it slowly.  Touch the STV graffiti mark on the wall in front of 
you and drive through the wall.  You will get 2 coins.   Also when you 
are traveling down the road with the big hump into some green glass,  
look to your RHS and you will see a glass window and you will find a 
coin.  Exit that and keep going in the direction of the main road and 
you will see on your RHS another entrance that has a coin in it.

	Also,  there is a shortcut you can go in when you are going up 
the big jump in the beginning on your RHS that has a few coins.

             TRACK 2:

    MAJOR COIN ARENAS:       Come to the part in the track where right 
after a left turn there is a main tunnel and 2 shortcuts on either side 
of it.  Take the left side short cut and when you come the exit of it,   
slow down to about 20 mph.  Make a hard left right when you exit.  You 
should be on a grassy hill with a wall facing you about 50 feet ahead.  
Go to the end of that wall where it meets the wall of trees.  You 
should see a graffiti mark that says:  STV.  Touch it and you will hear 
"RUSH!".  Immediately head down the staircase you're on and when you 
get to the bottom,  make a very tight U-turn right.  You will see a 
long tunnel.  Go to the end and you will see a opening in the wall to 
your right.  Go in and you will come to a thing that looks like a snow 
cone.  Go up it and on the rim of the top there will be a ring of coins 
that has 30+ coins!

	There is also a pretty large coin area in the beginning of the 
race on your RHS.  About 7 seconds into the lap,  go right into the 
grass and pass the white building until you are under the first jump 
that you take in the shortcut on the second lap.  Make a U-turn and 
head at about 85 MPH into the grass hill right before the white 
building.  Drop in and there will be about 20 coins!

   SMALL COIN AREAS:          Right when you start your first lap,  go 
until you see a cement trail leading off into a grassy area.  This will 
be to your right.  Right before the trails makes a sharp left,  stop!  
Go in reverse  and look to your left.  You should see a little path 
leading down into some coins!  About 5 coins actually.   Also when you 
come to the part with the inside turn shortcut in the beginning,  take 
it but backwards.  There will be about 7 coins!

            TRACK 3:      

   MAJOR COIN ARENAS:         Right when you start the race,  go 
straight forward.  Right before you come to the second turn,  make a 
quick right U-turn.  Go SLOWLY on the grass to the right of the track.  
You will be in a rocky half pipe.  Get the line of coins in there.  
Look for a graffiti sign again that says "STV".  Look toward the left 
end of the half pipe and you will see an opening in the wall.  Go in 
and you will find the Golden Gate Half Pipe like in the original RUSH!  
The coins are on the rims of the half pipe, and on the top of the 
almost vertical slant.   There are about 30+ coins in that one area!

         Another one is right before all the overlapping and confusing 
detour short cuts.  Take the detour shortcut as if you were going into 
it but instead,  go straight into the granite rock.  It's like not 
making the turn all the way into the shortcut.  You'll land in a pool 
and there will be about 20+ coins!

   SMALL COIN AREAS:           Take the Detour shortcut.  Go into the 
satellite shortcut and on the left side of the track there will be a 
few coins!  Also when your coming down the home stretch of the lap,  
turn right towards a lane that goes up into a lane of 10+ coins! 

       Another area is across the pedestrian bridge right before the 
shortcut on the RHS with the sharp right turn.  Go over it and there 
will be 3 coins.  Also,  go to the most LHS of the track beneath the 
ped. Bridge,  facing the peach building.  Jump on the cement uprise and 
you will land on the building platform.  Go around and you will find a 

             TRACK 4:

    MAJOR COIN ARENAS:      Take the tunnel shortcut on the left side 
of the road that's covered up by trees.  But instead of doing the funky 
turnaround,  stop dead right before it.  Turn around and to the left of 
the exit wall is a long line of coins,  10-15+!    Also,  when you take 
that big jump on top of the cell house there are long lines on either 
side of the ventilation ducts!  Both lines combined are about 20-30!

   SMALL COIN AREAS:          Right  in the beginning,  there is a 
whole line of about 10 coins on the corkscrew!  Also,  when you have 
the choice between the outside turn or inside turn take the outside.  
Go straight forward and don't turn towards the main road,  instead go 
into the shortcut to the right.  Stop dead in the middle of it and go 
to your left.  There will be about 5 or so coins there!  Also when you 
take the outside turn,  stop right at the end and turn directly left.  
Go a little ways and you will see a delta shape of 5 coins.  But when 
you take the inside turn,  go off the road a little to the left.  You 
will land on a building roof.  Go off of the first platform and turn 
around!  There will be 7 coins!  Also at the end of that shortcut,  
there is a line of 5 coins.
               TRACK 5:

   MAJOR COIN ARENAS:   When you are ascending the huge vertical 
shortcut,  stop dead at the top so you don't jump the platform.  When 
you are on the platform,  go left and there will be about 5 coins.  Go 
right and there will be about 10 coins.  When you are on the right 
side,  drive off the end and you will find a half-pipe with about 10 
coins!  And after that,  go left and fall off and you will fall into 
another half pipe with about 10 coins!  This together is about 35+ 


4.     Cheats/ Secrets

      This is the point in the FAQ where you will find cheats and 
secrets for this game.  


A.	Turning off drones:  While selecting a car,  press Music + View 
1 to            toggle drones on and off.
B.	Change car colors:  While choosing a car,  press View 1 to 
select different paint jobs for your car.  The more colors you 
earn,  the faster your car will be!
C.	Change car Handling:  While choosing your car,  press View 3 and 
you can choose from Normal, Advanced, or Extreme handling,  
Extreme being the fastest but most hard to handle (only for 
D.	Turn off Catchup:  Don't like pesky first time rushers always 
catchin' up to ya?  Turn off Catchup with Music and View 2 and 
they'll be left in your dust!
E.	Force Feedback:  To make your car zoom like the wind,  press 
Music & View 3.

If you have any other cheats that I missed,  send 'em to 


5.     Closing Notes/  Credits

Thank you for reading this FAQ.  And remember,  if you have any 
questions or comments or submissions,  send them all to:  

Credit goes to: 
  Fug Um 2@aol.com

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