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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A fun, though difficult side-scroller based on the movie.

I'm sure most of you have seen the movie, but here's the basic plot:you are Robocop, formerly Peter Weller. You were gunned down in theline of duty by some pretty nasty folk. The company OCP, looking fora new product, grabbed your corpse and placed your mind in their newestcyborg, Robocop. They programmed you to fight crime and erased yourmemory, but you begin remembering your death and swear revenge on thecreeps that took your old life away.

This is where the game begins.

You lead Robocop as he punches, shoots, and basically blows the crapout of the thugs that murdered his old self. You pick up variouspower items, such as three-way spread bullets, armor-piercing bullets(they go through multiple enemies at once), baby food (for health),and repair kits (also for health). One of the coolest powerups,though, is the Cobra Gun that trenchcoat baddies drop. This weaponcan destroy things your regular bullets can't!

Robocop looks like Robocop. The level design looks different (untillater in the game when you start going through the OCP offices, thentwo levels look very similar), but the baddies are all pretty generic.The only cool looking enemies are the bosses and the chainsaw maniacs,

No music to speak of except when you start up a game, but the soundeffects are pretty good. A motorcycle screeches as it goes into awheelie, Robo's punch gives a satisfying thud, his gun sounds likesomething mounted on a battleship, and ED-209's voice is properlycreepy.

Robocop can turn on a dime, punch on command, and his shots aren'ttoo bad either. His jump is a little funky, and it's hard to aimreal well on the bonus sequences (every two levels you have a chanceat a shooting gallery...get as close to 100% destroyed targets toearn more health back), but otherwise the controls are tight andresponsive.

The game is rather a joy to play, what with the fast pace, dangerous enemies,cool weapons, and graphically impressive bosses. If you manage to beat it,there isn't much replay value. Of course, it's an arcade game, sowhat do you expect? The thing is, the game is wickedly hard with the rightsettings (some machines are set that you have one life to play through thewhole game with no continues allowed. Now THAT'S difficulty!), so chancesare that you'll be playing this thing for a long time. You know, just tosee that elusive ED-209 Mark II.

This game is pretty old and probably pretty hard to find, but if you happento see it in an old bowling alley and are waiting for your turn, go up andgive it a try. Even if you don't like Robocop, you'll at least keep yourselfentertained until the next frame.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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