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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    --------------------------- [ ARM WRESTLING FAQ/WALKTHROUGH] ------------------
    -------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
    ------------------------------------- [ Arcade ] ------------------------------
    Some of ya'll have probably read AShuzltz's FAQ on this arcade game. The only
    problem with that FAQ is that it is based off what he played on MAME (an arcade
    emulator). This FAQ is based off me playing the acutal arcade unit itself just
    recently and if you happen to come across an arcade unit yourself, then this
    FAQ is for you. Those living in, near, or visiting Phoenix, Arizona then you'll
    find this arcade unit at Castles N' Coasters on the second floor of the arcade
    Well there really isn't much of a story here. You play as a green-haired guy
    who is working his way up the ranks of Arm Wrestling and earning lots of money
    along the way. There are five different opponents to face: Texas Mac, Kabuki,
    Masked X, Alice & Ape III, and Frank Jr.
    The controls are arranged like this:
     Bonus Button		Joystick
    That's right. The Joystick is on the right and the button is on the left and
    there is a reason for that. The joystick works the same way as an arm. You are
    trying to overpower your opponent with your "arm" used to arm wrestle. Move the
    joystick left to attack, move the joystick right to counterattack, pull the
    joystick up to yank at Masked X's mask when prompted as well as jump up and get
    the bonus money. The Bonus button is used after counterattacking to rack up a
    lot of points and get some added leverage.
    If you fail to successfully counterattack, the opponent will start to pin you
    down and you must shake the joystick left and right to break free.
          QUICK NOTES
    -When your opponent tries to attack, move right and counterattack, you'll see
    exclamation points above the opponent. Mash the bonus button to hit them all
    and fill up the Power guage. Ignore the joystick while doing this. After you've
    hit all the exclamation points you can hit on time, then you can use the joy-
    stick again.
    -POWER mode is a serious adavantage for you. It will halt the clock for you and
    give you time to attack the opponent.
    -Speaking of clocks, there is a 1 minute time limit to beat the opponent. If
    time should expire, the opponent will automatically beat you no matter how well
    you were beating him.
    -When the match is about to begin, stay still until the match starts or you'll
    be called for a foul(flying). You will automatically lose if you get too many
    -Some opponents will resort to using dirty tactics to try to win the match. You
    can avoid them by dodging or sometimes pausing. Doing so will also count as a
    -There may be a time during counterattack mode that a skull will appear during
    the exclamation phase. Do not press the bonus button so quickly if you see one.
    Instead, pause briefly when you reach it and wait for it to turn into an arrow
    before continuing.
    -It also helps to have good listening skills. Usually, the opponent will make a
    noise before attempting to attack. This is a good way to time counterattacks 
    and dodging correctly.
    -You can have up to 4 continues after losing.
    Texas Mac: He is easy to beat the first time you face him as he is the first
    opponent you face afterall. This serves more as a tutorial level that tells you
    how to play the game. When he snorts, he is getting ready to attack. Rack up
    the bonus points then start attacking. He should be out in a few seconds. Now I
    don't know how he did it but I went to the arcade and found out that someone
    beat him in 3.97 seconds. WTF?
    Kabuki: Similar to fighting Texas Mac but he is a tougher and more formidable
    opponent. Sometimes you'll need to execute up to three counterattacks to stun
    him for bonus attacks. Watch out when you are losing, sometimes he'll throw in
    a skull icon duringe counterattack mode and he may just beat you right there on
    the spot. After he falls, you must catch the prize money to get $50,000 and for
    the record to count. Pull up to catch the money. Beware, the moneybag will try
    to trick you.
    Masked X: He looks very familiar. Things start to get very nasty here. You must
    do something special to win this match. Fight Masked X as normal. When you see
    a pound sign on his mask, counterattack. If he raises his arm, he is going to
    try to headbutt you. Listen carefully for his grunt then dodge to the left to
    avoid it. Doing so will work the same as a counterattack and you can attack him
    at this time. Once his arm is down, he'll keep attempting to head but you. This
    time around though, there is a message that says pulls. This means that when
    you dodge the headbutt, rapidly pull on the joystick until the mask comes off
    and reveals you opponent to be Bald Bull. Once the mask is gone, he is done.
    Alice & Ape III: It's you versus a Machine Ape being controlled by a little
    girl named Alice. If you know what you are doing, then this could be an easier
    fight than against Texas Mac. Attack twice, then wait for Ape III to start to
    make zap noises then pull his left arm to the side. This is the time for you to
    counterattack. Mash the bonus button all the way then attack. Start repeating
    the process for another full-fledged attack. The match is initially over but
    Ape III has one little trick up his "sleeve." He'll pull out a magnet and then
    attempt to steal the victory away from you. Listen for the High-Low sounds.
    After the fifth set of high-low sounds, he'll come in with the magnet and pull
    back then on the second attempt he'll activate it and win the match. To stop
    this from happening, wait after the fifth high-low sounds then press right to
    grab at the magnet. You can earn up to 10,000 bonus points depending on the
    number of times you grab at the magnet. You lose 2,000 bonus points for each
    failed attempt. So make the first try count for full bonus points and win the
    Frank Jr.: This is the toughest opponent in the initial five matches. Attack
    until you see Frank Jr. grunt and two exclamation points form on his forehead
    then counterattack. You'll probably need to counterattack multiple times for
    effectiveness. If Frank says wait, he'll raise his left hand (which also says
    "WAIT") He'll try to be slick and attack you. If his arm is not down when he
    says WAIT, then you can counterattack as normal. But if his arm is almost down
    when he says WAIT, he'll try to blow fire at you. If he hits you with the fire
    then he'll win the match immediately. Dodge by moving left and it will count
    the same as a counterattack and you can build up bonus points and attack him
    again. He'll say WAIT again and will do either the fire or the attack move.
    Look at his eyes carefully because they change when he goes for the fire. If
    you win that exchange then you win the match after attacking. Catch the prize
    money for $50,000 and for the record to count. The money will go towards the
    foreground as it falls. It may try to trick you.
    After Frank Jr. You face your opponents again and they are tougher the next
    time around.
    Texas Mac (rematch): When you both are even, he'll blow steam rapidly. Wait for
    him to wink then do nothing but counterattacks until the power meter is filled
    up. Once that happens, attack him and he's finished.
    Masked X (rematch): I haven't beaten him yet but beware that he will always use
    the skull icons in the second or third part of the counterattack sequence. If
    you dodge his headbutt then it won't count as a counterattack anymore. Near the
    end he'll use multiple headbutts in a row and if one hits you, you're gone.
    According to VGMuseum, there are 20 rounds in all. I'll do more once I play the
    game again.
    Nintendo for making this game.
    GameFAQs and other sites for hosting this FAQ.
    You for reading.
        	CONTACT ME
    [at] = @ and [dot] = .
    Don't want any email bots.
    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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