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FAQ/Move List by Arthandas

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/16/10

 Rastan Saga Episode III

    Character Moves
       Mahadidekaradi Spells
          List Of Items
             List Of Stages

             Author: Arthandas
          Version: 1.00
       Contact: arthandas9@onet.eu
    Copyright: 2010 Artur MuszyƱski

    ____ _  _ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ ____   _  _ ____ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |--| |--| |--< |--| |___  |  |=== |--<   |\/| [__]  \/  |=== ====

Controls for Warrior Blade III consist of three buttons and a joystick. The
three buttons are: attack button [A], jump button [J] and desperate move
button. All three characters share some basic moves:

 move                - joystick
 run                 - tap 2x [left] or [right]
 jump                - [J]
 single attack       - [A] (this move changes to "stomp" when trying to hit
                       enemies turned into frogs, to a different looking attack
                       when climbing and to a specific attack when punching
                       Mahadidekaradi to cast a spell)
 2 hits combo        - 2x [A]
 jumping attack      - press [A] during normal jump
 desperate attack    - desperate move button or just mash the joystick (in both
                       cases this attack drains some health)
 shoulder/elbow bash - tap 2x [left] or [right] and then [A] (or just press [A]
                       during run)
 jumping kick        - tap 2x [left] or [right] and then [J] (or just press [J]
                       during run)
 special attack      - [J]+[A]
 finishing move      - [down]+[J]+[A] or just press [A] near lying enemy
                       (Rastan and Sophia can't use this attack during boss
 grab                - get close to enemy and push direction towards him (some
                       enemies are immune), you can now cancel the grab by
                       pressing [back] or [J], do a throw by pressing a
                       direction + [A] or just bash them by tapping [A] (you
                       can chain bashing with another action like hitting him a
                       few times and then do a throw) additionally Rastan and
                       Dewey can move while holding the enemy and use them as a
                       living shield

During boss fights, characters change stances to prepare for fighting the
powerful enemy. Thanks to that, boss fights look more epic but it's not the
only difference. While fighting bosses some of character attacks are altered:

 RASTAN: his single attack (and first slash of 2 hits combo) looks different
 DEWEY : gains completely new 4 hits combo
 SOPHIA: loses her 2 hits combo and her single attack looks different

All characters have what I call a "landing combo". To do a landing combo simply
keep tapping [A] the moment you land after a jump. Each hero has a specific
landing combo:
 RASTAN: kick                    -> special attack
 DEWEY : kick A -> kick B        -> special attack
 SOPHIA: kick   -> dagger thrust -> special attack

Now for the list of character specific moves:


 special attack     - Rastan's special attack can be done while jumping
 jumping round kick - tap 2x [left] or [right] and then [J]+[A]
 backslash          - press [A] and then immediately press [back]
 punch              - ?


 special attack - Dewey's special attack can also be done by tapping 2x [left]
                  or [right] and then [J]
 somersault A   - tap 2x [left] or [right] and then [J]+[A]
 somersault B   - press [left] or [right] + [J]+[A]
 hook slash     - press [A] and then immediately press [back]
 quick stabs    - very quickly tap [A]
 punch          - press [left] or [right] while doing quick stabs
 jumping attack - Dewey's jumping attack is special because it can be more than
                  a single hit and he uses two different attacks depending on
                  when you press [A], you can press [A] while he's rising or
                  when he's falling
 chest jump     - press [J]+[A] while doing grab


 special attack  - Sophia's special attack can also be done by pressing [A] one
                   second after doing single attack and while jumping
 whip throw      - hit enemy with the end of whip by doing special attack (but
                   don't release [J] and [A]) to tie him (some enemies are
                   immune), now keep pressing [left] and [right]
 sleeping powder - [J]+[A] (Sophia sometimes uses sleeping powder instead of
                   her special attack when standing on the same plane as enemy)
 eggcrusher      - press [J]+[A] while doing grab

        _  _ ____ _  _ ____ ___  _ ___  ____ _  _ ____ ____ ____ ___  _
        |\/| |--| |--| |--| |__> | |__> |=== |-:_ |--| |--< |--| |__> |
                         ____ ___  ____ _    _    ____
                         ==== |--' |=== |___ |___ ====

Depending on cabinet configuration you can start each level with him as your
companion or summon him by collecting a special orb from breakable objects.

To cast a spell you must hit him with one of your characters (he also
automatically casts a spell if you are hit by enemy while being low health). If
you punch him while there are no nearby enemies or when he doesn't have enough
mana to cast a spell he will use his staff to summon a small burning
projectile. He will last for the whole level except for a boss fight where he
disappears. Here is a list of all his incantations:

From the frozen north, eternal soul of winter sleep, blow your icy breath from
the depths of the earth and stillnees to all that you encounter!
FREEZING BREATH (20% MP) - Turns most on-screen enemies into lumps of ice. Hit
                           them afterwards to shatter their bodies. All frozen
                           enemies will break free after a while.

Summon an icy wind and a terror-filled heart, a wintery blizzard blast that
delivers death to all living things!
DEATH BLIZZARD (50% MP) - Turns all on-screen enemies into lumps of ice. Hit
                          them afterwards to shatter their bodies. All frozen
                          enemies will break free after a while.

O tear through the darkness, voice of a spell that tolls of death! Behold the
insane master that will still you into speechless petrification!
STONE IMAGE (20% MP) - Turns most on-screen enemies into stone statues. Hit
                       them afterwards to break them apart. All petrified
                       enemies will break free after a while.

I beseech thee to come, ill-fated, cursed goddess fate and despised, so that
your eyes may reap stony vengeance in the name of your love denied!
MEDUSA EYED (50% MP) - Turns all on-screen enemies into stone statues. Hit them
                       afterwards to break them apart. All petrified enemies
                       will break free after a while.

Blow spring winds, bring sand to dance on your breeze near dawn, and lambs and
sheep line up to walk for an eternity, sweep over traces of footprints that
extend into a mirage of endless sleep!
SLEEPING WIND (30% MP) - All on-screen enemies fall asleep. They will wake up
                         after a while or when you attack them.

Burn, burn through to the deep recesses of this heart, and tell me what flaws
do lie therein! Assume your true shape, soul, and let no evil or disloyalty
remain unseen!
CHANGE SHAPE (30% MP) - All on-screen enemies are turned into frogs. You can
                        stomp on them by pressing the fire button. If you don't
                        kill them, the frogs will go off-screen and eventually

Fiery star from heaven, crushing hammer blow of the gods, visit this earth and
set aflame all that stands in your path, let your furious hell of heat and
flames crush all into ashes!
METEOR STRIKE (50% MP) - All on-screen enemies are killed.

              _    _ ____ ___   ____ ____   _ ___ ____ _  _ ____
              |___ | ====  |    [__] |---   |  |  |=== |\/| ====

 copper coin       - restores some of character's health after beating a stage
                     and some of Mahadidekaradi's MP
 silver coin       - same as copper coin but restores more health and MP
 gold coin         - same as silver coin but restores more health and MP
 treasures         - same as gold coin but restores more health and MP
 bracelet          - ?
 circlet           - ?
 pendant           - ?
 medallion         - ?
 gold crown        - ?
 celestial globe   - ?
 shield            - ?
 marine medicine   - restores health
 special medicine  - restores health (more than marine medicine)
 grass medicine    - restores health (more than special medicine)
 twilight medicine - restores health (more than grass medicine)
 gold sheep        - restores all health (it will drop as a loot when you score
                     50.000 points or as a rare drop, depending on cabinet
                     configuration you can get it for score only once per life
                     or get additional one for each extra 70.000 points)
 calling crystal   - summons Mahadidekaradi (this item is available only if
                     cabinet is configured to summon Mahadidekaradi when you
                     find the crystal)
 arms              - short time weapon upgrade (Rastan gains axe, Dewey gains
                     two longer ninjatos and Sophia gains a spiked ball at the
                     end of her whip)
 arms of thunder   - for a short time your weapon attacks cause additional
                     lightning damage (this upgrade also changes Dewey's
                     weapons to claws)
 arms of fire      - for a short time your weapon attacks cast a fireball
                     that flies through the screen

          _    _ ____ ___   ____ ____   ____ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____
          |___ | ====  |    [__] |---   ====  |  |--| |__, |=== ====

Depending on cabinet configuration, some stages are special and whether you see
them or not, depends on your performance. To be sure you don't miss any of
them, set dip switches option "rounds" to "long (14)". Those performance
dependent stages are marked with "*". Here is a list of all the stages along
with corresponding bosses:

 Depon Road (1st stage)

 CASTLE                                 TOWER
  Houseman's Forest                      Wind Canyon
  Hulakatzia Volcano*                    Mahadidekaradi Spiral Tower
   Areaguard: Dunamis=Noesis              Areaguard: Pylex=Pylon
  The Enchanted Castle Of Zananstaff     Forgotten Swamp*
   Areaguard: King Zananstaff             Areaguard: Tetra=Hydra

 SHIP                                   PALACE
  Harbor Village Of Peslo                Ke Fa Mountain
   Areaguard: Pas-De-Deux                 Areaguard: Finsternis
  The Pirate Ship Southernkid            Canal River Of Dead Souls*
   Areaguard: Giftkrake                  Palace Of The Black Demon Religion
  Fairy Forest*                           Areaguard: Desmostylus
   Areaguard: Maneater

 The Temple Of Gulestopalis (final stage)
  Areaguard: Lord Luderkawn

The order in which you complete the castle, ship, tower and palace stages is
completely up to you. In the pirate ship stage you can knock enemies into holes
to kill them instantly (but they won't leave loot). I love the music theme in
this stage. Ke Fa Mountain stage begins with some hill sliding. You must jump
over chasms when you see a big white exclamation mark. Enemies are to busy
trying to kill you to notice them so each chasm clears the screen of enemies.
Your moves repertoire is also a bit smaller during sliding just like in the
next stage when you defend yourself on a raft swimming through "river of dead
souls". The fun thing about final stage of the palace wing is that all enemies
can be hit by traps just like you. Houseman's Forest is a special stage because
you're on horseback. It's similar to Ke Fa mountain, you defend yourself from
enemies while jumping over fallen trees. In volcano stage you can kill enemies
by pushing them into lava. Of course fire elementals are immune. Wind Canyon
is another special stage. This time you're flying on a drake. By pressing jump
button your drake quicker flaps his wings but you won't get to the top any

By defeating bosses and completing performance dependent stages you gain
treasures which grant you special bonuses:

  Dunamis=Noesis: attacking speed up
  King Zananstaff: enemy force down

  Pylox=Pylon: magic power up
  Tetra=Hydra: fortune level up

  Giftkrake: protections power up
  Maneater: vitality up

  Canal River Of Dead Souls: attacking power up
  Desmostylus: movement speed up

I think that the best order to complete the stages is castle (best bonuses in
my opinion), ship/palace and then tower (worst bonuses in my opinion).

                   ____ __ _ ___    __ _ ____ ___ ____ ____
                   |=== | \| |__>   | \| [__]  |  |=== ====

If you found any errors or know something I didn't write about, please email
me, I will be very grateful.

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