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Character Guide by JIrish

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/21/2003

X-Men - The Arcade Game
Character Guide version 1.02 
By James Irish

Started on 7/18/03
Last Updated on 7/20/03

>Table of Contents<

1. Legal Information and Disclaimer
2. Introduction
3. The Heroes
4. The Villains
5. Updates
6. Acknowledgements

>Legal Information and Disclaimer<

The various characters and concepts found herein are the copyrights and 
intellectual properties of Marvel Characters, the division of Marvel Comics 
which holds the rights to everyone from Spider-Man to the Hypno Hustler. This 
Guide is in no way an attempt to claim these characters or pass them off as my 
own, it is simply a work of fandom. All concepts relating to the arcade game 
are copyright 1992, Konami. This Character Guide is Copyright 2003 James Irish. 
Any attempt to use this guide without my express written consent for any use 
other than personal, private use is strictly forbidden.


This character guide is going to be the first of numerous for GameFAQs, where 
I'll be rattling off information on the various characters found in Konami's 
X-Men arcade game. Released in 1992 around the same time Capcom was taking 
arcades over with the Street Fighter series, the game was based on the Pryde of 
the X-Men series pilot, which never became a series, but was apparently good 
enough for Konami to base a game on. X-Men also had a major hook that all other 
beat-em ups didn't have: it was a 6 player game. Except of course in those 
locations that bought the 4 player version, but I digress.

FAIR WARNING: There are SPOILERS of the game ahead, so if you haven't played it 
and don't want to be surprised by a plot twist or two, don't read the "In the 
Game" sections of text.

The characters seen in this game include, in alphabetical order:

Blob, Bonebreaker, Colossus, Cyclops, Dazzler, Juggernaut, Magneto, Master 
Mold, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Pyro, Sentinels, Shadowcat, Storm, 
Wendigo, White Queen, Wolverine

>The Heroes<

The X-Men - Founded by Professor Charles Xavier, the team exists to promote 
peaceful co-existence between Homo Sapiens- regular, everyday human beings; and 
Homo Superior- mutants, born with something extra written into their genetic 
code. The team has been comprised of almost all mutants since it's inception, 
and has had to deal with bigotry from both humans and mutants, as well as any 
number of super villains who don't seem to care either way about the conflict.
Player 1: Cyclops
Real Name: Scott Summers
First Appearance: X-Men (vol. 1) #1, 1963


Optic Blast - A concussive force of energy Cyclops can fire from his eyes. 
Cyclops cannot turn this mutant power "off", so he has to wear some form of 
ruby-quartz headgear, be they sunglasses or his distinctive visor, at all 

Brief History: Cyclops was the first field leader of the team after, hand 
picked by Professor X for that job, and is considered one of the best leaders 
in all of Marvel Comics, second only to a few, namely Captain America. An 
orphan as a child after a parachuting accident apparently took the lives of his 
parents, Scott was one of the first of many to find a surrogate family in the 
X-Men, and would call the team his home for many years, with only some 
interruptions. His powers were discovered in his mid-teens, and the knowledge 
that, if he were to somehow lose control of his powers, people could be hurt 
because of him, has never sat well with him. Over the years, Scott would 
rediscover his family in his younger brother Alex, now the mutant hero Havok, 
and in his estranged father, now Corsair of the intergalactic group the 
Starjammers. He's also one half of the mutant world's unofficial "first 
couple," along with Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix.

In the Game: Cyclops' Optic Blast attack is pretty much at its most basic form 
in this game. It's one long, single that goes straight ahead, and its width 
only matches that of his visor. The blasts also demonstrate explosive abilities 
not seen in the comics. And, strangely, using this power hurts him in the game, 
and only won't hurt him if he has 3 or lower health.
Player 2: Colossus
Real Name: Piotr (Peter) Rasputin
First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1, 1975


Organic Steel - Colossus can use his mutant power make his body composition go 
from your average (while still tall and muscular) flesh and blood person to a 
powerful, armored behemoth. While in this form, he has his full flexibility, 
but has greatly enhanced strength (able to lift over 100 tons) and durability, 
plus enhanced ability to withstand attacks.

Brief History: Over his storied career, Colossus has been many things since 
leaving his family's farm in Russia after accepting Professor X's offer to join 
the X-Men. He's been a lover (to N'Real of the Savage Land and to the X-Men's 
Shadowcat), an artist, an adventurer, and even one of Magneto's Acolytes! 
Through it all, one thing has remained certain: Piotr Rasputin is true to 
himself and his emotions, especially his love for his younger sister Illyana, 
later known as Majik of the New Mutants. Colossus was known equally amongst his 
teammates for his huge heart and ability to work well as a team member, in 
addition to his considerable strength. It was that heart that led him to the 
fateful decision to be the carrier for the antidote to the Legacy Virus, the 
same lethal to mutants virus that claimed both the lives of Illyana and his 
brother Mikhail. And in being that carrier, Colossus too would die, making the 
ultimate sacrifice so other mutants could live.

In the Game: Ouch. Colossus got hurt in this one. Though his throw is vastly 
different from any other in the game, Colossus isn't particularly stronger or 
tougher than any of the other X-Men. He also has an attack he's never 
demonstrated in the comics, and almost certainly could never do: an energy 
field that surrounds him as he briefly returns to his flesh form. This attack, 
like all other mutant power attacks for the playable heroes, hurts him much of 
the time. And sadly, the Fastball Special (an attack where he throws Wolverine 
right at their enemies) isn't in the game.
Player 3: Wolverine
Real Name: Born as James Howlett; known today simply as Logan
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk (vol.1) #180, 1974


Healing Factor - Wolverine's body heals at a rate that was at first completely 
unheard of in his world. Cuts close almost instantly, bones mend rapidly, even 
vital organs restore themselves! It also affects his aging, slowing it down to 
the point where, though he was born in the Late Nineteenth Century, he only 
looks to be in his late 30s, at the very least. If it weren't for this mutant 
power, he likely would have never survived the operation that gave him his...

Adamantium Claws and Skeleton - Adamantium is a rare metal that can cut 
anything on Earth, even diamonds. During the Weapon X project, this metal was 
bonded right to Wolverine's bones and claws, giving him perhaps the ultimate in 
close combat weapons.

Super Senses - Wolverine has senses that are on the same level of some animals, 
including smell and hearing.

Brief History: Only now is the true story of James Howlett being revealed to 
comic readers around the world. A horrible twist of fate involving the death of 
his father and the emergence of his mutant powers made he and his companion 
Rose escape his family's estate. Rose is the one who gave him the name that 
would follow him all his life: Logan. Details after that are shrouded in 
mystery, but it is known that somewhere, the Canadian project Weapon X bonded 
to him the adamantium that has made his claws even more lethal. Thus, Wolverine 
was born, and made his first appearance getting in the middle of a fight 
between the Hulk and the Wendigo. A year later, Professor X gave him an offer 
to join the X-Men, where his notorious temper and generally ornery attitude did 
little to endear himself to the team's field commander, Cyclops. In time, 
though, Wolverine made himself one of the most trusted and capable of all the 
X-Men. All this is to say nothing of his tangled relationships with the likes 
of Sabretooth, Silver Fox, Omega Red, Deadpool and others who came out of or 
are related to the Weapon X project...

In the Game: Wolverine, sadly, does not have his healing factor represented 
here. In fact, using his mutant power attack hurts him! At that, his mutant 
power attack is a burst of curved lasers thrown from his claws as he thrashes 
them about, something he could never do in the comics if he tried.
Player 4: Storm
Real Name: Ororo Monroe
First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1, 1975


Weather Control - Storm's mutant ability gives her the considerably powerful 
talent of controlling the weather. This can manifest itself into gusts of wind; 
rain, sleet and snow; adjustments to the humidity and temperature; dispersion 
of natural weather effects to create clear conditions; and even bolts of 

Brief History: Storm had already led an amazing life before being brought into 
the X-Men by Professor X. She was the daughter of a Kenyan princess and an 
American photojournalist, and only lived 6 months in Manhattan before 
relocating to Cairo, Egypt. During a violent conflict that hit that city, Ororo 
lost her parents at the tender age of 5 as their home came down around them, 
almost burying Ororo herself alive and leading to the acute claustrophobia that 
would haunt her all the way through her adult life. The now homeless orphan 
became a street thief under the mutant Shadow King, but once she became a 
teenager, she found herself called to her native Kenya, where her now fully 
developed mutant powers made her a revered goddess. It was here Professor X 
found her, and told her the truth about her powers, and offered her a place in 
the new X-Men. She has served on the team as both a member and as a formidable 
leader almost uninterrupted since then.

In the Game: Storm's mutant powers manifest themselves in the form of a single, 
powerful hurricane, destroying everything in its path. Again, like the other 
character's mutant power attacks, this hurts her quite a bit. One of her 
attacks against a downed opponent also shows some of this power off, sending a 
jolt of electricity into her foe through a small scepter I don't think I've 
ever seen her use, least of all while wearing her original uniform represented 
Player 5: Nightcrawler
Real Name: Kurt Wagner
First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men #1, 1975


Teleportation - With an audible "BAMF!" and a burst of brimstone, Nightcrawler 
can enter another dimension and come back out of it any place he can either 
physically see or see in his mind. He's always in control of these teleports, 
never accidentally returning to find himself in solid matter that would kill 
him. After some practice, he could even bring other people with him. The 
brimstone is actually part of the atmosphere of the dimension he teleports 

Miscellany - Nightcrawler can also cling to any surface, giving him wall-
crawling talents that even Spider-Man would be proud of. He can hang onto 
branches and the like with his prehensile tail, and can blend into shadows. 
Furthermore, his spine is far more flexible than an ordinary human's, allowing 
him to contort his body into numerous positions with ease.

Brief History: At birth, Nightcrawler already had his demonic appearance - deep 
indigo hair and fur, luminescent yellow eyes, three fingers on each hand, two 
toes on each foot, and a pointed tail. His birth exposed his mother, a 
disguised Mystique, as a mutant, and she fled, abandoning the child. He was 
adopted by a travelling circus, and he learned there that his mutant powers 
were something to be proud of as he plied his trade as an acrobat. His life 
would take a dramatic turn of events, however, when following his brother to 
investigate a murder, and soon he was accused of a murder himself by the 
townspeople who thought him a demon. Professor X halted them in their tracks 
and soon offered Kurt a place in the X-Men. There, Nightcrawler became a part 
of the team's heart, and would later found Excalibur in England when he 
mistakenly thought his teammates to be dead. Today, his focus is on becoming a 
Catholic Priest, but he still serves as a stalwart member of the team.

In the Game: This would be Nightcrawler's lone arcade role to this date, but 
what an appearance it would be! While he can't do most of his tricks, his 
teleport has been beefed up so that he becomes a living homing missile, taking 
out all but a few enemies. And, yes, this attack is another of those harmful 
mutant power attacks.
Player 6: Dazzler
Real Name: Allison Blair
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #130, February 1980


Sonic Light - Dazzler can transfer any sound energy near her into light energy. 
This gives her an assortment of attacks that includes lasers and strobe blasts, 
but can just as typically be used as a light show for her concerts. 

Brief History: Dazzler wasn't all that hip to the idea of being a super hero at 
first. She just wanted to be a singer. An encounter with the X-Men during their 
first brushes with the Hellfire Club amidst the Dark Phoenix Saga would be a 
harbinger of change for the would-be pop star, though. An singing contest where 
she beat the Asgardian immortal known as the Enchantress would actually plummet 
her further into the adventuring world. It wouldn't be until after she was 
possessed by Malice of the Marauders that she would join the X-Men and meet 
Longshot, the genetically created gladiator turned rebel and X-Man. The two 
together would take to his home, the media-crazed Mojoverse, which she would 
call home and even apparently start a family with Longshot. That tenure was 
interrupted only recently when she was escaping some bizarre hunters and was 
recruited by Phoenix to rescue Professor X from Magneto.

In the Game: Dazzler's light energy attacks are her mutant power attack, and 
they bear the same energy draining qualities that you're by now sick of hearing 
about. She generates a little energy in her hand, and throws it, and it 
explodes with a decent sized radius, destroying lesser enemies and weakening 
Non-Playable Hero: Professor X
Real Name: Charles Xavier
First Appearance: X-Men #1 (vol. 1), 1963


Psionics - Professor X is bar none the Earth's most powerful telepath. He can 
enter someone's mind and read thoughts, communicate with that person, make them 
see illusions, remove or enhance memories, and even do a hostile takeover of it. If 
it has to do with the brain and the psyche, Professor X can get at it.

Brief History: At the very heart of the mutant world, there is a dream. A dream 
of peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans. That dream first belonged 
to Professor Charles Xavier, or Professor X as he came to be known, and he 
would share that dream with his students, the X-Men. Over the years, he's been 
known as many things, including a step-brother to the villainous Juggernaut, an 
active hero amongst his students, a lover to mutant researcher Moira McTaggart, 
and even at one time a villain. But Professor X is best known as the 
wheelchair-bound mentor of the world's premier group of mutant adventurers. 
And his faith in his dream may have been threatened at various points in his 
history, and even in one history where he never existed, but never wavered for 

In the Game: Professor X is simply the man giving the orders to his team, and 
also seems to have the most voice recorded of all the characters.
Non-Playable Hero: Shadowcat
Real Name: Kitty Pryde
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129, January 1980


Phasing - Shadowcat's mutant power allows her to walk through solid matter by 
making her molecules pass through the molecules in said solid matter. She 
phases through the material at the same speed she went into it, and she can 
phase for as long as she can hold her breath. Other people can phase with her 
so long as they hold onto her hand.

Brief History: Shadowcat was recruited to the team at the same time she was 
being sought by the White Queen to draw out the X-Men, and she joined just as 
Jean Grey had apparently died as Phoenix. And she wasn't always Shadowcat, she 
was first known as Sprite, then Ariel before settling on her feline moniker. In 
her very first mission with the team, her body was taken over by a future 
version of herself to stop an assassination of a major political figure that 
would have sparked a human/mutant war. Since then, she's been a regular 
presence in both the X-Men and in offshoot teams, most notably Excalibur. She's 
had a number of on and off relationships, including fellow X-Men member 
Colossus and Excalibur associate Pete Wisdom, and was most recently seen in the 
comics going to college.

In the Game: Sadly, Shadowcat exists only as a damsel in distress. She's not 
even named as Shadowcat, just "Kitty."

>The Villains<

Regular Grunts: The Sentinals
Real Names: N/A
First Appearance: X-Men (vol. 1) #14

Powers: Various

Brief History: Mankind has reacted to mutants in all kinds of ways, but perhaps 
the most extreme is the Sentinels. Originally created by Bolivar Trask but 
later upgraded by numerous others, the Sentinals are giant robotic hunters 
programmed to find and capture mutants, these soul-less beings carry out their 
work with grim efficiency. In some realities, they have done their job so well 
that they have practically become the law. Rarely, though, Sentinals may 
possibly gain self awareness and rebelled against their creators. More often, 
they are reprogrammed to do the bidding of a new master, most recently 
Onslaught. To the X-Men, the Sentinels present the "worst case scenario" of 
human bigotry and technology working hand in hand.

In the Game: Well, there's only one Giant Sentinel to speak of here, and all 
the rest are the size of any of the other characters in the game. Furthermore, 
they're working for Magneto, a mutant. Perhaps he's reprogramed them? Either 
way, Sentinels here come in a rainbow of colors, as opposed to just the purples 
they've had in the comics for years now.
Regular Grunts: Bonebreaker
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: As yet unknown to me

Powers: Cybernetic in origin.

Brief History: Bonebreaker was the leader of an Australian gang of thugs called 
the Reavers. When the X-Men arrived in Australia, the gang didn't last that 
much longer as it was. That was before Donald Pierce entered the picture, and 
made Bonebreaker and company a group of cyborgs. Since then, Bonebreaker has 
been a brute whose entire lower body has been replaced by a miniature tank. 
More recently he and a few of his Reavers buddies were seen in the employ of 
the Shadow King. His general disposition hasn't really changed much; he's still 
as mean as they come.

In the Game: This rip-off of GI Joe's Dreadnoks is actually the template used 
for two common grunt characters who start appearing later in the game. They're 
the fastest common enemies in the game, but that doesn't say much for their 
attacking power at all.
Level 1 Boss: Pyro
Real Name: St. John Allerdyce
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 141, December 1980


Fire Control - Pyro can take control of any heat source he can find. He can't 
create fire, so he typically uses a flame thrower. His talents of manipulation, 
however, allow him to create claws, hands, and other somewhat whimsical 
creations that he can control.

Brief History: Ever since he burst onto the scene with Mystique's new 
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Pyro has been somewhat enigmatic. Even though his 
real name isn't a secret, it's not known what drove him to being a super 
villain, especially since he has been a fairly successful writer of romance 
novels. Perhaps he was bent on living up to his name, or maybe something else 
was afoot. Still, he would stick to Mystique through to the end of the 
Brotherhood's run as the government sponsored Freedom Force, and he'd 
frequently be her back-up when needed at other times. After that, he lit his 
flame for Toad's version of the Brotherhood, and would remain a villain until 
he contracted the Legacy Virus and died before the eyes of notorious anti-
mutant legislator Senator Robert Kelly, the reason he turned to villainy dying 
with him.

In the Game: Pyro is by and large the weakest boss. He has some impressive fire 
attacks, but he'll fall pretty quick. He'll re-appear, apparently cloned, in 
the second to last major stage, where a number of Pyros will attack as the mid-
stage boss.
Level 2 Boss: The Blob
Real Name: Fred Dukes
First Appearance: X-Men (vol. ) #3, 1963


Mass - The Blob isn't just fat, he's got quite a bit of strength under all that 
flab. His skin is so durable, bullets cannot pierce it. Additionally, if he 
stands perfectly still in one spot and mentally augments his mass, he is 
utterly unmovable.

Brief History: The Blob was a circus freak when he was found by the X-Men, 
looking for a new member to add to their ranks. What they found was one 
uncouth, rude, disgusting man who would sooner rub someone's nose in the 
pavement he'd fallen on than help him get up. However, egged on by the 
knowledge that he was super-human, the Blob turned to crime in all it's forms, 
and has been a fixture of several incarnations of the Brotherhood of Evil 
Mutants. A bully in every sense of the word, the Blob may have spent more time 
as a Brotherhood member than any other alumni, but that hardly makes him a 
popular member of the team as far as the others have been concerned...

In the Game: "Nothing moves the Blob!" Maybe not, but you actually CAN knock 
him off his feet in this game. He falls roundly on his rear end, and then you 
can lay on even more punishment. Blob carries around a mace, as if his own 
extra large fists weren't enough.
Level 3 Boss: Wendigo
Real Name: Either Paul Cartier, George Baptiste or Francois Lartigue... or 
maybe even someone else!
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #162


Transformation - Wendigo, when not in his human form, is a really tall, really 
hairy giant of a thing with tremendous strength, good regenerative abilities, 
exceptional durability and razor sharp teeth and claws. The only way to reverse 
the transformation is through arcane means.

Brief History: The Wendigo is a mystical creature thought to be merely Native 
American superstition. The story goes that those who practice cannibalism up 
north become the brute. All three men listed above have become just that, and 
all desire fresh human flesh. First seen battling the Hulk and the Wolverine, 
the curse of the Wendigo has passed to several people, and all of them have 
caused quite a stir upon their popping up. Oh, and they seem to share the same 
one word vocabulary: it's name.

In the Game: While it's quite appropriate to see Wolverine's first foe in this 
game, why is he working for Magneto? Perhaps he's just being goaded by the 
promise of food? Either way, he's appropriately strong and difficult to beat in 
this game, throwing X-Men like rag dolls with ease.
Level 4 Boss: Master Mold
Real Name: N/A
First Appearance: Unknown to me at this time

Powers: Varies by incarnation, but this one has Super Strength, rocket-powered 
feet, and some good metal armor at the very least.

Brief History: This is the lead Sentinel, in theory bigger and badder than all 
others. Every generation of Sentinals has had it's own Master Mold, which acts 
as the ringleader for all the little underlings. Like their brethren, the 
Master Molds more often than not wind up destroyed by the same adventurers who 
take down their subordinates, though sometimes they survive. One Master Mold 
was incorporated into the futuristic Sentinal called Nimrod, who in turn was 
incorporated along with the very first Master Mold into the villainous Bastion.

In the Game: Master Mold is another big brute of a boss, really. Nothing 
terribly special that hasn't been seen with Wendigo and Blob.
Level 5 Mid-Boss: The White Queen
Real Name: Emma Frost
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129, December 1979


Psionics - White Queen is an expert telepath, fully capable of reading others 
minds and influencing their thoughts. She's not on the same level as Professor 
X, but she's no slouch.

Diamond Form - The White Queen discovered a few years ago that she can turn her 
body into an almost indestructible form that makes her body look like it's 
constructed out of diamond. She cannot use any of her telepathic abilities 
while in this form, however. She also has absolutely no human compassion while 
in this form. This ability, however, did not even exist when the game was 

Brief History: The White Queen's story reads like a "how-to" guide for 
seduction, manipulation and back-stabbing. She truly believes that only the 
strongest will ever survive the battle that she sees life to be. A member of 
the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, she was a key manipulator in the events 
leading up to the Dark Phoenix Saga. She was also the headmistress of the 
Massachusetts Academy, where she trained her own group of young mutants called 
the Hellions, who frequently clashed with the X-Men at her behest. It wasn't 
until the Hellions were long dead and the White Queen herself was weakened by 
an attack from Trevor Fitzroy that she would sign the Acadamy over to Professor 
X, and become headmistress for Generation X. Her education duties continue as 
a member of the X-Men's "home" team, where she has discovered her further 
mutation resulting in her diamond skin form.

In the Game: Naturally, there's no diamond skin to be found here; that would 
actually come about a decade after this game was released. Instead, the White 
Queen is a lightweight with a kick and a simple energy attack. Beat her and 
move on to...
Level 5 Boss: Juggernaut
Real Name: Cain Marko
First Appearance: X-Men (vol. 1) #12, 1965


Mystic Armor - The Juggernaut's powers are derived from the Ruby of Cyttorak, 
and after he has read the inscription of the seal next to it, he had found 
himself to have armor that can stop anything and the strength to stop 
everything else. The only way he can be defeated for long is if his helmet is 

Brief History: Cain Marko's father married Charles Xavier's mother, making the 
future Professor X his step-brother. Cain was a brutal, mean-spirited child, 
however, and abused his younger stepbrother when he found his own father 
favored Charles over him. That resentment followed into their adult lives, 
where Cain and Charles would find the abandoned temple of Cyttorak and it's 
mystic ruby while both were serving in the military. Enemy bombardment 
seperated them and destroyed the temple, and seemingly only Charles escaped. 
But Cain was not lost. Cain had used the ruby's power to become the unstoppable 
Juggernaut, and bashed his way out of his apparent burial with his newfound 
power. Since then, he used his strength as a terrible villain, lashing out 
against his stepbrother and his new charges, the X-Men, as well as having 
classic battles with the likes of Spider-Man and the Hulk, not to mention 
working with another villain with family ties to the X-Men, Black Tom Cassidy, 
the brother of Banshee. It would not be until very recently that Juggernaut 
would make peace with his foes and in fact join the X-Men himself.

In the Game: Juggernaut is his usual super-strong self, and this time he's even 
armed himself with a bazooka. It must have been Konami's way of making it up to 
fans by making the unstoppable behemoth and certainly popular villain a lot 
more... stoppable.
Level 7 Boss: Mystique
Real Name: Raven Darkholme
First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #16, 1978


Shapeshifting - Mystique can assume the size, shape and physical appearance of 
anybody she comes in contact with. She can even mimic voices and finger 
prints perfectly. However, she cannot duplicate powers, and cannot increase or 
decrease her own mass. It is not yet known if she can mimic animals or 
non-organic forms.

Brief History: Mystique's life has been one of constant deception. She learned 
to control her powers as a child, and blended into a German society until she 
gave birth to the obviously mutant child who would grow up to be Nightcrawler 
of the X-Men. Attempts to manipulate the peaceful co-existence of man and 
mutant proving unsuccessful, Mystique became a bitter woman, leading down to 
the path of pure terrorism. To that end, she would found the second Brotherhood 
of Evil Mutants, which would eventually become the government sponsored Freedom 
Force. She would adopt teenage Brotherhood member Rogue, but after her 
accidental permanent absorption the powers and abilities of Ms. Marvel, 
Mystique lost another child to fate. To this very day, Mystique continues to 
infiltrate political groups, governing bodies, and anything else she believes 
she can gain from. Nothing is beneath her, least of all assassination. Though 
she has served with X-Factor (against her will) and even once alongside X-Men 
members Iceman and Jean Grey, she remains on just one side: her own.

In the Game: Mystique impersonates Professor X after you defeat Juggernaut, and 
leads you into a trap. She later, and fairly unsuccessfully, impersonates 
Magneto as the last boss you face before you take down the real deal.
Final Boss: Magneto
Real Name: Erik Magnus Lenscherr
First Appearance: X-Men (vol. 1) #1, 1963


Magnetisim - Magneto can shape, bend and otherwise manipulate magnetic forces. 
Anything metal is his plaything, really. Colossus and Wolverine can barely get 
near the guy much of the time. He uses metal in his costume to levitate 

Brief History: Magneto was the first mutant villain to become known to the 
public as such. Before all that, he was Erik Leschnerr, a wanderer who wound up 
meeting Charles Xavier in Isreal. The two revealed their mutant powers to each 
other when defending themselves from terrorists. When Charles told him of his 
ideals, Erik scoffed at the idea harshly, believing it was impossible for even 
humans to co-exist. Dubbing himself the Master of Magnetisim, he has many a 
time tried to create a world where mutants rule supreme over humankind. 
Countless times he has clashed with the X-Men, and just about every other super 
hero in the Marvel Universe, collecting allies such as the Brotherhood of Evil 
Mutants and the Acolytes. Some consider him a savior, others a madman, but one 
thing is certain about Magneto; he will do anything to save mutants from 
persecution. His current whereabouts are unknown.

In the Game: Magneto is definitely the hardest boss in the game, and it shows. 
His Magnetic Shield will stop just about anything, and all his attacks HURT. 
Of course, as the most important villain the X-Men have ever faced, this is 
rather appropriate.

7/18/03- First version.

7/19/03- MASSIVE spell-check. Should have done that sooner.

7/20/03- Quick update to the legal section.


http://www.geocities.com/marvel_villains/, membres.lycos.fr/zcomics, and 
www.cerebrosxmen.com, all of which were huge helps in both finding and double 
checking the information in the various profiles.

www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this.

Marvel for creating these characters.

You for reading this!

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