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FAQ/Walkthrough by White Mage

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 11/20/2001

X-Men (Arcade) FAQ
By "White Mage" (imahappyduck@aol.com)
Version 0.25
Released Nov. 20, 2001

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How the hell this game has gotten by without having a FAQ of it posted at
GameFAQs I'll never know. Anyways, it's emulated by MAME and I got ahold of
the rom, so here's the walkthrough. I've been sitting on this FAQ for about a
month now and have decided to release it as is since this is the 3rd most
requested arcade FAQ right now and something is better than nothing.

Note that in the future I will have some strategies for the game and a run
down of all the characters. Also there will be a nice section on how to beat
all of the normal enemies. Right now I just have some of the tough parts
mapped out and how to beat the bosses.

Hopefully I'll get off my butt in the next month and get it done. :) Anyways,
my E-Mail address is at the top and bottom of the FAQ, if you have anything
you can add about the game for the final 1.0 release then drop me a line, eh?


Before I begin I wish to note that I won't give a very detailed walkthrough
because for this type of game it would be both impossible and redundant.
However, I will help you out with some of the more difficult parts of the
game and tell you how to beat the bosses with little hassle. I'd suggest you
read up on my strategies to find out the best way to take out the large
groups of bad guys you will face on your way to the boss.

Stage 1 - The City Streets

This is the easiest and shortest stage, all you have to do is beat up the
idiot sentinels and keep moving forward. The only rough part is when three or
four sentinels float down from the sky carrying parts of the street. They
throw the pieces of the street at you... and to tell the truth I don't know
if there's a way to avoid it. Just take it like a ma... err... X-Man.

BOSS: Pyro - Very simple, attack him from an angle and knock him down when
      he's not shooting his flamethrower. He's so easy that you shouldn't
      even need to use your mutant powers with him.

Stage 2 - Sentinel Factory

This is pretty much like the stage before it only there's more enemies and
it's longer. There's no real rough spots that need describing, although you
may need to use your mutant blast to escape from being ganged up on.

BOSS: Blob - WHen he's standing around doing nothing walk in and start
      hitting him. He may or may not hit you back, but he probabally will.
      When you knock him down walk in and start kicking while he's down to
      double the damage done. He cant hurt you then, but he will slap you
      back when he gets up. If he starts to be a pain hit him with your
      mutant blast to knock him on his butt, then start kicking him while
      he's down. Fat boy looks tough, but he's easily defeated.

Now the plot begins, and you find out that the Professor has been kidnapped
by Magneto. So the team goes to Island M to get Professor Baldy back.

Stage 3 - Island M

There's a ton of enemies here, but this place is quite simple as long as you
watch your back and avoid getting ganged up on. Watch the top of the screen,
sentinels tend to come out of the trees and if you position yourself right
you can take them all out without any hassle.

MidBoss - Cyberhornet thing - Take him out fast or you'll lose many lives.
          You can either hit him with jump kicks or a well placed mutant
          blast. Baby hornets will come from the tree in the center of the
          screen and they will not give you a chance to retaliate if you let
          them gang up on you. You can use your mutant blast to take them
          out, but more will arrive. Thus try to time your blast so that
          it'll hit the mother hornet. When she dies the whole swarm dies.

Keep moving on and after pimpslapping more sentinels you'll run into the boss.

BOSS - Windigo - He may look tough but he's a pussycat. He'll often hit you
       before you can get to him, and then will hit you the second you stand
       up. However, you can use the same strategy against him. Knock him on
       his butt using your mutant blast and attack him while he gets up.
       Chances are good that you'll knock him on his butt again, and again,
       and again. If that fails then make sure to attack him from an angle,
       you seem to have about a 50/50 chance of hitting him before he hits

Prof. X - "Go and rescue Kitty from the cave!" Thanks for the graceful and
thought-provolking dialogue, doc. ;)

Stage 4 - The cave

This cave is the same beat-em-up action you've been having for the past
twenty minutes. Watch out for the flamethrowers that come out of the ground,
thou. They're easy to take out but difficult to get around so you might think
about using a mutant blast to take them out...

BOSS - Robot (Dunno his name) - He's almost impossible to hit when you're
       walking up to him but when you do start in on a combo you're set to do
       major damage. I haven't seen him break my combo yet, and when he goes
       down you can start slapping him around again when he gets up. Same
       stuff, different boss. Just stay out of his line of attack as he will
       do major damage if you give him a chance.

"You must rescue the professor!" - Kitty stating the bleeding obvious.

Stage 5 - Island M Part II

Flamethrower heaven! There are parts where the road gets narrow and it is
virtually impossible to progress without using a mutant blast. The more
difficult enemies tend to get more and more numerous starting this stage, so
be careful.

MidBoss - Some blonde chick in a white bikini - Very easy to beat, you can
always hit her before she hits you if you time it right. Just walk up to her
and keep knocking the hell out of her.

BOSS - Juggernaut - With his bazooka and dash attack you definately do not
       want to stand in front of this guy. Instead approach him from an angle
       and start throwing punches the second you two line up. About 2/3 times
       you'll be able to knock him on his butt. It's a very simple strategy
       but it works, and the man who's invincible will be slapped around like
       a schoolgirl.

"X Men, thank god! Magneto is over there, follow me!" - Professor X

Stage 6 - Under the base

After realizing you've been fooled by Mystique you fall through a trap and
land in an underground area with lots of traps. These traps can easily be
taken out with a single punch, and the buttkicking action continues.

MidBoss - 4 Pyros - These guys take even less damage than the real thing,
          just use your mutant blast to take em all out at once.

BOSS - Statues - Trying to punch them may not be possible due to thier great
       reach, and with two of them attacking at once getting a good hit is
       near impossible. So just blast them over and over with your mutant
       powers until they crumble. Then the third statue comes to life and
       the only difference between him and the other two is that he can shoot
       lazers out of his eyes. He rarely does it, and since there's only one
       of him you can easily knock him senseless.

Prof X - "Magneto is planning on attacking Earth from his asteroid base! You
must follow that sentinel!"

Stage 7 - Asteroid base

You will be ganged up by the Blob and Windego at the same time. Keep moving
forward and the blonde chick will join the party. Now blast all three of them
at the same time with your mutant blast. If you use your blast to take them
all out then you'll only lose one or two lives, whereas if you attack them
one by one you'll lose many lives.

Once they're done with you'll run into the Robot and Juggernaut, blast them 4
times with your mutant blast and they'll be done for.

BOSS - Magneto - Just keep punching him, he's way easy. If you position
       yourself right you can keep knocking him into the wall on the right.
       He'll slide down and when he gets up you can keep punching him. It's
       possible to beat him without losing any life, in fact.

Prof X - "Alas, that was mystique, not Magneto! Magneto is in another place!
Go, X-Men!" Well, duh....

Stage 8 - Magneto

Boss - Magneto - This guy's a real asshole. When he knocks you to the ground
       he laughs at you, and when he kills you he lets you know it by saying
       "You are dead, hahahahahahaha!!!" It's time to slap him around just
       to shut him up...

       First off, when he raises his shield stay away, not only is he
       invincible against mutant blasts when it's up but you'll take a ton
       of damage if you go near him. You absolutely have to approach him from
       an angle or he WILL get the first hit.

       When he raises his shields and starts floating in the air you want to
       stay away from him, he'll shoot energy beams directly ahead of him.

       Quite frankly the best and easiest way to beat him is to just keep
       blasting him with your mutant blast. You'll lose a few lives in the
       process, but you'd lose a LOT more lives if you tried to just punch
       him around.

If you've beat him your reward is great. You get to watch a very slopped
together ending and go through it all over again! Congrats! :-D

Copyright Info / Distribution / Contacting me

This FAQ is copyright pending 2001 by White Mage, all rights reserved.

You may not put this FAQ on your website without asking permission first
by email, nor may you distribute it on a medium that will earn you profit.
That means that if you put this on a CD fulla FAQs and sell it to someone,
then I'm going to beat you down with Crushie my pet sledgehammer. It may not
look like much, but I put a ton of work into this document and I'd at least
like to know what's happening to it.

Essentially, if you want to distribute it, E-Mail me first and ask. There's a
99% chance I'll say yes. Right now the only site with permission to host
this is GameFAQs.com. 

If you have anything to add or have comments, feel free to E-Mail me at
IMAHappyDuck@AOL.com, and you'll usually get a response within a day.

Anyways, hope this helps you master this phenomenal game!

-White Mage
September 1, 2001



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