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    Pentabolt Keys & Codes FAQ by DigiPen

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 07/20/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    War: Final Assault  - PENTABOLT KEYS & CODES v3.1 -
    War, Mace - Atari Games 1999
    faq by DigiPen
    *** Also give thanks and a shout-out to Space Ace, who provided some helpful 
    info to update(2.o) this faq... if it wern't for scrubs like him that point out 
    the short comings of others and their faq's... we'd all have shitty faq's!!!  :)
    4:31 AM 7/20/99
    Just a guide to find all Pentabolt Keys and codes to use!
    - Personal Note
    - Game Premise
    - Codes/Secrets
    - Pentabolt Keys
    - Personal Note
    Finding the Pentabolt Keys require alot of skill in the art of first person 
    shooter games.  Their are 6 keys and 7 total levels...  If you find the all 6 
    keys you'll be able to access the secret 8th space level and finish off Alienov 
    for good.   Any questions/comments... please email me at 
    - Game Premise
    The Russian Federation is in economic chaos. The Irkutsk Free Republic, a tiny 
    nation in the Siberian Mountains, has declared its independence. The charismatic 
    general Uri Alienov has rallied the populace to his cause with the credo 
    "Prosperity Through Force." 
    Republic armies wage open attack on surrounding Russian nations. Despite being 
    hopelessly outnumbered, Republic forces win surprisingly easy victories. Reports 
    of previously unknown technology - armored robots, laser strike technology, and 
    other advances - send Russian and NATO advisors scrambling. The Russian 
    Federation launches full-scale ground and air assaults only to be thrown back 
    with ease. 
    Satellite photos show nothing out of the ordinary. One surveillance plane 
    manages to slip briefly through the Republic air defense, and the resulting 
    images show a horrifying transformation. The once languid region is now filled 
    with gigantic factories, laboring around the clock to produce the Republic's 
    deadly new machines. Massive numbers of troops and armored vehicles indicate 
    that Alienov is prepared to wage global war. 
    Russian leaders agree that a preventative nuclear strike is needed. An attack is 
    launched, but a strange electromagnetic counter-pulse causes the missiles to 
    implode harmlessly. The situation looks desperate. 
    You are a member of a crack team of mercenaries and military personnel assembled 
    by the Russian Federation to infiltrate the Irkutsk base. Once you determine the 
    source of the new technology, you are to eliminate Alienov. While you are a 
    seasoned veteran, this will be your biggest job yet. If you are successful, you 
    can name your own reward. But first you must survive. 
    - Codes/Secrets
    SECRET CHARACTERS - The secret characters are based on how many kills you have 
    on your ID.  Get about 14,000 kills to reach War Master rank and you can access 
    all of them.  Or by toying around with the buttons you can just hit view a 
    couple times and you can bypass the kills restriction.  Also by hitting View 3 
    to 5 times and hitting right on your joystick will reveil deeper hidden 
    characters from the game Mace, etc.  Like the red knight boss from Mace or the 
    executionor.   During the character select screen hit the joystick left or right 
    on the characters seen and you'll see other charactes like Alienov's workers or 
    Alienov's Generals, etc. <thanks to Space Ace for confirmation on this!>
    SECRET WEAPONS - You can't initially select these but I've seen them.  One 
    weapon that I noticed just randomly appears is a barrel that when you pull the 
    trigger lets a monkey go running after your opponent with TNT straped to it's 
    back and chases after them until they are grabed and nuked.  :)
    MULTIPLAYER SELECT - Inbetween multiplayer matches you can select the level you 
    want to play by holding down the View button and the top button on your 
    joystick.  A little window opens up on the bottom of the screen with the listing 
    of all the levels.  Only works when multiplayer games are still running.
    - Pentabolt Keys
    You can bust ass through all the levels in the game of War: Final Assault alone 
    or with others.  But when you have beaten the entire game you find out that 
    there is still one more level that takes place in space that you can't play.  To 
    access this secret final stage you must find all 6 PENTABOLT KEYS in the each of 
    the first 6 levels up to the final stage where your battle with Uli Alienov 
    himself in his huge battle tank at the end of level 6.  As soon as the game 
    starts you'll notice that throughout the entire game your on a set path with 
    some alternate paths.  Some if not most of the Pentabolt Keys are found at the 
    very beginning of each level.  So keep your eyes peeled and look in all 
    directions no matter how outrageous the area may look to reach.  
    LEVEL 1 / KEY 1 -
    As soon as the level starts you'll find that throughout the entire game your on 
    a set path with some alternate paths.  As soon as you enter Alienov's complex 
    the hallway will vier to the right and some of Alienov's workers will approach 
    you attacking.  Elinimate them and on the left hand side of that first room 
    you'll see a stack of boxes.  Climb on top of them and you'll find a hole that 
    you can fall into.  Fall into the hole and you'll be droped into a hallway with 
    four of Alienov's Stormtroopers.  Don't kiss and make up... just shoot and fuk 
    their world up.  Behind the last two stormtroopers you'll see a silver war 
    symbol right in front of your exit elevator.  Take it and you'll have the first 
    Pentabolt key of the game.
    LEVEL 2 / KEY 2 -
    Right after the red robot that blocks the outside is a open area with craters in 
    the ground.  Shoot the bottom of the first crater. It blows up and you can enter 
    an underground corridor.  <key 2 info by Space Ace>
    LEVEL 3 / KEY 3 - 
    When you enter the level you start in a hallway that ends with a flight of 
    stairs that go up to the left.  Kill the troopers standing on the stairs and at 
    the top... the path u-turns to the right with another set of stairs that leads 
    up to a huge door with the War game symbol on it.  Instead of going thru that 
    door.  Jump on the hand railing wall section in between the sets of stairs and 
    walk up it.  Then when you've walked all the way up to the top of the hand rail 
    wall.  Take your joystick and look 2 o'clock... jump to that small narrow ledge 
    and walk to the right.  A wall will open up and the small path will take you to 
    a room full of Alienov's workers and troopers.  Kill them and take the Pentabolt 
    Key, take the elevator down and it'll drop you off at the level in between the 
    sets of stairs.
    LEVEL 4 / KEY 4 -
    Head right, jump up the little hill for the laser.  If you head left, shoot the 
    rock wall and it will blow up. Head into the corridor, and the top where it 
    turns left, shoot the rock wall and it will open up. You can also get the guy at 
    the top to open it for you when you shoots you and misses. <key 4 info by Space 
    LEVEL 5 / KEY 5 - 
    In the long corridor, that has a black storm trooper with a laser at the end, 
    there is a door blocked by a red barrel and a stack of 3 boxes.  Shoot the 
    barrel and enter the door. <key 5 info by Space Ace>
    LEVEL 6 / KEY 6 - 
    I found in a level where you are started out in a rise with a set of stairs 
    going down directly in front of you with two of Alienov's Black Stormtroopers in 
    front of you shooting their pulse rifles at you. Kill them and take the left 
    path... I don't remember exactly yet but I will find it and give you an update 
    here soon how to get their.  But if you end up in a room along the way that has 
    huge green tanks with Alienov's workers on top of it with face shields.  Then 
    you've found it.  Go behind the takes and take the stairs up.  Then jump onto 
    the first tank and then jump over until you get to the final tank and fall in 
    it.  Trust me.. you'll fall into a room with some troopers.  Kill them and take 
    the path up to the Pentabolt Key.  
    Hopefully, with all these keys you can finish the 7th stage where Alienov has 
    you in his alien ship and finish him.  Not to spoil things but with all the keys 
    you should be able to access the final 8th space level.  

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