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DeathMatch FAQ by Seven

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 07/07/99

War : Final Assault -DeathMatch FAQ v1.7
by Seven <Seven_777_@hotmail.com>

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced 
electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as 
this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full.  This FAQ is not 
to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by 
publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into 
magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Seven 
<Seven_777_@hotmail.com>. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that 
are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where credit is 

War: Final Assault, Mace: The Dark Age, Gauntlet Legends, and all related 
characters are (c) Atari Games Corp.

                            Welcome Soldiers!!!


                     I.   ----Intro---------------
                     II.  ----Characters----------
                     III. ----Weapons-------------
                     IV.  ----Levels--------------
                     V.   ----Rank----------------
                     VI.  ----Basic-Survival-Tips-

                                I. Intro

  For all the beginners out there (and possibly some that would like to be 
better at their current skill), I have compiled a rather complete guide for this 
awesome Arcade Deathmatch game. This is my first FAQ, and it is far from 
finished, but because I haven't found any other War info out there, I felt 
compelled to toss some War Master wisdom out for any needing assistance. I will 
continue updating this as I see fit.  Any and all questions or 'constructive' 
criticism is highly appreciated!:)

                             II. Characters

   - Sgt. Gunn -

       Speed - *****-----
       Armor - *****-----

          The average soldier.  His basic weapon is a shotgun.  It fires one 
shot per second and has excellent auto-aim.  It will deliver 25-35% damage at 
point blank range, but this decreases at a distance because of it's slight 

   - Blondie -

       Speed - *******---
       Armor - ***-------

          Speed is her forte, and she should use it well.  Being the weakest 
member of the team calls for constant dodging of enemy fire.  Her gun fires 
three successive shots with deadly accuracy.  It has a slight auto-aiming 
feature that offers higher damage at a distance.

   - Hawk -

       Speed - ******----
       Armor - ****------

          Quick, and the best jumper.  His semi-automatic fires three painful 
rounds and seems to have the ability to shoot over/through boxes.  He requires a 
bit more accuracy when aiming.

   - Capt. Zukov -

       Speed - ***-------
       Armor - *******---

          Slowest, but strongest.  His weapon fires one fast rocket sized 
projectile that can do over 50% damage on any of the other three, but with 
absolutely no auto-aim.  It takes excellent marksmanship to hit someone with it 
at a distance.  He is best used in close range.

   - Secret Characters -

       There are a number of secret characters that can be accessed as you gain 
higher rank.  By pushing left or right on the joystick while selecting your 
character, you can see the alternate characters.  They are exactly the same as 
the basic characters but are always more fun to play with.  They are either 
baddies from the single player mission or cameos from Mace: The Dark Age.

       Sgt. Gunn   - Yellow Worker/Soldier , Green Armored Soldier, Lord Deimos 

       Blondie     - Taria (Mace)

       Hawk        - 1st Level Boss, Black Gas-Mask Soldier, The Executioner 

       Capt. Zukov - 2nd Level Boss, General Alienov

   Note:  When the rank of 'War Master' is achieved, the basic characters' 
uniforms will be upgraded to a metallic black (as opposed to the usual red, 
blue, green, or yellow).

                              III. Weapons

   - Gattling Gun *****----- 300 ammo

       A rapid-fire automatic machine gun.  Capable of mowing down enemies with 
good accuracy at short and long range.  Try putting this one right up their 

   - Laser ******----

       Remember to aim a little higher with the crosshairs for this one.  Hold 
the trigger for a constant green stream that cuts through enemies 'like a hot 
knife through butter'.  It also has a reflective property that enables the beam 
to bounce off one wall.  Handy for nailing the ones hiding just around the 

   - FlameThrower ****------

       Because of it's very short range, it is best used in close battles or 
when you have them in a corner.  Press it on them at point blank range for a 
quick drain of energy.  It also sets the target on fire, burning a bit of their 
life away for up to an additional 5 seconds after the attack.

   - Missile Launcher *******--- 12 ammo
       When the beeping sight reads "LOCK", pull the trigger repeatedly to send 
3 heat seeking missiles after your opponent.  Dodging these abusive trios is 
usually done with a well timed jump and strafe.  Just don't get stuck with your 
back to a wall.

   - Mine Launcher *****-----
       This small grey guy tosses red, glowing, grenade-like canisters anywhere 
you point it.  They can bounce a number of times, and they will sit still on the 
ground for almost 3 seconds (or until someone runs into it) before exploding.  
Throw them all over a room, but dont hurt yourself.  Pretty painful.

   - SoundWave Cannon  ********--
       A bite as bad as it's bark.  The loudest gun in the game.  Hold the 
trigger to charge for MAX power.  Best when used at close range, but it can 
reach quite far at full power and if the aim is good enough.  Try using it 
through narrow cracks and from under a platform.  (One of my personal favorites 

   - Grenade Launcher   *******--- 6 ammo
     (+) (#)
       The Mine Launcher's big brother.  This yellow beast arcs one quick shot, 
and explodes upon impact.  Although a quick killer, it is sometimes very hard to 
nail a moving target with one shot.  Try jumping right on top of them while 
aiming down.  Very Deadly!

   - Armored Turret  ******----
     (+) (#)
       The only weapon you can ride in the game.  This gun turret fires straight 
shots from it's huge left and right cannons with umlimited ammo and range.  It 
acts like the Grenade Launcher, except without the arc to it's shot.  It also 
seems to double the armor strength of whoever is on it.  But be warned; the 
Turret cannot move other than in a 360 degree stationary point, so whoever is in 
it should be prepared for snipers.

   - Barrel O' Monkeys  **********!
     (+) (#)
       Consider yourself lucky if you get ahold of this one.  The Barrel O' 
Monkeys is the deadliest and most feared weapon of WAR.  It is a gun that only 
appears in deathmatch at random times.  Pulling the trigger sends a little 
monkey with dynamite strapped to it's back hopping after anything in it's path.  
Whoever posesses this gun should be the target of all firepower.  And if you see 
a monkey trotting your way....SHOOT IT!! (Note: If anyone out there knows of any 
way to generate the Monkeys intentionally, or if you know what conditions must 
be met for this gun to appear, please let me know.)

    Note:  (+) = Weapon capable of destroying target with one shot.
           (#) = Weapon capable of harming the user.

<Note: Weapon rankings for this section are of my own experience and opinion>

                               IV. Levels

   - Power Station -
     (M) (+)
       The basic Deathmatch level.  You can shoot through the ventilation fan in 
the wall.  Grab what you can and go for it.

   - Green Death -
       Possibly the easiest level to learn.  It's a square with big guns on all 
four corners.  The SoundWave Cannon works very well here.

   - Hide and Seek -
       Another simple one.  Guard your territory well.  The Gattling Gun and 
Grenade Launcher are quite effective here.

   - Half Grav -
     (S) (+)
       It's called 'Half Grav' for a reason.  All characters can jump/float 
twice as far.  There's only two rooms to this one, and you can jump and/or shoot 
through the huge stained glass window in the center.  Grab the Missile Launcher 
or the SoundWave Cannon for best results.

   - Command Center -
       Possibly the biggest level for Deathmatch.  Try a little "attack from 
above" by shooting or jumping from the upper platforms to the unsuspecting ones 
below.  No best weapon here, just get one.

   - Circle Strafe -
       A circular room with a bridge in the center.  Things can get ugly here 
unless you have good equipment.  There is no SoundWave Cannon or Grenade 
Launcher, and since the level is tiny, grab the FlameThrower or Mine Launcher.

   - Grinders -
       Pretty simple; both sides are seperated by huge grinders in the floor.  
Don't fall in, or you'll lose a kill.  Be careful when getting any large weapons 
out in the open, and watch your step on the bridges.

   - Toxic Falls -
     (M) (+) (T)
       The green stuff here won't hurt you, so use the trench to your advantage.  
Hopping on the Turret isn't such a good idea when they are on both sides of you, 
so don't spend more than a few seconds in it.  Try shooting through the green 
pillar inside the shelter.

   - Acid Bath -
       The green pool in the center will hurt you, but barely.  The whole level 
is another square, so keep in mind which side they are on.

   - Siberian Outpost -
     (M) (+) (T)
       This Turret can be quite useful against the ones that like to sneak 
around in the cave.  Try using the Gattling or Grenade Launcher on this one.  
Grab that full health quick too.

   - Alien Observatory -
     (M) (+)
       Seems wierd at first, but it's another 4-sided stage with 4 pillars.  A 
good strategy to use is to stay on the bottom floor with the Missiles or the 
Gattling and wait for them to drop to you.

   - Jump Kill -
     (M) (+)
       Watch yourself when you go for the Missiles or the Gattling Gun.  The 
SoundWave Cannon works nicely.  Try leaping from the window for a suprise attack 
on anyone outside.

   - Uranium Refinery -
       Although a medium sized level, things can get crowded with more than one 
enemy.  There is a mine shaft and an elevator that both lead to the Grenade and 
Missile Launchers.Stay on your toes and watch the entrances to and from the 
underground mine.

   - ??????? -

       Because the Deathmatch levels are released at certain times there is 
still one more level out there, but I haven't run across it yet.  Don't worry, 
I'll keep an eye open for it.  When I learn it, you will all be the first (or 
seventh) to know.

    Note:  (+) = Full Health Powerup available
           (T) = Armored Turret available
           (S) = Small/Simple level
           (M) = Medium/Average level
           (L) = Large/Complex level

                                V. Rank

       As you rack up kills in Multiplayer Deathmatch or Cooperative Mission, 
they are added to your 'Career Kills'.  This is the total number of kills you 
have scored since creating your Player Name and Password.  For every 1 kill on 
the mission, 1 kill is added to your Career Kills.  But for Deathmatch, your 
total number of kills at the end of the match is multiplied x3 and then added to 
your Career Kills.  Your kills are recorded on your Name and Password, NOT on 
your individual characters.  This means any time you change characters, you keep 
your kills and rank.

       Rank is determined by the number of kills you score.  You move up in Rank 
by getting more kills, much like gaining levels in Gaunlet Legends.  Everyone 
starts as a Grunt and proceeds up the scale:

   Grunt, Private, Scout, Commando, Specialist, Arms Expert, Sergeant...??...
   Lieutennant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General...War Lord, War Master

(I apologize for the inacuracy of this listing, but I gained rank so quickly, it 
was all a blur.  I'm sure you understand...I will update this later.)

                            VI. Basic Survival Tips

   - Strafe -

       This is the word used for moving left or right while facing forward.  
This is the #1 way to dodge ememy fire while keeping your sight on their face.  
It's best for anyone that wants to be better than average in battle. Learn to 
strafe without losing the target.   

   - Keep Moving -

       I don't think I can stress enough how important it is to stay in  
motion!! We all know that a moving target is harder to hit. Standing still for 
more than 3 seconds could very easily give your opponent enough time to find you 
first and/or plenty of time to lock his sight on your head. Run forwards, 
backwards, left or right, but just keep going. A still target is a dead target.

   - Time -

       The other reason to keep on your toes is because of the time limit. 
Whoever has the most kills at the end of 3 minutes is the winner. "If you want 
to eat, move to where the meat is before someone else gets it".

   - Weapons -

       Nobody sane plays a single match without grabbing some BIG GUNS!!! Learn 
the weapons; how they work, what they do, where they are. Think of the range and 
trajectory of your weapon and get used to it.    Only your character's basic 
weapon has infinite ammo, so keep an eye on how much is left in the one you're 
carrying. If it's running too low for comfort, drop it and find the next one.  
Also, be aware of weapons you pick up that other people dropped. Check the ammo 
left before going for the kill. It's sometimes better to let it respawn and have 
full ammo.

   - Radar -

       The radar at the bottom left could possibly be your best friend in the 
field.  Try to face the direction of your enemy at all times!!  You can't shoot 
at anything behind you, so be conscious of when they are there. Bright red means 
they're right on you, and faded orange means they are quite a distance away (but 
I'm sure you could have figured this out yourself).  Know exactly where they are 
and possibly where they are going. Cut them off and kill 'em.

   - Levels -

       There are 14 levels for Deathmatch.  The only way to learn them all is 
through experience.  The best map you can have is the one in your head.  Know 
the level layout as if it were your home and remember the quickest routes to the 
nearest heavy artillery.

   - Aim -

       If you can't aim, you can't win.  Remember that in the center of the 
screen is the crosshairs of your gun.  It's there to help you, so use it!!!  Pay 
attention to which direction your target is moving and try aiming in front of 

   - Kills -

       The Cooperative Mission of War is where you should worry about your life 
bar and concentrate on survival.  But for Multiplayer Deathmatch, focus on 
getting the kill.  Kill Points are what win. You could stay alive for the full 3 
minutes, but if you didn't kill a single person, you lose.  Get into the action 
and don't worry about lives, you'll respawn as long as there's time.  Keeping 
them from getting a kill is good, but getting your own kills is better.

   - Jumping -

       I have seen countless lives saved by the use of the strafe-and-jump 
technique.  Jumping while strafing is usually the best way to avoid harm by 
enemy fire and also return fire on the enemy. Jump left or right at the same 
time as they shoot and you may avoid the hit 50% of the time or only take 1/2 
the damage. Being chased to the edge of a walkway, bridge, or window? Jump off 
and run to safety!

   - Health -

       Not much to say here. When you run out, you die... and they get a point.  
So keep it up as long as possible. Find the Full Health power-up in whatever 
level you are playing and remember where it is. Almost every level has a Full 
Health power-up. The smaller health power-ups give about 10% health each, so 
don't ever pass up a string of them if you have the time and are wounded.

   - Don't Ally -

       Two people teaming up on one may seem like a good idea, but it's not.  
Stay on your own side.  Any two people that decide to kill only one person and 
not each other are actually at the disadvantage because they are having to split 
their score with their 'teammate'! The one soldier on his/her own should be able 
to kill two of them much easier when they are both together.

   - Sniping -

       At sometime during a three or four player match, you will undoubtedly be 
a spectator while two others battle it out.  While they are occupied with 
injuring each other, stay at a safe distance while you take out the one with the 
least life first, then aim for the other.  Some consider this 'cheap', but what 
good sniper doesn't deserve it?

   - The Fatal Hit -

       Because you can take damage without affecting performance, it all comes 
down to the last hit that determines who gets the point for a kill.  I have 
heard the phrase "You took my kill" far too many times. IMHO, whoever manages to 
land the fatal hit deserves the point, and it should serve as a lesson to 
others, "Don't leave the job unfinished".  Make sure you finish them off, or 
someone just might 'take your kill'.

   - Persistence -

       Just like with any game, it may take a few hours and a few quarters, but 
persistence pays.  Practice and you are guaranteed to get better.  Think of the 
controls like driving a car. It feels strange at first, but you'll be used to it 
in no time.

             +++It's War : Kill your friends for about a buck+++

 This document Copyright 1999 M.J. <Seven>

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