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FAQ by MHadley

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/19/99

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                     FINAL ASSAULT

     Strategy FAQ V1.0 9-19-1999 by Mark J. Hadley


    1.  INTRODUCTION: What is "War: Final Assault?"
    2.  CONTROLS
    4.  WEAPONS
    5.  ENEMIES
    7.  CODES


    1.  INTRODUCTION: What is "War: Final Assault?"

        This is a really cool arcade game first-person shooter, one of the first of it's
        kind.  You can choose from 4 different characters and navigate through a realistic
        3D environment, destroying computer-controlled enemies in the single-player game,
        or other players in a free-for-all battle.  Up to 4 machines can be connected,
        though so far I've only seen 3 machines together in one place.

    2.  CONTROLS

        The game uses a control scheme which is intuitive if you are used to first-person
        shooters such as Quake or Unreal.  There are buttons to control your movement
        forward and backward, to slide left and right, and to jump.  The joystick allows
        you to turn your facing, or to look up and down.  There are two buttons on the
        joystick: a trigger, for firing, and an "eject" button, to toss away the weapon
        you are currently carrying, or to exit from a turret (more on these two later).
        There is also a convenient "View" button which switches you between a first-person
        view and a chase view, where the camera is behind the player.


        Once I find out the names of the individual characters, I'll put them in.  For
        now, here they are by description:

	Crew-Cut Guy:  Armed with a shotgun, he's pretty much the average person in the
            game.  A great starter because of this.  His shotgun will do good damage up
            close, but does less the further from your target you are.  However, it's
            very easy to hit targets from afar with it.

        Female Fighter:  Has a light rapid-fire weapon.  It's pretty weak.  Her greatest
            advantage is speed; she's the fastest of all the characters, and a pretty
            decent jumper as well.  The gun fires faster, but since it's weaker, it
            doesn't quite make up for it.

        Shades Guy:  An excellent long-range fighter.  His machine gun will do the same
            damage whether you're right next to your target or really far away from it.
            Perfect choice for snipers.

        Big Cyborg Guy:  Slow, but makes up for it with power.  His weapon is a small
            rocket launcher.  It's hard to hit targets with it, and has a slow reload
            time, but it does a lot of damage.  Recommended only for experts.

    4.  WEAPONS

        Chaingun:  Very fast-firing weapon.  Tears through infantry, and is even good as
            a sniper weapon since it doesn't lose strength with distance.  Very accurate
            as well.

        Laser:  DEADLY!  You can rebound this off of walls too.  The only drawback is that
            you have to line the target up well if you want to do the most damage that
            you can.  In a head-to-head game, jumping will make it harder for someone to
            hit you with it.

        Grenade Launcher:  Shoots out explosive bomb-like projectiles, which explode after
            a seconds.  The true power of this weapon is if you can hit them with the
            grenades directly, where it will do a lot of damage.

        Mortar:  Lobs a large explosive projectile out.  This is an instant kill weapon if
            you hit someone directly with it, but it does good splash damage as well.

        Flamethrower:  Not very good damage, but the target will contiue to burn for a
            while after they're hit.

        MIssile Launcher:  One of the best weapons.  You can fire up to 3 missiles before
            reloading, and they will home in on targets if you lock onto them first.

        Plasma Cannon:  To make this weapon work, you have to hold the trigger down to
            charge it up, then fire by releasing the trigger.  Fully charged, it can kill
            anyone in front of you with one shot.

        Barrel of Monkeys:  This only appears every so often on multiplayer levels.  It's
            one of the most powerful weapons in the game!  It launches out monkeys with
            dynamite strapped to their back; they run out towards enemies, and will kill
            them on contact!  You can defend yourself by shooting down the monkey before
            it reaches you, however.

    5.  ENEMIES

        Construction Workers:  Lightly armed, with wrenches or light pistols.  They die
            fast and easily.  Just watch out if they swarm you, because those wrenches
            can hurt, especially in numbers.

        Orange-Suited Guys:  The basic enemy that you encounter through much of the game.
            They are fairly strong, and will fire large energy blasts at you.  Dodge them,
            because they can cut you down in no time if you stand still!

        Black-Suited Guys:  Tougher versions of the orange ones, they can take more damage,
            and their weapons are a little deadlier as well.  Plus, sometimes they are
            armed with one of the regular weapons.  Kill them and take it from them!

        Radiation Workers:  Just like the construction workers, but slightly tougher,
            and wearing radiation suits.  Also, on level 7, you will sometimes find them
            carrying weapons that you can take once you kill them.

        Aliens:  They will appear in various shapes and sizes in the last levels.  The
            large ones either shoot at you or try to punch you.  The spiders can be a
            nuisance, but are dispatched easily.


        Here are the locations of the pentabolt keys on levels one through 6.  Collecting them
        all will allow you to access a secret level after defeating the boss of level 7.

        Level 1:  Go inside the building at the beginning and climb up the stack of boxes
            to the left.  There will be a tunnel that you can fall into from the top.  It
            leads to a hallway with a few enemies in it.  The pentabolt key is at the end
            of the hallway; after picking it up, ride the lift up back to the rest of the

        Level 2:  After you get back outside, shoot out the bottom of the first crater.
            Fall in and follow the hallway around, killing the enemies inside.  Drop down
            into a room with a large slime pit and a turret on the opposite end.  After
            destroying the turret, jump across the pillars sticking out of the pit to reach
            the other side.  Go through either door, then up the ramp.  You will find the
            pentabolt key protected by some enemies.  Grab it and continue into the next
            room and out the door, which leads back outside again.

        Level 3:  Go up the staircase at the beginning.  Instead of going through the door
            at the top, jump onto the banister to the right of the door, then jump from
            there to the window ledge.  Walk towards the wall, and a door will open up,
            taking you to a small computer room with lots of construction workers and a
            couple of the black-suited guys.  The pentabolt key is in this room.  After
            grabbing it, take the ramp down and go through the door to go back out into
            the level.

        Level 4:  In the long hallway with all the debris and boxes stacked up against the
            wall, find a door on the right site near the end with a few boxes and one of
            the red explosive barrels.  Destroy the barrel, and go through the door.  At
            the bottom of the ramp is a room with the pentabolt key in the middle.  Grab
            it, but watch out for the ambush from the doors on the sides of the room.  To
            avoid getting hit, try grabbing the key, waiting a brief moment, then jumping
            backwards.  If done correctly, all the shots will miss you.  After killing the
            enemies, take the ramp up on the other side of the room and go through the door
            back out into the main hallway.

        Level 5:  As soon as the level starts, go left and shoot the cliff wall inside the
            fence.  Go through the cave, which leads up to the ledge.  Somewhere along the
            cave, however, is a spot where you can blast /another/ hole, leading to a point
            where you can drop down into a warehouse with boxes.  Kill the enemies, and
            watch out for the tank!  Just past the tank is a lift that will take you up to
            the pentabolt key, which is floating over a hole.  Don't worry about falling
            into the hole, because you'll grab the key as you fall, and that's where you
            need to go anyway.

        Level 6:  Go through the level until you get to a conveyor-belt-like machine that's
            rolling something lava-orange.  Make sure you take the /left/ path around the
            maching; going the other way will cause you to miss the key!  Continue through
            the level this way until you reach a large room with two vats of slime.  Jump
            up on the platfor on the far end to the right past the vats.  Around the back
            of them you will find a stairway which takes you to the top of the vats.  Jump
            onto the rim of the first one, then jump over to the second.  Fall /into/ the
            second vat.  Watch out for the radiation workers!  Take the lift up to a narrow
            passage leading to the pentabolt key, then drop back down into the room with the

    7.  CODES

        When selecting your character, press the view button several times, then move the
        joystick left or right.  This will allow you to select different models for your
        character.  They will act exactly like the character they are replacing; they just
        look different.  More of these models will become available to you as you become a
        higher rank.  Upon becoming a warmaster, you get a cool Alienov model for the last

        The winner of a head-to-head game can select the next level.  All they need to do is
        hold the eject and view buttons together to bring up the list, and while they're
        holding the buttons, move the joystick up and down to select the level they want.


    I am as of yet undefeated in War, in all the head-to-head games I've competed in.  Also,
    at the Gameworks at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI, I've attained a
    single-player streak of 255.  I can offer these tips that can help you become good enough
    to attain similar streaks.

    1.  Learn your enemies movements.  They will always shoot at you at the same times.  You
        can dodge them by learning when they shoot and doing a brief slip to one side just as
        he shoots.  This will cause them to shoot way to the side instead of shooting at you.

    2.  Robots can be defeated easily.  When they fire the first spread of shots at you, there
        is usually a gap between them that you can slip between if you're quick enough.  Then
        just weave back and forth as you shoot at them.  With practice, you won't take any
        damage at all.
    3.  Conserve ammo for tougher enemies.  When going up against weaker foes, toss away your
        weapon, kill them, then pick it back up.  Another way to conserve ammo is to learn
        to judge how much ammo it will take to kill an enemy; practice shooting the chaingun,
        for example, and releasing the trigger just as they are killed.  Finally, you can save
        even more ammo with a mixture of both weapons.  Example: use some chaingun ammo, then
        while still firing, throw away the weapon, causing the final blow to be delivered by
        your basic weapon.  Also, the black-suited guys take two missiles to bring them down,
        but instead you could use one missile and one basic weapon shot.

    4.  Keep track of the positions of any health objects across each level.  Learn to move
        between these areas while taking as little damage as possible.  Particularily, learn
        to stay alive until you reach a mega-health powerup.

    5.  Assuming you got the rocket launcher just before reaching the second level boss, you
        may be tempted to use them all on the boss, to bring him down as fast as possible.
        The best thing to do, however, is to use a few of the missiles to take out the orange-
        suited guys that come out from the sides of the base.  It's hard enough to fight the
        boss by itself, but it becomes harder when there are more people shooting at you.

    6.  Don't charge headstrong into any area, unless you're sure you can handle it!  The
        long hallway on the 4th level, for example: edge through each section slowly and take
        down all enemies before continuing further.  If you try to run straight down the hall,
        all the enemies will be released practically together, leaving you little or no chance
        for survival.

    7.  If you have a good streak going, you will notice more enemies placed around the level.
        This is bad, because it will be harder to fight them all off, but it is good because
        they will help your streak and kills increase even faster.

    8.  Oh, yeah, unless you don't know this already: never EVER use the "Just Play" option
        at the beginning of the game, even when first playing.  Ever time you don't keep
        records, those are dozens of kills that won't count towards your goal.

    9.  Despite how difficult each boss seems, most of them can be taken down without dying.
        The exceptions are the bosses of levels 6, 7 and the secret level, which would take
        an extraordinary amount of skill to accomplish.  Make sure to take cover on their
        attacks; the cover they supply on all the boss areas is there for a reason, you know.

    I can also offer these tips for head-to-head combat:

    1.  Use the scenery to boost your jumps.  If there are explosive barrels or debris
        sticking up out of the ground, jump on top, then jump again.  It's much harder for
        someone to hit you if they have to aim up.

    2.  The missiles are more effective at close-range, or from above.  Don't stand still
        while locking on, though, or you'll be a sitting duck.  A particular trick I like to
        use is to keep them in my sights from my high position, then jump down and fire the
        rockets while you're in mid-jump.  This makes it hard for them to hit you because
        you're probably leaping over their heads, and actually tends to have a better chance
        of you hitting them.

    3.  I personally never use turrets, and I really come down hard on people that do.  It's
        just a personal preference really; I feel it makes you a sitting duck.  With that in
        mind, here are the best ways to take out someone in a turret: with the chaingun, with
        the homing missiles, or from afar with your basic weapon; it's suprisingly effective
        against them!  Also, if you can run in fast enough and climb up on the pedestal
        between the turret's cannons, he won't be able to hit you, and you can stand there
        and shoot at their face to your heart's content...unless your opponent figures out
        the trick in #4 below.

    4.  For those of you that /must/ use turrets, I can offer you two tips to avoid becoming
        a sitting duck.  First, if you see incoming missiles, or someone's really pecking
        away at you, leave the turret (eject button) and back up for a few seconds.  After
        the missiles impact harmlessly against the turret, you can climb back in and resume
        blasting away.  Second, if someone runs up between the barrels of your turret, it
        may take you off-guard since you can't hit them with the projectiles, but remember
        that it's an explosive weapon; point the gun down and fire at the ground a few times.
        The exlosions should take him out.

    5.  Forget using the flamethrower, unless you're shooting at someone from above or below.
        In a face-to-face confrontation, you will likely die, especially if he's armed with
        anything other than his basic weapon.

    6.  You may be tempted to fire a full three-missile spread at an opponent, but consider if
        your opponent is already hurt...one missile might do the job, allowing you to save the
        other two missiles for someone else.  Likewise, people like to take advantage of the
        missile launcher's reload time, so try firing one missile, wait a second, then fire
        the other two as he charges towards you, thinking you're helpless.  It's amazing how
        often that tricks even a good player.

    7.  I must admit, I do like turrets for one reason, other than the fact that I find their
        users an easy kill: people will often run towards it and forget about anything else,
        allowing me to snipe them easily from behind.  A smart player will run backwards
        towards the turret.  This brings up another point: don't try to run away if you're
        getting beat on.  Back away so you can shoot at them, unless you have a cliff or
        other ledge that you can leap from (an effective escape maneuvar).  

    8.  Use you radar!  Try not to let any of your opponents behind you.  If you get caught in
        between someone, run for an edge of the map.

    9.  I know this is also a matter of preference, but always use the first person view
        instead of the chase view.  It's a trade-off for peripheral vision, but you will always
        see /exactly/ where your weapons are shooting.  That's more important, especially when
        using the laser or chaingun.

    And finally, these movement techniques:

    1.  The Circle:  learn to hold onto the sidestepping button and keep your enemy in your
        sights.  This will cause you to run in a big circle around them.  You can turn the
        circle faster or slower by holding onto the forward or backward button at the same

    2.  The Weave:  Jump forward-left, then immediately jump forward-right, and repeat.  This
        makes it tougher for turret grenades or missiles to hit you.  In fact, doing this at
        the right times will even shake off homing missiles!

    3.  The Block:  If your target is weaving back and forth, don't stand in one place and
        turn to keep them in your sights...slip to the side to keep them in front of you.

    4.  The Escape:  If you're being shot at, and you know there's a ledge nearby, jump off
        of it, but don't turn to face it!  That takes too much time.  If it's to your left,
        jump left.  If it's behind you, jump backwards.  The important thing is to get out
        of there as soon as possible.

    5.  The "Can't See Me!":  Do a tight foward-right or forward-left circle as mentioned
        above, when you're right NEXT to someone.  You can often circle around them faster
        than they can turn to face you, which keeps you just out of sight (or in sight, but
        not enough to shoot).


    This FAQ was written by Mark J. Hadley (mjhadley@oakland.edu)
    War: Final Assault is a product of Atari Games

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