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FAQ/Move List by cnick

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/19/03

         ##########             #@@";""";@@##%###%
    #####@;;;";"";##%  %@@@@  @#@@;""";"@@##########%
   ##;;;;";;;;;;;;"##@@@";;"@ @@@;;"";@@###;;;;;";;###
 ####;;";;;;;;;;;;;"###@@""""";"""";@@;;;;;##;; ;";#########
 ###@;;"#;;;;;";;;@#   #   ##"@@@@@#;""";;@@@;;;;@#@%;;@@#
 ###@@@@@;;;";;;@@      @   #@##@@@@;;;@@@@@@;;@@@@#%@@@"  ###    ######
 ###"###@";;;;@@@#  ;;@#@    @  %#"";;;;;;@@"@"##   %###  ####    ##";####
     ###"";;;;"""#%# ;@@@    @   #"@@""";;@@   #####%#######;##  ##;;";;;####
     ###"@;;;";@@@   ##  ;  #@   #####@@"""# #######%##%####";## ##";;;;;###%
     ###"@;";@"@#"#  #     @"#   %##";;;;;#####%#%## ##%####";;###""";""###
     ###@@;@"@ ###@"###;@#""#   ###;;;;;;;;;##%#%%     %%####;;"#;;;;;;###
     ####@@      ######@#%#########";;;;;;;###%#%%      %##%##";";;;;##########
     ### "              ####;;"####;;###########%%     %%%%%##""";;;;#@;""@@@##
                       ####;;";;";#;;#@";#;;;;;;"%%%   %#%%%@";";;;;"#;;;;";;##
                       ##@@;;;;;;@@@;@@";";;;";;"%@% %#%%##@@;#@;;;"@@;"""@"@@#
                       ###"@;;;;;;;;;;@@#"";;;;@"##@%@###"@"@@# #@@#@";;";";@##
                       #####@@;;;;";"@"##";;;;"@"%  @#   ###"#   @#"@";;;;;"@##
                         ####@"@"@"""#  #"@"@"@##   ;        #    ##@""""@""@##
                          ##########    ########                     ##########
                                 %      ##

                             P O W E R   S T O N E
                       By Capcom for the Sega Dreamcast
                        Power Stone FAQ/Move List V1.02
                            Last Updated: (1/19/03)

                  Newest Versions of this FAQ can be found ONLY at:

                          COPYRIGHT 2000-2003 cnick.


[ C O N T E N T S ]

I.    Introduction and Revision History
II.   Game Basics
III.  Movelist
      A. Normal Characters
      B. Secret Characters
          Final Valgas
IV.   Item List
V.    Techniques
          Power Mode System
          Jump Kick
          Pole Techs
VI.   Stages
VII.  Secrets
VIII. Thanks and Disclaimers



Ahhh... a complete button masher with little depth, yet remains to be amazingly

Power Stone is one of those weird fighters that come out every couple of years.
Basically, it feels like a 2-D game in a 3-D world, where normal traditional
3-D systems are taken out.  The result: One hell of a game.  Imagine Super
Smash Brothers in 3D and this is what you get.

[Revision History]
V0.10 (4/28/00): First Release. Movelist 50% done.
V0.20 (4/28/00): Movelist done.  Item section started.
V0.70 (5/01/00): Not actually sure where I am in terms of Version, so I gave
                 myself some room to work with.  May end up moving to V1.00
                 rather quickly.  Movelists, with combo guides pretty much
                 done.  Theres still some room to work with.  Need to get a
                 couple more secret items, with explanations on what they are.
                 Stages are done, as well, but I could work a bit more on them.
V0.75 (5/02/00): Item list, MoveList completely done.  Secret section has a
                 couple of things to be worked on.
V0.90 (5/03/00): FAQ is rapidly coming to an end.  Last things to do: Possible
                 VMU mini-game guide, and corrections throughout the FAQ.
V0.95 (5/04/00): Minor corrections done.  Not much left to work on.
V0.96 (5/05/00): Added Capcoms offical combo move list for each character.
                 Took long enough for me to finish though.  Ill finish the
                 guide later tonight.
V1.00 (5/06/00): Everything is done...I think.
V1.01 (1/17/03): Well, that was a nice, 2.5 year break. Bunch of filler I
                 included in my early days of FAQ-writing career. Early spring
                 cleaning I suppose.
V1.02 (1/19/03): Finished cleaning up.



The Sega Dreamcast controller can be customized with 6 different buttons.
Buttons A, B, X, Y, L, and R are all used.

Punch / Push or throw item
Kick / Use Weapon
Punch + Kick / Pick Up Item
Kick + Jump (Power Fusion)
Punch + Jump (Power Fusion)

Power Stone is Arcade Stick compatiable.  Buttons A, B, X, Y, C, and Z are all

You can change the default control settings in the Option menu.

=Option Menu=
Move by using Up or Down, and change by using <- or ->

Difficulty - Change the diff. of Arcade mode from 1-8.
Time Limit - Change time of match.  duh!
Round - How many rounds max per game
Damage - Lower=less damage, higher=more damage
Sound - Stereo or Mono
Vibration - On or Off
Button Config - Switch your confiq.  Press <- or -> to reset the button controls

=Game Mode=
Arcade - 1 or 2 Players
Fight against CPU opponents.  If you defeat all opponents, you will win the game
and will see an ending movie.  You can continue after losing.

Versus - 2 Players
Choose 2 characters and a stage.  You can select characters before every match.

Game Rules
Match Play
Each round lasts up to 99 seconds max.  During the time, the first player to
drop the opponents vitality to zero wins the round.  You can adjust the time
in the Options Menu.

Winning and Losing
The first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds (default) is the match winner.  You
can adjust the number of rounds in the Options Menu.

Time Up
If time runs out and both players still have some vitality remaining, the player
with the most vitality is the winner.

Ah, abbreviations. Makes FAQ-writing so much easier.

P     Punch
K     Kick
K+P   Kick+Punch
J+K   Jump+Kick
J+P   Jump+Punch
PPPP  Regular 4-5 hit combo using the P button
KKKK  Regular 4-5 hit combo using the K button



Each character has his own set of Power Fusion and Power Drive moves.  Normal
moves are all the same (aside from the animation of course).

Punch / Push or throw item
Kick / Use Weapon
Punch + Kick / Pick Up Item
Kick + Jump
Punch + Jump

Each character however has different combos he/she can pull off by pressing
different buttons.  For example, if I'm Falcon, pressing 3 punches will do an
devastating combo, but Rouge might pull off a weak one.  Each one is different,
and I'll include which ones you should use for each character.

Remember, Power Fusion moves will eat up your whole power meter no matter what,
so make sure you actually use one. Be a shame to lose it without getting one

The movelist will follow this guide:


=Character Name=

Combo List:
  /  \
P-    P
  \  /

The combo list art just shows you how I got each 4 hit combo posted for each
character.  You can ignore the map if you want.  You get each combo by using
one path.  For example, one combo path would be PPP. Another PKP. This was
mostly added for curiosity's sake.

(Note: Remember, you can't go back in a path.)

Power Drive
   Super Duper Missle           Punch
   Kick to Face                 Kick

Power Fusion
   Power Kick                   Jump + Kick
   Im Going to Win              Jump + Punch


Couple things to note:  Power Fusion requires only something in your meter. So
your best course of action is to nail your opponent with Power Drive moves, and
with just a little power energy left, get him with the Power Fusion.

When your meter looks like this, use your Power Drive moves:

|\/\/\/\/\/\/|     |

At here, pull off your Power Fusion:

|\/|               |

Beware! One more Drive attack will eat the rest up, and you'll lose a chance
to use your fusion.

     A.   N O R M A L   C H A R A C T E R S


Combo List:
           P <--PPPP
   /      \     PPPK
p-         K <--PKKK
   \      /     KKKK
   /      \     KKKP
K-         P <--KPPP
   \      /
           K <--KPPK

Power Drive
   Power Missle                 Punch
   Power Hurricane              Kick

Power Fusion
   Power Rocket                 Jump + Kick
   Power Explosion              Jump + Punch

 Well, Falcon is the Ryu or Ken of Power Stone.  He overall has everything.
Pretty good strength, and decent speed.  He's great for a first character, and
can really tear opponents to pieces once you master his Power Fusions.

 You probably want to get your power mode as fast as possible, but you could
last and win without.  His P, P, P, P and K, K, K, K are pretty good,
but they lack range and you can really pay abusing them.  Try to dodge your
opponent's attack, and then use it.

 Once in Power Mode, you are left with some choices.  If your opponent is
jumping around like crazy, hoping to dodge your attacks, then answer with Power
Missiles.  Only do it a couple of times, and make sure you fire ahead of him,
so there is a greater chance of it hitting.  If he does get hit, stand right
near him, wait until he is off, and Power Hurricane him for 5+ hit's. At this
moment of time, you should just be running out of your Power Mode, and you need
to make a critical decision: If your opponent is near you, you want to go with
Power Explosion.  You want to make sure you hit him a couple of times,
however.  If you arent sure about explosion, don't waste it. Wait till he's a
little further away, and Power Rocket him.  Hopefully you can take half a bar of
energy off.

 Defeating Falcon can sometimes be a bitch.  He's fast, and his Power Mode moves
are one of the better ones in the game.  What can you do?  Race for the power
stones, and unleash hell. Cheap, but there's nothing wrong with that ^_^.  You
can also try to overpower him with the items in the stage.  Falcon is one of
the tougher kills.


Combo List:

         /K <--KKKK
      /  \P <--KKKP
   /  \  /K <--KKPK(or) KPPK
K-     P-
   \  /  \P <--KPPP(or) PPPP(or) KPKP
    P-   /
   /  \ |
P-     K-
   \  /  \K <--PPKK(or) PKKK(or) PKPK(or) KPKK
    K-   /
      \ |
         \P <--PKPP

Power Drive
   Hellfire Sign                Punch
   Dream Temptation             Kick

Power Fusion
   Fiery Trap                   Jump + Kick
   Secret Heaven                Jump + Punch

 Rogue is fairly fast with an OK attack.  Her KKKK beats the PPPP
so I suggest kicking moves over punching.  Her throw is fairly good, taking
off a whole bar, so it may be worth it to add it in your fight.  These attacks
aren't good enough to win however, and you will probably rely on Power Mode to

 Rogues Power Mode moves are pretty predictable, and you can really only use
each one in certain situations.  One combo: Hit your opponent with Hellsire
Sign, run up to him, and do Dream Temptation to take off some more energy.  As
he gets up, use Fiery Trap and get that nice 10 hit combo.  Overall, this is
probably her most damaging combo.  In the situation where your opponent is
close, but not next to you, use the Secret Heaven move.  It causes the area to
explode with fire, and cause some nice damage.  Fiery Trap does take off the
most, so I suggest you use that more often.

 Rogue is probably the fastest character in the game, maybe a tad bit slower
then Ayame.  That means she will be able to out manuever you and she can grab
power stones quicker.  If you are real slow, attempt to knock her away from
power stones. Why the computer A.I. may be stupid and you won't have to worry
too much about this, a human opponent will take advantage of her speed.  Once
again, power stones are the way to go. That's where you do your damage, not
being killed by quick throws and wall jumps.  Since Rogue is quick off poles,
make sure you stay clear away from those at all costs.


Combo List:

       P---P <--PPPP
       K---P <--PPKP

       P---P <--KKPP
       K---K <--KKKK

Power Drive
   Dragon Fang Bomb             Punch
   Dragon Storm                 Kick

Power Fusion
   Big Dragon Ball              Jump + Kick
   Dragon Dance                 Jump + Punch

 K, K, K is more powerful, but a tad slower then the punches.  It should be
noted that WangTang has a fairly simple combo map. Not sure what Capcom was
telling us here, other than maybe Wang is the ultimate button mashing character.
Oh wait. Every single character is a button-masher. Hmmm... Hard call on
which one you should use, I'll leave that to you.  WangTang is one of the
faster characters in the game, and you need to use that speed to win.  You
want to rely on getting Power Stones as quickly as possible, so that you can
do some great combos that will win you every match.  Still, you can rely on
hit-and-run attacks, and back away before your opponent His throw is one of the
best in the game, taking off more then one bar of energy.

 WangTang is awesome in Power Mode.  His best combo so far is to use the
Dragon Fang Bomb 6 times, and as your opponent gets up from thast last set of
3, nail him wit the Big Dragon Ball.  This causes over two bars of damage, and
is one of the better Power Mode combos in the game.  The downside?  Getting
the Dragon Fang Bomb to hit the dang guy so you can get the Big Dragon Ball
off.  Take your time, and make sure all six of them count.  Try using the
Dragon Storm if your opponent is constantly jumping around, dodging and
projectile attack.

 With that in mind, his worst fear is not getting those power stones.  While
WangTang is pretty good at regular attacks, he will get killed by other
characters, like Gunrock, or Ryoma.  To solve this problem, dodge like crazy
and don't initate any attacks.  Jump Kick your enemy, grab his power stone,
get the one that appears and your all set.  Of course this is rather cheap,
and will not work against a human opponent often. Still, I think it's worth it
to use it because it can really turn the tide in battle.

 Another fast character, you will have to remember that he will have more Power
Modes then you.  Look at the tips for beating Falcon and Rogue, they play just
like WangTang; hit-and-runs, jump kicks, etc.


Combo List:

       P---P <--PPPP(or) KPPP
 \ /  \K---P <--PPKP(or) KPKP
 / \  /P---P <--KKPP(or) PKPP
       K <--KKK(or) PKK

Power Drive
   Raijinken                    Punch
   Iaizan                       Kick

Power Fusion
   Midare Zanto                 Jump + Kick
   Tenchi Ryoudan               Jump + Punch

  Ryoma is a great character.  He probably has the best normal attacks in the
game, and he has some decent speed.  What does this mean?  It means he doesn't
need Power Mode to win, which makes him extremely dangerous.  Your best bet
against him is projectile attacks, since he has one projectile move.

 Ryoma has a lot of different kinds of combos.  You can use Iaizan over and
over again (after you get the first hit in) to take off reasonable damage. It's
his only long-range move, and it's helpful if your opponent is keeping his
distance.  Raijinken just about sucks big-time, and it almost has no use.
Experiment if you want with it, but I tried and I didn't get much usefulness from
it.  Your best combo?  Nail him with Iaizan a couple of times, run up to him and
use Midare Zanto.  it's a beautiful melee attack, but it does require some skill
in getting it off at the right time. Tenchi Ryoudan is good, but it's lack of
long-range makes it weak compared to Midare Zanto.

 Ryoma doesnt really have a weakness in this game.  His PPPP, and KKKK are
somewhat slow, but they do so much damage it's mind-bogglingt.  Ryoma is one of
the better and maybe best character in the game.

 To beat Ryoma you must take advantage of his weak power mode moves.  They are
fairly easy to dodge, and it's almost required for you to dodge them since his
normal melee moves are so quick and fast.  Use projectile attacks and you
shouldn't have too much trouble killing him, unless you are really slow, then
rely on your stomp attack.


Combo List:

        /P <--PPPP
     /  \K <--PPPK
   P-K     <--PPK
  /     /P <--PKKP(or) KKKP
P-    K-
  \  /  \K <--PKKK(or) KKKP
  /  \
K-    P    <--PKP(or) KKP
  \  /
     \  /P <--KPKP
        \K <--KPKK

Power Drive
   Flower Shuriken              Punch
   Cherry Blossom Hide          Kick

Power Fusion
   Hundred Flower Bloom         Jump + Kick
   Cherry Blossom Dance         Jump + Punch

 Ayame is the fastest character in the game.  With that, however, she tends to
be the weakest of them all.  I disagree with that statement, if you know how to
use her right.  Her PPPP is better then her kicks, as they are a bit faster.
Speed is the key to her victory.

 Ayame overall has some of the best Power Mode moves in the game.  The Flower
Shuriken move is OK, it's hard to hit people with it, and it should not be part
of your overall Power Mode combo.  I experimented with it as a set up to Cherry
Blossom Hide (a sweet uppercut move) and it worked out okay.  Nail  your
opponent with that, step away to get a little distance and unleash Cherry
Blossom Dance which nearly takes 2 bars of life if you get around 80% of the
attack on your opponent.

 There really isnt a huge disadvantage to Ayame.  Her speed can give her time
to grab those Power Stones, and her melee attacks are decent (barely).  Since
they give almost no range, you do need to be careful.  The larger opponents
like Gunrock can eat you alive by making sure you don't get the power stones.
Spend some time trying to solve this problem, work a way to get around it, and
Ayame becomes of the best characters in the game.

 Trying to hit Ayame with Power Mode moves is a bitch.  She's so fast you'll
have too much trouble with her.  Just try and catch her with a jump kick or
stomp, to make sure she doesnt get her Power Mode off.  Try to get a air
throw off her, because users tend to jump around a lot with her.  Shes one of
the harder opponents to kill.


Combo List:

      /P          <--PPP(or) KPP
P---P-   /P       <--PPKP(or) KPKP
\   / \K-
 \ /     \K       <--PPKK(or) KPKK
 / \
/   \ /P---P---P  <--KKPPPP(or) PKPPP
      \K          <--PKK(or) KKK

Power Drive
   Gun Gun Rock                 Punch
   Rock Crush                   Kick

Power Fusion
   Rock n Roll                  Jump + Kick
   Earthquake                   Jump + Punch

 Gunrock is one slow guy.  it's hard to use him as a character since hes soooo
slow, and it's real hard to beat faster opponents.  His PPPP and KKKK are the
worst in the game.  I guarantee you that your opponents will escape from you
every time you try to use them.  To put it simple:  Gunrock sort of... sucks.

 He does have some reasonable Power Mode moves.  Gun Gun Rock has a fairly good
projectile attack that can set up your Rock n Roll attack.  Rock Crush, however,
it's pretty weak and you should avoid using it.  If your opponent times your
attack, and jumps right when you hit the ground, he doesnt get hurt.  Nail
him with the Gun Gun Rock, get close to him, and use Rock n Roll.  If you
plan it right, you can take off close to 3 bars of life.  But he's so slow
it's extremely hard to do this.

 Gunrock is just too damn slow.  Theres nothing you can really do about it,
other then choosing another character.  He does have the cheapest move in the
game however.  Jump into the air, and press the Kick+Punch button.  He will do
a butt attack.  it's harder then hell to stop him from hitting you, and all he
has to do is jump, do the attack, jump, and do the attack over and over and
over again.  Overall: Skip him.

 This guy is so slow I shouldn't even add this.  Stomp, stomp, stomp.  Take his
power stones, get into Power Mode and kill him.  it's as simple as that.  His
slowness will not allow him to catch up to anyone with reasonable speed.  The
easiest person in the game to beat.


Combo List:

       P--P <--PPPP(or) KPPP
      /  \
P---P-    K <--PPPK(or) KPPK
\   /
 \ /
 / \   P--P <--KKPP(or) PKPP
/   \ /
       K    <--PKK(or) KKK

Power Drive
   Rolling Slash                Punch
   Round Slash                  Kick

Power Fusion
   Killer Dance                 Jump + Kick
   Misery Rain                  Jump + Punch

 Jack has average speed and strength, which makes him an average character.  I
noticed he only had a one button for melee attacks.  Was my controller messed
up?  Not sure on that, but his KKKK was pretty slow, and didnt do much damage
wise, so I suggest you use something else to attack with.  His throw is just
like the majority, a simple 2 or 3 hit attack that takes off one bar of life.

 His Power Mode moves are decent to great.  Rolling Slash and Round Slash
are both long-range moves, and are awesome to set up his Power Fusion attacks,
which cause severe damage by doing 15+ hit combos.  Monster!  Misery Rain
is a somewhat long-distance attack thats reasonably good, but the Killer Dance
is his best.  The difficult thing is trying to get your opponent right near you.
If you do connect, say hello to a 17 hit combo.

 What are Jacks disadvantages?  He's a little slow, and thats about it.  Hes
one of the those extremely average characters, where he has no disadvantages
or advantages.  Learning the Killer Dance can make him one of the better
characters, but other then that, theres really nothing that distinguishes him
better then then Falcon, or Ayame.

 I can't say much on how to beat Jack, other then to make sure he doesn't get
three power stones because he has one of the deadliest Power Fusion moves in
the game.  Your best strategy is to use the walls a lot, because Jack is a
little slow.


Combo List:

         /P <--PPPP(or) KPPP
      /  \K <--PPPK(or) KPPK
P---P-   /P <--PPKP(or) KPKP
\   / \K-
 \ /     \K <--PPKK(or) KPKK
 / \     /P <--KKPP(or) PKPP
/   \ /P-
K---K-   \K <--KKPK(or) PKPK
       K--K <--KKKK(or) PKKK

Power Drive
   Light of Judgement           Punch
   Heavens Cry                  Kick

Power Fusion
   Light of Vengeance           Jump + Kick
   Heavens Victory              Jump + Punch

 Caluda is another big man, but he has some speed to back him up.  That last
sentence is rather scary to say the least, but since this is a fighting
game, theres gotta be a catch.  There is, read further ^_^  Caludas PPPP
attack is sweet, taking off serious damage at reasonable speed.

 Well... Caludas Power Mode moves suck like crap.  It's like Capcom got bored
and decided to screw it and get the game done as fast as possible.  Light
of Judgement is his best, a normal long-range attack.  Heavens Cry is an
absolute disaster.  Your opponent has to be directly in front of you, and even
then, it's hard not to fly right past him.  The 2 Power Fusions are even worst.
Light of Vengenance seems and looks like a good one, but it isn't.  As long as
your opponent is moving, this WILL NOT hit him.  Not one hit, and Heavens
Victory is the same as Heavens Cry, only you waste a whole meter. Super!

 Caluda could have been awesome, but Capcom made him crappy as hell.  You need
reasonable Power Mode moves and he doesnt have them.  I've really tried to
find someway to work around this and I haven't.  He has that one projectile
attack, and those are extremely easy to dodge.

 Wow, I didn't think anyone could be worse then Gunrock, but here he is.  Keep
away from him so he can't get his throws off on you and victory to yours.
Yawn...come on Capcom, create some better characters

     B.   S E C R E T   C H A R A C T E R S


Combo List:

       P      <--PPP(or) KPP
      /   /P  <--PPKP(or) KPKP
\   /     \K  <--PPKK(or) KPKK
 \ /
 / \     /P   <--KKPP(or) PKPP
/   \ /P-
K---K-   \K   <--KKPK(or) PKPK
      \  /P   <--KKKP(or) PKKP
         \K   <--KKKK(or) PKKK
Power Drive
   Cannon                       Punch
   Claw                         Kick

Power Fusion
   Power Spirit                 Jump + Kick
   Power Chomp                  Jump + Punch

 Kraken is a weird character.  He seems to be pretty good, but in reality he
really isn't.  His PPPP and KKKK combos are extremely slow, and are escape prone.
He isnt too quick, which doesnt help very much.  His strength is his throws,
the jump kick, and stomp, but then again, isn't everyones best moves these?

 Krakens Power Mode moves...suck.  I know I've said this multiple times on
multiple characters, but quite frankly, Capcom dropped the ball here. It's a
little sad that so many characters in this game are rather useless. I've played
a couple of hours with this guy, so don't think Ive played him once and didnt
like him.  His cannon is reasonably good, if you can frikkin hit someone with
it.  Only an idiot would get nailed by more then one of these, and the claw is
just as bad.  The Power Fusion moves don't get much better either.  His Power
Spirit move requires a lot of luck, because you need all 6 to hit your opponent
to cause damage.  Of course, that rarely happens.  The Power Chomp is his best
move, but you need to be close up to your opponent.  Make sure you are close

 Kraken is a weak secret character.  His Power Mode moves suck, and hes too slow
to take advantage of the throws/jump kick/wall moves.  If you want a strong
big character, look at Caluda, or even Gunrock (of course you can try Valgas,
who is considered a big guy).

 Kraken is another slow guy, so throws and stomps are your best bet, and of
course, beat his ass down once you are in Power Mode. 'nuff said.


Combo List:

       P---P <--PPPP(or) KPPP
      /  \
P---P-    K  <--PPPK(or) KPPK
\   /
 \ /
 / \   P---P <--KKPP(or) PKPP
/   \ /
       K---K <--KKKK(or) PKKK

Power Drive
   Energy Beam                  Punch
   Homing Green Ball            Kick
   Triple Homing Green Ball     Kick (air)

Power Fusion
   Power Beam                   Jump + Kick
   Power Shock                  Jump + Punch

 Valgas is probably the best overall character in the game.  He's got a quick
attack, and has armor like no one else.  A throw doesn't take off one full bar
off, making him super tough to beat.  His P and K combos are decent, but again,
his stomp and throw moves are awesome.  They take off a lot too (obviously).

 Valgas power mode moves rock.  The energy beam is decent, awesome if you can
master hitting your opponents.  Take advantage of the Homing Green Ball move
and jump each time you use it.  You get 3 balls off instead of one, and it's
easier to hit your opponent.  The Power Beam is exactly the same thing as the
energy beam, only slightly more powerful, and you can rotate a little as you
shoot.  The Power shock move is sweet.  As long as your opponent is in front
of you, he will get nailed by this move, and it hurts a lot.  Anyone who has
played against Valgas knows he's a pain in the ass.  His best Power Mode combo
is the Triple Homing Green Move and then finish your meter off with the Power
Shock Fusion move.

 Like I said earlier, Valgas is overall the best character.  He isn't as fast
as others, which tends to make people pass him up after a couple of tries with
him.  I recommend working with him a lot, and you will soon become the master
of this game.  Anyway, the only downside to him is that you need to beat the
game 9 times...yawn.

Wow, this guy is tough.  Throws take off 3/4 life bars off, and Power Mode
moves, rarely take off more then 2 bars.  Just keep hacking away and hope to
god he doesn't get the power stones first.

=Final Valgas=

   Normal Swipe w/ hands        Punch
   Normal Shooting Spikes       Kick
   Grab                         Kick+Punch

   Strong Shooting Spikes       Jump + Kick
   Power Lazer                  Jump + Punch

This is rather interesting... this is pretty cool to check out but considering
Final Valgas is a piece of crap, it will get boring fairly easy.  If you are
using him, theres a 99% chance you know how he attacks, and moves, so I don't
want to go into too much detail with that.  When using him, you have one
primary goal (other then killing your opponent).  You must keep him away from
those Power Stones.  Final Valgas is screwed once your opponent is in Power
Mode, because you can't dodge anything.

Use the Strong Shooting Spikes move the most, considering your opponent will
be running around you trying to get those stones.  If he's fairly slow, you can
get him with them, but if he's fast like Falcon or Ayame, you don't have much of
a chance to stop them.

The best way to defeat Final Valgas is simple.  Get into Power Mode, find an
item like a hammer or sword, and hack away.  Don't use your meter, you are more
then likely to take off more damage just using an item.  And since you are in
Power Mode, you can't be hurt.


(items grouped together are basically the same thing)
Rating out of 5 stars

[Swords/Pipes] - 4/5
These are pretty nice items.  They slow you down a bit (nothing huge, you still
run) and they take off a whopping one bar per hit.  What does that mean? One
deadly item.  You are going to get jumped attack up the ass when you have one
of these, so pay attention to what your opponent is doing.  My suggestion, try
to determine where he is going to land so that you will be right there to meet
him with a nice swipe of a pipe or sword.

[Sixshooter]- 4.5/5
Probably the best normal item in the game.  As the name hints, you have 6 shots
with a gun.  Each shot is worthy of knocking a power stone off your opponent,
so you can guess what this itemĀ¹s best purpose is.  Each shot takes off about
half of a bar off.  .5 x 6 = 3 bars of life.

[Flame Thrower]- 5/5
Another great item.  This one slows you down to a walking motion, but who the
hell cares?  This item shoots a long fiery of fire towards your opponent, and
you can quickly rotate 360 degrees.  Each hit takes off 3/4 of a bar of life.
This one is awesome, because unless your opponent has learned the art of
jumping, you should hit him a couple of times with this.

[NormalBombs/BigBombs/Motolov Cocktails] 2/5
Bombs are kind of weak in the game.  The Normal bomb begins with a countdown
at 5.  When it drops down to 0, it blows up, causing a small blast-radius.
The Big Bomb has the same effect, only theres a bigger blast radius.  I don't
really like these, it's extremely tough to hit someone with these, and they take
off less then one bars worth of life.  The Motolov Cocktail rocks though.  Take
one of these bad boys and strut around as your opponents runs away.  Nail him,
and he has one less bar.  As with most projectile attacks, this misses often,
so make sure you get yourself a reasonable shot.

[Hammer] - 5/5
As good as the Sixshooter, and maybe even better.  The hammer doesnt slow you
down at all (if it does, I havent noticed).  You have a total of 3 swings,
each taking off 1 and a half bars of life.  Wow!  With one of these, you can
simply bring your opponent to his knees.  Since it's a melee weapon, you do have
to be careful from jump kicks, but since you are moving as your fastest speeds,
those can easily be avoided as long as you detect them.  Cherish every moment
you have one of these bad boys and try to get at least one hit off.

[Benches, Signs, Chairs, Plants, etc.]- 3/5
Each one takes about one half of a bar, and there's tons of these per stage.
They are best used when you are runnign away from your opponent.  Press
P or K, and you will leap frog over the item, pushing it back against your
opponent.  Not bad at all.  When you are holding one, you slow down to a walking



Kick + Punch, Button commonly used: B

Unlike most 3D fighters (Tekken, Dead or Alive), throwing isnt too important
in Power Stone.  Most don't use it, which isn't really a mistake, but learning
to master the art can make you almost unstoppable.

There's 2 kinds of throws.  Ground and Air.  To perform a ground throw, simply
press the K+P button when you are relativity close to your opponent, and bam.
There goes one bar of life.  Air throws are a little tougher to pull off, but
they do look a lot nicer.  Some take off a little more then their ground
counterparts, and some don't.  They sure look a hell of a lot nicer though!

One final note:  Make sure you are pretty close to your opponent.  If you
aren't, you will just do a regular punch when you press the K+P, and that just
sucks, since there's only a few times in each match that you are in the
situation where you can actually throw.

You also have the option of throwing the many pieces of the enviroment.  This
ranges from benches, plants, and chairs.  You have a couple of choices.  You
can push the bench, etc. by punching or kicking it.  It will move towards your
opponent.  You can pick it up, by hitting K+P, and then you can walk around
and throw it whenever you want, by hitting punch or kick.  This is a pretty good
way to get that power stone your opponent has, since you don't need to be really
close to your opponent.

=Power Mode System=
What makes Power Stone so unique is the Power Mode System.  Think about the
Street Fighter Alpha series.  When you get your bar powered up, you are allowed
to use a more powerful attack.  Thats what the Power Mode System basically is,
but in reality, thats the only thing in common.  It's a power mode.

To get your character in Power Mode, you must collect 3 Power Stones that appear
throughout the match.  Each character starts with one each, and one quickly
appears in the first 10 seconds.  Whenever you get a solid hit on your
opponent, one power stone (if he has one) will fly out and land somewhere on
the stage.  Some characters depend on getting these as fast as possible, and
some don't.  Read the Character MoveList section to find out which ones need
the power mode more.

What does Power Mode do?  It lets you use more powerful attacks.  And makes you
invulnerable to any attack your opponent gives you.  Your punch and kick buttons
become Power Drive moves.  They are stronger then you old P and K but arent the
strongest of the Power mode moves.  These take a small amount of the Power
mode Meter, which is located at the bottom part of your screen.  The 2nd kind
of moves, Power Fusions, are more powerful, and take up your whole meter.  These
require some strategy, so that you can take the most damage.

Remember: Power Fusion moves take up your whole meter, but they don't require
a lot of it.  Use your Drive moves until your meter is somewhat like this:

|\/|               |

I don't believe you can get much lower on this, and you don't want to waste your
chance by using another Power Drive.  Experiment a little to find the right

While in Power Mode, every single character can grab a pole and swing at it, no
matter who it is.  You also cannot be hit to the ground, but you can still lose
energy (at a slower rate however).

A valuable move to learn is the Escape move.  it's quite easy to learn, but tough
to master the timing.  Below are the buttons you can use to escape an attack:

D-Pad (away from opponent)
D-Pad and K+P

Hit the D-Pad in a direction away from the opponent or jump just when your
opponent is about to hit you.  It doest seem too hard, but when you are in the
heat of battle, it gets tough to remember to press it.  It's hard to figure out
if you have been beaten to get the attack off first, and thats the major
problem with getting the escape off.

The final way to get an escape off is by pressing the D-Pad and K+P.  Of course,
you need to do this just before you get hit, but the benefit of pressing the
extra button is that you reverse his move, and get him into a position where
you can easily get a PPPP or KKKK or even a throw off.  This is by far the
toughest escape move in the game, and it's not necessary to win matches against
the computer and humans.  I suggest you don't try to get too frustrated trying
to do it.  it's sort of diappointing Capcom didnt make this move significan't
in winning, but what are you going to do.  This is a nice move to master for
fighting veterans.

=Jump Kick=
Although Power Stone is a 3D game, it basically plays like a 2D game.  Guess
what that means?  The Jump Kick is one of your most useful moves. What can I do?
One hit with it and your opponent uses his power stone, and it's extremely hard
to dodge, once you are coming down.  In Power Stone, you have a couple of Jump
Kicks.  A Jump Punch, Kick, and a Stomp.  Press Jump and K+P and you will move
straight down, bounce on your opponent, then finish your move off.  Cheapness
factor = lots.  But it sure does work.

There's also one other kind of Jump Kick type move, and it's the most interesting
one.  Each character and jump off the wall, and then attack, making some great,
and surprising moves.  When does this work?  If your opponent is chasing you,
run up to the wall, jump on it, and then do one of the Jump Kick moves.  Bam!
Stopped him right in this tracks.  Of course, like most cheap moves, players
devise plans just to beat you, and that means being even cheaper, so don't use
this too much.

(NOTE: Im not sure if this is a jump kick, but if you just walk to the side of
the wall, and press K+P, you will fly off the wall into a baseball slide kick.
It's even more surprising then the Jump Wall move, and will get people more
off-guard.  Just wasnt sure if it's considered a jump kick)

One last thing.  When you jump kick and miss, your opponent will most likely
try a jump kick of his own, especially if he has 2 power stones.  Always
remember that, and be prepared to jump out of an attack for the escape.

=Pole Techs=
Figured I should add this, since each level has one of these, not counting
the boss stages though.

Each character has a special move on a pole by pressing K+P.  The smaller
characters, like Rogue, Falcon, Ayame, Ryoma, etc. swing around it and do a
baseball slide attack.  The bigger fellas get the advantage here.  Instead of
doing some weak swing and slide move, they literally pull the damn pole out of
the ground, and swing it across the screen.  Yikes!  The swing just about takes
the whole screen, meaning you need to jump or lights out for you.  Luckily,
there are few levels small enough to make this REAL successful, so you shouldn't
worry about it too much, and the fact that the big guys just about suck as
characters means you will be taking on weak computer opponents, and that's the
only time you would have to worry about this.


The maps for each stage use a couple of abbreviations that you should take note

T        Tables
C        Chairs
S        Signs
P        Pots
B        Box
U        Ummm...what the hell is this =)
[]       Statue, column
(  )     Cannon

Also, the | and -- marks represents change of elevation.  The _____ shows it's

Hmmmm? shouldn't it be London?  Oh well.  Anyway, this is a pretty good stage.
It has some heights (not a lot to make a huge difference) a large fountain
in the middle, 2 poles, and a hell of a lot of items to throw.  The walls are
extremely close, so use the jump-off-wall technique to your advantage.  Watch
out for those tables, and chairs located at the far right corner.  it's a pain
in the ass to get past those to the ledge right near them.  Power Stones usually
appear there.


| Ledge |____________|    |  |
|-------|__stairs____|    |  |
|       |____________|    |  |
|T, C, S                  |  |
|          /----\         |  |
|         /      \        |Stairs
|        |Fountain|       |  |
|         \      /        |  |
|          \----/         |  |
|                         |  |
|   o-Pole            o-Pole |
|                         |  |

Kind of a plain stage.  The level is basically made of 2 parts.  The sand pit
area, where most of the items are found, and the upper level.  This is a bad
level to find your opponent in Power Mode, because theres a lot of jumping
over ledges, and one messed-up jump could mean a couple of life bars.   Overall,
a fairly plain level.  Note that strong characters can make a ruckus on those 2
poles, especially if you are Gunrock or Caluda.  Just stay the hell out of that

         |No Purpose
         |        |
|          | S  |            |
|          | A  |            |
|          | N  |      0-Tree|
|          | D  |            |
|          |    |            |
|        |P       |          |
|        |        |          |
|--------|   0-Col.----------|
|  sand  |        |   sand   |
|--------|P  0-Col.----------|
|        |        | P        |

Lots of chairs, don't you agree?  This ones rather cool, because all the action
is in such a small place.  3 poles in the stage, which means bad news if your
opponent is Gunrock, or Galuda, 'cuz a swipe basically takes the whole stage.
The table in the middle even makes the stage feel a little small, and with the
chairs, you got a small stage for a huge fight.  it's easy to get caught up
in the chairs, so make sure you don't, especially when your opponent has
Power Mode on.


|      |      P          |
|      |                 |
|      |                 |
| Pole-o_______o-Pole____|
|      |                 |
|      |                 |
| C,T  |   /---\     C   |
|      |  |    |         |
| Pole-o   \---/         |
|      |                 |
| C    |  C              |
|  C   |             C   |

Another simple stage.  Basically theres a small ledge that surrounds most of
it, and thats where most of the power stones and items tend to appear.  If you
notice above the characters, you can jump up and hold onto K+P.  You will be
able to monkey swing around the room.  Theres bags on top, and as you walk near
them they fall directly down.. hint hint hint.  An alright stage.  There's a lot
of free room, which makes it interesting when someone is on Power Mode.


| U  o-Pole        o-Pole  T |
|   --------------------|    |
|   |                   |    |
|   |                   |    |
|   |                   |  U |
|   |  B    o-Pole      |  U |
|   |                   |----|
|   |                        |
|   |                        |
|   |                 U      |
|   |                        |
|   |                        |

Similiar to Oedo.  Actually, to tell you the truth, they are almost the same.
The only different might be the size, Oedo seems to be a bit bigger, and Mutsu
has a bigger open level space.  They still play quite the same, so if you like
Odeo you will love this one.  If you are a fast character, you can jump onto
the roof, while the bigger guys can't.  Hehe, bombs away.


|                      |
| B |--------------|  o-Pole
|   |  B           |   |
|   |              |---|
| B |                  |
|   |---|              |
|   o-Pole    |--------|
|   |   |     |H2O     |
|   |H2O|     |--------|
| P |   |[]        []  |
|   |---|              |
|   |                  |

Stage is rather dull... just kidding.  Lots of action is packed into this
relativity small area.  The barrels on the top right can be rolled off onto
unsuspecting opponents (ive yet to figure out how to do that yet).  There's
lots of different poles you can jump off too, so remember that for both
offensive and defensive strategies.  it's a bitch to dodge power drive and
fusion moves, so do try to stop your opponent from getting them.  If he does,
your best strategy is to run on to the higher ground on the top left part of the


|        [     ][     ][     ] <-- Barrels
|      |---------------------|
|      |   B      T        B |
|      |                     |
|      |---------o-Pole------|
|      |                     |
|      |        T            |
|------o-Pole            B   |
| |                          |
| |                          |
| |         B         B      |
| |                          |

Rather simple level, with a lot of things that can hurt you.  Basically,
everything that can hurt you, or that you can throw are on the sides.  The
middle is all left for fighting.  There's some minor things you need to worry
about.  The huge propellor will hurt you if you get in it's way, as well as the
rock muncher type thing (what the hell is it called?).  Remember, don't stay
too long on that conveyor belt.  The last thing you need to worry about is the
blast of flames that come out of the furnance when the grates open.  It's quite
obvious when this happens, and it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  One last
note:  You can climb on the grating on top of the stage.


Turning -------------|     |
Spike    Con. Belt   |     |
thing ---------------|-----|
 |          | |            |
 |          | |            |
 |B        /---\           |
 |B       /     \          |
 |B   o-Pole    |   o-Pole |
 |B       \     /          |
 |B        \---/           |
 |          | |         B  |
 |          | |            |

I kind of got a feeling this was like a stop for a train, with the giant clock.
Hmm...weird.  Anyway, this is a pretty cool level.  Another plain one, with
almost nothing special about it.  Both glass windows can be broken within a
couple of hit's, revealing some more space, and items.  The giant clock and be
hit down on the ground.  Theres 3 poles in the stage, 2 become available after
the glass has been shattered.


| P  |   |         |  S |    |
|    |   |   Clock |    |    |
| H  |   |         |  S |    |
|    |   |         |    |    |
|----|   |         |    |----|
|        |         |         |
|--------o-Pole    o-Pole----|
|                            |
|                            |
|            o-Pole     B    |
|                            |

=Krakens Stage=
Theres a lot of crap in this stage that makes it rather small.  The 4 cannons
shoot every once in awhile, but they are only a minor nuisance.  The barely
take any life away, and the cannons rarely hit you.  The biggest nuissance is
the giant anchor that swings back and forth on the top of the stage.  Power
Stones tend to appear there, which means you are going to get hit a lot if you
arent careful.  You can also jump on the sides, as well as the high roof on
top, but why would you want to do that?


| |        ::anchor::       | |
| |-------------------------| |
| |       |        |        | |
| |   B   | Cabin  |        | |
| |-------o<-Pole->o--------| |
| |  |                   |  | |
| |(   )               (   )| |
| |  |                   |  | |
| |  |                   |  | |
| |(   )               (   )| |
| |  | B               B |  | |

=Valgas Stage=
Hmmm... seems to me Capcom got bored designing this one.  Theres nothing in this
stage.  A couple of steps in the corners, and a couple of blocks.  Thats about
it.  The level is fairly small, so use the walls to your advantage.  Other then
that, this level gives out no advantages or disadvantages.


|  |  |      |            |
|--|--|      |------------|
|--|__|                   |
|                         |
|--|                      |
|  |                      |
|  |                  B   |
|  |    B                 |
|  |                      |
|  |                      |

=Final Stage=
Hmm.. wish I had a name for this.  Anyway, no map here, considering theres
nothing really to spot.  Since you're here only to fight Final Valgas, let me
give out some pointers.  Always run straight, to the left or the right to
dodge his attacks.  If you don't, you will get nailed by that arrow move.  If
you are using a slower character, you will need to jump just when they hit the
ground, for you to be able to dodge them.



Theres a number of secrets you can receive in the game, and they require
different things done to earn them.  Below is the list, with the page
number they are on in the Power Stone Collection Book found on the title
screen of the game.  Kraken and Valgas MoveLists can be found in the MoveList

1:  [Weapon]-Nyoi-Bo
Requirement: Beat the game with any character at any difficulty level.

The Nyoi-Bo extends (duh!) across the screen as you press punch.  it's pretty
good, but it's worthless unless you are far away.  Remember, this bad boy has
one hell of a range, so take advantage of it.  Great item if used right.

2:  [Weapon]-Machine Gun
Requirement: Beat the game with a different character at any difficulty level.

The machine gun is a weak version of the sixshooter, but it shoots a lot
faster.  You are extremely slow when shooting, especially when you need to
rotate around to get your opponent.  Not a great item, and you should probably
forget about using it often.

3:  [Weapon]-Ray Gun
Requirement: Beat the game with a different character at any difficulty level.

Shoots a hypnotic type beam.  it's range is about half a screen or so and it
expands as it gets further away.  Im not really sure how good this is, Ive never
hit someone with it.  The range is it's weakness, and makes it a crappy item.
More info will be given once I hit someone with it.

4:  [Item]-Power Shield
Requirement: Beat the game with a different character at any difficulty level.

As you wear this shield, nothing can hurt you, unless your opponent gets close
enough to pull off a throw, or you stand right next to an exploding bomb.
Theres a catch however.  You can't attack either, making this a pretty much
useless item.  it's only use, comes when it's lying right near you and your
opponent just gets the 3rd stone, of course thats one long wait until that
power meter goes off...

5:  [Game]-1st Person Perspective Mode (1 Player)
Requirement: Beat the game with Kraken

This special mode supposedly gives you a 1st person view as you play, but it's
really not a 1st person view, but more of an behind the person and a little
higher view.  Made Falcon move slower then usual too...

6:  [Game]-1st Person Perspective Mode (Versus)
Requirement: Beat the game with Valgas

Same thing as above, except the screen is split for both characters.

7:  [Mini-Game]-Falcons Aerial Adventure
Requirement: Beat the game 5 times with 5 different characters.

8:  [Mini-Game]-Ayames Shuriken Training
Requirement: Beat the game 6 times with 6 different characters.

9:  [Mini-Game]-Gunrock Gun-Gun Slots
Requirement: Beat the game 7 times with 7 different characters.

10: [Character]-Kraken
Requirement: Beat the game with all 8 characters at any difficulty level.

Allows you to play Kraken as a normal character,

11: [Character]-Valgas
Requirement: Beat the game with Kraken

Allows you to play Valgas as a normal character.

12: [Character]-Final Valgas
Requirement: Beat the game with any character after you are able to select
Valgas as a normal character.  You cannot continue.

Lets you use Final Valgas.  Only one player can use it per match.

13: [Option]-Art Gallery
Requirement: Get 1000 coins in the mini-games

You can look at art of the characters, stages, etc.

14: [Option]-Ending Collection
Requirement: Beat the game with any character at any difficulty level.

Lets you see all the endings of the characters that you have beaten.  Thats
pretty much it.

15: [Option]-Sound Gallery
Requirement: Get 2000 coins in the mini-games.

You can listen to the many sounds of Power Stone.  Not sure if it's worth all the
time using the VMU though.

Going through the game once also gives you the Extra Options menu, which is
opened in the main screen.  You have a number of different things you can do
to affect gameplay in Power Stone.

  Power Stone  [3] 4  5
  Determines the number of power stones that are allowed on the screen.

  Power Gauge Timer Default  [Off]
  Determine whether or not you have a timer in Power Mode.

  Extra Items  [On]  Off
  Allow the items you have collected to appear in matches.

  Damage Recovery  On  [Off]
  Determines whether or not blue bars show up in your life.  Whatever part of
  your bar is blue can be regenerate as time goes by.

  After Rounds Recovery  On  [Off]
  Havent noticed what this does.  Anyone else?

  Transformer Damage  [O%]  50%  100%  200%
  I guess raises the damage of your Power Mode moves.

  Transformation Attack  [50%]  100%  150%  200%
  Damage of your Power Mode moves are increased.


VIII.  Thanks and Disclaimers

Credits (In no particular order):
    For creating a great game outside the Street Fighter and Resident Evil
    series.  Yay!
  Capcom of Japan <www.capcom.co.jp>
    For all the different combos for each character.
  OneWingedAngels Power Stone Arcade FAQ
    For item names.
  Billys Power Stone Collection Guide
    For guiding me how to get most of the secrets.
  CJAYC <www.gamefaqs.com>
    For creating the coolest site on the internet (and hosting this guide) and
    Im also using his FAQ lay-out (sort of).  Also (V0.96) guided me to the
    Capcom of Japans combo list.

This GUIDE is (c) 2000-2003 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for
profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of
magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY
way.  Unless noted on this guide, this document should not be found on any
web site other than gamefaqs.com. Any characters, names, places, or
miscellaneous objects are copyright their respective companies.

POWER STONE FAQ/MOVELIST (c) 2000-2003 cnick
-End of FAQ-

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