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FAQ/Move List by OneWingedAngel

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/12/00

Power Stone: General FAQ and character stratagies (1.1)

OneWingedAngel (shadow_soul@hotmail.com)

Updates since 1.0

      -Updated Throwing (Objects) and Weapons (Thanks to Ed 
      -Updated Falcon's profile to include double jump
      -Updated Gunrock's profile concerning Rock and Roll
      -Updated stage guide to include new hazards (Thanks to Ed 
      -Updated Big Giant Slug of DOOM section (Thanks to Ed 

      1.) Introduction and Overview
      2.) Basic Moves
	      a.) Jumping
	      b.) Attacking
	      c.) Pushing
	      d.) Rolling
      3.) Intermediate Moves
	      a.) Throwing (Objects)
	      b.) Throwing (People)
	      c.) Poles
	      d.) Celings
	      e.) Items
	      f.) Arial Attacks
	      g.) Wall Jump
      4.) Advanced Moves
	      a.) Catching
	      b.) Advanced Arial Attacks
	      c.) Wall Attack
	      d.) Evading
      5.) Use of Items
	      a.) Sword/Pipe
	      b.) Sixshooter
	      c.) Flamer
	      d.) Bazooka
	      e.) Bomb/Big Bomb/Motolov Cocktail
	      f.) Hammer
      6.) Power Stone System
      7.) Character Moves/Strats.
      8.) Level Guides
      9.) Junk
Introduction and Overview:
      As you probably know if you're reading this FAQ, Power Stone is a fighting 
game. It, however, breaks many rules and conventions of most fighting games. The 
environment is totally 3d for starters, and extremely interactive. The controls 
are also extemely simplified, all moves are a combination of three buttons and 
the joystick, and most don't even involve the joystick. The Stones are also a 
unique variation, I will go into them later however. Your health is composed of 
several crystal meters in your corner of the screen. Getting hit means losing 
meters, no more meters means you die, simple no? There is also a time limit, if 
it expires the person with the most health wins.

Basic Moves: (one button)
      Jumping: Unlike most fighting games, jumping is accompished by a button 
not up on the joystick, (this is due to the 3d environment) Jumping is also one 
of the most neccisary skills to master. It is used not only to dodge your 
opponents attacks, but also to navigate the level in order to reach items, 
stones, to run away from your opponent once they have said stones.... Another 
thing to note is that while airborn you will have limited control over where you 
go (hey, I never said it was realistic) Just move the joystick in the direction 
you wish to travel.
      Attacking: There are two attack buttons, Punch and Kick. (hereby referred 
to as [P] and [K]) Pressing either of these buttons will result in your 
character attacking. (duh!) If you connect, you can keep attacking for a 3-5 hit 
combo. This requires no special actions, just keep pressing the button. You can 
also mix up [P] and [K] for different effects, most of which are mainly visual. 
The final hit of any combo will knock down your opponesnt and trigger release 
one or more stones from your enemy if they have them (I'll get to those later, 
don't worry)
      Pushing: There are many objects in each level, most of which can be 
interacted with on one way or another. The most basic action is simply to push 
the object towards your opponent. When you approach a suitable object, a circle 
will appear around it, then simply press punch or kick to push it off in the 
direction of your opponent. Although usually not effective, a hit will result in 
damage, the release of a stone and the knockdown of your opponent.

      Rolling: If you suffer from a knockdown of any sort, getting up right away 
my not be your best bet. It might be better to roll a ways away first. To 
accomplish this simply move the joystick while you are still knocked down. You 
will not be able to be attacked, but you will be a smaller and lower target.

Intermediate Moves: (Two buttons)
      Throwing: (Objects) Throwing an object is an alternative to pushing it, 
and more than often a much better one. To accomplish this, simply move adjacent 
to an object as with pushing, except this time press [P] and [K] buttons 
together. Your character will then heft the object above his/her head. Note that 
what you can pick up depends on the size/strength of your character. If you 
cannot lift an object, it will result in a push. Ok, now you've got this big box 
over your head, now what? Well the first thing to note if that your movement 
will be reduced while carrying the object, however you can carry it for as long 
as you like (until you get hit or you toss it) To throw an object, simply press 
[P] and you'll chuck it in the general direction of your opponent. Pressing [K] 
will throw it in the direction you are facing if you don'y trust the autoaim. 
Something to note is that your character will automatically lead his/her throw, 
making throwing that much more effective. If the throw connects, it will have 
the same effect as a push, damage, knockdown, and release of stones. Note that 
the object will break as soon as it collides with something, so it might be a 
better idea to jump and throw it in the air (see, I told you jumping was 
important) Another thing to note is that certain objects (like pots) can get 
stuck on your opponent's head! If this happens, rush in as they will be unable 
to act until thier character removes the "hat" (which is accomplished by rapid 
movement of the joystick)

      Throwing: (People) If you manage to close the gap between yourself and 
your opponent, you can execute a grab/throw move. To accomplish this, simply 
press [P] and [K] when you are near your opponent. Unless he/she evades, you 
will grab them and the pummel them for some hefty damage. You'll also knock them 
down and release thier stones.
      Poles: Poles are scattered throughout every level, and can be used in a 
varity of ways. Poles are easy to identify in that they will typically extend up 
off the screen, and secondly in that when you near them a circle will appear 
around them the same way throwable boxes and scenery. To interact with a pole, 
simply press the [P] and [K] buttons when you are close.
            Pole Swinging. If you are using a lighter character (IE WangTang, 
Ayame) then using a pole will result in swinging in circles around it a few 
times then launching off towards your enemy. If you connect, you will execute a 
short combo and release a stone from them. This can be executed on the ground or 
in the air.
            Pole Thwacking. This is by far one of the most fun things to do in 
the game. If you use a pole with a larger character, instead of the swing, you 
will actually pick the pole out of the ground and sweep it across the level. 
This has great range, is done quickly (once it's out of the ground) and will do 
plenty of damage as well as release stones if it connects.
            Pole Leaping. If you attempt to use a pole while in the air with 
any, you will grab onto it. Then, press [P] to leap off in an attempt to slam 
down on your opponent with a fast combo. If this connects it will do a hefty 
chunk of damage, and it can also be executed much faster than the pole swing as 
well as coming from a better angle. Over all this should be your choice for pole 
      Celings: All levels have a celing somewhere in them, which can be useful. 
To grab onto a celing, simply press [P] and [K] during the apex of a jump 
(assuming this brings you close enough) your character will then grab onto the 
celing and you can monkey around up there. Once this is achieved, pressing [K] 
will disengage you, and pressing [P] will result in a falling attacking at your 
      Items: Items are the second most important objects in the game. These can 
range from a lead pipe to a bazooka. (I'll go over the different items and thier 
uses later) Most items will start off in treasure chests around the level. To 
open one simply walk over it. (Note chests will respawn after a while, and items 
will fade after a while) To pick up an item, simply walk over it and press [P] 
and [K] at the same time. Some objects will require a throw afterwards, simply 
press [P] (I'll go over which ones later)
      Arial Attacks: Arial Attacks are another important aspect of Power Stone. 
The are two types, which I will explain.
	      Jump Punch: This is the less useful of the two. Pressing [P] while 
in the air will result in a short ranged attack. This will not disrupt your jump 
in any way.
	      Jump Kick: Now here's the stuff. This is by far the most useful 
normal move in the game. To execute, simply press [K] while in the air. Your 
character will then halt it's jump, and will dashkick down at the opponent. Note 
that you cannot control the direction and it will always be towards the 
opponent. Depending on your character, the speed, strength, and distance of this 
attack will varry. If it connects, it will do some decent damage and knock out a 

      Wall Jump: One way to improve on your jump is to preform a rebound jump 
off of a wall. To do so simply jump towards a wall and press jump again once you 
contact with it.

Advanced Moves: (Two buttons and precice timing)
      Catching: If your opponent has chucked a pot or something at you and you 
can't dodge it, all is not lost. As it approches you press [P] and [K] just 
before it connects, and you'll catch it. Now you can toss it right back at them. 
This move requires timing and often a good camera angle, so it's usually better 
to dodge.

      Advanced Arial Attacks: Remember how I said there were two arial attacks? 
I lied. There are infact two more varients.
            Vertical Attack: If you are directly over your opponent, press [P] 
and [K] while in a jump and you'll come crashing down on your enemy. A light 
character will stomp twice on the enemy's head before releasing a stone, a heavy 
character will crash and flatten the enemy, releasing a stone.
            Arial Throw: If you and your opponent are jumping around a lot, you 
might want to try one of these. It's hard to pull off, but if you do it's 
rewarding in damage, visual, and it's a major ego trip. To execute, press [P] 
and [K] while in the air close to an opponent. All the effects of a normal throw 
plus some extra damage and style.

      Wall Attack: This is another hard but rewarding, and often unexpected 
move. To execute, press [P] and [K] while in contact with a wall in the air. 
You'll vault off of the wall towards your opponent ala a pole attack (obviously 
not the thwack for big guys)

      Evading: If your opponent is pulling alot of throws on you, you might want 
to practice this move. To execute, simply tap a direction and [P] or [K] when 
your opponent attempts to grab. You'll dodge out of the move and leave him open 
for an attack.

Use of Items:
      To see how to pick up an item, refer back to the appropreate section of 
intermediate moves. Once you pick one up, either an ammo counter or a time meter 
will appear over your character's head. You can use the item until either is 
used up.

      Sword/Pipe: I'm covering two topics here as they both function in the 
exact same way. These items will appear as a big sword or a lead pipe 
respectively. Picking one up will trigger a time meter. Pressing [P] will result 
in a sweeping attack infront of you. Pressing [K] will result in a stab. The big 
use is in the air. Pressing [P] while airborn will initate a jump kick style 
slash which is faster and more powerful. Both weapons will do more damage than 
normal attacks, however the sword will do slightly more. Also note that just one 
hit with either will knock a stone out of your opponent. Note that your movement 
will be slightly reduced while lugging one of these things.

      Sixshooter: Get tired of fighting hand to hand? Well then bring out the 
guns! This baby carries 6 shots. Pressing [P] will fire autoaimed at your enemy. 
Pressing [K] will fire the gun as you are facing. You'll automatically aim at 
your enemy, however it's important to note that the shots will only travel 
horizontally and will not slope. If they connect they will deal a decent amount 
of damage and knock out a stone. Note that this will reduce your movement a lot, 
so don't plan on running once you've picked it up.

      Flamer: Is something burning? You betcha. Pick this baby up and let the 
BBQ begin! Pressing the [P] button will trigger a short burst of flames aimed at 
your enemy. Pressing [K] will do the same except in the direction you are 
facing. Note that while they do not have range, if your opponent is even nicked 
by them, he'll be thrown backwards and will release a stone. This is great for 
anyone constantly getting jumpkicked. As with the sixshooter, this will greatly 
reduce your movement.

      Bazooka: You heard me right, b-a-z-o-o-k-a. This is the mother of all guns 
in the game. You'll get 4 shots, so you'd better make them count. Pressing the 
[P] button will fire the bazooka, launching an explosive rocket which will act 
much like a thrown object, except it'll explode! As with others, [K] will fire 
the weapon in the direction you are facing. This thing weighs quite a bit tho, 
so don't expect to go anywhere fast. Note that like thrown objects, the bazooka 
will fire at whatever angle it needs to reach your enemy, so it might be a good 
idea to jump before firing.

      Bombs/BigBombs/Motolov Cocktails: You'll see these scattered around the 
level with little countdowns over them. Once it reaches 0, boom. Bombs and big 
bombs will explode (obviously larger depending on size) and motolov cocktails 
will light a small area on fire, which if touched will have the same effect as a 
flamer. Note that motolov cocktails do not have a timer. You can pick up and 
throw these just like a box, however be careful not to let it blow up in your 

      Hammer: Just like in the cartoons. Give em a whack and make em flat. This 
thing deals mondo damage, however it will reduce your movement more than the 
sword/pipe and lacks the jump/slash move. You basically need to get up close and 
personal with this one. It will release any and all stones your opponent is 

Power Stone System:
      The moment you've all been waiting for, the explination of what those 
"stones" I've been taking about are. These are without a doubt the most 
important items in the game. There are three stones, red, blue, and yellow. The 
main objective is to collect all three stones. At the beginning of the match, 
each character will have one of the stones (red or blue). (You can see which 
stones you possess by looking in your bottom corner of the screen). A third 
stone will appear in a colum of light in a set place in the level soon after the 
match starts. If a character's stone (stones) are knocked out, they will fly off 
to a location in the level. At the bottom middle of the screen there is a small 
2x2 grid which will idicate where any lost stones are in relation to the camera 
angle. When you manage to get two of the stones, your character will begin to 
sparkle. Once you get all three, your character will "Power Up." In thier 
powered up state, all characters will gain several bonuses. Firstly, they cannot 
be knocked down, and thier stones cannot by released, (thought they can still be 
grabbed/thrown). Secondly, all characters are able to execute the Pole Thwack 
while powered up. Thirdly, all of your attacks are replaced with more powerful 
super attacks. Once you become powered up, you will notice that your stone 
inicator has been replaced with a small power bar. This bar will slowly go down 
as you are Powered Up. It will also go down when you use any of your special 
moves. (note that this does NOT apply to weapons) Using a Final Move will drain 
your bar completely, so it's in your best interests to use them when your bar is 
at it's lowest. When you use a Final Move, your character will charge up for it, 
and the game will pause when he does. immediately after, however, you can once 
again be thrown to stop the Final Move. Once your meter runs out, your character 
will release the stones, which will fly to different places in the level, and 
you will be temporarially immobile. To execute a Final Move, simply press jump 
and [P] or jump and [K] while powered.

The Characters:
      Yes the moment you've all been waiting for: The characters! A few notes: 
firstly, I do not know the names of any of thier moves so I'm simply gonna make 
them up. If you do, however, send them in for credit (yes, even the japanese 
names) Secondly, I'm not going to give any stratagies for playing as the bosses 
as I do not own a dreamcast and therefor only have experience with the arcade 
version. I will, however, discribe thier moves and how to fight them.

      Wang Tang
	      This guy would be the Ryu of Power Stone. A nice balance between 
power and speed, he is the second most agile character in the game. Un-Powered, 
his jumpkick is devastating and his speed makes him a good choice for stone 
running. Watch out tho, he may be able to dish it out but he can't take it very 
well. Powered Up, he becomes, in my opinion, the ultimate cheap ass. 

      Force Blast [P]: this replaces WangTang's punch when Powered. He will 
throw a fastmoving, powerful projectile at the opponent. If you use this in the 
air, he will hover while throwing. This is important to note as he can throw 
three successive attacks before pausing. The final one will be more powerful.
      Tornado Kick [K]: this replaces WangTang's kick when Powered. He will 
twirl around extremely fast and create a small tornado around himself. If you 
get caught in it you're due for a good 5 hits or so. 
      Final Move: God's Thunder Jump+[P]: WangTang will pause, then begin to 
gather a HUGE energy ball above himself, I'm talking HUGE, at least at big as 
wangtang is tall. He will then chuck it at his opponent. If this connects you 
can kiss your ass goodbye unless you're doing pretty well for health. An 
Important note is that the ball will deal damage even before he throws it, so 
don't jump into it!
      Final Move: Lightning Combo Jump+[K]: WangTang will dash forward with a 
kick. If he connects, he'll kick his opponent into the air and unleash a 
devastating combo on him. (which is also one of the most visually impressive 
moves in the game) The nice thing about this move is that if you connect you're 
near guarenteed the full 9 yards of damage, however if you don't you get zilch.

      As WangTang: As WangTang always be on the move. Utilize his jumpkick 
whenever possible. Try to avoid throwing things as he's not the best at it. Your 
top priority should be to land a jumpkick or combo to get your opponent's stone 
then beat him to the yellow. Once Powered, use the Force blast whenever 
possible. You ought to be able to get about 9 of them off if you do so quickly, 
and still have enough time to use a Final Move. If your opponent jumpkicks or 
attacks towards you, initiate the tornado kick just before they arrive and watch 
em get pummeled. If you want to be REALLY cheap you could initiate it while you 
are above your enemy on the floor, so they get up into it once they come too.. 
Uhg... I feel dirty after writing that... I have to go wash my hands... God's 
Thunder should probably be your choice Final Move. Initiate it in the center of 
the level or else they'll run to the opposite corner and have more room to try 
to jump out of the way. Only use the Lightning Combo if you know you're going to 
land it, otherwise it's a waste and leaves you wide open.
      Against WangTang: Your #1 priority should be to prevent WangTang from 
getting your stone. Un-Powered he's not that great, but Powered Up he's a real 
threat. Try to use some of the more powerful items such as the flamer and the 
sword. If he manages to get all the stones, whooboy, RUN, try to put as much 
distance between you and him as possible. If you see him start to launch the 
Force Blasts, attempt to jump the first one, dodge the second and jump the last 
one. Do not approach him as he will simply use the Tornado Kick. If you manage 
to keep your distance, you shouldn't have a problem with the Lightning Combo as 
he'll never get close enough to use it. If he initiates God's Thunder, get as 
far away from him as possible, preferrably on higher ground. leave a little 
distance between you and the wall. When he throws the ball, run towards the wall 
and jump, hopefully it will hit the ground and disspate.

            Falcon is to WangTang what Ken was the Ryu. He's not as fast, but 
he's more powerful. Specifically he has a much better throw, which you should 
utilize whenever possible. I tend to think he's actually one of the worst 
characters when Powered, but I'll let you decide. Overall Falcon is a great 
character for beginners. Falcon also posses a double jump, an invaluable skill 
shared only by Ayame. To use it, simply press Jump while in the air to jump 
      Homing Missile [P]: This will launch a homing missle from falcon. It will 
lazily seek the opponent until it strikes something. While not as fast as most 
attacks, it's tracking can be very useful, however is easily dodged. Like Force 
Blast, it can be fired in bursts of 3.
      Volcano Punch [K]: The more useful of Falcon's moves IMHO. He will execute 
a spiraling punch upwards surrounded by flames, and anyone caught in it gets 
taken along for the ride. This makes a great antiair attack if your opponent is 
jumping alot to avoid Homing Missiles.
      Final Move: Missile Salvo Jump+[P]: Falcon will jump in the air, charge 
up, and release a huge barage of homing missiles. If your opponent can't dodge 
very well, this is the attack to use. If all the missiles cornnect, they can 
easily take off almost half the opponent's life. It's best used as medium range, 
as at close range the missiles won't hit very well as they come from his sides 
and back, at longer range they'll bunch together and make for easy dodging.
      Final Move: Mach 4 Jump+[K]: Falcon will turn into a fireball and speed 
towards the opponent for a short distance. He will then alter course accordingly 
and charge at the opponent again. He will do this 4 times. If you connect, 
you'll drag the opponent along with you for tons of damage. This is a great move 
to use if you manage to get up close. It's hard to dodge and has great damage 

      As Falcon: As I said before, try to utilize your throw whenever possible. 
If you manage to pull a combo or throw off you can deal some decent damage as 
well. Also, make good use of his double jump. It can allow you to remain airborn 
much longer than most characters, and is great for dodging. Once Powered Up, use 
Homing Missles primarily as distractions while you get in for a Volcano Punch. 
For your Final Move, don't use Missile Salvo unless you know you're too far away 
to do decent damage with Mach4, or if your opponent is using a less agile 
      Against Falcon: It's important to keep moving vs Falcon. His excellent 
throw attacks mean that if you sit still you're toast. Once Powered Up, he is 
one of the easier characters to dodge against. Simply jump over any Homing 
Missiles while continually moving away from him to avoid the Volcano Punch. Once 
he initiates his final move it's important to know which one it will be. If it's 
Missile Salvo, simply get some distance and jump the missiles once they cluster. 
Also, if you're sure your opponent will use missile salvo, you can stand 
directly under him and all the missiles will miss you. If he uses Mach4, you've 
got to think quickly. Start moving and try to put as many level changes between 
you and Falcon. Everytime he hits a wall or floor he has to change direction, 
which he can only do 4 times.

            Ayame is the textbook "high speed, low power" character. An 
important thing to note, however, is that she is the only other character which 
posseses a double jump. This can be a godsend for avoiding attacks such as God's 
Thunder. Because of her low power, it's important to get Ayame a weapon such as 
the Sword if possible. This allows her to gain lots of power without sacrificing 
too much of her speed.
      Shurikens [P]: This will cause Ayame to throw three large shurikens at her 
enemy which will spread out with distance. While they have full screen range, 
they are not nearly as fast as Force Blast, and take up far too much enegy for 
thier damage yield.
      Sakura Attack [K]: Ayame will spin around, dissapear in a flurry of sakura 
petals, and reappear either above or below where she was. (whether you were 
standing or jumping respectively) If your opponent is near her they will recieve 
decent damage. The great thing about this move is it has very little recovery 
time, and it takes up an extremely small amount of energy to use.
      Final Move: Multi Shuriken Jump+[P]: Ayame will sping around and release 5 
giant shurikens which will fly off the screen. They will then return and 
converge on the enemy. They will once again exit and return. Note that the 
shurikens can damage the enemy at any point once they are thrown, so it can pay 
to be close to your opponent.
      Final Move: Ninja Combo Jump+[K]: Much like the Lightning Combo, Ayame 
will dash forward. If she connects she will execute a powerful combo, if she 
misses, you get nothing.

      As Ayame: Make use of your speed whenever possible. Always be on the move. 
An important thing to note is that because of her small size some horizontal 
projectiles will zoom right over her head. Unpowered, your main goal is the get 
the stones. Her most useful move to do this with is to utilize her double jump 
with a head stomp to get the opponent's, then use your speed to get the third. 
Once Powered Up, utilize the Sakura Attack like mad. I would only reccomend 
using the Shurkiens to lead your opponent towards you. If your opponent dodges 
your shurkiens and is too fast to get in a sakura attack on, try to get yourself 
a sword or pipe. Don't forget that you can still use items while Powered. In her 
Powered state with a sword she is extremely deadly, and plus this won't use your 
energy for attacks. For a Final Attack, I would pick Multi Shuriken unless 
you're sure you'll connect with Ninja Combo.
      Against Ayame: The trick is to keep her from getting the stones. 
Unpowered, even a few lucky hits can take chunks out of her power bar. Try using 
the Pole Leap, as it will allow you to make an attack with speed close to hers. 
If she does manage to get ahold of the stones simply keep running eratically 
away from her. Shurikens can be dodged easily, and the Sakura Attack requires 
close range. Most Ayame players use the MultiShuriken for thier Final Attack, if 
so, don't run around, simply stand still. When you see the shurikens returning 
jump. They ought to all pass right under you. Repeat for the second time.

            Rouge is the only other female character in the game. The main focus 
of all of her attacks is fire. Overall she's a good midrange character, but 
lacks the speed that would make her more useful.
      FlameThrower [P]: Rouge will fire a stream of flames towards the opponent. 
If you get in close with this move it can cause massive damage, however it will 
noy extend much further than a flamer blast.
      Flamebomber [P] while airborn: If you use the flamethrower while in the 
air, you will instead send out a ball of fire which will fly towards your enemy 
while dropping flames on the ground. Touching these flames will have the same 
effect as touching a motolov cocktail.
      Flying Carpet [K]: Rouge will get on her flying carpet and speed towards 
the opponent. If she connects, she will hit for a modest sum of damage. Note 
that if used on the ground Rouge will fly slightly upwards, and will fly 
slightly down if used in the air.
      Final Move: Fire God Smash Jump+[P]: Rouge will gather a large fireball 
above her head and slam it into the ground, causing the area around her to erupt 
in flames and explosions. As this is an area attack it is important to have the 
enemy as close to the middle as possible. Another note is that if you jump over 
your enemy before using thing and actually manage to have them directly below 
you when you chuck the fireball down you will deal TONS of damage.
      Final Move: Tough Love Jump+[K]: Rouge will begin dancing and hearts will 
float out around her. If even one of these hearts contacts with the opponent, 
they will be sucked in for a nasty ten hit combo.
      Final Move: Fire God's Wrath Jump+[K] while airborn: If you attempt Tough 
Love while in the air, it will instead result in this move. Rouge will gather 
fire into a large demon head above her. Pressing [K] or [P] will cause the head 
to spit giant fireballs at your enemy. They will autotrack much the same way a 
thrown item will.

      As Rouge: Rouge is another character who's greatest strength is Powered. 
Such moves as the head stomp and pole leap should be your primary weapons in 
getting that way. Once Powered, make full use of Flamethrower and Flamebomber, 
the sheer amount of fire this girl generates can make for a very confusing and 
hazardous environment. Always send out a Firebomber before you initiate Fire 
God's Wrath, as it will give them too many things to dodge effectively. Only use 
Flying Carpet in order to get closer to your enemy. The damage isn't worth the 
energy cost, you'd be better off using flamethrower. If you can close the get 
between you and your opponent then it's your choice whether to use Fire God 
Smash or Tough Love. If your opponent is remaining fairly grounded use Fire God 
Smash from the air, if they're jumpy try to initiate Tough Love near where you 
think they'll , or else knock them down and start it standing ontop of them.
      Against Rouge: Rouge isn't a really big threat in most cases. If you're 
using a good throwing character then you're set, as she's very weak in that 
area. Try to keep her from getting above you as this is where she's likely to do 
the most damage. Once Powered, Rouge will undoubtably attempt to close the gap 
between you and her. Don't let her. The only long range attack she has is 
Firebomber, which isn't effective on it's own. Aside from Fire God's Wrath, 
either of her Final Moves are basically you're in or your out area effects, 
although if it is Fire God Smash, getting off the ground will greatly reduce the 
damage. Use your standard dodging techniques for dodging Fire God's Wrath, think 
of it like a bazooka.

            Jack is the undisputable oddball of the characters. Everything about 
him is rather weird. Firstly, he crawls around on all fours in a very insect 
like manner rather than running like most characters. This however is a big 
bonus as just about any horizontal attack will go right over him. (note that he 
will still stand up if you stop moving) A second oddity is that if you use the 
standard arial punch, he will spin his arms around him like a helicopter and you 
can float around for a short time. If an enemy comes into contact with him while 
he is doing this they will take some damage.

      Arm Cutter [P]: Jack will extend his arm out and spin the blades on his 
hand, then withdrawl his arm. Ih the blades hit the enemy they will hit for up 5 
hits. It is important to note that this move has great vertical potential but 
will not fair well against a horizontally moving target.
      Leg Cutter [K]: Jack will extend his leg in a giant sweeping arc infront 
of him, much like a Pole Thwack. If he connects, it will deal up to 5 hits as 
the blade passes through the opponent. Opposite to the Arm Cutter, this move is 
easily jumped but cannot be outrunned.
      Final Move: Hell Top Jump+[P]: Jack will pause, and a strange circular 
symbol will appear below him. He will then extend his arms out and begin to 
spin. He will helicopter up to a certain hight before unpowering. An opponent 
standing within the circle will take hits from Jack's arms so long as he is 
spinning, even if he is above them they will be sucked up to his arms.
      Final Move: Deadly Rain Jump+[K]: Jack will spin and launch quite a few 
swords vertically, which will then rain down on the opponent. There are a few 
important notes about this move. One is that the swords WILL do damage while 
rising, so you can nearly double your damage if you use this move close to your 
enemy. Secondly, if you are airborn, the swords will be launched directly at the 
opponent instead of rising first.

      As Jack: Jack's strange fighting style is a curse at first but becomes a 
blessing as you master it. His unpowered attacks have more range than most, and 
his jumpkick is slightly slower than most, which can sometimes disrupt your 
opponent's patterns. His most important asset, however, is his helicopter 
floating. This move has near unlimited uses, and is especially effective at 
dodging ground based attacks, such as Fire God Smash. Another thing to note is 
that Jack is not a fast character, so don't count on avoiding anthing by running 
from it (unless it goes over your head)

            Every game has one, the big heavy hitter. Gunrock is the undisputed 
heavy weight champion of Power Stone. (no, the big slug doesn't count) If you're 
going to play Gunrock, you'd better be prepared to take a few hits, as there are 
some attacks he's just to slow to dodge. On the upside, this is one boy who can 
dish it out and take it. The weaker characters like Ayame barely put a dent in 
Gunrock with normal attacks, while in contrast he can shave off whole life bars 
if he lands a good combo. Another VERY important thing to note is that Gunrock 
is THE best thrower in the game, so make GOOD use of his skills. 

      Rock Throw [P]: Gunrock with chuck a large rock at the opponent. (don't 
ask ME where he got it from) This attack has the best power of all the 
projectiles, however it takes quite a bit of energy and doesn't move as fast as 
      Gunrock Crash [K]: Gunrock will leap in the air (if you're not already 
there) and smash down to the ground. If the opponent is standing on the ground 
they will take some damage and temporarily beocme dizzy. Note that if your 
opponent is in the air this will have NO effect.
      Final Move: Rock and Roll Jump+[P]: This attack was why you started using 
gunrock in the first place. Gunrock will grow to a giant size and then curl into 
a ball. He will then roll forwars for a set period of time. Be warned that you 
will need to control his movement from side to side and jumping, or else this 
move can be a complete waste. Note that in this state he cannot be hurt. 
Everytime Gunrock comes into contact with the opponent he will infilct quite a 
bit of damage. In most cases the opponent will be "juggled" and will be 
continually hit for a crazy amount of damage. This attack will usually kill an 
opponent at half health or less.
      Final Move: Gunrock Super Crash Jump+[K]: Gunrock will preform the Gunrock 
Smash, however he will then stomp where he lands and many boulders will fall 
around him, damaging anyone they hit. The boulders have a smaller radius of 
effect than most area attacks.

      As Gunrock: Gunrock is one of the few characters who is actually quite 
useful unpowered. His power is impressive, especially his throw. The Pole Leap 
is a very useful tactic as many people will not expect Gunrock to move that 
fast. Gunrock's biggest asset, however, is his throw. Gunrock can chuck objects 
at amazing speed, making them hard to dodge and nearly impossible to catch. He 
can dish out extreme damage in this way from a distance. Another point to 
consider is that becuase Gunrock is so slow, there isn't much disadvantage to 
using weapons such as the Hammer, or any of the guns. Once Powered, you've got 
very little to fear. Chuck some rocks to get them distracted, then try to hit 
them with a Gunrock Crash. If this works, move in for a devastating grab/throw, 
or if you're getting low on power energy (or they're low on health) get up close 
and personal and activate either of his Final attacks. I would DEFINATELY use 
Rock and Roll, unless your opponent is VERY good at running/dodging, 
specifically with Ayame, as her double jump allows her to avoid more easily than 
anyone else.
      Against Gunrock: The key to beating Gunrock is to make hit and run 
attacks. Dash in for a few hits then back out before he can do damage. Always be 
on the lookout for incoming projectiles, as he can chuck a box faster than you 
can say Power Stone. Once Powered you are in some pretty deep trouble. Above all 
else keep jumping eratically. If he manages to hit you with a Gunrock Crash 
you're defenceless and pretty much dead. Once Gunrock initiates Rock and Roll 
(which he will almost always do) RUN! Run as fast as you can! While rolling, 
Gunrock's speed is increased dramatically and he takes up a good sixth of the 
stage as well. If you can, try to get up on a celing, but don't stay there for 
long, the rolling ball of death can jump slightly once it needs to. Just keep 
jumping and running as far and fast as you can.

            Galuda plays much like Falcon, but with more power and less speed. 
In my opinions he's one of the best all around characters. His speed is enough 
to get around, his power, while not as staggaring as Gunrock's, is impressive, 
and he is an excellent thrower. One other thing to note is that his jump kick 
comes down on a much more vertical angle than most, which can give you an 
advantage in some areas. He is also the other Heavy character, and can thwack 
with poles.

      Spirit Bow [P]: Galuda will form a glowing bow in his hands, then shoot 
forth three spirit arrows, which will fly out, one straight, and two on angles 
to either side. It's important to note that the arrows will only fly straight, 
much like bullets from the sixshooter. Each arrow packs a deceptively large 
punch, making this move an excellent choice.
      Hawk Spirit [K]: Galuda will grow glowing wings and soar a short distance 
up and forwards. If he connects he will deal a considerable amound of damage as 
well as knock the opponent quite far. If used in the air, he will do the same, 
except downwards like a jumpkick. I think the second ability is more useful, 
however the first makes an excellent anti-arial attack for those flying monkeys 
like Ayame and Jack.
      Final Move: Arrows from the Sky Jump+[P]: Galuda will form a BIG bow in 
his hands, lean back, and fire an arrow straight up. A second later arrows will 
rain down from the sky above the opponent. This move's disadvantage is that the 
arrows will not lead for movement, and hence can be avoided simply by running in 
a straight line. Note that if you use this move in the air, Galuda will form the 
shape of the bow along his arms and fire the arrow up from his body, which takes 
less time and he is harder to throw while in the air.
      Final Move: Hawk Spirit Smash Jump+[K]: Galuda will grow very large spirit 
wings and then will soar up and forwards like in the smaller version of this 
move. However, if he comes into contact with the opponent he will grab him and 
soar upwards off the screen. He will then come crashing down on the enemy, 
dilivering a the single most powerful single hit in the game. Note that this is 
an all or nothing move, if you miss you get zilch and are left open for a 
pummeling. Also, unlike the smaller version, if you use this in the air you will 
simply soar upwards more, making it much more effective to use on the ground.

      As Galuda: Galuda's near unique mix of decent speed with great power makes 
him an excellent character. His throw is the second best in the game, and he can 
shave of quite a heft amount if he lands a combo. Another great move to use is 
the Vertical Attack, which will often be unexpected, comes down very fast, and 
will deal a decent damage as well as getting you those stones you need ^_^ Once 
you're powered up, let loose with the Spirit Bow. This is one of Galuda's best 
assets when Powered. If your opponent is good enough with jumping to consitantly 
avoid Spirit Bow, then move in for some attacks with Hawk Spirit. If you manage 
to hit them with it, try to hit them with it again before they land. It's not 
too hard to do, racks up the damage, and makes you look really good. When it's 
time for your Final Move, you need to judge how your opponent likes to dodge. If 
they run around a lot, don't bother with Arrows from the Sky as it will miss 
mostly, however if they jump vertically a lot, it can really pummel them. Also, 
you should almost always jump before using Arrows from the Sky, as it will fire 
faster and leave you less vulnerable. Secondly, do NOT use Hawk Spirit Crash 
unless you are sure you'll connect. Also note that unlike most attacks, you can 
grab them at almost any time, unlike some moves which will not hit if the 
opponent is getting up or something like that. Try to get them airborn with a 
Spirit Bow first so you'll have a better chance.
      Against Galuda: Fight Galuda much the same way you'd fight Gunrock, only 
with more caution. He moves considerably faster than Gunrock, and packs almost 
as much punch. Watch out for falling arial attacks such as the celing drop, pole 
leap, and vertical attack. Also be wary of throws. Once he is powered up, never 
restrict your movement to one direction, and unlike with most opponents, try to 
stay on the ground. Jump only to dodge Spirit Bow. If you see him pull back his 
big bow for Arrows From the Sky, start running. Don't even bother to change 
direction, just keep moving in as striaght a line as possible. You should easily 
outrun the rain of arrows. Even better, if he uses this move on the ground, dash 
in and give him a throw: he's a sitting duck. As for advice on Spirit Hawk 
Crash, just stay on the ground. If you're jumping around a lot you're pretty 
much screwed.

            Ryoma is another great all around character. For Speed and Power, 
he's midway between Falcon and Galuda. His sword alow has extremely good range, 
allowing you to suck your opponent in for a combo. Another note is that he's not 
the world's best thrower, so don't rely to heavily in that area.

      Thunder Slash [P]: Ryoma has the closest thing to a normal attack when 
Powered. He will slash infront of him and a colum of lightning will streak 
downwards as he attacks. He can attack the consecutive times. This move is 
extremely useful as you don't have to worry about vertical distance, and it has 
great power.
      Seeker [P] in air: If you attempt to use the Thunder Slash in the air. 
Ryoma will create a ball of lightning which will slowly seek the enemy. This 
move is great as the ball moves slow enough that it will not run into a wall if 
dodged, but will simply continue to float towards to opponent. It will dissapate 
      Rock Splitter [K]: Ryoma will pause, then slash, and a thin wave of energy 
will slash along the ground. If it connects, it will do decent damage. This 
attack can be done three times repeatedly before he must pause. Note that this 
line will break/cut anything that can be, so it's great for clearing a path 
towards your opponent. Also note your opponent must be grounded for this to 
work. If you use this in the air. Ryoma will do a jumpkick surrounded by blue 
flame to the ground before immediately doing the above. 
      Final Move: Moon Slash Jump+[P]: Ryoma will sheath his sword as a ball of 
yellow energy grows around him. He will then slash repeatedly and small crecent 
moon shapes will seek out towards the opponent. This move works best at medium 
range for many of the same reasons as Falcon's Missile Salvo.
      Final Move: Samurai's Rage Jump+[K]: Ryoma will leap in the air surrounded 
by a blur of sword slashes. If he touches the opponent, he will hit them 
repeatedly until he reaches the top of his arc, where he will crash down to the 
ground surrounded by a hude pillar of light. Note that the pillar of light will 
happen whether you bring your opponent up or not, and will do decent area 
damage, so if you miss all is not lost.

      As Ryoma: Don't be all too hasty to Power up, if you're outmatching your 
opponent without it, keep it up. Ryoma has one of the best balances of speed and 
power which allows him to dominate in a normal vs normal battle. Another useful 
tip is that he has a very long grab/throw opponent animation, which is great 
because it will tick away precious seconds of your opponent's power time if you 
pull it off while they're Powered. Once you're powered, start off with a set of 
Rock Splitters almost immediately. If you hit them with the jumpkick and all 
three slashes they'll be bleeding pretty badly. Immediately after your initial 
Rock Splitters, jump towards them and unleash a few Seekers, then move in for 
the kill with Thunder Slashes. Hopefully they'll be too busy dodging your 
slashes that the seekers will hit them, leaving them open for more Thunder 
Slashes. I wouldn't reccomend Rock Splitters after your initial ones as they are 
easily dodged. Only use them again if your opponent isn't jumping much, or is 
keeping his distance well. For your final move, Moon Slash is a good choice for 
medium range, but don't use it at either extreme. If you can get up close, 
Samurai's Rage can inflict tons of damage if you catch them early on in the 
rising arc. If nothing else, you'll do SOME damage from the final crash most 

(Here come the bosses. Again, this is for the arcade so this is just what you 
need to beat them)

      Boss: Kraken
            This guy rivals Jack on the weirdness factor. He's a pirate with a 
hook and a gun. This guy is in my opinion the easiet character to beat. I have 
NEVER have lost a single round with this guy, or even had trouble with him.

      Cannon: Kraken will fire a bomb. (much like the item) It will, however, 
explode as soon as it lands. This move is easily avoided by just keeping moving. 
If you think it's going to hit you, just jump and you should be fine.
      Crab Grab: Kraken will extend his claw at you. (think Scorpion's Get Over 
Here) If he connects, he'll hit you three times for some decent damage. Again, 
not that hard to dodge, just keep moving and jump if neccisary.
      Final Move: Deadly Spirits: Kraken will create 5 or so ghosts of himself, 
which will fly out towards you. If these connects you're in for some pain, but 
they're not too hard to dodge, especially with a fast character such as Ayame, 
or using Jack's Helicopter.
      Final Move: Dirt Devil: I just had to name it this. Kraken's head will 
grow giant and he will attempt to suck you in. If he does you're done for unless 
you're looking REALLY good for health. He'll munch on you three times and spit 
you out. To avoid this move, just keep running diaonally away from him. Don't 
jump unless you can grab onto a pole. (don't accidentally Pole Swing right into 

      Boss: Valgas
            Typical Boss, increadble power with decent speed. This guy can be a 
nightmare. His throw is also BETTER than Gunrock's, which is impressive to say 
the least. If you can keep him unPowered, you shouldn't have TOO much trouble, 
but if he does manage to get the stones you're in for the fight of your life.

      Gem Ray: Valgas will shoot a beam from the gem around his chest towards 
you. This can be a deadly move. so don't stand still long enough to let him hit 
you with it. All you can really do is keep moving
      Seekers: Valgas will fire a seeking ball towards you, which will move much 
faster than Ryoma's. Note that if he uses this in the air he'll fire three in a 
row, ouch! To avoid this you need to dodge it at the last minute, otherwise it 
will adjust.
      Power Move: Mega Gem Ray: Think Gem Ray on steroids, nuff said. Be careful 
though, he CAN adjust his aim slightly while he's firing so try to move around 
behind him.
      Power Move: Grand Spark: Valgas willl raise his arms and the area infront 
of him will spark and sizzle with power. Note that this extends up to the roof 
so don't think you can jump it. Over all, try to stay away and to his side or 
behind to avoid this move.

      Boss: The Big Giant Slug of DOOM (Final Falgas)
            Ok so maybe it's still Valgas mutated by the Power Stone, but I had 
to have my fun. If you don't like it get another FAQ. This boss is not like 
normal bosses for a couple of reasons. One is that his area is almost completely 
bare, specifically no roof or poles. Secondly The Big Giant Slug of DOOM takes 
up a huge portion of the middle of the arena and will not move much from that 
spot. Thirdly, the stones are already scattered throughout the level. Fourth, at 
the start of the battle, just before the announcer lets the fighting begin, the 
camera will show a zoom in of the Slug gathering energy in it's mouth. As soon 
as the battle begins he will unleash a devastating beam attack and YOU are 
standing right in it's path! To avoid losing a ton of health before the battle 
even starts, move left or right AS SOON as the battle starts. The last important 
note about this fight is that it is only ONE round. Winner takes all.

      The Big Giant Slug of DOOM doesn't have Power moves per say but has a few 
things it will do.

      Slug Beam: Preformed at the begnning of the match and any time you are 
dumb enough to stand still infront of him.
      Slug Rush: The Slug will turn around slowly the face you, if it does it 
will rush forward and will attempt to slam into you. Note that it's hands will 
damage you if they hit you while he turns himself with them.
      Slug Vomit: If you stand right infront of the slug, it will grab you and 
vomit up on you for a big chunk of damage. You will also become stunned, so 
you're probably done for.
      Crystal Seekers: This is what makes this boss a bitch. Every so often 
lights will shine out of the slug's back and several crystal seekers will come 
at you. These are the best seeking projectiles in the game. Firstly, they have 
excellent tracking ability, and since they come from above, the timing on the 
jump to avoid them is crucial. Ayame or Jack are a blessing here for thier 
special arial qualities. Note that you CANNOT outrun these things, so don't try.

      General Stratagies for fighting The Big Giant Slug of DOOM: Firstly, do 
NOT let him hit you with the Slug Beam, if he does you're screwed to the 
umpteenth degree. Once you avoid this, you have two options. If you think you 
can dodge the Crystal Seekers, then by all means go for the stones, as you can 
make every hit of damage count. (the Slug obviously can't dodge or run) If you 
manage to get the stones (congrats!) then blast away! hit him with the most 
powererful stuff you've got. One caution tho, be reasonable: Combo Finals will 
NOT work (IE Ninja combo, Lightning combo, Tough Love..) Anything that is a one 
hit catch move won't work. (I don't kow what will happen but I've heard nasty 
rumours) A better alternative to the stones is just to run up and bash the 
sucker. Just keep punching and kicking him. If you're using a more powerful 
character, just let the seekers hit you, you should kill him before the opposite 
happens. If you can stand DIRECTLY under the slug's arm you can avoid the 
seekers as they will crash into the slug's arm. This takes a lot of precision, 
as if you are too far outside of his arm, you will be hit by the seekers, if you 
are too far inside, you're prone to the Slug Vomit and other such moves.

Stage Guides

      Here I will outline the hazards and any key points about each stage.

      Isomeone is hit into the bookcase, (shelves?) then many pots will fall 
down onto them for additional damage, note this can damage you too so don't 
follow up if they fall there. Also, touching the lamps will cause it to fall and 
start a fire on the ground. (similar to the motolov cocktail)
      Something to note is that the celing of WangTang's place is very low, 
which limits characters such as Ayame and Jack. Also, the big table can be 
thrown if you are Powered, and will do a lot of damage.

      If anyone is knocked into the area below the clock tower/shops flower pots 
will fall down on thier head for damage. Also, there are small signs on the wall 
that you can rip down as you jump by.
      Also note that Falcon's stage is almost completely open topped, making it 
great for arial dodges.

      Ayame's stage has a few bookcase like things in the walls (you should be 
able to recognize them) which will fall down and squash an opponent who is hit 
into them. Like WangTang's stage, the lanterns can start dangerous fires, 
especially the large one. Another note is that if someone is knocked below the 
pictures on the wall they will fall down onto them.
      Ayame's stage is also very open, however it does have a celing around the 
side for all you celing monkeys out there.

      The fire pots will burn you if you land on them.
      Note that the palm tree counts as a pole, and that the sand streams act as 
convayer belts.

      If you attempt to grab onto the clock, it will fall down, and hit anyone 
under it.
      Note that the street lamp counts as a pole.
      Note that the glass surrounding the two display areas can be broken, once 
they are, the corner poles act as swinging poles.

      The fan and big spiked roller will both damage you if you touch them. Also 
if you stand on the convayer belt you will be moved towards the big spiked 
roller, items will be too however they will not be broken, try creating a wall 
to shield yourself by nudging objects onto the belt (just walk against them). 
Also, the vent in the middle of the stage will sometimes blast flames upwards 
which will damage you if you're standing on it. It will spurt steam first to 
watch it.
      Gunrock's level has a multitude of throwable objects, great for good 
throwers like, well... Gunrock! Also, the netting can be climed on.

      The bookcase like thing on the wall under the high raised platform will 
fall down like the ones in Ayame's stage. Also, if you are knocked into the wall 
under the barrels they will fall. Similar to Jack's stage, the celing fans will 
fall if you attempt to grab onto them, as will the lamp and the deer head.
      Galuda's stage has an extremely raised area, which can be useful for 
evading some attacks.

      Ryoma's stage has a bookcase effect in one place like Galuda's and 
Ayame's. You should be able to spot it. Also the pictures on the wall will fall 
if you are knocked under them.
       Also note that the statues in the snowy area can be thrown. Ryoma's stage 
has a very interesting trick. If you grab onto the celing and monkey to the 
edge, you will swing up onto the roof! This can help you avoid many many attacks 
and is a great stratagy.

      Kraken's stage is possibly more deadly than he is (you can tell how little 
I think of Kraken) The swining anchor will damage you, the cannons will 
occasionally fire bombs, and the barrels can fall ala Galuda's stage.
      Standing ontop of the cannons can give you a good angle for ranged 
attacks. The sails and netting can be grabbed onto.

      No Hazard's Known
      Note that even though they look like part of the stage, the blocks jutting 
out from the floor and the chair. can be thrown.

The Big Giant Slug of DOOM
      Hazards: The Big Giant Slug of DOOM.


Power Stone and characters belong to Capcom. This FAQ is copyrighted by the 
author and may be freely distributed so long as it appears in its complete, 
unaltered, and unplagarized form. This FAQ may not be sold for monetary gain or 
be republished/reproduced, in part or in whole, for any reason whatsoever, 
without the express permission of the author. 
Copyright 2000 James W. Patten (OneWingedAngel) 

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