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Ayame by Razorclaw X

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/20/99

Power Stone: Ayame Guide

8/20/99 Version 1.0 by 
Razorclaw X (spiceoflife@REMOVETHIShotmail.com)


Power Stone is another Capcom fighting game-- but a different kind 
of game. Instead of the usual six-button Street Fighter type 
layout, you have only three buttons (punch, jump, and kick; but 
the Dreamcast version utilizes all the buttons available) and 
have free movement in a 3-D environment. Special attacks are not 
pulled off with joystick motions, but are granted automatically 
after collecting three magic stones during battle. You cannot 
block in this game; rather, you must dodge attacks. 

Of course, since this IS a fighting game, there are life bars 
(in the form of five crystals at the top of the screen) and a 
countdown timer. Whoever has the most life left before time runs 
out wins. The victor is decided in a best two out of three 

This guide is for those of you who like (or would like) to use 
Ayame, the cutesy female character with the throwing darts. 
All characters play the same way, but each character has a 
distinct advantage or disadvantage that makes them stand out 
above the rest. Ayame's key advantage is speed. 

Version History

- 1.0 First Release (8/20/99)


In the 19th Century, a group of people are after an artifact, 
the Power Stone, which is supposed to make its owners wishes 
come true. All around the world, fighters appear and battle 
for this artifact for their own reasons. 

The Stones

Sometimes the key to victory lies in three colored stones-- red, 
blue, and yellow. You start with one stone, while the opponent 
starts with another (usually red and blue, respectively). The 
yellow stone appears after a short while. The stones can be 
knocked off you or your opponent after certain hits, leaving you 
or the opponent free to collect them. Collect all three stones, 
and you transform into your 'super mode.' In this 'super mode' you 
now have access to special attacks, super armor (you won't get 
knocked down most of the time-- only grabs will stop you), and 
super attacks-- for a limited time. The super meter decreases 
slowly itself over time, a fixed amount when you use a special 
attack, or all of it when you use a super. You can also lose energy 
whenever you get hit by the opponent. 

After that time is up, you or the opponent releases two stones 
from his or her body, leaving you/opponent wide-open to attacks for 
a short time, and the stones free for the taking. It's your choice 
whether or not to go after the stones or get your opponent while 
his guard is down. 

When a stone has been lying around on the battlefield for a while, 
it disappears and reappears somewhere else. Check the minimap 
at the bottom of the screen for locations. 


* Punch-- punch button
    This is your basic punch. Can be comboed up to four hits, but 
    the damage is recoverable (opponent's energy bar is blue), but 
    removes an entire energy bar (in most cases). The last hit will 
    remove a stone from the opponent's possession. 

* Kick-- kick button
    This is your basic kick. Can be comboed up to four hits, but 
    the damage is recoverable. The last hit will release a stone 
    from the opponent's possession. 

* Jump-- jump button
    This is your basic jump. Ayame jumps high and very quickly. 

* Grab-- punch and kick button together (Dreamcast: grab button)
         when close
    This is your basic grab. Ayame will run between the opponent's 
    legs and kick him from behind. This removes half of a crystal 
    bar and is permanent damage. 

* Escape-- punch and/or kick plus directional pad when close
    Primarily how you may avoid close-quarter attacks. This also 
    sets you up for your own attack if your opponent isn't expecting 

* Roll-- directional pad when knocked down
    This allows you to escape attacks that would otherwise hit you 
    while you are standing. 

* Air Jump-- press jump while in the air
    Ayame is one of the few (perhaps only?) character in the game 
    that can double jump. Particularly useful for avoiding attacks. 

* Head Stomp-- punch and kick (or grab) button in the air
    Ayame jumps straight down on the opponent, stomping on his head. 
    She will then jump back in the air and perform another stomp. 
    The second stomp will release a stone. Sometimes the second 
    stomp will not hit. 

* Air Grab-- punch and kick (or grab) button in air when close 
    Ayame grabs the opponent and kicks him a couple times. This 
    releases a stone and removes about half a crystal. 

* Jump Kick-- kick button while in the air
    A simple attack that will always release a stone. The jump kick 
    travels at a downward angle and is very quick. However, avoid 
    using this near walls, because if your jump kick connects with 
    the wall you will bounce off and leave yourself very open. 

* Wall Kick-- punch and kick (or grab) button while near the wall
    This attack will seek the opponent. Ayame will kick the opponent, 
    and will release a stone. This is not recommended for when the 
    opponent is at the opposite end of the screen or is extremely 
    close to you. 

* Post Kick-- punch and kick (or grab) button while near a post
    Ayame will swing around the post a couple of times, then launch 
    a kick in the direction of the opponent. This is not recommended 
    because you are extremely vulnerable during the swinging. 

* High Post Kick-- punch and kick (or grab) button while near a post 
                   and are in the air
    Same as wall kick. 

* Ceiling grab-- punch and kick (or grab) button near the ceiling
    This allows you to grab the ceiling, if possible. Use the 
    directional control to move around (if possible). For roofs 
    (such as in Ryoma's stage) moving to the end allows you to 
    jump on the roof. Pushing kick drops you from the ceiling, while 
    punch allows you to perform a drill kick (releases a stone). 

* Pick up object-- punch and kick (or grab) button while near object
    This varies depending on what object you pick up. Push punch 
    and kick (or grab) button again to drop it. 

    For throwable objects (crates, bombs, etc.) Ayame's throw is 
    extremely slow and unreliable. 

* Catch object-- punch and kick (or grab) button before object hits 
    A limited ability that allows you to catch objects thrown at 
    you; this will not work if the object is pushed or kicked to 
    you. However, you must time this carefully-- you have to push 
    the buttons just before the object hits you. This is not 
    recommended when fighting against good throwers such as Gunrock, 
    Galuda, Fokker/Falcon, and Valgas. 


These are the various objects and weapons you may pick up in 
Power Stone. Weapon items are found in chests; run next to the 
chest to open it. When any of these hit it will release a stone. 

* Objects: This includes chairs, crates, boxes, pots, drums, and 
    anything else than can be picked up immediately. All operate 
    the same. You can push or kick an object by standing next to 
    them and pushing the punch or kick button. You can pick them 
    up and throw them as well. As with the throwing, pushing 
    and kicking objects is quite slow when using Ayame, and will 
    not likely generate a desirable result. 

* Weapons: There are several weapons available in your arsenal. 
    Pick them up by standing next to them and using the grab button 
    (or punch and kick buttons together). Use the punch button to 

      - Sword: One of the best weapons. A time bar appears over 
           your head when you pick it up-- this is how long you 
           have to use the sword. With one slash you can attack 
           in a 45 degree arc in front of you, but the real 
           treat comes from a jump attack-- it is similar to a 
           jump kick but with the sword, and does a lot of 
           damage. I recommend you pick this up whenever you 
           powered up with the stones, as this saves you a lot of 
           energy and you can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes 
           the jump attack releases two stones. 

      - Pipe: This is similar to the sword in almost every way. I 
           haven't found any difference with this and the sword 
           other than cosmetics. 

      - Mallet: This weapon can release TWO stones with a hit. 
           The trick is, however, to HIT with it; there is a 
           large startup time between when you hit the button and 
           when you hit. This only works for targets directly in 
           front of you. 

      - Flamethrower: Upon picking up this weapon a time bar 
           appears over your head-- this is how long you can use 
           it. This sprays fire in front of you (but not upward), 
           but drastically slows your movement to a crawl. 

      - Rocket Launcher: A four-bullet weapon, this fires very 
           slowly and slows Ayame's movement drastically, which 
           may be quite fatal in her case. Even though the shots 
           do a lot of damage, it's not worth risking a miss. 

      - Molotov Cocktail: A thrown weapon that creates a flame 
           patch wherever it lands. The fire disappears after a 

      - Pistol: This weapon contains six bullets, which fly 
           horizontally. This severely reduces Ayame's movement 
           (anyone's, for that matter), and you shouldn't use this 
           unless you're sure you're winning or will hit. 

      - Bomb (small and large): This weapon has a countdown timer. 
           If it is not used before time runs out, it will 
           explode by itself and damage anyone caught in the blast. 
           Blast radius is determined by the size of the bomb. 

Special Attacks

Upon collection of all three stones (red, blue, and yellow) Ayame 
will transform into a pink ninja which looks like a cross between 
a bunny suit and the pink Power Ranger, with a throwing star on 
her back. 

Yes, it looks strange (it's the most radical costume change of all 
the characters in the game), but what's worse: being the 
'gay pink ninja,' or being BEATEN by the 'gay pink ninja?' :P

Replacing the stones in the corner will be an energy bar. This bar 
decreases slowly, but energy diminishes quicker if you use your 
special attacks. Super attacks will drain the entire bar. Once 
the bar is empty, you are vulnerable for a couple of seconds, so 
make sure when time runs out the opponent is knocked down, or prepare 
for a thrashing. 

Also note, while in super mode Ayame can now rip out and swing 
posts (instead of swinging around on them), and lift heavier 
objects, such as the large table in Wangtang's stage. 

* Throwing stars-- punch button
    Ayame throws three throwing stars in the opponent's direction. 
    If it connects, the opponent will be stuck in place for less 
    than a second. If, during that time the opponent is hit by a 
    second throwing star, he will be knocked down. 
    This attack uses up a lot of energy and is very easy to avoid. 
    Don't use this at long distance (or when the opponent is standing 
    UNDER you-- yes, it happens) or you'll waste energy. This is 
    best used in setup for.... 

* Tornado attack-- kick button
    Ayame spins herself and disappears, damaging the opponent if 
    he is close. This can hit multiple times depending on how close 
    the opponent is. A very high-priority attack. 

    This attack uses up very little energy. Use this while the 
    opponent is getting up for repeated hits. 

* Throwing stars super-- punch and jump (or left) button
    This uses up the remainder of the energy bar. Ayame spins around 
    for a second, then throws five or six throwing stars that sweep 
    across the battlefield and seek the opponent. The stars sweep 
    for about three times before dissipating. It can be done in the 
    air as well. 

    This super can do a lot of potential damage unless your 
    opponent manages to dodge all the stars (with repeated jumping). 
    You can be hit out of this if your opponent grabs you during 
    the spinning animation. 

* Rush super-- kick and jump (or right) button
    Ayame flies straight toward the opponent. If she hits, Ayame 
    performs a series of kicks, finishing with a storm of throwing 
    darts. This super can be done in the air, but does nothing 
    if Ayame doesn't hit the opponent (and leaves you even more 
    open than usual). 

    For a super, this attack does lowsy damage (a full crystal bar 
    at best), and is very easy to avoid. Generally, you should only 
    use this when the opponent has only one bar of life left. The 
    best time to use this is while the opponent is completing a 
    jump, but the timing is tricky. 

VS Computer

- Fokker/Falcon: He is a fast character and can deal out a decent 
  amount of damage. Since there are a lot of throw-ables in his 
  stage he will try to throw them at you. Bottom line: don't try 
  throwing all that stuff at him, because Fokker throws a lot 
  faster than Ayame does. There is no real way to get around this. 
  Since this stage is very open, the throwing star super is not 
  as effective. As soon as you enter the stage Fokker will run for 
  the bench first; jump kick him. 

  If Fokker has collected all the stones, dodge the homing missiles 
  (easy) and stay a fair distance from him (so he can't use his 
  fire attack against you). If he charges up for a super, be prepared 
  for a volley of homing rockets and be at extreme distance for best 
  chances of avoidance. For the other super, try to stay in the air, 
  and if you get knocked down, roll to avoid the attacks. Fokker's 
  super does FOUR charges (common mistake: most people think it's 
  three), so once the fourth one is done whack him. 

- Ayame: This may be your toughest fight because Ayame is... well, 
  just as fast as Ayame. Since this IS a computer, it takes 
  complete advantage of Ayame's speed. I have no real recommendations 
  for this fight but try to keep ahead of her. The throwing star 
  super is very effective if the computer is standing under the 

  If CPU Ayame is in super mode, avoid the throwing stars by moving. 
  Just keep clear of her to avoid the tornado attack. When she 
  uses the throwing stars super, try to jump up and down a few 
  times to shake off the throwing stars-- this doesn't always work, 
  but it is possible. Remember, don't think it's over when CPU Ayame 
  releases her stones, because the throwing stars will come back for 
  another pass (common mistake). Her other super you can just avoid 

- Wangtang: He is almost as fast as Ayame and does more damage. Make 
  use of the low ceiling and use air attacks. Sometimes kicking a 
  chair will do the job. If you knock him over to the upper right 
  wall's pit area, a series of pots will fall from the ceiling for 
  additional damage (be sure you're not there when it happens). 
  This is one of the best stages for Ayame to fight in due to the 
  low ceilings-- the throwing star super is very hard to avoid 

  In his super mode you want to stay as far away as possible. 
  Wangtang throws fireballs in your direction when far, and uses a 
  tornado kick when close. If you see Wangtang gathering his arms 
  up, be prepared for a monster fireball. Just move out of the way 
  to avoid it. The other super is a kick in your general direction, 
  so just move out of the way. 

- Gunrock: Gunrock has the fastest throw in the game, so don't bother 
  trying to outdo him in this department. Since he is a lot slower 
  than you, well-placed jump kicks will get you 'stoned' in no time. 
  Each of his attacks, however, WILL hurt. His jumping is rather 
  low as well, so you don't have to worry as much about being 
  jump kicked (but in turn he'd rather slam you instead). 

  The central blast furnace, the spinning spikes, and the giant 
  fan all can hurt you (and Gunrock), so be careful. 

  If he manages to get all the stones, pray to any god you believe 
  in. Your best bet is to deny him the stones, otherwise, Gunrock 
  WILL beat you. 

- Jack: Jack is another fast character, and there are very few 
  throw-ables in his stage (which is good for you). Jump kick 
  him at the start if he's standing next to the crate. Sometimes 
  he will try to break the glass windows; when he does this nail 

  When 'stoned' Jack has a spinning saw and a fast cut; jump to 
  avoid either of these. If Jack twists around for a super, 
  try to get away from him, as he will do a helicoptor attack. 
  Otherwise, he will throw a bunch of swords in the air which rain 
  down on you-- run to avoid these. His third super, a variant 
  of the sword attack-- Jack throws the swords directly at you 
  instead from the air. 

- Galuda: Like Gunrock, Galuda has very fast throws, and his attacks 
  are very punishing. However, he is also slow (but not THAT slow). 
  Use speed to your advantage and pound him when he tries to grab 
  something. If he's ripping a post out, jump kick or stomp him, 
  because he won't be able to act until after he swings it around. 
  The small upper area in this stage can be useful for 
  setting up head stomp attacks, but don't stay there too long. 
  This is one of the better stages to use Ayame in due to the 
  cramped quarters. 

  If you or Galuda get knocked into the bookcase, move out of the 
  way before it falls on you. Also, the giant barrels at the upper 
  right can fall over as well. 

  His special attacks are a three-shot horizonal arrows (which fly 
  over Ayame's head most of the time) and an anti-air flying hit. 
  Galuda's first super is similar to Jack's swords super, but the 
  second super is a modified air attack. If Galuda catches you in 
  the air with this, say good-bye to that round. 

- Rouge: The only other female in the game is a pyro maniac. Use 
  the same conventional techniques against her and take advantage 
  of the three posts in the chamber to clobber her (the tree counts 
  as a post). Since this field is very big, the throwing star super 
  is easier to avoid here. Watch out when she gets close to you, 
  as Rouge likes to throw you a lot. 

  Rouge has three attacks: a standing flame thrower, a flying 
  carpet attack, and an air fireball. All but the flame thrower 
  are easy to avoid, because the flame thrower seeks you. And, of 
  course, Rouge also has three supers: a giant fireball, a demon 
  head that spits out fireballs, and a heart dance. When Rouge 
  has her arms in the air, she is summoning the fireball. If she 
  is in the air, she is likely using the demon head-- run to 
  avoid the fireballs. As for the heart dance... just stay away 
  from the hearts. 

- Ryoma: He can do a lot of damage but isn't particularly fast. 
  There isn't really anything special you can do against him other 
  than the usual tactics. A funny (but risky) tactic is to climb 
  on the roof and use the stomp attack after jumping off. Ryoma 
  likes to use the pole swing attack, so whenever he does this 
  just jump kick him. 

  When powered up Ryoma has three attacks: while in the air he can 
  launch a slow-moving (and thus easily avoidable) lightning ball 
  that follows you for a short time. Second, he has a fast sword 
  sweep that requires you to jump to avoid. Third, he slashes with 
  his sword while calling down lightning-- run to avoid. However, 
  since each of those slashes use up a lot of energy, Ryoma will 
  run out of energy fast. If you see him belt his sword for a super, 
  run, because a series of sparks will fly at you. His other 
  super: Ryoma flies up in the air while spinning. Just don't stay 
  close to him. 

- Kraken: The cannons can hurt you, and the wheel counts as a wall 
  for this battle. The anchor swinging in the upper right wall can 
  hurt you (and Kraken) as well. Stay ahead of Kraken and don't 
  stay close to him for long-- he likes to air grab (takes off a 
  whole bar). Jump kick or stomp him when you can do it safely. 

  Kraken turns into a ghost pirate when 'stoned' (easily my 
  favorite costume change in the game). Most of the time he will 
  fire bombs at you (easily avoided), and sometimes may throw his 
  claw at you (sometimes after this Kraken may go to where the 
  claw is at instead of retracting it). Because he's so bomb-happy 
  most of the time Kraken won't use his supers on you, but if he does 
  just don't stay close to him. 

- Valgas: Don't try to attack Valgas when he picks up a throwable, 
  because you will get hit from him first. After he throws, however, 
  run in and jump kick. If he picks up a weapon, jump kick or stomp 
  him (works particularly for the flamethrower and rocket launcher). 
  For this battle, you may have to collect the stones about THREE 
  times before you can finish Valgas (and that's just a single round). 

  If Valgas collects all the stones, be prepared to move-- fast. 
  He has a beam attack which he uses while on the ground, and throws 
  three fireballs while in the air (the fireballs arc downward, then 
  up, so jump over them when they reach their low point). His most 
  common super attack is a super beam, which is easily avoided if 
  you haven't been knocked down (if you have, you're a goner). 
  Attacking Valgas at this point is not recommended; attempting 
  to grab him will end up in you losing. 

- Final Valgas: As soon as the announcer says something, run either 
  to the left or right, otherwise it's game over. The battlefield 
  is completely open, and the stones are yours to collect, but 
  that will likely get you killed. For best results, stand under 
  his arm, but not too close to his head. When Valgas leans over, 
  he's fired a bunch of seeker missiles into the air; hopefully, 
  most will run into Valgas while you're under his arm. Punch and 
  kick him, and move out of the way for any stray missile shots, 
  minding not to get close to his head. 

  If you DO get all the stones, do not bother using the charging 
  super against him-- I've tried it myself with disastrous 
  results (even though I knew logically this wouldn't work...). 

  You have only one round in order to beat Valgas, so good luck. 


- Since Ayame's normal attacks do very little damage, you must 
  rely on other means in order to do some real damage. This 
  includes stomp attacks and wall kicks. Weapons help Ayame 
  greatly, particularly the sword, which allows her to maintain 
  her normal speed. Other weapons, like the flamethrower and 
  rocket launcher, strip away your speed advantage, so use them 

- A good combination is getting super mode Ayame a sword. Not 
  only will you keep your energy longer (and thus keep the stones 
  away from the opponent), you can deal more damage than any 
  of Ayame's special attacks can deliver. Most of the time 
  your opponent will run from you rather than attack you. 

- If you find your opponent open to an attack, punish him. Even 
  if you did miniscule damage, the damage adds up, and for Ayame, 
  it's a godsend. However, be sure you can do this with little 
  chance of retaliation, because Ayame is too weak to trade hits. 

- During super mode, when you knock down your opponent run up to 
  him and use the tornado attack. Even when he's rolling. Because, 
  when he gets up, he WILL get hit. You can keep chasing the 
  opponent this way until time runs out. 

- If possible, before your super energy meter runs out, use a 
  super attack (usually this will be the throwing stars super). 
  If anything, this will keep your opponent away from you while 
  you're releasing the stones, giving you time to recover. 

- While in super mode, you can use throwing stars to destroy 
  thrown objects in order to avoid getting hit. 

Miscellaneous Fluff

- Alternate Colors: Press kick during character selection. This 
  only appears to work in VS mode (the pink ninja becomes 
  orange, btw). 

- Opening 1: Ayame is holding an umbrella. She says something in 
  Japanese, then throws the umbrella away (and where does it go? 
  The same place Optimus Prime's trailer goes, of course). 

- Opening 2: Ayame is crouching down, talking to some birds. 
  The birds fly away as the battle starts. 

- Victory 1: Ayame jumps up in down, then holds up a V-sign. 

- Victory 2: Ayame turns her side to the screen and pats her 
  posterior a couple times (this is an insult, btw). 

- Continue: Ayame is standing, hands behind her back, head down, 
  kicking the dirt with her sandals. 

- You can use the buttons to zoom in and out during the victory 

- When being challenged by another player, he gets to choose the 
  stage. This may be critical to your success. 


Ayame gives the Power Stone to the Emperor, saying how he got 
what he wanted, then walks off with her friends. 

Bottom Line


- The fastest character in the game
- Can double jump 
- Is short enough to have certain projectiles (Galuda's shots, 
  etc.) fly over her head (but don't count on it too much); only 
  Jack's walking motion is shorter (because he crawls). 


- Each hit deals out very little damage
- Super mode attacks and supers aren't that great
- Her throws are extremely slow

Reasons why you should use Ayame: 

- You can run circles around your opponent 
- She's a Cute Anime Girl (TM) 
- You like the idea of beating someone with a 'gay pink ninja' 
- The 'gay pink ninja' is awesome 

Interesting Facts

- A Power Stone anime series is being made in Japan 
- Wangtang fills the stereotypical role of pig-tailed martial artist 
- Ayame fills the stereotypical role of cutesy anime girl 
- Kraken is the name of a legendary sea monster (usually a squid) 
- Galuda is named after the mythological Garuda 


Power Stone and characters belong to Capcom. This FAQ is copyrighted 
by the author and may be freely distributed so long as it appears 
in its complete, unaltered, and unplagarized form. This FAQ may not 
be sold for monetary gain or be republished/reproduced, in part or 
in whole, for any reason whatsoever, without the express permission 
of the author. 

Copyright 1999 Razorclaw X

-- Razorclaw X (spiceoflife@REMOVETHIShotmail.com)

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