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Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/20/02

                               Power Stone...


Speech Translation FAQ v.1.1 (June 21, 2002) For Japanese and American 
Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by Capcom of Japan (1999-2001)

FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com 
OR thetruewarrior@hotmail.com] 

Legal Stuff:

This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
property of me, (Edwand Rivers).  Anyone viewing this document should 
not, cannot, and will not copy and/or duplicate it without expressed 
written permission from me and only me.  Also, this FAQ is protected by 
Federal Copyright Laws and is written for GameFAQs.com.

(So in other words: NO unauthorized duplication or copying!)

About this FAQ:

Welcome to the second-ever COMPLETE speech FAQ.  In this series, my 
goal is to give YOU, (the reader), the opportunity to look back at many 
of your favorite fighting game series and understand the persona behind 
your beloved characters.  Listed in this particular FAQ are ALL of the 
characters and their signature dialogue that made them so memorable in 
the "Power Stone" saga. I hope that you enjoy reading this presentation 
and have a better overall understanding of why the Power Stone Series 
is so deep with imagination, humor, and suspense! This should prove to 
be an appetizing factor to your total enjoyment of one of the greatest 
fighting game series of all time!

How this works:

The Character listings go in no particular order.  First, there is 
listed the Japanese pronunciation, which is followed by the English 
translation.  (Note: I am still in the process of accurately describing 
the words and phrases, so some of the translations may be off or 

The Legend has been added to War:


The Bosses!

Pharaoh Walker
Dr. Erode



(Intro 1): "Junbi yo kay!" = "I'm ready!"
(Intro 2): "Sa, koi!" = "Alright, Come on!"
(Intro 3): "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 4): "Zenryokude koi yo!" = "Don't hold anything back!"
(Intro 5): "Tekagen wanashi ta ze!" = "I'm gonna use everything I've 
(Intro 6): "Yaru zo!" = "I can do it!"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Tsu ni tadori tsui ta ze!" = "I've 
finally reached it!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Yakute yaru ze!" = I'm gonna do it!"

(Taunt 1): "Sa, iku zo!" = "Here I come!"
(Taunt 2): "Sa, koi" = "Come on!"
(Taunt 3): "Yosh! Iku ze!" = "All right! Here I go!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Kore de toda?" = "How about this?"
(Picking up an item 2): "Koitsu da!" = "This should do it!"

(Grabbing): "Uke tore!" = "TAKE THIS!"

(Missed Throw): "Shimatta!" = "I failed!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Kariru ze!" = "I'm just borrowing 

(Dodging): "Amai ne!" = "Pathetic!"

(Damaged from Fire): "Itata!" = "Ouch!"

(Damaged from Pot): "Tore ne!" = "I can't take this!"

(Reviving): "Shikari shiro!" = "WAKE UP!"
(Revived): "Thank you!"

(Transforming 1): "Mezameyo!" = "AWAKEN!"
(Transforming 2): "Sa, koi!" = "COME ON!"
(Transforming 3): "Mohiteki ta ze!" = "I'M BURNING!"

(Power Drive 1): "Ike!" = "GO!
(Power Drive 2): "HURRICANE!" 

(Victory 1): "Yoyu da ze!" = "Too easy!"
(Victory 2): "Hiseki no na zo wa boku gatoku!" = "I'll find the secret 
of the stones!"
(Victory 3): "Ma, konna mondaro..." = "So, that was it..."
(Victory 4): "Boku no meyo ni kakkete!" = "For my pride!"
(Victory 5): "Ore no tsui yo samo homo no da na!" = "My power isn't 
(Victory 6): "Chorui ze!" = "Too easy!"

(Transformed Victory): "Na kana ka tanoshi katta ze!" = "That was fun!"

(Continue): "Boku wa...akiami na!" = "I can't...give up!"


(Intro 1): "Osu! Oya, Wang-Tang!" = ("Osu" is a greeting used by 
Japanese martial artists before they begin) "I'm Wang-Tang!"
(Intro 2): "Yahoo!"
(Intro 3): "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 4): "Junbi oii kai?" = "Are you ready?"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Yatomeni Ita ze!" = "I've finally 
found [you]!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Kore kara da ze!" = "This is it!"

(Taunt 1): "Sasato kina te!" = "Hurry up and come on!"
(Taunt 2): "Hara ni chikara ga haite ne zo!" = "You're strength doesn't 
come from your stomach!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Lucky!"
(Picking up an item 2): "Okay!"

(Performing a throw): "Tondeki!" = "Fly!"

(Throwing): "Iku ze!" = "Here [it] comes!" 

(Performing Co-Operational Attack): "Hai ta!" ("Hai ta!" has no real 
meaning; it's just a saying)

(Being used for Co-Operational Attack): "Nani sun da!" = "What's going 

(Damaged from Fire): "Atsui!" = "HOT!"

(Damaged from Pot): "Tore ne!" = "I can't take it!"

(Reviving): "Nani atten da?" = "What's happening?"
(Revived): "Thank you!"

(Transforming 1): "Oya wa tsuyoi!" = "I'M STRONGER!"
(Transforming 2): "Makenai ze!" = "I WON'T LOSE!"
(Transforming 3): "Shobu da!" = "LET'S FIGHT!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Oira ni chikara o!" = GIVE ME THE POWER!!!
(Power Fusion 2): "Mieta!" = "I CAN SEE YOU!"  (The Kanji at the end of 
the attack goes, "Bu", "Ten", "Ryu", "Bu" which basically translates to 
"Heavenly Fighting Torrent")
(Power Fusion 3): "Yakite yaru!" = "HERE I GO!"

(Victory 1): "Zekoujou!" = "Terrific!"
(Victory 2): "Haraheppa!" = "I'm starving!"
(Victory 3): "Yoyu da ne!" = "Too easy!"
(Victory 4): Wang-Tang laughs in victory

(Transformed Victory): "U~me!" = "I'm hungry!"

(Defeated): "Oshio-sama!" = "[Great] Master!"

(Continue): "Nande kotta?" = "How could this happen?"


(Intro 1): "Hiza...shimi yo ni shobu!" = "Get ready...to battle!"
(Intro 2): "Kakugo aii ka!" = Prepare yourself!" 
(Intro 3): "Itsudemo oke ze yo!" = "I'm ready!"
(Intro 4): "Washino jama o suru ka?" = "Are you standing in my way?"
(Intro 5): "Washito shobu ja!" = "Fight with me!"
(Intro 6): "Hiza!" = "Get ready!"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Yoyu shinke shobu ze yo!" = 
"Prepare for a real fight!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Kono tokio matte ita ze yo!" = "I've 
been waiting for this day!"

(Taunt 1): "Shibashi matare yo!" = "Hold on a sec." 
(Taunt 2): "Madda madda ze yo..." = "Not yet..."

(Picking up an item): "Hiza..." = "Ready..."

(Performing a throw): "Iku ze yo!" = "Here I go!"
(Missed throw): "Nani!" = "What!"

(Performing Co-Operational Attack): "Gomen!" = "Sorry!"

(Being used for Co-Operational Attack): "Nani!" = "What!"

(Dodging): "Amai ze yo!" = "Pathetic!"

(Damaged from Pot): "Nanja!" = "What the!"

(Reviving): "Daijobu ka?" = "Are you okay?"
(Revived): "Katta jiken nai!" = "I'm grateful!"

(Transforming 1): "Souchaku!" = "EQUIPPED!"
(Transforming 2): "Ougi!" = "[Secret Technique/Art]!"

(Power Fusion): "Mizameni!" = "[Many slashes]!"

(Victory 1): "Humph! Mattaizu re..." = "Hump! I'll see you later..." 
(Victory 2): "Onushini yo makenze yo!" = "I'll never lose against you!"
(Victory 3): "Hikigi wa kanjen ze yo!" = "You should know when to 
(Victory 4): "Skaraba koreni te..." = "See you later..."
(Victory 5): "Koreni te gomen..." = "I bid you farewell..."

(Defeated): "MIGOTO!" = "GOOD ONE!"

(Continue): "Wazu ka todokazu..." = "I almost made it..."


(Intro 1): "Ayame sanjo!" = "Ayame's here!"
(Intro 2): "Atai wa tsuyoi yo!" = "I'm pretty strong!"
(Intro 3): "Iku yo!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 4): "Kakkatte kina te!" = "Come and fight with me!"
(Intro 5): "Sa, oiki!" = "Go!"

(Intro in Doctor Erode's Castle): "Sa, shobu yo!" = "Let's fight!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Makenai mo!" = "I won't lose!"

(Taunting): Ayame plays her flute

(Picking up an item 1): "Itadaki!" = "I've got it!" 

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Gomen ne!" = "I'm sorry [for doing 

(Throwing an item): "Yoi sho!" ("Yoi sho" is a exclamation sound 
similar to "Whoa!" or "Oops!")

(Damaged from Pot): "Torenai yo!" = "I can't take this!"

(Reviving): "Nani ya hekotare ten no!" = "Why are you dizzy like this?"
(Revived): "Arigato!" = "Thanks!"

(Transforming 1): "Kunoi itchiinge!!!" = "[Female Ninja] TRANSFORM!!!" 
("Kunoi" is the what female Shinobi's are referred to in Japan)
(Transforming 2): "Kawaii, no?" = "Cute, no?"

(*Note: Ayame says the name of her Power Drives/Fusions; that is why I 
chose not to list them)

(Victory 1): "Raksho, raksho!" = "Easy, easy!"
(Victory 2): "Darashi nai yo!" = "You're way too weak!"
(Victory 3): "Yatta, yatta!" = "I did it!" 
(Victory 4): "Bye bye!"
(Victory 5): "Madda madda me!" = "[You're] not [there] yet!"
(Victory 6): "Choroi yo!" = "Too easy!"

(Transformed Victory): "Donna mondai?!" = "How was that?!"

(Continue): "Chotto matta yo!  Madda owate nai wa!" = "Wait a minute! 
This isn't over yet!"


(Intro 1): "Yosha!" = "All right!"
(Intro 2): "Kakkatte konu ka!" = "Come and fight!"
(Intro 3): "Chikara ga wai te dekeru zo!" = "The power is coming!" 
(Intro 4): Gun-Rock rears back and poses
(Intro 5): "Chikara kura be ja!" = "Let's do the power fight!"

(Intro in Doctor Erode's Castle): "Iyoyu ja na!" = "Finally!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Makenzo!" = "I won't lose!"

(Taunt 1): "Kikan ne na!" = "That won't hurt me!"
(Taunt 2): "Warui na!" = "I'm sorry!"

(Picking up an item): "Koi zaii" = "This is good!"

(Throwing an item): "DOKAN!" = "BOOM!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Kariru zo!" = "I'm just borrowing 

(Being used for Co-Operation Attack): "Nanja!" = "What the!"

(Damaged From Fire): "Atsuiin ja!" = "That's HOT!"

(Damaged From Pot): "Nanja!" = "What the!"

(Reviving): "Darashi nai no!" = "This won't hurt!"
(Revived): "Taskatta zo!" = "I survived!"

(Transforming 1): Gun-Rock laughs as he powers up
(Transforming 2): "Chikara ga wai te dekeru zo!" = "THE POWER'S 

(Power Drive 1): "Yatta ze!" = "I did it!"
(Power Drive 2): "DOKAN!" = "BOOM!" 

(Power Fusion 1): "Kore de...OWARI JA!" = "this is...THE END/FINISH!"

(Victory 1): "Doitsumo koitsumo nanjaku da no!" = "All of you are 
(Victory 2): "Dakshoja na!" = "Nothing to it!"
(Victory 3): "Dora! Soko doki na!" = "There! Now get outta my way!"
(Victory 4): "Makebu wa harate kure yo!" = "[Don't forget to] pay me 
after you've lost!"

(Transformed Victory): "Doitsumo koitsumo nanjaku da no!" = All of you 
are weak!"

(Continue): "Nande ja?  Nanka no machi gai ja!" = "Why?  Something's 


(Intro 1): "Tanoshi mazettangeru..." = "I'll make fun of you..."
(Intro 2): "Takugo shiten ne..." = "You look strong..."
(Intro 3): "Makenai wa yo..." = "I won't lose..."
(Intro 4): "Kowaii na tangeru!" = "I'll take care of you!"
(Intro 5): "Yake da suru wa yo!" = "Look for the blaze!"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Kakugo shinasai!" = "Prepare 

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Kore ga ume nano ne! = "This is the main 

(Taunt 1): "Kakkatte irasai..." = "Come and fight..."
(Taunt 2): "Yake da suru wa yo!" = "Look for the blaze!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Dou kashira?" = "How's this?"
(Picking up an item 2): "Kore de!" = "This is it!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Gomen ne!" = "I'm sorry [about 

(Dodging): "Kochio!" = "Right here!"

(Damaged From Fire): "Atsui!" = "HOT!"

(Damaged from Pot): "Ya! Mienai!" = "A~h! I can't see!"

(Reviving): "Ganbatta ne!" = "[Be well]/Good luck!"
(Revived): "Arigato!" = "Thank you!"

(Transforming 1): "Honoo no seru reyo!" = "FROM THE POWER OF FIRE!"
(Transforming 2): "Mitchibi tangeru!" = "I'LL ESCORT YOU!" 

(Power Drive 1): "Moenasai!" = "BURN!"
(Power Drive 2): "Iku wa yo!" = "Here I go!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Iiko ne..." = "Good boy..."
(Power Fusion 2): "Atsui wa yo!" = "It's gonna get HOT!"

(Victory 1): "Matta...asondengeru wa..." = "I'll play with 
you...another time..."
(Victory 2): "Zan ne, katta wa ne..." = "Sorry, but you didn't win..."
(Victory 3): "Atsui no atsuki?" = "Do you like it hot?"
(Victory 4): "Yarisemeta da kashira?" = "Did I overdue it?"
(Victory 5): "Matta ne?" = "Are you waiting?"

(Transformed Victory): "Mo~e~ta..." = "Bur~ned..."

(Continue): "Ne, mo itchi do de iikara!" = "Hey, just give me one more 


(Intro 1): "Sore moraou..." = "I'm gonna get you..."
(Intro 2): Jack laughs maniacally.
(Intro 3): "Asobo yo!" = "Let's play!"
(Intro 4): "Waku waku! Waku waku!" (As far as I know, "Waku waku" has 
no intelligible meaning) 

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Hikai ishi mitsuke ta!" = "I've found 
the shining stone!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Ji-chan!" = "Grandfather!"
(Picking up an item 2): "Tomodachi!" = "Friend!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Tomodachi!" = "FRIEND!"

(Revived): "Kowaii waii!" = "SCARY!!!" 

(Transforming 1): "Ike!" = "GO!"
(Transforming 2): "SHOWTIME!"

(Victory 1): "Motta asobo yo!" = "Let's play some more!"
(Victory 2): "Hikairu ishi...hoshi." = "The shining stones...I want."
(Victory 3): "Tanoshi na!" = "That was fun!"
(Victory 4): "Tomodachi! Tomodachi!" = "Friend! Friend!"
(Victory 5): "Hikairu ishi...toko?" = "Where's...the shining stone?"

(Continue): "Koware chatta..." = "It's broken..."


(Intro 1): "Omae no ishio moraou..." = "Give me your stone..."
(Intro 2): "Watashi wo okorasetta no... = "You've made me angry..."
(Intro 3): "Yosha shigai zo!" = "I won't stop!"
(Intro 4): "Kara da ga moe deku ta!" = "My body is burning!"
(Intro 5): "Kakkate koi!" = "Bring it on!"
(Intro 6): "Kega o shite yo da na..." = "It seems you're hurt..."

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Atoni waii ikenai!" = "I cannot go 

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Koitsu ka!" = "This is it!"

(Taunt 1): "Daichi no otakebi!" =  "SHADOW OF THE EARTH!"
(Taunt 2): "Kami yo..." = "Oh God..."
(Taunt 3): "Madda madda!" = "Not yet!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Itodai ta..." = "I've got it..."
(Picking up an item 2): "Kore ka!" = "This is it!"

(Throwing an item): "Kurae!" = "Take this!"
(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Yuruse!" = "Forgive me!"

(Being used for Co-Operation Attack): "Sa, koi!" = "Come on!"

(Dodging): "Kotchi da!" = "I'm right here!"

(Damaged From Pot): "Tore nu!" = "I can't take it!"

(Reviving): "Madda madda ikeru zo!" = "I can keep going!"
(Revived): "KATSU!" = "VICTORY!!!"

(Transforming 1): "Tamashi no sakebi!!!" = "ROARING SOUL!!!"
(Transforming 2): "Tenma kouring!" (From what I can make out, "Tenma 
Kouring" has something do with Heaven, but the translation isn't exact.  
Any help?)

(Power Drive 1): "Sabaki no..." = "Retribution!"

(Power Fusion 1): "FINISH!!!
(Power Fusion 2): "OWARI DA!!!" = "FINISH!!!"
(Power Fusion 3): "Watashi ni chikara o!" = "GIVE ME THE POWER!"

(Victory 1): "I'm No. #1!"
(Victory 2): Galude poses in victory
(Victory 3): "Watashio okorazette shimatta you da na!" = "Your luck ran 
out when you made me mad!"
(Victory 4): "Dou da!?" = "How's that!?"

(Transformed Victory): "Watashi ni kamao na!" = "Don't worry about me!"

(Defeated): "Naze da!?" = :Why!?"

(Continue): "Naze da? Koko de tomaru wakeni wa..." = "Why? I  cannot 
stop here..."


(Intro 1): "Junbi wa dekite masu!" = "I am ready!"
(Intro 2): "Ikimasu!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 3): "Yoi waii desu ka?" = "Are you ready?"
(Intro 4): "Onegai shimasu!" = "I am pleased to meet you!"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Watakushi kowaii..." = "I'm 

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Koko wa doko nano desu ka?" = "Where are 

(Taunt 1): Julia yawns 

(Picking up an item): "Itadaki masu!" = "I've got it!" 

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Gomen nasai!" = = "I'm really sorry 
about this!"

(Being used for Co-Operation Attack): "Nani!" = "What!"

(Reviving): "Daijoubu?" = "Are you okay?"
(Revived): "Tasuikari mashita!" = "I'm very grateful!"

(Transforming): "POWER CHANGE!!!"

(Power Drive): "Oshioki yo!" = "Your punishment!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Itabu tangeru wa!"= "THIS WILL HURT!"
(Power Fusion 2): "Sa, tanoshi masettangeru!" = "This is going to be 

(Tranformed Taunt 1): "Otanoshimi wa...korakorai yo!" = "The fun's 
going to start...right now!
(Tranformed Taunt 2): "Amain bo nan dakara!" = "You're too close!"

(Victory 1): Julia claps happily 
(Victory 2): "Ma, ureshi!" = "Oh, I really liked that!"

(Transformed Victory 1): "Kimochio katta?" = "Are you feeling all 
(Transformed Victory 2): "Tanoshi katta wa!" = "That was fun!"


(Intro 1): "Ganbaru zo!" = "Here I go!"
(Intro 2): "Sa, itsudemoi yo!" = "Okay, anytime is fine with me!"
(Intro 3): "Iku yo!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 4): Pete happily hops up & down

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Sa~te, honki de iku yo!" = 
"Alright, I'm going to use everything I've got!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Honryo haki da ne!" = "I'm going all 

(Taunt 1): "Keisan dori!" = "As I calculated!"
(Taunt 2): "Boku ni machigai wa nai!" = "I've got no mistakes!"
(Taunt 3): "Hyaku percent o kampegi na!" = "100%/percent perfect!"

(Picking up an item): "Kore da!" = "This is it!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Karido ne!" = "I'm using this!"

(Being used for Co-Operation Attack): "Bikurishita!" = "This is scary!"

(Reviving): "Shoganai na..." = "Oh my goodness..."
(Revived): "Genki de deku ta!" = "I've recovered!"

(Transforming): "Kampegi na!" = "PERFECT!"

(Power Drive): "FIRE!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Zitai makenai yo!" = "I won't lose!"

(Victory 1): "Yattai!" = "I did it!"
(Victory 2): "Atta maii!" = "Pretty clever!"
(Victory 3): "Donna mon jai?" = "How was that?"
(Victory 4): "Yoyu, yoyu!" = "Easy, easy!"


(Intro 1): "Tapuri turi yori shite yaru!" = "I'm gonna cook you!"
(Intro 2): "Ude ga naru ze!" = "I'm ready!"
(Intro 3): "Sa te shigoto no jikan da!" = "Time to go to work!"
(Intro 4): "Oisu!" ("Oisu" has no real meaning; it's just like saying, 

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Harappe go da ze!" = "I'm hungry!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Yakikagen wa dou suru ne..." = "How do 
you want me to cook you?"

(Taunt 1): "Spicy wa atariin na!" = I'm out of spice!"
(Taunt 2): "Menu wa kimatakai?" = "Have you ordered from the menu?"
(Taunt 3): "OSHA!!!" = "ALL RIGHT!!!" 

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "IKU ZO!" = "HERE I GO!"

(Reviving): "Daijobu ka?" = "Are you okay?"
(Revived): "Muri muri shituka!" = "I'm REALLY excited!"

(Tranformation): ??? (This one's hard to make out; any help?)

(Power Fusion 2): "Kute yaru!" = "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!"

(Victory 1): "Haraipai da!" = "I'm full!"
(Victory 2): Gourmand shakes his bum at the player!
(Victory 3): "Kyu kyoubiri ori da!" = "This is the ultimate menu!"
(Victory 4): "Ii! Udedaro?" = "Hey! Don't you think I'm good?"


(Intro 1): "Shobu ni naranai na!" = "This fight's too easy to win!"
(Intro 2): "Iku ze!" = "Here I come!"
(Intro 3): "Sa, doukara demo ki na!"
(Intro 4): "Yakute yaru ze!" = "Here I go!"

(Intro for Doctor Erode's Castle): "Tego tai yariso da na..." = "Looks 
like you've got some good stuff!"

(Intro against Doctor Erode): "Ore to harigaoto yuno ka?" = "Are you 
sure you wanna fight me?" 

(Taunt 1): "Kikan na!" = "That won't hurt me!"
(Taunt 2): "Koko narai na!" = "Aim right here!"
(Taunt 3): "Amai na!" = "Pathetic!"
(Taunt 4): "Ja na!" = "Goodbye!"

(Picking up an item): "Moratta go!" = "I've got it!"

(Performing Co-Operation Attack): "Warui na!" = "I'm sorry!"

(Being used for Co-Operation Attack): "Ore wo shikaru na!" = "Don't 
take this out on me!"

(Reviving): "Miteran ne ze!" = "I don't wanna see [stuff] like this!"
(Revived): "Yoke na kotto wa..." = "I don't need your help..."

(Transforming): "Kore de owari da!" = "This is the end!"

(Power Drive): "KURAE!" = "EAT THIS!"

(Power Drive 1): "Kiusero!" = "GET LOST!" 

(Victory 1): "Ma, konna tokoro da..." = "Well, this is the end of the 
(Victory 2): "Shikaku nashi da..." = "You shouldn't have done that..." 
(Victory 3): "Atari maii daga na..." = "Everyone knew what the outcome 
would be... (The actual translation is, "This is common sense..." but 
it doesn't really make sense, does it?  Let me know okay!)
(Victory 4): "Yahoo!" 

(Transformed Victory): "Saiko da ze!" = "[I'm] the greatest!" 


(Introduction): "Oh! Sashiburi da na!" = "Oh! Nice to meet you!"

(Picking up an item 1): "Kariru zo!" = "I'm just borrowing this!"

(Throwing an item): "Kore ja na!" = "Here it goes!" 

(Reviving): "Chouga nai yatsu ja..." = "You're so hopeless..."
(Revived): "Taskatta zo!" = "I'm alive!"

(Transforming): "POWER CHANGE!!!

(Power Drive): "MORATTA!!!" = "GOTCHA!!!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Iku zo!" = "HERE I GO!"

(Victory 1): "Sore de wa saraba ja!" = "I'll see you later!"

(Tranformation Victory): "Dua! Mattao!" = "Dua! See you later!"


(Intro 1): "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!" = "I'm pleased to meet you!"

(Taunting): "Nani?" = "What?"

(Victory): "Arigato gozai masu ta!" = "Thank you very much!" 


                                The Bosses!

(Intro 1): "Itabute yaru!" = "I'm gonna hurt you!"
(Intro 2): "Jama wa sasen!" = "I won't let you stop me!"

(Taunting): "Kore kara ja..." = "From now on..."

(Picking up an item): "Itadaki ja!" = "I've got it!" 

(Throwing an item): "Sora!" = "There!"

(Damaged from Fire): "Atsui de wanaii ka!" = "This is too hot!"

(Transforming 1): "Konai go na ni shite yaru wa!" = "I'LL CRUSH YOU!"
(Transforming 2): "Nigasan zo!" = "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!"

(Power Drive 1): "Akano da!" = "That's no good!"

(Power Fusion 1): "KURAE!!!" = "EAT THIS!!!"
(Power Fusion 2): "NIGASAN!!!" = "NO ESCAPE!!!"

(Victory 1): "Waga haiyu wa sekai ichija!" = "I'm the world's No. #1!
(Victory 2): "Samano wa esa ni shite yaru wa!" = "I'll make shark food 
out of you!"

(Defeated): "Sonna baka na!" = "That was stupid!"

(Continue): "Mitomen...*sniff*...MITOMEN ZO!!! = "I won't...*sniff*...I 


(Intro 1): "Shin no chikara o murugaii!!!" = "[NOW] YOU'LL SEE MY TRUE 
(Intro 2): "Watasan zo!" = "I WON'T GIVE THIS TO YOU!" (Valgas is 
showing off his Power Stone)

(Taunting): Valgas flat-out laughs at his pathetic opponent!

(Picking up an item): "Kore ka!" = "This is it!" 

(Throwing an item): "Jama da!" = "Out of my way!"

(Performing a throw): "Amai na!" = "Pathetic!"

(Throw escape): "Koko da!" = "[Right] here!"

(Transforming 1): "Kyouhu ajiwae!" = "FEEL THE FEAR!"
(Transforming 2): "Owari da!" = "THE END!"

(Power Drive 1): "Yakiharaii!" = "BURN IT ALL!"

(Power Fusion 1): "Mezette yaru!" = "I will show you!"

(Victory 1): "Kowapa ga, hyakunen hayaiyu wa!" = "Weakling, you came 
100 years too soon!"
(Victory 2): "Koza kashi!" = "What a pest!"

(Continue): "Ware fumetsu nari!" = "I'll live forever!"

The Pharoh Walker

(Introduction): "Oritachi makenai makenai!" = "We will not lose!"

(Performing the Sun Laser): "Hasho!" = "REFLECT!"

(Performing various other attacks): "Jamada!" = "Get out of my way!"

"Totsugeki! Totsugeki!" = "Charge! Charge!

"Ike!" = "GO!"

(Victory): The Pharoh Walker laughs at its defeated opponent!

Dr. Erode

(Intro): "Omae totsi no inochi to hikai ni, waga Power Stone wa kanzen 
na mono to naru no ja!" = "By forfeiting your life, the power within my 
Power Stone will become absolute!"

(Attacking 1): "Kurae!" = "EAT THIS!"
(Attacking 2): "MOERO!" = "BURN!"
(Attacking 3): "Kuteyai yo!" = I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!"
(Attacking 4): "Hineri tsubushite yaru!!!" = "I'M GOING TO SCREW 
YOU!!!" O_O!

(Victory): Dr. Erode maniacally at his defeated opponent!

(Defeated): "Nanda!? Nanda ka?  Kara da ni henga!!! KARA 
DANGA...KUZURETE IKU!!! UWA~~~H!!!" = "What!? What's happening!?  
Something is wrong with my body!!! MY BODY IS COLLAPSING!!! UWA~~~H!!!


                              The Credits! 

Capcom - The face behind Power Stone and a host of other fighting 
games!  Capcom: the name you know!

Kenta Sato - My eternal fighting game rival! Thanks for all of your 
helpful translating! It's sad that we have to part ways now that we've 
graduated, but I'll keep in touch try to track you down for a good 
match every now-and-then! KEEP FIGHTING!!!

Saiki - You helped me out at the last minute and saved me a LOT of 
time!  I bow to you, Oh great friend!  Thanks for EVERYTHING you've 
helped me on! YOU RULE!!!

CJAYC - YOU ARE THE MAN!  Thanks again for eveything you've done!

The people at the Power Stone Message Board - I made them a promise 
long ago, and I made sure I kept it...thanks for your support!

YOU - For reading through this FAQ because of your love for one of 
Capcom's most innovative and original fighting/adventure games ever 

--------------------------------End of FAQ-----------------------------

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