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Hugo Guide by Azure Night

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/24/2000

By Russell Ibarra/Azure Night (Pretty Boy 9306@AOL.com)
Version 1.0
October 24th, 2000

Hey everyone! I've been playing video games for most of my life. I've 
been playing Street Fighter games ever since I was about 10 years of age 
and I saw Street Fighter 2: CE in an arcade. I was, of course, just a 
button mashing kid for the most part, and I would be amazed when I did a 
fireball with Ken. Haha, those were the days. Ken was my favorite up to 
the SFA days when I started learning how to play with skill. Then I 
remember when SF III first came out and I was about 14-15 years old (I 
forgot) and I was amazed by the graphics. I was confused by it at first, 
with parrying, selecting one super, and the new characters. I stuck to 
Alpha until the day that SF3:2nd Impact came out. I picked Ken at first, 
feeling safe with him, but I got bored with him and wanted to try 
someone new. I remembered Hugo from his ol' Final Fight days (Another 
game I like) so I started picking him. He did a lot 
of damage and everything but I didn't take the time to learn him (Being 
an impatient kid) up until about a year ago. I started using him when I 
moved closer to my city's arcade, and playing 3rd Strike. I thought he 
was fun to play as but he soon grew on me and became a favorite of mine, 
so I played as him against the experts there and eventually became good 
with him. I've been learning his style, and found effective ways to play 
as him ever since. Oh and I give lots of credit to JChristopher for the 
FAQ he wrote subsequently leading to my learning of him and develope my 
own style of play. If you wanna learn Hugo, you should read his also if 
you didn't already. Feel free to E~MAIL me about this, wether it be 
comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (I'm sensetive, be nice. lol), things I 
missed that you think I should add, or anything else, I don't care, I 
just like getting E~MAILs =). And I'll put up any info you give me if I 
think it's good enough. Please, make any info you wanna give me look 
orginized and be spelled right because I am a perfectionist and that 
saves me the time of fixing what you sent to me and making it organized 
=). You can also IM me should you feel like it. Please be somewhat 
talketive though as I do not like to hold up entire conversations by 
myself as it usually happens when people I dunno IM me. Hehe, NOW! This 
is my first FAQ, so, umm, on with the FAQing, or something. =)

|Table O' Contents| 
1. Legal Junk
2. Hugo's story
3. Legend
4. Colors
5. Universal Moves
6. Normal Moves
7. Special Moves
8. Super Arts
9. Combos
10. General Strategies
  A- Landing a Gigas Breaker and other throws
  B- Taunting
  C- Overveiw and general things
11. Hugo's Ending
12. Thanks

|1. That legal stuff I was talkin' about before|
This FAQ is not to be used to make profit in any way what-so-ever, 
and is not to be put up, or linked to from any other website without 
first E~MAILing me and getting my personal consent. Oh yes, and this 
document copywrite 2000 Russell Ibarra. So, ha! It's mine! I am also not 
responsible for any deaths or serious injuries. Do not access
this FAQ from your bath tub, or any other watery place, as it can result 
in death. Do not read this FAQ while operating heavy machinery. Do not 
read this FAQ under the influance of alchohol. And get down from 
there/put that down you'll put an eye out! And if I found out you 
violated my copyright, you better believe I'm suing your arse =D

|2. Hugo's story and other things|
Hugo used to be one of the henchman for the Mad Gear gang in Metro City. 
I'm sure if you played it, you remember his name was Andore and was 
pretty tough to fight in packs. But anyway... when the Mad Gear gang was 
defeated by Hagger, Guy, and Cody, Poison (Another character in FF) 
convinced Hugo to join Pro-Wrestling, and she would manage him. After he 
became very successful in the sport, he learned of a new Street Fighter 
tournament and signed up to prove his strength, and ability. And I know 
it looks like it by the way he stands, but Hugo is not drunk. lol. I 
always thought his animations were bombness though.

Pros and Cons of Hugo as a fighter:
Pros (Yay for pros)
+Has the most attack power in the game.
+Great defense (Right up their with Q and his taunt raises 
defense just like Q's does =)).
+Excellent range.
+Nice variety of over heads and anti air attacks.
+Great poking abilities
+Great throws (Duh, geeze, he's Hugo man)

Cons (Boo, I hate cons)
-He's slower than a mo fo. 
-Has bad recovery for most of his more powerful attacks.
-Isn't easy to use. Yes, he's fun, but you need practice to be 
good with him, he's not easy to learn like the Shotos. Note:
I like Ken, so I'm not anti shoto. But I don't like Gouki that 
much =|

Now, I think the pros outweigh the cons! I hope I didn't miss any 
though... I'll add more later if I'm reminded of any.

|3. Legend|
Now most of you smart people should know this, but just in case someone 
gets confused, here's the abbreviations etc.  
this FAQ...
LP-light punch
MP-medium punch
HP-hard punch
LK-light kick
MK-medium kick
HK-hard kick
P-any punch
K-any kick
PP- 2 punches at once
KK- 2 kicks at once
QCF-quarter circle forward
QCB-quarter circle back
HCF-half circle forward
HCB-half circle back (I bet you guessed that one huh?)
DPM-dragon punch motion(F,D,D/F for those who don't know...)
360-rotate the joystick a full circle
720-same as above except circle must be done twice
+-at the same time

And I believe that about covers it =)

|4. Hugo's colors|
LP- pink clothes, black hair, tan skin 
(Default color)
MP- purplish-pink clothes, black hair, tanish brown skin. 
(It's ugly, trust me)
HP- black clothes, white hair, white skin 
(Ahh, my favorite one. Looks soo cool =))
LK- green clothes, black hair, tan skin 
(Looks pretty cool)
MK- yellow clothes, yellow hair, white skin 
(Kinda ugly, if you ask me)
HK- blue clothes, black hair, tan skin 
(Also looks pretty cool)
HP+MK+LP- orange clothes, reddish brown hair, black skin 
(Another cool one)

Now for his "Hold Start colors" for the DC. Note: You must beat it 
with him before you can use these.

Start+LP- purple clothes, black hair, tan skin 
(Looks cool)
Start+MP- light blue clothes, black hair, grey skin 
(Yes, his undead color is back!)
Start+HP- hotpink clothes, green hair, white skin 
(Tacky as hell, but kinda cool)
Start+LK- white clothes, black hair, tan skin 
(Looks cool, but I like HP better =)) 
Start+MK- dark orange clothes, dark blue hair, greyish skin 
(Pretty cool, another undead looking color)
Start+HK- blackish blue clothes, greyish blue hair, black skin 
(Weird, yet cool)

|5. Universal Moves|
Parry- Forward the moment your opponent's attack hits you. You can 
also parry in the air.

Low Parry- Down at the moment a low attack, and only a low attack, 
hits you.

Red Parry- Parrying right after blocking a hit. Must be a combo for Red 
Perry to register.

Throw- LP+LK. Standing still and pressing LP+LK makes Hugo choke the 
opponent if you get a hold of him. Pressing either direction and LP+LK 
makes him do a scoop slam should the throw connect. Always use scoop 
slam if you decide to use the LP+LK throws with him, it's more damaging 
and can't have damage lessened like the choke.

Universal Overhead- MP+MK

Taunt- HP+HK. Note: Hugo's defense raises with each taunt, and maxes out 
after 3 taunts, and it lasts a whole round. It also raises attack power, 
but not throw power. Holding HP+HK makes the taunt longer, but also 
makes his throws do more damage. (Moonsault Press, Meat Squasher, Ultra 
Throw, Shootdown Backbreaker, and Gigas Breaker). Pressing HP+MK+start 
in the arcade has Poison come out too. In the DC version, it's done by 
pressing HP+HK+Up.

Dash- F, F or B, B

Super Jump- D, U or D, U/F or D, U/B

EXing a move- Either done by pressing PP or KK  instead of one P or K 
in order to make the move, stronger, faster, or give more hits. Hugo 
doesn't rely too much on these though.

|6. Normal Attacks|
Here I will list all of his normal attacks and the way I use them... or 
if it's just crap. Some have other uses that I will name later on.

-LP- A very useful attack, indeed. Hugo jabs the opponent's neck with 
his fingers very quickly. Nice priority, speed, distance, and recovery 
too. You can link 3 in a row. When you are poking with these very the 
speed that they come out so it throws off parry timing, or snuffs any 
attacks they might use if they think you are done attacking. Pretty much 
always use the standing one, ducking is the same in affect, but wont hit 
out of the air like standing will. Jumping LP just sucks, man, never 
EVER use it. 

-MP- His MP is another goody. The standing one is a slap to the face, 
which has almost half screen range. It can be used to stop dashing 
attacks that you see coming, and is a good anti air attack at that. 
Ducking is the same as LP but slower, stronger, and has a tad bit more 
range. I don't use it all that often. Also, like his LP, it sucks ass in 
the air, do not use it unless you think it necessary to use it for air 
to air attacks. 

-HP- This move is really cool. Hugo brings his elbow up and smashes it 
down on the opponent's head. Causes equal to, or more than some other 
characters special moves. It's an overhead attack that's great for 
turtlers, and an air attack you see coming, but it's harder to use as 
anti air. F+HP makes him swing his fist around walloping the opposition 
in the side of the head and making them turn around. But it has slow 
recovery as well, so you can't follow up, BUT it's a pretty good anti 
air for jumps that fall short. It has about half screen distance so it's 
nice for catching people off gaurd. His ducking HP is a nice little move 
too. Hugo does a rising head butt. Never use it as a ground to ground 
attack as you are surely gonna be punished for it's lame recovery time 
by a super, or nice combo. But it's an excellent anti air attack, and is 
meant to be used as such. His jumping HP is pretty good in certain 
situations. It has nice range so you can smash the side of their head 
with it if they're outta range of any other air attacks and are starting 
an attack. Also pretty good air to air use if you jump away and they try 
to follow, or they are already in the air it'll send them away. You can 
also press D+HP in mid air to get Hugo to do a body splash. Has good 
priority, come's out fast, and you can do cross up attacks with it. Also 
a pretty good air to air when up close to a jumping foe. 

-LK- His LKs have somewhat limited use, as most of his other attacks do 
what his LKs do better. His standing LK is slower than his LP, and has 
less distance if I remember correctly. He just kicks at their shin. So 
don't use it as much unless you wanna buffer it into a Meat Squasher, or 
mix up poking patterns. Don't use it a lot though, LP is mucho better. 
Ducking LK has it's uses. Hugo slides his foot out at the opponent's 
feet. It's a little faster then D+MK and you can annoy oppents with this 
and the D+MK so they will duck low more often so you can get some 
powerful overheads in. An OK low poke. His jumping LK plain sucks arse 
on damage and anything else. MK is better for air to air than this, so 
NEVER use it or I will hunt you down and woop up on you. 

-MK- Ahh, this is better. His stand MK is a 2 hit kick. He boots the 
opponent in the head and then stomps down. It's a damn good anti air 
too, comes out fast if you're surprised by a quick jump. The stomp part 
is also an overhead. Ducking MK is a nice litte trip move. He does LK 
kinda, but his foot goes out a  farther. It has good speed but the 
recovery ain't anything to write home about. Good move, I'll explain 
more uses with it later. His jumping MK is also a very good move. It 
comes out fast, has nice priority, good air to air attack, but has kinda 
crappy range. But it's a good one to do if you jump up and meet your foe 
in the air. It has other uses also, which I will explain later. Stay 

-HK- Hmm, his HKs are pretty good, but usable mainly in certain 
situations only. For standing HK Hugo jumps up and drop kicks the 
opponent, sending them far away, reeling from the force of Hugo's big 
feet. It's an overhead, which is cool, but it has some lame ass recovery 
and start up. He falls flat on his face, and will be terribly punished 
if he misses the attack. You can hold F or B to make it go in either 
direction, but not by a lot. I hardly use this move. His D+HK is better. 
It works as an overhead, good aniti air, and comes out fast enough to 
snuff any attacks you see coming. Mainly air attacks is what I use this 
on. His jumping HK is pretty good. It has OK range, good damage, but 
comes out a LITTLE slow, so MK would be a better
reactionary air to air. Good for jump in combos though (Yes, he 
has a COUPLE) 

|7. Special Moves|
-Palm Bomb- QCB+P [EX]
This is a really good move. Hugo pulls his hands back behind him, then 
claps them to together hard. Yeah, it's a bit slow but who cares? It has 
great combo abilities, and it's a good pressure move. You can do 
multiple ones, one after another, to keep pressure on, and catch some 
opponents off gaurd. Use different punch strengths to change the 
speed of each clap to throw off parrying attempts. It's powerful, and 
stuns the opponent long enough to cancel into practically any other 
move. But I will go into those combos later on. Don't use it randomly 
though, you will get attacked if they see it coming since it has slow 
start up, so parrying before doing it is a good idea or jumping in with 
a move before hand. Most of the time use the LP version to start since  
it goes fastest and you can still combo off it or link into more Palm 
Bombs. I know it's not a combo, but linking 2, or 3, or more at a time 
is good for pressure. If your opponent is blocking your Palm Bombs, trip 
them, or do an overhead depending on if they are stand blocking, or duck 
blocking. EXed, it does 3 hits and you can combo off it. More on that 

-Monster Lariat- QCF-K [EX]
An ok move... Hugo runs forward and clothesline's the opponent. 
I never use the HK version, if they are that far away, they will 
see it coming. I always use LK or MK version if I use it. One of 
the lesser used moves. But if they jump away from you if your close 
doing an MK one can take them outof the air. The LK version can 
take them out  the air if they are closer. It's pretty cool, but I don't 
over use it. Also, occasionally, I do an LK one JUST out of range so it 
wiffs, then I do a ducking MK or Gigas Breaker. They might try 
to parry it and them pressing forward at the air only gets them closer 
to an attack. Use it sparingly though, or they will catch on and punish 

-Ultra Throw- HCB+K
A good throw move that sets up combos and the Shootdown Back- 
breaker nicely. Hugo grabs the opponent and hurls him at the 
opposite wall so hard they bounce off toward him. Strength of K 
determines how far the opponent flies off the wall. There are many 
things you can do after this move, which I will go into later. 

-Shootdown Backbreaker- DPM+K
A good anti air throw move. Hugo jumps high and across the 
screen, and if he catches a jumping foe, he falls down with the 
opponent on his shoulders, breaking his/her back, then tossing 
him/her away. Plenty of time to do a taunt after his and raise the 
ol' defense =) Good anti air move, and can be used after an Ultra 
Throw so you know it'll connect. 

-Moonsault Press- 360+P
Always use HP version. No difference in speed if you wiff, 
so using LP or MP will only make it weaker, so HP is the 
only strength you should use. It's his trademark and what 
everyone knows him for. A very powerful throw. Hugo 
grabs the oppontent, jumps into high the air doing a flip 
and falls down, the opponent under him, crushing him/her 
with his own body. I'll add stuff for landing his throws 
later on. 

-Meat Squasher- 360+K
Another pretty cool move. Hugo puts his hands out, makes 
a wierd faceand runs slowely at the opponent, and if he gets 
a hold of him/her he picks him/her up and runs to the other 
side of the screen, jumps up, and smashes their body, with 
his own against the side of the wall. Hard to connect by itself, 
but link it off other moves gives it a better chance of connecting. 
More on that later.

|8. Super Arts|
I use all of Hugo's Super Art's equally to keep my syle mixed up a bit. 
All of his supers rock in their own way.

-Gigas Breaker- 720+P (One big super bar) 
"EIN!  ZWIE! DRIE! END!!" (Ein zwie drie is one two three in German) 
Hugo attempts to grab the opponent and start a 3 hit chain throw that 
is unblockable. If you succed in grabbing him/her Hugo does a small 
backbreaker, then a bigger one, and for the finale, does a big Moonsault 
Press. A great super in my opinion. Takes off fantastic damage, and good 
for punishing a blocked, or parried attack. It has lots more range than 
a normal Moonsault Press (Think along the lines of a Shin-Ryu-Ken) so 
it's nice to grab someone from far away and have them get mad and say 
"But look how far away I was!", AH HA HA HAA! =) More on landing this 
later on. 

-Megaton Press- QCF, QCF+K (2 moderately sized super bars) 
"Megaton! PRESS!!"
Does just what he would for the Backbreaker, except this time when 
you grab your foe, he goes up into the air, doing flips and says 
"Megaton!" and then tosses the opponent to the ground and smashes 
him/her with his body saying "PRESS!!" Does great damage, and is 
highly comboable. Use it like you would use a Shootdown Backbreaker. 
Also has high EX stocks. He may not use EXes that much (Quite rarely 
as a matter of fact) but if you decide to do one there's plenty super 
bar left to go around =) 

-Hammer Mountain- QCF, QCF+P (2 moderately sized super bars) 
"Hammer Mountain!" 
OK, it may say Hammer Frenzy on super select, but he says 
"Hammer Mountain!" during the super so that's what I'm calling 
it =) Anyway, it's his only non-grapple super. Can be comboed 
into from many things, which I'll go into later. You can also hold 
P down to delay the move to throw off a parry attempt, or close in 
but holding it down for too long will result in not doing it. Just 
holding P down if they jump over you is a good idea so you wont 
do the super and have all that recovery. Also good for EX stocks. 

|9. Combos|
He has some good powerful combos that you'll want to know. 

Jump in HK, D+MK/MP
QCB+P, Hammer Mountain
QCB+MP/HP, Monster Lariat (LK version or EXed. It wont combo 
off a LP Palm Bomb mind you)
QCB+PP, Shootdown Backbreaker/Megaton Press/Lariat (HK one) 

Jump in HK, D+HK (Gotta jump in pretty deep)
Jump in HK, Monster Lariat (LK version of Lariat. You have to jump 
in DEEP.)
QCB+HP, QCB+LP, EX Monster Lariat
QCB+HP, QCB+LP, Hammer Mountain (Delay HM just a TAD so it connects. 
Yes it works, but timing's tight.) 
(Closer to side of the screen) HCB+K, QCB+P, super cancel into  
Megaton Press. (Impressive indeed. Gotta be pretty fast with the cancel 
though, and you must use the HK version or you got a wasted super.) 

|10. Strategies|
A- Landing a Gigas Breaker and other throws 
One thing you will HAVE to learn how to do when playing as Hugo 
is learn when to throw, and how to connect them. Do not concentrate 
on trying to throw the whole round though, because it will make you 
easy to attack. The key is moderation, using a throw when you 
see a good chance. You have to learn to parry well, because parries 
lead into your throws or supers. Here are some things I do that help 
lead into throws... 
- Parry, throw or Gigas (I said this already, but what the hey) 
- Jump in with MK, delay just a second, then throw. You can do a Gigas 
Breaker after this too, but you gotta do it carefully so you don't jump 
- MP+MK for his little hopping knee, delay, then throw. Mixing up 
attacks after the overhead is a good idea also so they don't know what 
to expect. Another over head, a trip, or a throw. Good for starting a 
Gigas Breaker motion while you are in the air. 
- Block an attack, throw or Gigas. 
- Get attacked, then throw or Gigas. What I mean is, say Sean does his 
Tornado Kick, even if that hits you he will not have any time after 
landing to counter or jump away from your throw because you will have 
more time to throw after being attacked then he has time to jump away. 
Works against many other attacks too. 
- Jump in and do a Gigas Breaker or throw without attacking. Be prepared 
to parry an anti air. If you mix up doing jump in attacks and not doing 
jump ins they will have to guess on weather to parry, attack, or jump 
away. Be ready to parry the anti air too. 
- Dash up then do Gigas Breaker if they are on defense. When they 
are backing off and are still a bit close, doing this is cool, because 
after you dash the Gigas Breaker still has a lot of range. 
- If someone is standing next to you while you are on the ground try a 
throw as you rise. Most people wont stand next to you, or they will 
try to trick you into attempting a throw by standing close to you, 
then jumping straight up then attacking. Once you find out if the
person knows to stay away from you as you rise, or jumps when you try to 
throw. Next time parry the attack and counter attack as you see fit. You 
can also do a Megaton Press as you rise to make them think twice about 
trying that on you. You aren't that stupid! Don't take the bait! Augh! 
Unless it's a newbie and you know it, then Gigas Break him to hell, BWA 
HA HA! Ahem... sorry. 

B- Taunting
Taunting is something you should do with Hugo, just like with Q. 
Basically, 3 taunts makes you take half Hugo's normal damage. But 
when's a good time to taunt? You should ALWAYS taunt after a 
Shootdown Backbreaker, as they have nothing to do and you will 
not be attacked. If you are on the other side of the screen and the 
opponent isn't doing anything and doesn't have a nasty quick 
dash attack (IE Dudley's Machine Gun Blow, Makoto's Hayate etc), 
you should taunt. You can also taunt after an Ultra throw, but 
dagnabbit, do a backbreaker, THEN taunt. Also if you Palm Bomb 
an air born opponent you can taunt and get away with it. Just use 
it when you are sure you will not get any retaliation. If you have a 
Gigas Breaker fully charged, do a backbreaker and then do his extended 
taunt (Hold HP+HK) to power up your throws. Then do a Gigas Breaker 
watch allll that life go away. Bye bye! Hehe. 

C- Overveiw and general things
Hugo is slow.  You can't always be on offense with Hugo or you will 
get beat for his rocovery time and slowness.  You're opponent may get 
frusterated with parries followed by throws, but it's a very effective 
thing that's worth learning. Don't JUST do that for counter attacks 
though. Poking with LP to stop a foe. MKs, MPs, D+LKs, and D+MKs are 
good for poking, or countering an on coming attack. But learning to 
counter attack is half of his strategy. Well timed HPs are good to use 
on rising foes because, in my experience, most opponents will duck and 
block as they rise. If they high block, trip them as they rise and mix 
that up to keep them guess. Unless, of course, they attack as they rise. 
Then back off a bit and see what they do. If they're new the will try to 
do Sho Ryu Kens or things like that as they rise so you can just block 
or parry the high recovery move and counter as you see fit. His Palm 
Bomb attacks are good for pressure and stunning, and mixing things up. I 
talked about it in the Palm Bomb description though, so I wont go into 
that. But doing those Palm Bomb strategies on a rising foe, or someone 
backed in the corner is pretty good. You can also jump in and do an HK 
or D+HP and then start your Palm Bomb attacks so you have time from the 
block or attack stun to start them up. Keep your eyes open to keep track 
of if you hit your foe or not, because you have to be quick and do a 
Palm Bomb combo after you see it connect (Eg, do a Hammer Mountain if 
you see the clap connect). If you have them in the corner LK Lariats 
work good for detouring people who want to jump out of the trap. MKs 
work well for that too. He's good in the corner, so doing MKs to keep 
them grounded and poking with LPs, doing Palm Bombs an the like, should 
be frusterating for them. Also, remember his MP+MK mix ups. You know, 
trip, overhead, or throw after the MP+MK to keep them guessing. Don't 
always throw out backbreackers at random because they will make you pay 
with a nasty anti air attack, or combo. It's a good move that you should 
use on constant jumpers to keep them out of the air though. He is a 
counter attacker, but when your opponent goes on defense, you can 
get a pretty good offense with Hugo with everything that I've explained. 
And most of all be patient! You need time to learn how to use his moves 
and strategies effectively. You might be able to use all the strategies 
that you've read in these FAQs about him, but the more experience you 
get with him, you'll get more dangerous, and develope you own strategy 
we need more people out there that use Hugo. 

|11. Ending and Quoes|
-Winning quotes-
I am number one!
I held back. If I'd used any more force there would be a huge mess! 
It's a natural instinct for you to fear my size and strength! 
Strange... is suicide a popular activity where you come from? 
The bigger I am, the harder they fall! 
The force of your body smashed the pavement! Help me fix it! 
Would you be able to get up if I sat on you? Lets find out! 
You enjoyed that didn't you? Let's do it again! 

-Hugo and Ryu's conversation-

Hugo- So you're the man Poison has been talking about. 
Hugo- We're recruiting those who have the potential to become 
great wrestlers. 
Hugo- Let's make you a deal. Promise you'll join us if you lose. 
Ryu- Very well, I might learn something worthwhile from wrestling. 
Ryu- But I won't lose! I will show you the true meaning of power! 

-Hugo's Ending- 
While some guy gets the belt in the middle off the ring, the ring starts 
to shake and then Hugo and everyone else flips the ring over from 
underneath. The whole SF cast is standing behind Hugo on the toppled 
ring as Poison proclaims they are running the place now. (Hugo's end 
drawing makes him look fat, huh?) 

|12. Thanks|
JChristopher for writing the other Hugo FAQ, and the people that 
contributed to it. It helped me lots, and since then I just came up 
with new things to write about Hugo so I decided to write this. 

My buds at the arcade for helping me get to where I am today on 
the game. All of them being high level players helped me gain the 
experience and knowledge to play this game. 

Thanks to RIu, his FAQ had quotes that I forgot for Hugo. 

Capcom for making such a good game, and putting Hugo in the game. 

My mom for paying for AOL 

Those people that make Heath bars 'cause they're so damned good. 
<Munch munch> 

The video game store for having this game the day it came out. 

And my keyboard for allowing me to type this! =) 

          (C)2000 Russell Ibarra <--- Yeah! a copyright with my name on 

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