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Oro by CGrey

Version: 1.62 | Updated: 07/20/04

: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Oro Guide :
: Arcade / Dreamcast                         :
: by Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol dot com)   :
: Version 1.62 - updated 07/20/2004          :
: 01) Intro           :
: 02) Differences     :
: 03) Update History  :
: 04) Legend          :
: 05) Universal Moves :
: 06) Basic Attacks   :
: 07) Special Moves   :
: 08) Strategy        :
: 09) Combos          :
: 10) Credits         :

: 01) INTRO :

Now that the DC version is out, the guide is 100% complete.


Differneces from the original (I never played Second Impact before the
DC version) -

* New standing 2 (the old one is now F+2)
* EX versions of his Super Arts, done by using 2P
* New double jump
* Jumping 3 dosen't hit twice on midair opponents.
* Close 4,5 can now combo without Tengu Stone


1.02 (05/29/2000) :
First version, after spotting and playing 3rd Strike at Six Flags America.
Some of the information may still be missing because I didn't try everything
yet. Most of the new 3rd Strike changes comes from Kao Megura's FAQ.
There's good competition there too, not just tourists.

1.25 (07/14/2000) :
Added two new combos, the EX Jinchu Nobori, and strategies against Ryu,
Elena,Hugo,and Necro.

1.50 (09/09/2000) :
8 NEW COMBOS! Five from Kevin Yi (kyi22@hotmail.com).
Updated Super Arts and character strategy.

1.60 (11/18/2000) :
Added his Target Combo and move corrections, and the layout cleaned up.
1.62 (07/20/2004) :
Reformatted guide (some lines were over 79 char margin), with some typos fixed.

: 04) LEGEND :

UB U UF  1 2 3 = P  jab strong fierce
B  * F   4 5 6 = K  short forward roundhouse

QCF   : D,DF,F
CD    : hold down
CB    : hold back
2P/2K : Any two punches/kicks


Dash         : F,F
Backdash     : B,B
High Jump    : D,U
Long Jump    : DB,UF
Back Jump    : DF,UB
High Parry   : Tap F when about to get hit
Low Parry    : Tap D when about to get hit
Red Parry    : Tap F when blocking
Air Parry    : Tap F during jump
Recovery     : Tap D when landing from a fall
Throw Escape : B/F+1+4 when about to be thrown
Overhead     : *,2+5
Taunt        : *,3+6


All close 1/2/4/5 attacks can be cancelled.
Close 1    : Elbow Hit
Close 2    : Double Uppercut (sets up juggling)
Close 4    : Very High Knee
Close 5    : Mid-level Knee
Standing 1 : High Straight Palm
Standing 2 : Straight Slap
Stand F+2  : Step-in Punch
Standing 3 : Downward Rake (2 hits, overhead)
Standing 4 : Quick mid-level Kick
Standing 5 : Hopping mid-level kick
Standing 6 : High Roundhouse
Crouch 1   : Quick Forward Palm
Crouch 2   : Strong Forward Palm
Crouch 3   : Low Swing Punch
Crouch 4   : Quick Ankle Kick
Crouch 5   : Ankle Kick
Crouch 6   : Spinning Sweep
Jump U,1   : Downward Punch
Jump U,2   : Downward Punch
Jump U,3   : The Wide Slap
Jump U,4   : Air Knee
Jump U,5   : Air Knee
Jump U,6   : Jumping Side Kick
Jumping 1  : Elbow Drop
Jumping 2  : Elbow Drop
Jumping 3  : Spinning Torpedo Punch (can hit 2 times)
Jumping 4  : Air Low Knee
Jumping 5  : Air Low Knee
Jumping 6  : Air Split Kick


Sun Disk Palm       : CB,F+P (EX)
Oniyama             : CD,U+P (EX)
Human Pillar Driver : HCB+P
Jinchu Nobori       : QCF+K (EX)
Air Jinchu Nobori   : Jump QCF+K (EX), tap K for extra hits

Double Jump   : U once in midair

Strangle Hold : 1+4 Close - tap buttons for up to 6 hits
Flip Throw    : B+1+4 Close
Air Takedown  : Jump B/F+1+4 when both in air

I   Kishin Riki : QCF,QCF+P, tap P to throw / QCF,QCF+2P for EX
II  Yagyou Dama : QCF,QCF+P (EX)
III Tengu Stone : QCF,QCF+P (EX)

: 08) STRATEGY :

1  - goes straight    2  - goes 45" upward
3  - goes 75" upward  EX - goes slow and straight, hits twice

This should be used to maintain some distance between you and them,
or as a keep-away if you think they will try to jump in. The EX version
goes slow like a sonic boom and can hit twice. It will dissappear after
going 1 screen length, though. Opponents can backdash/jump out of
the way. If they jump the EX version homes in on them.

A short step followed by an uppercut. This is a move I don't really like and
have never used much. The EX version goes farther and higher, and hits
up to 4 times. This move has poor range and Oro is open to a free hit
if it misses.

Oro slams them 3 times with just one arm. It has a miss animation if he
dosen't grab them. It can be blocked, but anyone who parries will
get slammed.

This is the strange move the CPU Oro uses often to zap fireballers.
The ground version is a leap followed by a 2-hit head stomp. The air
version is similar, but more hits can be added by jamming on the kicks.
The only thing I've used it for is an escape tactic to get out of corners
or switch sides.

The EX ground version, on the other hand, is great for pressure attacks. It
will home in up to full screen on them, and hit 3 times. It will miss if
they back away, though. The air EX version has a very short range and
hits up to 9 times, not recommended at all.

Now Oro can double jump like many of the characters in the "vs." games!
The best way to use it is to get over an opponent who likes jump-kicking you
out of the air or to avoid landing on fireballs.

The standard version gives Oro the ability to turn any Punch attack into an
automatic throw for about 15 seconds. On the ground, he will do an
exaggerated Human Pillar Driver. In midair he does his air throw followed
by 4 slams instead of 1 at the end.
For some reason, the ground throw can't be comboed off anything. If Oro
tries to combo it off a jump 6 or close 5, he just grabs air.

EX version is all-or-nothing. Oro will take a few steps fowrard and grab his
opponent, fly into the air and come down with a giant piledriver that does
about 40% damage.

Normal - Oro releases a giant green "medicine ball" that floats slowly towards
his opponent. It can hit up to 4 times before dissappearing. Beware, the ball
will dissappear after about 5 seconds, and a good player can backdash your
super into oblivion. It's best used in corners where it will put the pressure
on. Also, Oro can have up to three of these on the screen at one time.
This will miss if a throw is taking place.
EX - He releases a giant yellow ball that's almost 3 times as tall as him
which can hit about 12 times, but will mostly stay in the same area for
about 5 seconds. Be sure to use this ONLY if you have them in the corner.

Stray objects spin around Oro for several seconds, Any attack he makes is
followed by additional hits from these objects. This, of course makes him
a lot harder to parry. For example, hit standing 3 will score a 5-hit combo.
The juggling of his close 2 are often folied by the object hits.
The normal version has 3 objects and lasts about 12 seconds.
The EX version has 5 objects, but lasts only 6 seconds.
Not as powerful as it used to be, don't waste your time with this one
against turtlers. And Oro can't gain super energy during this period.

He just sits down and appears to be napping. According to Kao Megura's FAQ,
this is supposed to restore his STUN meter.

Now done by pressing 2+5, this is a short hopping punch that will hit crouch-
blocking opponents.

Oro's crouching 2 is still his main poking tool. Stick one out whenever your
opponent misses an attack or gets too jumpy.

In this game she has more power than ever. The priority of her air attacks
are amazing, and she still has that air throw. If she has new 3rd super
(the one where the daggers appear on the ground.), make it a habit to backdash
every so often. Her Kunai daggers and the two-hit head stomp move are the ones
to watch out for.

Thought to be the powerhouses of the original, Yun is one to be careful with.
He can close the gap with a teleport move, and if he has Tenshin-Senkyutai
super art (the roll under thing) stored up, don't use the Sun Disk Palm,
period! They will also counter projectiles with a super-jumping Raigeki-Shuu
(dive kick).

He's mostly a wimp when used by the computer, though he will kill projectile
attack with a Jinchu Nobori to the head. Oro is probably one of the least used
by human players. Watch out for that jumping 6, though.

Kicking and keep-away. "Kick-away" with the Rhino Horn, Scratch Wheel, and
jumping kicks make her tough to attack. Use poking attacks to win.

It's a grappler... beware. That means he's dangerous at close range. Use Sun
Disk Palm to keep him away. This would be a good time for that EX Sun Disk Palm
and Jinchu Nobori combo.
Beware when poking because his Moonsault Press takes off 35%.

Duck under or block his Tornado Hooks. His standing B+6 knee can counter
Oro's air attacks, including the Jinchu Nobori! His Electric Snake hits low, be
sure to crouch block/low parry.

SHIN-SHORYUKEN!!! If you're playing Ryu, it's usually that Super Art. Good
defense is needed avoid getting hit by the Shin-Shoryuken, which can be
comboed from any jump-in or close attack.

Dudley's no slacker, he will stick to you like glue with his Machine Gun Blows.
Most of his other moves are forward dash attacks. He will throw Corkscrew Blows
without warning, and it can be comboed off his normals. From a full screen
he will throw his rose, which will do about 2% damage if it hits. His crouch 3
is anti-air.

His standing 6 turning kick has great priority. His jumping/crouching 6 have
good hit range as well. DO NOT GET STUCK IN THE CORNER! Shoryu-Reppa and
Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku can be comboed easily from a jump-in and with the
Shinryuken and EX air HK, Ken rules the skies. 
He will usually come out with a Ryubi-Kuaku if you try to back him into
a corner,
and throw Tornado Kicks to back you into one. Watch out for his new F+6 kick
that looks like Charlie's from SFA 1-3.

He will hit you out of the air with his standing/crouching 3. On the ground, he
will throw Flash Chops, Smash Elbows and standing 6's. Mostly a nickel-and-dime
offense. His taunt will reduce the damage he takes for the rest of the round.

: 09) COMBOS :

#1  (2)   Close 4,5
#2  (2-4) (far) EX Sun Disk Palm - dash - jump 3
#3  (3)   Close 2 - Sun Disk Palm w/2
#4  (3)   Crouch 2 - Oniyama w/3
#5  (3-4) Close 2 - stand/jump 3
#6  (3-5) (far) EX Sun Disk Palm - EX Jinchu Nobori
#7  (4-5) Crouch 2 - EX Oniyama
#8  (5-6) Jump in 3 - close 2 - stand/jump 3
#9  (6)   Yagyou Dama - stand/jump 3
#10 (6)   Tengu Stone - jump 5 - close 4,5
#11 (8)   Jump 3 - close 2 - Kishin-Riki - jump P
#12 (13)  EX Tengu Stone - close 2 - jump 3

(from kyi22@hotmail.com)
#13 (5)   Jump 3 - close 2(1 hit) - Yagyou Dama - jump 6
#14 (6)   Close 5 or crouch 2/5 - Human Pillar Driver
#15 (6)   [Close 2(1 hit) - Jinchu Nobori w/5] 3 times
#16 (9)   [Close 2(1 hit) - Jinchu Nobori w/5] 2 times - close 2
          - Kishin-Riki - jump P
#17 (30+) [Close 2(1 hit) - Jinchu Nobori w/5] 2 times - close 2
          - EX Tengu Stone - stand 6 or F+2 until super runs out

The 4 and 5 have to be done VERY QUICKLY to combo.

This is a cool show-off combo. Immediately after throwing the EX Sun Disk, dash
and jump to hit them from above as the Sun Disk Palm hits.

Finishing with a projectile looks cooler.

The Oniyama will miss unless you're close enough after the crouch 2 connects.
The EX version has a little more hit range.

Standard juggle combo, use the standing 3 if you don't think the jump attack
will come out in time.

Now this is a real combo! Have at least 2 EX moves stored, get a full screen
away, and let the EX Sun Disk Palm roll, then quickly follow with the second EX
move. The Jinchu Nobori will miss if your opponent retreats too far, or dosen't
hit before the second hit of the Sun Disk Palm.

This Oro's basic annoyance combo. Make sure the jump-in 3 hits late and deep,
or the close 2 won't combo. The jump 3 dosen't have the connection it used to
have, you can also step in and finish with his standing 3.

This is one of Oro's classic double pressure combos. This combo works a lot
better in the corner, or if your opponent was jumping at you.

Cancel quickly off the launcher and jump up quickly to throw them.

Using the close 2 in this mode usually gives mixed results, but if you can
get it off in time, it's a good double-digit combo.

The ball only hits once in the combo (the jumping 6 will push them off the
ball). But it will remain (with 3 hits left), where you can get another combo
out of it.
To combo this, the first hit must be done in the middle of the HCB+P roll.
Oro will only grab air if not close enough.

Let me explain how this one works. Every move must hit only once! Off the first
hit of the launcher comes the Jinchu Nobori. If it done fast enough, the second
hit of that will miss and Oro lands soon enough to repeat until the 6-hit limit
is reached. If any attack hits twice, the juggle limit is exceeded and the
combo ends. This will not work on Yun/Yang. This builds up his super meter
quickly because of the higher number of individual attacks used.

During the EX Tengu Stone, time the juggle late to get the most hits.

: 10) CREDITS :

kyi22@hotmail.com : Combos #13-17
Kao Megura :
Most of the new information and new movments came from his 3rd Strike FAQ.

Six Flags America : Had a 3rd Strike machine (big-screen) this year.


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