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Yun by Mysterious M

Version: 1 | Updated: 09/04/2001

The Wind Storm Dragon


By:  Mysterious M

For more MvsC2 and SFZ3 related articles, game stuff, anime stuff and 
more, visit my site at www.members.home.net/myst.mc

Or message me on ICQ # 21086683 with questions and comments.


Revision History

V.1 - Uh... Whatever you see here - Still need to update some character 
strats... gonna be hard with CvS2 around the corner.



The Wind Gust Dragon and Water Storm Dragon, otherwise known as Yun and 
Yang are the adolescent gang leaders of Hong Kong.  The pair of them 
live with their uncle and keep a small shop in the heart of the city.  
They both attain great support from their "God fathers" the crime lords 
of Hong Kong and are also known to cause a fair bit of mischief all in 
the name of good "fun".
Both Yun and Yang fight in a style of Chinese Gong (Kung) Fu which 
seems to be rooted deeply in Kempo.  Since their grandfather, none 
other than Gen of original and Zero Street Fighter fame, taught them 
their fighting style, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true (Gen 
actually fought in the "animal" arts of Mantis and Crane).  Despite the 
fact that their fighting style is the same, the two have very branched 
techniques.  Yun concentrates on instantaneous and fast hits like gusts 
of wind while Yang prefers a flowing style which moves like the sea.  
"Be shapeless, like water... water can flow, or it can crash" (Bruce 
In terms of the game, I remember back in the original Street Fighter 
III when Yun and Yang were nothing but palette swaps of eachother.  
Those days are far behind now as Yun and Yang are different enough to 
be considered completely different characters!  First it should be 
noted that Yun is far from an "easy" character to use.  He isn't 
exactly strong and is far from taking a "good" amount of damage (i.e. 
he takes way too much) and thus he MUST be played on an attack and 
dodge basis.  Due to his hyperactive nature you REALLY have to know 
what your doing, but isn't that what makes the game worth playing?

+  Extremely fast, outdone only by Ibuki
+  Long chain/juggle combos
+  Confusing mind games in the hands of a master

-  Physically weak (dishes out low damage, takes high damage)
-  Average priority
-  Laggy moves



1.1	- Abbreviations
1.2	- Movelist
1.3	- Special Movelist
1.4	- Super Movelist
1.5	- Strategies
1.6	- Facing Yun
1.7	- Combos
1.8	- Cool Animations
2.0 - Thanks
2.1 - Legal Stuff


1.1	- Abbreviations

LP = Low punch
MP = Medium punch
HP = High punch
LK = Low kick
MK = Medium kick
HK = High kick


1.2	- Movelist


Standing:  A palm to the face.  What's to say?  It's a jab.  It is 
quite quick but low priority.  Due to its speed you can use it to hit 
certain characters out of moves, but I wouldn't count on it 
consistently to do such.
Crouching:  A crouching palm forward.  Again, fairly quick (enough so 
to stuff a few moves) but mainly just used to push opponent's 
Jumping:  An elbow very similar to Guy's from the Zero series of SF 
games.  The move is extremely quick and has surprisingly high 
air/ground priority.  Mainly use it to start into his LP -> f+HP air 


Standing:  Yun steps forward, lowers his head and pokes his elbow out.  
A great move with superior range and priority.  Add to this the fact 
that it can be chained into a HP and Palm strike and this will be one 
move that you will be abusing quite often.  The recovery time is also 
minimal so you don't have to worry about any big retribution... if any at 
Crouching:  A stronger, laggier version of his crouching jab.  It's not 
great by itself but note that you can chain combo it into a crouching 
HP not for damage, but simply for a good amount of distancing to avoid 
counter attack.
Jumping:  A stab punch downwards at a 45-degree arc.  I rarely use this 
since his jumping HP is almost as fast and stronger (both physically 
and priority-wise).


Standing:  Standing close Yun takes a step in place and thrusts his 
clenched fist forward.  HUGE reach and priority but HORRIBLE startup 
and recovery lag.  I choose not to use this move very often because I 
constantly find myself being punished for it but its reach opens up 
some poking possibilities.  I warn you, this is parry bait though.
Standing Far Yun does a 2 hit knifing hand upwards.  This move cancels 
into any special move/super after the first hit but is pretty weak.  
I've seen some people use it as an air counter, but I really don't 
think it's worth it.
Forward + HP:  Yun steps far forward, turns around and thrusts his 
hands outward as far as he can.  The move is decent as a poking move 
but it has horrible initiation time.  You can use it to catch up with 
back-dashing characters but just bear in mind that it is very slow.  
Personally I like to play with this move having opponent's jump at me 
and then pulling it off.  What ends up happening is Yun passes under 
the opponent and hits them backward!  Looks very cool but not exactly 
the most proficient air counter.
Crouching:  A strange double Palm forward.  Relatively weak but quick 
to initiate and quick to finish.  It makes for a decent close-range 
move to try and keep an opponent at bay, but again I rarely use this 
Jumping:  The same type of stab punch as his jumping MP except with a 
greater amount more priority and damage infliction.  Be careful since 
the range is very short.


Standing:  A quick shin kick.  It won't combo into itself and it isn't 
really the greatest/fastest poke, but it's decent.

Crouching:  A dinky little kick that hugs the ground.  The range is not 
very far at all, but it's a good move to stick out after landing from a 
Toe Press since it must be blocked low.  Unfortunately it can really 
only combo into itself and the damage is pretty laughable.

Jumping:  An awkward looking jump kick which is aimed pretty 
horizontal.  While its laughably weak, the range is actually quite good 
and can be used to snuff air attacks with relative ease.


Standing:  Yun has three versions.  
Up close (within a throwing distance) Yun will perform a vertical 
version of the splits (ouch) which launches the opponent high into the 
air.  Feel free to follow this up with any air attack but personally I 
prefer a Lunge Punch.  There is quite a bit of recover in terms of lag 
though.  While this use to be Yun's primary (or mine at least) air 
defense, it is now nearly useless as your opponent must be extremely 
close for you to be able to use it.  As it stands, it can be used as an 
air counter only AFTER a parry, but good luck timing it.
Far away Yun will perform a quick headshot.  This move is a great poke 
with only minimal recovery.  This is negligible however taking into 
account both its speed and range.  Throw this out periodically to annoy 
your opponent (some people actually walk right into it!) but beware as 
smaller characters can duck under it.
Holding Forward + MK will make Yun do your infamous Gong Fu hop kick.  
This is Yun's overhead, and not a bad one at that.  The speed is pretty 
good, and if you know how to mix it up then you won't often be punished 
even when it is blocked.  The damage isn't that heavy (are any of Yun's 
moves heavy?) but you can generally hit opponents quite often with it.  
One thing to note is that even though Yun appears to be off the ground, 
he can still be hit by certain moves (Ibuki's sweep comes to mind) but 
avoid others.  I advise you be careful.  Still, its eons beyond his 
leap attack.

Crouching:  This will soon become one of your standard moves.  Yun gets 
low and runs his leg across the ground quite a ways.  The damage is 
only moderate, but the move is both fast and can be comboed into the 
Lunge Punch.  Its priority is very high for such a quick move, and I 
often use it in my footsie game or to punish missed moves (buffered 
into a quick Lunge Punch of course).  Beware however as there is a 
teeny bit of lag afterward.

Jumping:  One of your primary jump-ins.  Yun performs your typical Gong 
fu style jump kick.  The range is pretty good as is the priority (it 
has semi good stuffing power).  Unlike Yang you CANNOT combo this into 
a Toe Press


Standing:  Yun raises his leg and kicks forward rather violently.  This 
move isn't too bad as a poke but a bit too laggy (both in initiation 
and recovery) to warrant constant use.  The damage however isn't too 
bad and it just looks so painful that you have to use it sometimes (he 
aims right for the cherries!)
Crouching:  Nowhere near as good as his brother's crouching HK, Yun 
whips his leg around quickly into the air to sweep his opponents at the 
knee area.  This move has decent startup but horrible recovery so 
expect to be punished if this is blocked or parried.  It should be 
noted that you can chain combo this into a standing HK if you are 
EXTREMELY FAST.  This chain combo is FAR more useful than the sweep by 
itself because it pushes the opponent to a range where it is hard to 
Jumping:  Yun's "stolen" kick from Chun-li's olden days.  Yun will 
perform a mid air kick which reaches up to his face.  This move has 
EXCELLENT priority in an air-to-air scenario but it is just a tad slow.  
I would never use this as a jump-in however (with a possible exception 
against Hugo) as it just is not aimed in the right direction.  


Knee Bash
Motion:  LP + LK
Yun will grab his opponent's head and continually smash it into his 
knee.  The faster you mash the buttons, the more hits you are likely to 
get.  Has the potential of being his strongest throw.

Foot Propel
Motion:  Forward + LP + LK
Days of Lei Woolong from Tekken come to mind as this is his exact 
throw.  Yun will grab his opponent, place his feet on his/her chest and 
kick off.  Cool throw, low damage.

Back Toss
Motion:  Backward + LP + LK
Yun will drop to the ground, grab his opponent and push him up and over 
with his legs.  Good move for getting out of the corner (and actually 
switching places with your opponent!)

Motion:  Forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back + Kick
See "Special Move" Section


1.3	- Special Movelist
Ze-sho or "Lunge Punch"
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + Punch 
EX-able:  Yes

Yun winds up and then leaps forward with his arm extended forward.  The 
harder the punch the farther Yun will "lunge" but the longer the 
startup and recovery lag of the move.  LP is a short hop forward (about 
half the distance of his dash) but with very little recovery.  MP goes 
about as far as his dash with some bad recovery and HP almost gives you 
a full screen leap but with HEFTY startup and end lag.  All versions do 
moderate damage.
This is easily Yun's most useful move.  It is lightning quick and 
surprising (considering you don't just spew it out constantly) but 
there is much more to it that meets the eye.  The Lunge Punch is all 
about distancing.  To use it effectively you must gauge your opponent's 
distance and use the Lunge Punch in such a way that only the tip of 
Yun's fist will hit the opponent.  If you follow this rule than it will 
be VERY hard for any opponent to counter your punch.  Alternatively, 
this move is also easily combo-able from a variety of moves.  Just 
avoid using it in blocked combos because you WILL be punished for it.
In the EX version of the Lunge Punch Yun will delay for a half second 
before leaping forward lightning quick covering the entire screen 
length in a fraction of a second.  The move isn't bad to surprise 
opponent's trying to charge their super bar (or certain individuals who 
like to taunt) but its initial starting lag makes it almost completely 
useless at a close distance.  Certainly you can't combo it which 
severely limits its use.  In play I tend to avoid using this move often 
simply because his EX Shoulder Charge is far more useful.

Tetsu Zankou or "Shoulder Charge"
Motion:  Forward, down, down-forward + Punch
Ex-able: Yes

Yun crouches down, weaves forward and then hits the opponent with the 
back of his shoulder.  The harder the punch used, the farther Yun 
travels and the more damage the move inflicts.  LP basically has Yun 
perform the weave in place, MP has him move about the distance of 1/3 
the screen length and HP has him go a good 2/3 screen length.  The 
damage on each is pretty low but the MP and HP versions will knock the 
enemy up into a position where you can juggle them.
I don't use this move nearly as much as I should because it has the 
potential to be excellent.  First off, the initial lag time is actually 
quite long as Yun steps into his weave but after the shoulder there is 
almost NO recovery time whatsoever.  This move will duck fireballs if 
timed correctly.  The LP version I never use outside of the LP -> LK -> 
MP chain since it does not travel anywhere and deals laughable damage.  
The MP/HP version makes for a good surprise move and fireball croucher.
The EX version of this move hits twice and has Yun travel at lightning 
speeds.  Unlike the normal version the initiation time is nearly 
instantaneous and thus can be comboed into almost anything you choose.  
The damage is pretty good but it should be noted that the EX version 
causes your opponent to fly backwards and not up thus negating any 
juggling possibilities (unless you are in the corner).

Nishou Kyaku or "Flying Twin Kick"
Motion: Forward, down, down-forward + Kick
Ex-able:  Yes

Yun performs what resembles his jumping HK twice in succession while 
moving at an upward-forward angle.  The LK version barely leaves the 
ground, the MK version goes about half a screen's distance to the top 
while the HK version goes all the way to the top of the screen.  Damage 
is low.
I RARELY use this move at all simply because its not that great.  The 
angle that Yun travels at is very awkward and the damage/priority is 
quite low.  Other than an average wake-up move, I don't use this at 
The EX version travels twice as quickly at the HK version's height.  
Despite the gain in speed the priority is about the same so, again, I 
cannot really warrant its use unless in obvious situations.

Kobu Kushi or "Tiger Twin Palm Strike"
Motion:  Down, down-back, back + Punch
Ex-able:  No

A nasty move and one which only expert Yun players can really put to 
effective use.  Yun will pair his hands together and then push forward 
with his palms.  Unlike Yang's version, Yun has slightly less range on 
his Twin Palm Strike.  The LP version has minimal startup and damage, 
the MP has slightly increased startup but more damage and the HP 
version is SLOW but takes a nice chunk of the opponent's life-bar away.
Since my days of writing my Yang FAQ, I have found this move to be 
EXTREMELY useful due to the fact that 1.)  The stun damage inflicted by 
this move is mind boggling and 2.)  The priority on this sucker is 
unbeatable!  In dealing with number one, I generally find that 4 to 5 
Twin Palm Strikes will dizzy just about any character in the game (yes 
this includes Hugo!).  Naturally after dizzying an opponent you're free 
to do whatever you want but as an added bonus I've found that you can 
COMBO this move in certain situations adding massive stun damage to 
your combos.  Dealing with number two, with proper distancing the Twin 
Palm Strike has unlimited priority over every single move in the game!  
It is important to realize that the actual hit location of the move is 
the air that is slapped directly in front of Yun and NOT his actual 
palms.  By using this idea it is not difficult to carefully place 
yourself to use the Twin Palm Strike to smack jump-ins, kill dashing 
special moves or to pop get-up moves such as the infamous Shoto Dragon 
Punch.  It is very important to get this distancing down straight in 
order for the Twin Palm Strike to be of any use.  Aside from this, try 
pulling off a Twin Palm Strike which is blocked.  Hesitate a moment and 
then pull off a LP Lunge Punch or a Super Art (preferably number II).  
You will OFTEN find yourself catching your opponent as they flinch 
after the palm strike (this happens very often, at least in my 
Another note to make about the Twin Palm Strike is that it can be 
cancelled.  By this I mean it both ways.  1.)  You can cancel it into 
Supers but more importantly 2.)  you can abort the move by performing 
it with 2 punches instead of one.  If you do this, Yun will begin the 
motion for the palm strike but stop just as he brings his hands back.  
Naturally this opens up the doors for all kinds of sadistic mind games 
as you can really mess up opponents by giving them what they THINK is a 
window of opportunity and then canceling quickly.  For example, when 
fighting an opponent you can try pulling off a Twin Palm Strike a few 
times doing nothing but harmlessly pushing you away as they block from 
their get up.  The next time, abort the move and you will often find 
that you have cancelled your Twin Palm Strike right at the time they 
decided they'd try to parry you.  There you go, an open window to pull 
off a nice damaging combo.  Another trick to try is pulling out random 
Twin Palm Strikes during a match, then cancel one when up close.  Often 
times the opponent's immediate reaction is to simply block fearing to 
take damage and those with slower reactions may not notice until the 
last second when you walk right out of the move and throw them.  
Remember, it's all about mind games.

Toe Press
Motion:  [During a jump forward/straight up] Down-forward + Kick
EX-able:  No

Yun spreads his arms out in the air and quickly drops down at an angle 
with one leg extended downward in a diving kick fashion.  LK results in 
a very steep descent, MK a medium descent and HK ends up with him 
kicking down in nearly the normal landing trajectory.  
The Toe Press is one of THE moves which must be mastered to play Yun 
effectively.  Although in no way as good as Gouki's own version (but 
let's face it, why would it be?) it is still exceedingly useful when 
placed in a variety of confusion tactics.  First of all, as an actual 
attack, the Toe Press is pretty weak.  The priority is pretty good, but 
it's parried rather easily.  If performed at the wrong time, can get 
you seriously punished even if you manage to connect with it!
This being said, the Toe Press is FAR from useless.  First off, you 
must use all 3 versions to get the absolute most out of this move.  The 
LK version should be used to stop short of your opponent, placing you 
right in front of him/her and poising you in the perfect position to 
either start a high low game or possibly even throw.  If you expect an 
attack, parry low and go into a big combo.  The MK version should be 
used intermittently with the jump-in MK/HP and LP -> forward + HP 
chain, especially against parry-happy opponents.  Indeed, it is a thing 
of wonder to find an opponent who can accurately telegraph the three 
every single time!  If you use the Toe Press by itself, make sure to 
aim low so Yun connects with the attack lower than the opponent's 
chest, this way you can immediately move into a combo and avoid such 
counters as the Powerbomb/Megaton Press.  Alternatively you can also 
use the MK version of the Toe Press as a quick overhead supplement 
since you can perform it as Yun is moving up.  If you find your 
opponent ducking in front of you, try jumping straight up and quickly 
going into a MK Toe Press (just as Yun is leaving the ground) and you 
have yourself a combo-able overhead move.  HK Toe Press is the most 
difficult to use, but also the most reliable once you get it down.  
First, there are two situations you will find the HK the most useful.  
First, it can be used from nearly a full screen's distance in the same 
fashion as the LK version.  Use it to stop just short of your opponent 
and then confuse the crap out of him with a high-low game he wasn't 
expecting.  However the second, and infinitely more useful use of the 
HK Toe Press is to use it very early as a cross up attack.  The idea is 
to perform the Toe Press early enough in the air that Yun will connect 
with your opponent in the head, just around the forehead area.  This 
will cause Yun to pass over to the other side of the arena thus causing 
your opponent to block in the wrong direction.  Follow this up with 
your quickest, meanest combo for a very flashy and skillful move or a 
Cartwheel/Teleport to add more confusion to the madness.  Either way, 
your opponent will be dazed and confused by the time you finish leaving 
you with a very satisfied grin.  Probably my most used way of setting 
this up is by quickly back flipping then super jumping forward and then 
using the Toe Press early.  

Motion:  Forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back + Kick
EX-able:  No

Yun leans forward and grabs, if he connects he'll perform a cartwheel 
over his opponent's shoulders landing him on the opposite side and 
giving him a margin of time to strike his opponent as they stand dazed.  
If he misses, he'll lose his balance and grab the air while taking an 
eternity to recover.
This is, in no way, like Ibuki or Necro's command throw.  It's slow, 
really slow.  Slow enough that the opponent can throw you before you 
can throw them (though few people have reactions that fast).  This move 
isn't without its uses though.  In certain instances of turtling, you 
may want to confuse your opponent by Cartwheeling them into a combo, 
and it can be useful in moderation with the Toe Dive.  Unfortunately 
the move immediately makes anything chained afterward combo-buffered 
meaning that damage will be greatly decreased.  This being said, it is 
actually quite difficult to get that combo on the end of the Cartwheel 
because the window of opportunity after the flip is about 1/2 second, so 
I suggest you react quickly.


1.4	- Super Arts

I - You Hou
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward, down, down-forward, forward + 
Bar Length: Long
Number of bars: 1

The easiest super for beginner players to come to grips with, think of 
this super as a mini-Shin Shoryuken move with slightly less power but a 
lot more speed.  Basically Yun does a knife hand upwards, followed by a 
comboed shoulder charge knocking the opponent up into the air and 
finally finished with a juggling fist putting the opponent into orbit.  
As I stated earlier, this is probably Yun's easiest super to use.  The 
super is easily the strongest of the three in terms of raw power but 
the long super bar means you'll have to wait for the next one.  Even 
after connecting with the super, you can juggle ANYTHING afterward 
(preferably a MP Shoulder charge and then a MP Lunge Punch) adding 
further to its impressive nature and strength.  However, it should be 
noted that the move has MASSIVE recovery meaning if you whiff, you can 
pretty much kiss your sorry butt goodbye.
The super can be connected in a variety of ways.  The first, and most 
popular, is an easy little 3 hit chain (MP -> HP -> Back + HP) buffered 
into it.  I should note that while easy and impressive, this is 
probably the WORST way to use the super because the damage of it is 
GREATLY reduced after the first 3 hits.  The second way to use this is 
buffering it out of a crouching MK which is far better and gives Yun 
what basically amounts to a super which hits low.  In failing this, the 
super can also be used as a wake-up move due to its great priority but 
beware as its range is quite limited (you must almost be within 
throwing distance).  Aside from this it also has limited uses as an 
anti-air move but I would definitely advise against this as the last 
hit has a tendency of whiffing completely.
In general I avoid this super simply because of its LONG bar.  I find 
that Super Art II and III can cause more overall damage.

II - Sourai Rengeki
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward, down, down-forward, forward + 
Bar Length: Medium
Number of bars: 3

Yun whips alternating elbows forward.  If the second one connects than 
he performs a short auto-combo on the opponent.  
I find this super MUCH more useful than the You Hou.  Why?  First of 
all you get 3 stocks with short to medium sized bars.  This means that 
not only do you get 3 supers to use, but you can also have the choice 
of whipping out a ton of EX moves as well!  This has obvious advantages 
over its Shin-Shoryuken counterpart.  In terms of the super itself, it 
does about 75% the damage of a You Hou in one bar.  Considering that 
you get 3 of them that means in total you can do 225% the damage of a 
You Hou.  Easily enough to kill an opponent wouldn't you say?  I also 
like the fact that Yun gets a LOT of distance and near invincibility 
while performing this super thus making it an excellent counter move 
for an opponent's missed move while at the same time being WAY less 
laggy than the You Hou.
In terms of connecting with this move, there are a number of ways to do 
it.  After a blocked MP -> HP -> back + HP chain, hesitate a second and 
then whip out the super.  Just like the You Hou, you will be surprised 
to see the amount of times you catch an opponent as they flinch.  
Secondly, the super combos nicely after a crouching MK making a rather 
nice low hitting Super Art.  Alternatively it also combos after a LP -> 
LK -> MP -> LP Shoulder Charge chain but it must be done EXTREMELY 
quickly and at an extremely close range thus limiting its use in this 
fashion (generally only on dizzy opponents).
Thirdly, I personally like to use the super as a "catch up" move.  In 
essence, after an offensive spurt, back flip.  This generally causes 
bells and whistles to go off in the opponent's mind to dash after you 
to start their own offensive.  However upon finishing your back flip go 
into a super.  Watch and laugh as a bewildered opponent smacks 
themselves in the forehead for falling for your trap.
Finally, the invincibility of the super makes it ideal as a get-up 
move.  Find an anxious Dudley ready to pull one of his confusing High - 
Low getup games on you?  Super Art and you'll have no problem dealing 
with him.  This adds a new level of defense to Yun's game which he 
sorely lacks.

III - Genei Jin
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward, down, downforward, forward + 
Bar Length: Small
Number of Bars: 1

Yun gathers energy around himself and multiple images of him appear.  
During the duration of the super (about 7 or so seconds) Yun's damage 
is decreased, but he gains the coverage and damage of a pair of images 
that trail and perform all the actions that Yun himself performs.  
My new favorite super to play with, the Genei Jin is without a doubt 
the hardest super to use in the entire game (I don't care what Makoto, 
Remy or Urien players say).  First of all, the super goes away FAST.  
You have to make use of every second that you have coverage because 
every second is precious.  Second, human players will tend to run and 
hide if they see you activate this meaning you must activate it at a 
time when they will be pinned down and unable to escape.  While damage 
wise it is very hard to inflict a lot of damage with a single super 
alone, the fact that you have a TINY bar means that you can activate 
this super over and over again in a quick time span meaning that as an 
offensive player, you should almost constantly have a bar charged and 
ready to activate.
First and foremost I like to combo this super thus ENSURING that I get 
maximum damage out of it.  Of the man ways to do this my favorite is 
the general MP -> HP -> back + HP buffered into the super and then a 
VERY QUICK MP Shoulder Charge -> LP Lunge Punch -> LP Twin Palm Strike 
-> LP Lunge Punch -> LP Twin Palm Strike, etc. This little combo can 
nab you about 40% of an opponent's energy bar and a whole LOAD of 
respect.  Aside from that there are other combos which the super can be 
buffered into, all of which (well not ALL, but all the ones I know) 
will be explained in the combo section.
Second, you can perform the super after knocking an opponent down.  As 
they get up, go into a high - low game but keep them trapped in the 
corner!  If you can keep a confusion game going on then the opponent 
generally makes a mistake before you do.  If at all possible, get them 
with a Twin Palm Strike (its unbelievably fast with the super 
initiated) or MP/HP Shoulder Charge which will knock them up into the 
air giving you freedom to do whatever you please.  It is very important 
to keep your opponent pinned in these situations or they will generally 
play keep away until the super meter expires.
It should be noted that while in this state your target combos will not 
work at all.  On a similar note, it is very unsafe to use your Lunge 
Punch if the opponent is on the ground so I would advise against it.  
Under most circumstances, try to connect with a Shoulder Charge or Twin 
Palm Strike because you WANT to knock your opponent into the air so 
that you can juggle them unlimitedly till the time limit is up.
To make a simple list of significant moves:
1.)	Shoulder Charge: LP is normal, MP or HP hit twice and juggle the 
opponent high into the air.
2.)	Lunge Punch: On a grounded opponent it hits a few times but 
allows them recovery before you.  On a juggled opponent it hits 3 
times and then juggles them back into the air.
3.)	Twin Palm Strike: On the ground it knocks them forward and up, on 
an airborne opponent it knocks them pretty far upwards (easy 
4.)	Forward + MK: No useful affect on the ground, excellent for 
catching up to juggled opponents already in the air traveling 
away from you (juggle move).
5.)	Forward + HP: On the ground it will knock opponents high enough 
for a juggle (generally forward + MK), no useful affect on an 
airborne opponent.


1.5	- Strategies

General Strategy
Truth be told that many individuals have claimed Yun to be the very 
best tournament character in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.  
Unfortunately I cannot say I am at the point where I know how to 
utilize Yun to his full potential.  Luckily I am not 'bad' with him 
Yun is primarily an offense-based character.  With is quick speed and 
long strings of combos he is very effective at close range.  However it 
should be noted that he doesn't exactly deal out the healthiest amount 
of damage (about on par with Yang and Ibuki) and his priority is only 
average.  His lag times are also unhealthily long.  Keeping this in 
mind, your basic strategy involves non-stop assaulting and 
evasion/parrying.  Much easier said than done... but it takes effort to 
unleash a tournament character's potential...

Definitely not a position you want to be in, Yun has very few options 
open to him in a defensive posture.  First, should you ever find the 
heat up close getting a bit too frantic, a quick double tap backwards 
makes for an excellent backdash to safety.  Few moves can catch up as 
Yun's back flip covers a lot of ground and is quite quick.  Once in 
this position however you may find yourself in trouble.  In terms of 
countering jump-ins, Yun's Flying Twin Kick has some uses, but not 
many.  The arc must be exact and the priority on the move is sadly 
lacking.  You can use it in scenarios should you choose to, but I find 
it much safer to parry any air attack and perform a close standing MK 
thus knocking the opponent into the air giving you a free hit.  Should 
they be on the ground, keep the enemy away with LPs, LKs, MPs and MKs.  
I would advise against using his Lunge Punch, Shoulder Charge or HP/HK 
in a defensive posture because they are simply too slow (if any, I only 
use the crouching HK to try and knock the opponent down giving me time 
to escape).  It should be noted that Yun's Twin Palm Strike actually 
makes for an excellent defensive tool if timed correctly.  First of 
all, the move has unlimited priority meaning you can use it to counter 
any approaching overheads.  Second, it deals decent damage but more 
importantly, knocks your opponent backwards so you can press an 
offense.  The only foreseeable problem is the massive amount of startup 
lag it has.  If you find your opponent bearing down on you at close 
range REFRAIN from using the Twin Palm Strike... instead try a Cartwheel 
or regular backwards throw to send the opponent into a defensive 
position once again (Kara throwing helps infinitely here).

Not really Yun's specialty either, this is where he actually falters 
under his brother Yang.  Mid-range for Yun should only be for a few 
seconds as you try to make your way to an offensive position.  Unlike 
Urien and Remy, Yun has no abusable poking attacks which makes it hard 
for him to fight at mid-range.  First off, Yun's best pokes are 
probably his crouching MK, standing MK and standing HP (and forward + 
HP variation) or HK.  The crouching MK has decent range and pretty high 
priority.  Generally you want to lead this into a buffered Lunge Punch 
maximizing damage and getting you as close as possible.  Yun's standing 
MK is fast and has decent range.  Unfortunately, smaller characters can 
crouch under this move leaving you quite vulnerable so be sure that you 
have the opponent either get hit or at least block it.  Finally, the 
standing HP has great range, but slow initiation time making it parry 
bait if you poke with it too often.  Use it only when countering a 
close range move which your opponent has whiffed.  A HK can be used the 
same way.  In terms of the forward + HP variation, you can really only 
use it to counter the LONGEST of delayed moves since it takes so long 
to come out.  You get really good range with this though.  Again, the 
Twin Palm Strike makes a good effective deterrent at this range.  Try 
to keep just outside the range of your opponent and, when they pull out 
a move, pull out the Twin Palm Strike to nail their extended appendage.  
Often times you will nail them and send them flying into a corner.  In 
terms of overheads, Yun's pretty sorry overhead has almost no 
distancing so I'd count it out of using for mid-range fights.  Stick to 
quick Toe Presses to get the overhead job done.

Here is the meat of Yun's game.  Indeed, at close range Yun can be a 
devastating enemy.  First off, to get inside one needs only to make 
clever use of the Toe Press.  Generally you want to aim in front of 
your opponent or land so that you hit their legs which positions you 
close enough to pull off whatever you imagine.  Be careful, if you aim 
to high the move is exceedingly easy to parry so make SURE you aim low.  
Mix this up with jumping in MKs and HPs.  The jumping MK is what you'd 
expect but the jumping HP has deceptively long range and high priority 
making it an ideal jump-in.  Mix this further with Yun's jumping LP -> 
forward + HP air chain for those players who love parrying.  
Alternatively Yun's Shoulder Charge is also a very quick and effective 
alternative for covering distance and I would recommend it (mixed with 
your EX version to thwart parry-happy players), especially in the wake 
of players who like to use fireballs.  Beyond that, advancing with the 
forward + MK is relatively effective although not really the safest 
alternative.  Use this strategy sparingly and only if your opponent is 
playing very defensively (especially those who enjoy turtling low).  
Beyond that, Yun's walking speed is already relatively fast making it 
easy to wade in and dash back out.  What I would NOT under most 
circumstances advise is to dash forward.  Yun's dash is SLOW and way 
too long (distance wise) making it very unsafe to use.  The only time I 
ever dash forward is when I want to catch up to an opponent when they 
are on their back.  
Once inside, you may want to tick away with one of your myriads of 
combos.  Both the MP -> HP -> back + HP and the LP -> LK -> MP -> LP 
Shoulder Charge chain combos are quick to initiate and quick to 
recover.  Personally I prefer the MP -> HP -> back + HP because of the 
sheer reach from the MP leading into sure hits (but also easier 
parries).  The latter is a more reliable combo but make sure you are 
DEEP if you want to use it because the range is very short.  Note that 
both combos push you far enough away that only the quickest and LONGEST 
attacks will be able to counter attack you (i.e. not many).  It is also 
pretty safe to use a Twin Palm Strike after the latter chain and often 
catches opponents as they try to initiate a counterattack.  
If you find opponent's who like to parry after you get inside, simply 
throw them or use a Cartwheel.  Yun's throw is very quick and effective 
for wakeup (though without the range of grapplers like Hugo, Alex or 
even Urien).  Try for a high low game aside from your combos to keep 
opponent's guessing.  My favorite is probably going into a few standing 
LPs then a crouching LK, crouching MK and a Lunge Punch if the 
crouching MK connects.  Should the crouching MK not connect there are a 
few options.  You can catch up with a forward + MK (also hitting 
crouching opponents), perform a Twin Palm Strike (to nail them in their 
counter attack) or use a MP Shoulder charge to possibly hit them in 
their counter attack and pop them up into the air.  The main aim is to 
STAY INSIDE.  This is where you are most deadly, so make sure you try 
to stay put and consistently put pressure on your opponent.
With the Genei-Jin activated it isn't hard to push your opponent 
backwards very quickly.  However in an offensive position with such a 
short time to land something you may find yourself more panicked than 
the opponent.  The key here is NOT to lose control.  No matter what, 
don't just try to spew out moves because more likely than not you will 
initiate a Lunge Punch somewhere which will get you seriously crunched.  
Instead, while Yun charges up for the super, use this opportunity to 
quickly make note of your opponent's position.  If they are blocking 
high, go for a crouching LK -> standing MP -> Forward + HP (this is not 
a chain it is a combo).  You may find this difficult to begin with but 
practice a few times and the timing will become second nature.  If your 
opponent dashes or jumps backwards in a hurried frenzy to get away from 
you, execute a MP Shoulder Charge.  With the power of the Genei-Jin 
behind it the speed is easily enough to overtake your opponent and 
launch them into the air.  From here you can wade in and juggle to your 
heart's desire.  If you see your opponent crouching, go for an overhead 
and repeat until they stand up, then do the crouching LK into the chain 
to knock them up.  Major headaches.  If they play their turtle game 
REALLY well, then just walk up and throw them to break their 
concentration.  Sure once they're grounded your super bar is almost 
gone, but it charges so fast that its FAR from a waste.

Character Specific 

Unlike Yang, Yun has little trouble with Alex due to his superior speed 
and stamina.  Here you want to play a major offense game because Alex 
is pretty slow and thus, can't deal with countering many of your 
attacks on a consistent basis.  Your jumping HP has priority over 
almost all his anti-air moves save for his Knee Smash (which can be 
deftly parried with little difficulty) and if you jump-in on him when 
he's getting up there is little he can do to retaliate.  Attack with a 
constant flurry of combos and high-low games to down the brute easily.  
Under most circumstances you can stop Alex before he can do anything 
(thus beating him out of his own moves)!  In cases where he may 
actually get a move out here and there, proceed to counter his 
loooooong lag times with the attack of your choice.  Alex's main 
weapon, the Power Bomb, shouldn't be too hard to avoid since Yun can do 
attacking from outside its range (use the MP -> HP -> Back + HP chain) 
but be mindful of the Hyper Bomb because it does reach a bit further.  
Constantly be darting in and out, like a mosquito around a bear, and 
you'll find that Alex isn't too difficult to finish off.  He also makes 
an absolutely monstrous target for the Genei-Jin juggles.

Trouble here, Chun-li is stronger, more durable and almost as fast as 
you.  Her priority also tends to beat you in a lot of cases and her 
moves are difficult to parry.  What to do?  In her case it is hard to 
swarm Chun-li because of her high priority supers and EX moves so count 
this out as a strategy.  I tend to play her in a constant dash-in, 
dash-out strategy instead.  First of all, truth be known that Chun-li 
has the crappiest fireball in the game.  It barely goes anywhere, is 
easily parryable and takes a while for her to recover from.  This being 
said, should you ever see this thing get whipped out make sure you 
either parry it and then follow up with an attack, jump it and Toe 
Press into a big combo, or Shoulder Charge under it into a juggle 
combo.  Second truth to be known is that Chun-li is devoid of a truly 
good anti-air move.  Generally you will see her use a standing MK to 
try and swat you but your jumping HP easily has priority over this.  
Keeping this in mind, don't get TOO overconfident because she always 
has the Tensei Ranna (Super Art III) which can easily destroy you when 
you jump.  In the case where she is not using this super art I would 
not hesitate to jump-in on her with the HP or low aimed Toe Press 
because there is little she can do aside from parrying (but you aren't 
THAT predictable are you?).  In a case where she IS using this super, I 
would advise a few cases in which you jump forward but stop your 
trajectory almost immediately by using a LK Toe Press.  This will, in 
essence, cause you to land almost straight down.  Of course after 
having seen you jump in, she may try to pull the super art to hit you, 
only to find she has whiffed completely!
When dealing with her at close range, be weary of her back + HP (it 
looks like your Twin Palm Strike but faster and weaker), her crouching 
MK (which she likes to buffer into a Hokyou Sen super) and her standing 
HP (which has EXTREME POKING RANGE).  To combo this use your crouching 
MK often (she has trouble countering it) as well as mid-range Twin Palm 
Strikes.  Go easy on the Twin Palm Strikes however as they tend not to 
work as well on Chun-li as other characters.  The forward + MK overhead 
works quite well on her due to her wide crouching position making her 
an easy target and sailing over her MK.  Unfortunately there is little 
you can do about her back + HP or standing HP other than 
blocking/parrying (if you can see it coming) and then jumping in again 
afterward.  On a side note, Chun-li is one of the more difficult 
characters to juggle with the Genei-Jin (her descent speed is faster).

Dudley is a walking powerhouse who relies on reach, priority and POWER.  
Dudley is ludicrously strong for a character of his speed and can pose 
quite a problem to the un-informed Yun player.  First of all, Dudley 
likes to poke a lot with his long punches.  With the priority and 
intimidation to do so this could prove a problem since you can't really 
compete reach-wise.  This is where parrying comes in real handy.  
Dudley falls prey to parrying more severely than most characters 
because he reaches out so far that it usually spells doom to execute a 
punch without the safety of block recovery time.  Moves you may want to 
keep an eye out for is the standing HP, Forward + HP, crouching MK and 
Forward + HK.  The standing HP is a high priority, long range move that 
can put an end to any attempt to walk in.  However note that this move 
loses out on priority to any of Yun's special moves.  I wouldn't really 
advise parrying it because it is rather difficult to see coming (both 
due to its reach and speed).  Dudley's Forward + HP is basically his HP 
with a slight dash at the beginning.  While the range is incredible on 
this move, the speed is NOT which makes it easy parry bait.  Failing 
that, the Forward + HP has all the weaknesses of the regular HP.  The 
crouching MK is very difficult to deal with because it is fast, but 
luckily does not do much damage.  While you may find yourself being hit 
by this from time to time, concentrate more on your get-up.  Parry high 
or low as you get off the floor because you will find many Dudley 
players to be overly aggressive as you stand.  This is NOT as hard as 
it sounds.  Finally, Dudley's standing Forward + HK is a very quick 
overhead with high priority but not too much reach.  All I can really 
say is don't be crouching because it isn't too easy to parry this one.  
Dashing in and out is Dudley's game but you may find that he pulls the 
periodic Machine Gun Blows to spice up his dashing.  While he may think 
this a safe way to tick damage, I should mention that the Machine Gun 
blows (from a range in the middle of the screen or farther) are rather 
easy to parry.  Just parry in tune to your heartbeat.  Once all the 
hits are parried you have a HUGE margin to whip your opponent silly.  
Beyond this, many of Dudley's jump-ins are also parry bait with the 
exception of his jumping HK.  While you can parry this, it is rather 
difficult so I would just block it or, should you see fit, back-dash.  
You CAN use the Flying Twin Kick but I wouldn't advise it.  While its 
priority beats that of Dudley's jumping HK, the initiation time could 
get you hurt.  In terms of offense, facing Dudley offensively is not 
too different from facing others.  Wade in with combos and high-low 
games.  While Dudley's defensive game isn't too great just beware of 
his Jet Uppercut as you jump-in.  This is easily parried (including the 
EX version) if you can simply see it coming.  Again, this takes some 
practice and knowledge of your opponent's tendencies.  Aside from this 
he may also try to use the Cross Counter special on you.  The thing to 
know about this is that it can be PARRIED.  So if you attack him and 
hear those magic words, simply parry quickly and you should be okay.  
Practice makes perfect.  Once Dudley is stuffed in a corner and unable 
to escape, he's as good as gone.  Just be sure he doesn't push you into 
a corner because the same thing works in reverse.
On a side note, Dudley is one of the hardest characters to juggle with 
the Genei-Jin.

Now that I've become a little better at the game, all I can say about 
Elena is two words.  Parry Bait.  This is partly Capcom's fault for 
animating her so fluently.  
First of all, Elena players (what few there seem to be) generally stick 
with high - low as their main type of offense, and with good reason.  
With a multitude of high and low attacks it can get very confusing very 
quickly.  This is where parrying comes into play.  Firstly, her main 
source of getting inside is to either jump in or dash in.  The jump in 
can be stopped, believe it or not, by the Flying Twin Kick as it beats 
out most of her moves (and with enough speed to boot!).  Alternately it 
isn't too difficult to parry her (make sure you double parry her 
jumping HK) jumping attacks because they take a while to come out and 
have about the same reach and speed.  
Next to this, Elena's second source of getting inside is using her 
incredibly fast dash attack.  Often times players will dash in and use 
a LK Scratch Wheel (okay... the computer mainly does this actually).  It 
doesn't take more than a quick walk backwards to thwart this and 
counter with a crouching MK into a Lunge Punch (don't try chain combos, 
she generally crouches under them).  Alternately she may do this and 
try for a crouching HK slide or overhead kick.  This is very hard to 
deal with and, if possible, I'd simply dash backwards as it can be 
difficult to telegraph where to parry.
Elena's final, and probably most dangerous (for her) way to get inside 
is to perform her Rhino Horn attack.  This is absolute PARRY BAIT and 
goes into the books as one of the game's easiest moves to parry.  
Problem solved.  In the case where you can't parry, then simply block 
but beware.  Many players like to follow this with a LK Scratch Wheel 
which can pretty much take you out of anything you can do.
Now that we have covered how to thwart her offensive attacks, how do we 
attack her?  First, unlike most characters, it is actually safer to 
whip out Lunge Punches against Elena as opposed to Shoulder Charges 
because you need the initial speed to beat out her attacks.  The main 
aim of your game should be to get her on the floor so try to attack 
with attacks that knock her down.  If you want to try jumping in on 
Elena, note that you will generally be faced with a Scratch Wheel.  
There are few ways to deal with this as her priority is quite high 
(even a well aimed Toe Press has nothing on this move).  If you want to 
try dealing with this, my only suggestion is to parry (generally you 
need to parry at least 2 of the 3 hits before you are clear).  Once 
inside, I would not really advise using too many chain combos because 
Elena has an easy time crouching underneath blocked combos and 
countering with nasty moves.  I would also advise against using the 
Twin Palm Strike as I have met many a defeat by trying to push her down 
with this move.  However you do it, you should note that once she is on 
the ground you can safely jump at her with a JUMPING HP without fear of 
ANYTHING.  Indeed, the HP has priority over anything Elena can do 
meaning she is left with a block or a parry.  The key is to be landing 
with the punch just as she is getting off the floor meaning that even 
if she starts to pull off a Scratch Wheel Yun will reach up and over 
her leg smacking her in the face.  If she parries there is still little 
she can do so wade in with a high-low game.  In terms of Super Arts, 
the only super your really have to worry about is the Spinning Beat 
since it has pretty high priority and damage.  Generally she will combo 
this in with a Scratch Wheel so just follow the ways of avoiding this 
move and you will be okay.  If you are playing Yun correctly then you 
should have absolutely no problems with a healing Elena.  
One a side note, Elena is a relatively easy character to juggle with 
the Genei-Jin.


One thing I have learned from many fights with said giant is that Hugo 
has a real weakness against the Twin Palm Strike.  Indeed, if you can 
get the distancing on this down then you have pretty much won the 
fight.  How can I speak so confidently?  From experience.  Your perfect 
distance for the Twin Palm Strike is outside of his forward + MP 
slapping range.  From this range, even if your move is parried or 
whiffs you are completely safe.  Your initial aim in the fight should 
be to get Hugo on the floor.  Whether you sweep him, chain combo him or 
what not make sure Hugo hits that pavement.  Once he has, stand at your 
anti-Hugo range and perform the Twin Palm Strike as he is standing up.  
Inexperienced players will block and after which try to attack you only 
to find that you are pulling off a SECOND Twin Palm Strike.  Good 
players will parry and try to attack you realizing that you are too far 
for them to do anything (except Kara Throw... be VERY weary of those who 
can Kara Throw) meaning as they counterattack you are free to do 
whatever you wish to them.  
Past the Twin Palm Strike there are myriads of strategies against Hugo.  
Most individuals cannot perform a 360 or 720 without jumping first 
which means you are looking at a LOT of jump-ins.  Aside from being 
able to, you guessed it, Twin Palm Strike Hugo out of any of his jump 
ins, he is also one of the characters on whom the Flying Twin Kick 
actually WORKS.  If that weren't enough, Hugo makes an absolutely HUGE 
target to use the launching MK on as long as you can get the timing 
down.  Other Hugo players will dash in or walk in or possibly perform a 
Lariat to get inside.  Dashing players can be downed with simple 
crouching MKs, Twin Palm Strikes or anything else you really want.  
Walking players you have to be a bit more weary because they can parry 
or block meaning you should play a little more conservatively by trying 
to bat them away with series of LPs or a MP -> HP -> back + HP chain.  
I would not recommend at ANY point to use the Lunge Punch on him simply 
because it is obscenely easy for him to Moonsault Press you afterward.  
Having dealt with defense, offense is really quite easy.  It isn't hard 
to jump in and use your LP -> forward + HP air chain since he is such a 
huge target.  It also has considerable priority over him meaning you 
won't have to use your Toe Press or even jumping HP very often.  Other 
than that, stick with your simple chain combos and high-low games to 
down the brute.  Just make sure you back off when he's getting up 
because his Moonsault Press is a great get-up move.  If you are going 
for full offense it should be noted that Hugo players have huge 
difficulties with the Genei-Jin simply because Hugo is slow to react to 
changing conditions (which is what the Super Art is all about)
On a side note, Hugo is one of the easiest characters in the game to 
juggle with the Genei-Jin.

The middle-man when talking about the difficulty of fighting shotos.  
In terms of fighting style, Ken has a few unpredictable kicks which 
separates him from the other shotos and makes him a bit difficult to 
parry.  First of all, parrying Ken's jump-ins isn't too difficult.  Be 
careful of his cross up MK however as it can spell trouble (you still 
parry forward BTW).  Since Ken's jump-ins have a lot of priority, there 
isn't much you can do to thwart him beyond this unless you want to 
quickly backdash and then Lunge Punch forward (praying you catch him 
before he reaches the ground).  Once on the ground, Ken players like to 
pull off the typical crouching MK -> fireball combo followed by 
overheads.  If you can't parry this 2 hitter (I advise you practice as 
it works on ALL shotos) then simply block low and then block high or 
try to tag him after the fireball.  Tagging him after the fireball can 
only be done when Ken is extremely close since he'll lag after it.  
After this you can typically expect one of two things.  He'll either 
wait for you to try to jump out in which case he will Dragon Punch you 
or he'll use a Hurricane Kick to cover the distance back and then 
assault you again.  If you see him pull a Hurricane Kick you can either 
parry (not hard at all) or crouch under it.  The former gives you a lot 
of time to counterattack while the latter gives you less time but 
reverses your positions putting him back in the corner.  In the case of 
the Dragon Punch you can either jump and parry or simply walk up to him 
and block (he'll usually still pull it off as the opponent is in this 
frame of mind).  Once he's down you can take an offense.  On offense 
you want to avoid jumping in unnecessarily since his Dragon Punch has 
supreme air priority.  Again, you can parry but this takes practice.  
Typically I like to jump to about half a jump's height and then use the 
LK Toe Press to trick the opponent into pulling a Dragon Punch that 
whiffs thus giving me the time to counterattack with ease.  Against Ken 
your best offensive weapons are your chain combos, throws, Toe Press 
and Shoulder Charge.  I would advise chain combos over high-low games 
because Ken can generally out prioritize you in terms of combos which 
don't have him constantly blocking.  Throwing generally used when he 
turtles after a few chain combos to wake him up (be careful about that 
Dragon Punch though!).  The Toe Presses must be aimed and timed so that 
you hit Ken as he is getting up, not while he is on the floor or after 
he is up.  This way you avoid the patented Shoryuken get-up and also 
the Shoryken anti-air.  Finally, the Shoulder Charge can pass easily 
under his fireballs and has a quick recovery meaning you will be safe 
even if he manages to block it.  I would advise a careful game of 
running in and out of your opponent's range of attack to slowly widdle 
Ken down to nothing.
On a side note, Ken juggles rather easily with the Genei-Jin.

This woman has been dubbed the "Dizzy Bitch" by many players I have had 
the pleasure of meeting, and for good reason.  Makoto is pure and utter 
strength, simple as that.  With high priority, awkward to parry moves 
and the ability to dish out disgusting amounts of damage, she is an 
opponent who is feared by many, but played by few.  This being said, 
she is far from impossible to defeat, but play carefully.  First off, 
getting in on Makoto isn't too difficult.  Mixing up your Toe Presses 
generally makes short work of this (considering you are not so 
predictable that you will be parried) and even jumping HPs can do it 
since Makoto is devoid of any really useful anti-air move.  Be aware 
that crossing her up, while looking easy, can be difficult against a 
player ready to use her Shoryuken-type special move (she punches the 
air directly above her).  I would NOT recommend using a Lunge Punch to 
try and cover ground because should she manage to block or parry the 
move you are in for some real pain.  If you need to get inside on the 
ground, I would recommend the Shoulder Charge or even simply walking 
back and forth while poking.  Makoto's walking speed makes it easy to 
catch up with her and her limbs are generally not long enough to catch 
you after a poke.  Now that you are inside, play high-low to the best 
of your ability ending with a quick dash backwards and then a palm 
strike.  Many players like to dash forward after they see your backflip 
in an effort to push an offensive but they will generally meet doom in 
the form of two palms.  If she jumps in, your Twin Palm Strike will 
generally take out almost anything she chooses to use (except for a 
well timed HP) because most of Makoto's jump-ins are not that useful.  
After you have safely left her range of attack you can either press a 
second attack or try to bait her into using a Hayate (the dashing 
special move).  Many Makoto players tend to abuse this move without 
realizing that Yun is fast enough to counter the move after it is 
blocked (a simple crouching MK -> Lunge Punch will do).  The key to 
fighting Makoto is to outmatch her in speed and overwhelm her.
Makoto is on the harder side to juggle with the Genei-Jin, but she also 
seems to have difficulty dealing with the super outside of combos.

This can be trouble if playing an opponent who is actually experienced 
simply because Necro can pound you at far range before you ever have a 
hope of getting inside.  Naturally, parrying is always an option but 
not always the easiest thing to see coming.  What to do?  The basis of 
your game in this case should be to try and knock Necro down.  There 
are a few ways to do this.  The first is try and Toe Press low, but 
this has a habit of getting stuffed pretty easily (either by his 
electricity or a simple parry).  Jumping in and parrying is generally 
pretty safe since Necro's air counters are all rather easy to parry 
(this includes his electricity, just parry 3 times slowly).  If you 
can't parry, then try landing Toe Presses just before Necro.  He often 
performs his back + HP uppercut which has great vertical range but 
lousy horizontal.  This also covers you if he uses his electricity 
(often you are out of range).  However watch out for his Magnetic Storm 
super, and be ready to parry or simply be a little more defensive 
should you see his Super meter charged.  Alternately, if you want to 
get inside directly it is relatively safe to use a properly distanced 
Lunge Punch since it has priority over most of Necro's moves and Necro 
is slow enough that he has a hard time countering a blocked/parried one 
with anything big.  Once Necro is down you can proceed to jump on him 
with a HP without fear of much more than a parry.  Your jumping HP has 
priority over even his electricity move as he's getting off the floor.  
Beyond this, stick with constant ticking but be weary of playing high-
low because Necro's crouching LP will destroy your overheads (its quick 
and has massive range for a LP).  You can be a bit more lenient about 
whipping out laggy moves since Necro has a hard time countering but 
beware of his infamous MP -> Spinning Punch -> Magnetic Storm combo.  
For the most part, Necro takes a LOT of damage so you should be able to 
down him with quick consistent hits that give him no room to breathe.  
In terms of dealing with Necro's offensive, he likes to play high-low a 
lot with his Snake Fang and Flying Viper moves.  I tend to block low 
more often since his Flying Viper is easy to see coming.  You can 
counter it with a LP Lunge Punch, or just parry it into whatever you 
want.  The Snake Fang is much harder to deal with but remember you CAN 
block it and it has pretty hefty lag times.
On a side note, Necro juggles rather easily with the Genei-Jin.

I remember when I use to make fun of Oro.  Those days are way behind me 
now, as I have discovered that Oro can be one of the toughest little 
SOBs to square off against.  He is small enough to crouch under a 
number of moves, his power is respectable and it can be a bitch to 
parry him.  Your best bet to assault him is, again, aim for a low Toe 
Press.  Although this is a bit dangerous considering his rising elbow 
move, it is still rather effective and, if aimed properly, can take him 
out even if he does it.  Once inside, I suggest using the LP -> LK -> 
MP -> LP Shoulder Charge combo as opposed to his MP -> HP -> back + HP 
combo because Oro has a very easy time crouching under the latter and 
smacking you silly.  High-Low is the name of the game here and try to 
keep him pinned up against the wall.  Once you have ticked him enough, 
poking Oro is not a bad idea because his limbs are short enough that he 
has a difficult time countering you even if you miss.  Keep an eye out 
for his Sun Disk Palm however and be ready to parry if you see it.  
Many Oro players will also execute a back + MP launching punch after 
the Sun Disk Palm anticipating your jump-in.  This WILL destroy your 
Toe Press so I would suggest either jumping in and parrying it, 
crossing up with an overjumped Toe Press or simply just don't jump over 
a Sun Disk Palm.  Another little move Oro players like overusing is the 
Jinchuu Nobori (the move where he jumps up and lands on you kicking).  
This move can actually be parried rather easily and I would suggest you 
learn it because it is the easiest way to defend against it.  If you 
can't do this, remember to block high often and remember that you can 
hit Oro before he lands with a Lunge Punch.  Also be weary of his 
standing HP which is a very painful overhead attack.  Oro players also 
have the advantage of a wide variety of Super Arts.  The Tengu Stone, 
although weakened since Double Impact days, is still very strong and 
hard to deal with so I would suggest you simply flee for the duration 
of the super (with Yun's speed it shouldn't be too difficult).  The 
Yoroi Doshi super is little trouble and is easy to avoid (just block 
the big one).  This finally brings us to the Kishin Riki, which is not 
so reeky anymore.  It looks like Capcom has increased the damage and 
idle time on this super so be cautious to keep Oro at a distance if he 
activates it.  The 3 punch version is a little hop that throws you 
straight up and slams you down and you can pretty much bet he'll use it 
anytime you go for a low kick.  Solution?  Keep a constant game of in 
and out so as to make him whiff the super.  Finally there is the issue 
of his jumping HP and double jump.  The jumping HP hits twice so be 
sure to parry accordingly.  Alternately it takes little more than a LP 
Lunge Punch or jumping HP to knock him out of it.  As for the double 
jump, he may use it to get around some of your moves, but in the long 
run the recovery is pretty long on it so you have time to even Lunge 
Punch back and STILL smack him.
On a side note, Oro juggles rather easily with the Genei-Jin.


1.6	- Facing Yun

-	Try to keep him pinned, Yun doesn't work very well under pressure 
or in any kind of defensive position.
-	Learn to parry the Toe Press, you will be ever grateful for 
having learned it.
-	Keep in mind to use low risk moves against Yun because he can 
punish you quickly and painfully for a single mistake.
-	Be mindful of his high-low game, not only is it fast but his 
overhead is pretty useful.

-	Rush out to attack him after missed or blocked combos, Yun 
players have tendencies to delay moves making you think there is 
an opening which really doesn't exist.
-	Buy into his mind games, especially in terms of the Twin Palm 
Strike.  Learn to see the instant in which Yun will attack or 
not.  Once he commits, THEN you can counterattack.
-	Panic if Yun has just creamed you with consecutive chain combos, 
remember that he takes a lot of damage and thus the match can be 
brought into perspective very quickly.


1.7	- Combos

(Too many to list, I'll post the most used ones)

Jump-in LP -> Forward + HP (chain) -> land standing MP -> standing HP -
> Backward + HP (chain) -> (optional) You Hou

-	Basic chain combo you will use 90% of the time, does decent 
damage and knocks the opponent down.  Chaining the Super Art is 
great for beginners but knocks the super's damage to about 2/3 to 

Standing LP -> Standing LK -> Standing MP -> LP Shoulder Bash -> 
(optional) Any Super Art.

-	Second Basic chain combo.  Does slightly more damage than the 
first combo but the range is much shorter.  Learning to buffer 
the Genei-Jin after this combo unleashes Yun's potential as a 
high-level character.

Crouching MK -> Lunge Punch

-	Another bread and butter, I suggest only using the LP Lunge Punch 
to avoid risk.

Crouching MK -> Any Super.

-	Difficult to use since the crouching MK doesn't give much time to 
evaluate using a Super Art or not.  Requires QUICK reaction.

Close (launching) MK -> any juggle (preferably cancel into high jump 
and LP -> forward + HP chain)

-	The juggle kick that brought Yun/Yang to fame, easy to use after 
an anti-air parry.


1.8	- Cool Animations

Opening Animation(s)
1.)	 Yun stands tapping his foot impatiently before performing a 
Kung-fu bow and entering his fighting stance.
2.)	Yun stretches his back leg while saying "Oreniwa katenai Ektay" 
(You cannot defeat me) or "Kataze kono ken ka" (Allow me to join 
this fight)
3.)	Yun comes from the side of the screen jumping off his skateboard.
4.)	(Special against Makoto) Yun bows
5.)	(Special against Yang) The two flip past eachother

Standing Animation:  Typical Kem-po style stance.  Yun bounces up and 
down more while his brother Yang bounces back and forth.

Taunt:  Yun circles his hat around his finger and says "Tsuman ney na" 
(This isn't fun), "Kakka te koi yo" (Come and fight me!) or "Yoi you 
daze" (I can handle this).

Ending Animation(s)
1.)	Yun strikes a Tiger Kung-Fu pose
2.)	Yun strikes a Crane Kung-fu pose and says "Zato kona mon" (This 
is the least I can do!)
3.)	Yun bows and says "Soh-jin" ("Done" - strangely, his only Chinese 
4.)	Yun simply bows.


2.0	- Thanks 

Teo - For endless matches of SF goodness, truly your Ibuki is something 
to be feared... but beware the JUMPING HP!

Morrigan - For at least trying... = )

Red Sheep - You've shown me that Hugo's strength knows no bounds

2.1 - Legal Stuff

Feel free to distribute this FAQ so long as MY NAME IS ATTACHED TO IT!  
(EGM< This means YOU!)... Yes, we do have a copyright thing here in 


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