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FAQ by YC Tan

Version: 1.36 | Updated: 08/08/99


Written by    : Tan Yin Chuan Daryl a.k.a YC Tan
Email         : tyc11@mbox5.singnet.com.sg
Date started  : 10/1/1999

Revision History
10/1/1999 : Started this FAQ.

11/1/1999 : Added info on 3 more regular enemies. Added one more tip.
            Some minor corrections.

14/1/1999 : Added info on alternate routes. Added the Brown Slug enemy.
            Some minor corrections.

16/1/1999 : Added info on second ending. More info on Tower and Strength.
            Minor corrections.

27/1/1999 : Add info on a third ending and the alternate route in Chapter 2.

13/2/1999 : Added info on yet another alternate route in Chapter 2 ( me
            friend says that Chap 2 is the biggest stage, with the most
            splits in its path. ) Corrected the method of getting the second
            ending. Some minor corrections ( mostly on the number of enemies
            at a certain point. )

21/3/1999 : Added info on the Bonus Room. Added a little info on the battle
            Hierophant on Sunset Bridge and a small correction on Magician's

2/4/1999  : Added info on another alterate route in Chapter 2 and one more
            for Chapter 3. Added the "Legless Zombie" in regular enemies.
            Corrected Host Zombie's info. Some minor correction.

21/5/1999 : Updated info on the blue guys in Chapter 5. Added a tip on
            shooting the line of hosts and muscles just before Magician.

3/6/1999  : Added info on Tower in bosses' section. Added info about the
            bonus room.

27/6/1999 : Added a Code section. Added the code to display your score while
            you play.

30/7/1999 : Added a sections on scoring. Corrected some info on Emperor.

31/7/1999 : Minor correction to the conditions requirments to get ending

8/8/1999  : Added some stuff about the Claw Robot enemy. Added some stuff
            about Hierophant's jumping attacks on Sunset Bridge.

Game Mechanics
Tips and Chapter Information
        Enemy Analysis
        Boss Analysis
Odds and Ends

The House of the Dead 2 ( Hereafter refered to as HOTD2 ) is a sequel to the
 first-person shooter, The House of the Dead. It's played just like the first
game. So basically (from what I could gather from the dialouges), you play an 
agent from the AMS (?) who arrived in town to meet 'G' ( he's the agent that 
we play if we use the second player's gun in House of the Dead. ) and on the
way, you were stopped by a strange creature resembling a skeletal monkey with 
bat wings, who warns you to 'back off'. Of course, being the good guy (guys),
you ignore the creature's threat and go ahead anyway, and found out that the 
town's filled with zombies and other nasties. So now, it's your job to evacuate 
the townfolks and kill those rotting corpses before they get you.........

note : The House of the Dead 2 's story begins on 26/2/2000, about 2 years after
       The House of the Dead, which was in 1998.

Game Mechanics
In HOTD2, you move in a pre-determined path through the city ( you don't have
control over your movement ) shooting at zombies and rescuing bystanders,
but there are multiple paths which you can take if you do something, typically 
by saving someone. An example is in Chapter 1, where you have to save a 
bystander beside a well from 3 zombies. If successful, you'll take a relatively
shorter route to the boss, otherwise, you'll take the normal, longer route with
more enemies.

The gun is the same as most other gun games like Virtua Cop series and The Lost 
World. The gun holds 6 bullets ( which is never enough.... ) and to reload, you
must shoot outside the screen. But unlike the Virtua Cop series and the Lost
World, you're stuck with the same old gun throughout the whole game : no
fancy upgrades like the automatic, magnum or the laser sight. Just the old
six-shot holder.

In the game, there's lotsa variaty of zombies and other undead cannon fodder for
you to mutilate. Most of them will require anywhere from 3 to 7 shots or less if
you shoot their head ( which is their 'weakness point' ). If you don't shoot 
fast and accurate enough, the undead will come close and chomp/slash/kick/bash 
or any other thing to hurt you. In this case, you'll lose one of the life point.
If you lose all your life points , which is not very hard, it's game over unless
you pop in another credit to continue ( in Century Square's arcade( in 
Singapore )), it's 2 tokens for 1 credit, which is $S1. It may be different in 
other arcades. )
Oh yah, you will also lose life points if you're hit by projectiles thrown by
enemies ( knives, barrels, drums etc. ) or if you shoot a bystander.

Tips and Chapter Info.

General Tips
1) Learn the reloading trick. It's very useful in shooting fast and accurately.
   To do the trick, place your other hand ( not the one pulling the trigger )
   on the gun barrel ( the long thing ) as you play. When you need to reload, 
   place your finger on the 'hole' of the barrel and shoot. This will trick the
   machine into thinking that you're shooting offscreen, and thus reloads your
   ammo. Continue shooting afterwards.
   Why is this technique useful ? Well, for one thing, your gun will be pointing
   at the same spot throughout the whole reloading process, and thus it'll be 
   easier reaquiring your target. Best example : when fighting bosses that need
   to be shot at a specific spot. Since when you reload, your gun will still be
   pointed at the thing's weak point ( assuming that it doesn't move around too
   much, like Chapter 2's boss ), so you can immediately fire after reloading
   and stand a high chance to hit the weak point.
   Secondly, using the reloading trick is just plain faster than actually 
   shooting offscreen. Think of it : which action is faster ? Moving a finger 
   or moving the wrist and back ?

   But then again, some people are used to the old fashion way of shooting 
   offscreen to reload. So I leave it to you whether you want to use this 
   technique or not. I myself use a combination of both ways : use the
   reloading technique for faster firing rate and the old way for more
   accuracy ( since I found out that I couldn't aim very well when holding
   the gun with my other hand near the barrel. I'm used to holding the
   middle of the barrel . ~_~* )

2) Always shoot the target that's closest to you, especially in a 1 player
   game. Since the game will frequently let you deal with a group of 3 or
   more targets, it'll be best to eliminate the leading one. If you try to
   off anyone else, you'll find that after your target is dead ( umm...
   destroyed ), the leading one would have come so close to you to smack you
   unless you can shoot and reload VERY FAST. If in a 2 player game, it's
   good to let player 1 deal with targets at the left side of the screen and
   player 2 at the the side. That way, we wouldn't have 2 player going for
   the same target and the unattended one will rush up to slaughter the both
   of you. Coorperation is word.

3) When trying to rescue bystanders, be very careful, as most of them require
   some degree of accuracy. Especially true in Chapter 3 and 4, where the 
   zombies are extremely close to the bystander ( in one instance, the
   zombie's practically holding on to the bystander. ) If you don't feel
   confident about saving him, don't. It's better to let him die than for you
   to lose a life point. But if you're striving to save the required number
   of bystanders to get the end of level life bonus, or if you know that the
   bystander will give you a life up, or if you're just plain accurate, go
   ahead and shoot ! Saving bystanders will also boost your score I think.

4) When you see crates boxes, drums, barrels etc... always shoot if you're not
   fighting anything. Some of the containers will contain items to boost your
   score, or life ups. Almost any lone container will contain something, and
   any group of containers will also be worth shooting too.

5) Aiming at the heads of the zombies is a good idea. Most of the time, the 
   thing will go down with one shot to the head. Take note that I said "Most of
   the time" . Sometimes, a zombie with half of his head remaining will still 
   go on and could be potentially dangerous should the player think that it's 
   gonna fall. Also, some zombies will carry axes or chainsaws and cover their 
   heads with them, and any shot hitting the axes and chainsaws will have no 

6) Golden rule : always practice your reloading if you're not using the 
   reloading trick. I've seen many players get hit just because they didn't 
   reload properly ( they thought they've reloaded, but in actual fact, they
   haven't. )

7) When playing, it's best to stick to a familiar route unless you're playing
   that area first time, or you're trying to get familiar with a new route.
   ( This I found out when I accidentally took an unfamiliar route on Chapter
    4 and got trashed by Big Knife Throwers and Buster Sword guys....~_~* )

Chapter Info.
Note : When playing in 2 player mode, more regular enemies will appear and
       bosses will be harder ( strategies for the enemies and bosses will
       be given later ).

I'll be describing the path that I took most of the time, and I believe that 
this would be the shortest route to finish the game.

Chapter One : Prelude

You'll arrive outside the building with 2 zombies ( regular ones. Also, there'll
be 3 instead of 2 if in 2 player mode. ) These are just for target practice and
if you can get hurt even at this point.... Then it's into the building when 
you'll look at a corpse and then another zombie will appear. Next is another one
lying on the floor. You can shoot it as he's _getting_ up. Another will appear
in the right side of the screen.

After that, you'll meet G, who's hurt and you'll speak to him ( he'll give 
his notebook to the players, which is the thing containing the bosses' weakness
every time you fight them. If you look closely enough, you can see that "G's
file" is written on the cover page. ) After that,  2 zombies will rush in. 
One's a regular while the other is an axe-wielding zombie.(  both zombies will 
be axe-wielders if in 2 player mode. ) Try shooting at the body of the 
axe-wielder so that he'll put down his axe, then shoot him in the head ( or if 
you're fast enough, just empty all six shot into his guts and he'll go down. )

After that, you'll see a bystander ( he can't be rescued. It's part of the
story line. ) being slaughter by an axe-wielder. Nothing too difficult.
Then a bystander will be chased by a regular. Be careful when shooting, and
shoot fast ! ( one of the two vases will have a coin. ) If you succeed in
saving her, you must shoot a zombie advancing on a bystander by the well.
After that, another two will come. Shoot the left one first as he'll hit the
guy first. If you succeeded in saving him too, he'll point out a short cut to
you and you'll take it. Also : one of the boxes in the background will have a
life up. Most of the time is the right one.

After saving the well guy, you step into what seems like a courtyard and a
bystander will be on all fours with a zombie hot on his tail. Your best bet is
to aim for the head, as the zombie will get the bystander very quickly.( one
of the two barrels will have a diamond ) After saving ( or not saving ) him,
a regular and an axe-wielder will arrive. Kill the regular first. After that,
you'll see a grate in the wall, and it'll pop open, with small worms scurrying
out. Shoot fast and reload fast, at a point just before the hole, and the
worms will get hit as they come out.

{ Alternate route - if you didn't succeed in rescuing either the female
bystander or the well guy, you'll go through the gate and have to kill 3
regulars. After that, you'll have to kill 4 mutated frogs. Easy. Then comes
a regular and an axe-wielder. Kill the regular first. After that, you'll
arrive at the grate with the worms. But after the worms, you'll have to kill
a chainsaw zombie that pops out from the right door. ( Also, a diamond is in
the barrel nearest to you. ) after this, you'll have the same route as the
short cut. }

After the worms, ( no chainsaw guy if you take the short cut ) an axe-wielder
will be in the second story, throwing his axes at you. Remember to shoot these
lest they hit you. After you kill him ( or he has thrown 2 axes. ), 2 rotting
zombies will pop up by your side. Just one shot will kill them. After that,
you can find a coin in one of the barrels on your right. Then, a door will
open and a bystander will run out ( I'm amazed as to the number of players
shooting the bystander as he comes out. ^_^ ) followed by 2 ( 3 if in 2 player
mode) axe-wielders. Then, 2 small guys looking like robots with claws will
jump up from the square from the ground. Then you'll have to shoot about 5
regulars ( 2 on the ground, 3 jumping down. ) You can find a golden frog in
one of the drums ( which must be shot 2 times ) just before a bystander
hanging on the ledge with a zombie waiting to bash her with a barrel. Shoot
the barrel first, then shoot the zombie. And make sure you've reloaded after
she falls, cause as she stands up, a regular will rush out from the right
door to kill her. If you can kill the second regular, ( i.e. save the
bystander ) she'll give you a life up ( or whoever shoots the killing shot to
the second zombie. )

After that, you'll find the Bat Monkey again and it's boss time.

Number of rescues you'll need for life bonus : 5

Chapter 2 : Muddy

You'll see a car speeding towards you with a regular on the windscreen.
Shoot the zombie down and you'll save the driver. If not, he'll crash into
one of the shop and die, and you'll take a different route. ( info on that
route is at the end of this section. ) He thank you for saving him, and after
that, you'll have a short time to shoot a container ( the lone one ) for a
golden coin.  After that, 2 regulars will bust out of the van . Shoot the
left one first. You'll then go up some stairs and as you do, you'll see
zombies ( 2 reg., 1 axe-wielder ) getting on the top of the van so that they
could reach you. ( You can start shooting as you see them climbing.
If you're accurate enough, you'll have downed 1 or 2 when you reach
the point where they can attack you. ) Shoot the left regular, then the axe-
wielder, then the second regular. )

When you get to the top , you'll see a small thing jumping at you from the top
of the buildings. Shoot it ( it's a knife-thrower ) when it's airborne, or
you'll get hit. If it didn't suffer enough hits in the air, it'll land and
continue to attack you. After that, 2 claw robots will appear and then you'll
come to a bend ( one of the barrels on the right will have a golden coin ) and
you'll have to shoot 2 owls ( 4 if in 2 player mode ) . Then, 2 regulars will
be knocking at some doors . Kill them. At this point, you can see 2 boxes,
one stacked on top of the other. Shoot both to reveal a diamond. Then, a
bystander's body will drop down and as you look up, you'll see an axe-wielder.
He'll throw his 2 axes at you one at a time, but this time, they'll be much
closer than in Chapter one, so be careful.

After that, you go through an archway with an owl ( 2 if in 2 player mode )
rushing at you. Then, as you turn, 2 knife-throwers will drop down. Shoot the
left one as he's closer. ( Also : the 2 barrels at the right background ? One
of them contains a golden frog. ) After killing those 2, you'll come to a
dead body with a key on the ground. Shoot the key to go through the gate
( if not, you'll go into the clock tower, and once again, I've no info. )
As you walk and turn, you see a big fat zombie with a barrel in his hands.
Shoot the barrel, then the the fat guy. Then, a bystander will run out with
another fat guy on his tail. Rescue him, and you'll get to enter his house
( to the right , but I didn't choose this path ), if not, you'll enter the
house on the left. As you go in, you'll see a lone barrel by the right of the
door. It takes 2 shot to break and contains a life up. You'll turn and see a
bystander and a zombie ( shrunken ) appearing from the left. Kill it to rescue
her. Then, you'll see another bystander cornered by 3 legless zombies. Be
careful if you want to rescue him, as it's very easy to hit the bystander. If
you want to rescue him, shoot the leading one first, then the left, and then
the right.

After that, you'll turn around and see 2 more ( 3 if in 2 player mode )
legless zombies. ( apparently, they came down from the chimney. Santa Claus
anyone ? ^,^ ) Kill them and you'll go through the door into a corridoor. In
here, there's a barrel containing a cat statue, and 2 claw robot will rush in
through the door on the left. Kill them and the door at the end will open,
revealing a Fat guy ( 2 if in 2 player mode ). Kill him/them and you'll go
out through the door. Now in the open, you'll turn to your right and see a
knife-thrower jump up from below onto your level ( 2 if in 2 player mode ).
Kill him/them and you'll go into a dark building and go up its lift. As you
go up, and the lift door opens, 3 regulars will rush at you. ( you can shoot
at them through the life door before they're opened if you want. ) Kill them,
and you'll turn around to face a variant of the axe-wielder. Kill him too and
you'll go upstairs and see 2 barrels. One of them contains a necklace. Some
worms willcome out from the right of the screen when you're facing the

After them, you'll go to a doorway, but a Chainsaw guy ( 2 if in 2 player
mode ) will come from behind the right pillar. They'll be very quick, so I
suggest shooting at their legs to slow them down and make them lower their
chainsaws, then shoot at their heads. A second way is to shoot them at the 
arm level AS SOON AS they come in, and then shoot at their head when they
get close. ( The second method should be more effective. )

After that, you'll go through the doorway and into a corridoor and a pair of
claw robots and knife-throwers will appear. ( claw robots first ) Kill them
and you reach a room with 2 pillars. 2 shrunken ( or should I say
shrivelled ? ) zombies will appear from behind the pillars. Kill them and
you'll go down the ladder and after a short cut-scene, 2 rotting zombies will
pop up from the right. Kill them and you'll go into more talk with Amy and
Harry, and after that, you'll have to fight the boss.

Number of rescues you'll need for life bonus : at least 5

Chapter 3 : Darkness

You'll start this chapter on a speed boat. If you took the same path as me,
( i.e. fight the boss on the bridge with NO bystanders ) you'll vaguely see
a rotting one or two in the water dead ahead. They'll jump at you as you are
near them, so it's best to keep shooting at a spot about in center of the
screen ( just above the helm ) There'll be 2 zombies jumping at you, one at a
time. After that, it's a short dialouge and a regular will drop onto your
boat. Kill it, and 1 more ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) regular will appear,
hanging by their hand. Shoot them fast, or they'll kick you ( which will,
of course, result in a lost of life point . ) After that, another speed boat
will cruise pass, with a bystander, a fat guy and 1 ( 2 if in 2 player mode )
muscular zombie. Try shooting the fat guy in the head to kill him quickly,
'cause the muscle guy will jump on to your boat and you'll have to deal with
him. If you succeed in helping the bystander, he'll open the flood gate for
you. If not, you'll go to an alternate route ( See the Alternate route 
section.  ) Anyway, the barrel beside the bystander's speed boat ( which 
is beside the flood gate, ) contains a diamond.

( Assuming that you saved the bystander ) He'll talk to you a bit and you'll
'see' a tremor. You look back and see 1 ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) axe-wielders
on your helm. Kill them fast or they'll kick you. Finishing it/them, you'll
look up and see 2 axe-wielder variants throwing axes at you. Since there's 2
enemies now, you'll have to shoot 2 axes instead of 1 as they come down.
If you can finish them off while they're throwing axes or while airborne,
good. If not, they'll jump down onto your boat after finishing their axes to
kick you.

After that, the flood gate will open ( finally ! ) and you'll continue. You'll
see 1 regular and 3 muscle guy on dry land. Take this time to kill as much
zombies as you can. The most dangerous is the rightmost muscle guy, as he'll
be very close to you when you pull up beside them. Then, you'll cruise on.
Notice the dark spots in the water : they're rotting zombies that'll surface
when you come close. There'll be about 4, but shoot the leading left one first,
then the leading right. This will make it easier.

After that, you'll come across a bridge, with 1 fat guys (2 if in 2 player 
mode) at each end, holding drums. Shoot the right drum first ( Need to 
verify. ). Then, as you turn, you'll have to shoot 3 killer fishes ( they 
can be shot even when underwater.) Then, you'll pull up beside 2 fat guys 
and 2 regulars. Shoot the left fat guy first, then go for the other one, 
then shoot the regulars. After that, you'll carry on. You'll see a box 
floating in the water, shoot it fast ! It contains a life up.

After that, you'll get off your boat and go through a tunnel with 3 shrivelled
zombies. Further down, a bunch of bats will attack you, followed by 2 fat
guys. Shoot the left one, but try not to shoot the right one before you finish
the first, since they'll move slowly until they get shot, after which they'll
rush at you. You'll then arrive at the next section of the tunnel, where
you'll see a bystander being chased by 2 shrivelled ones. Wait for the
bystander to fall down before shooting the zombies.

After that, you'll see a short cut scene and then fight the boss !

Number of rescues you'll need for life bonus : at least 3

Chapter 4 : Despair

( I didn't quite remember how Chap. 4 is like. If there's any mistake, please
let me know. )

I'm assuming that you're taking the same path as me ( you can see the chapter
3 boss snatching the bystander as he is running across your screen, not
towards you. ). You'll start in some underground complex and when you turn to
your right, you'll face 3 shrivelled ones, and after them , two zombies with
claws and mask will appear, followed by another who'll drop from above. After
them, 2 lizard men will drop down. Kill them and you'll come to a hole with
a bystander hanging on the ledge for dear life with a shrivelled one clutching
his legs. Be careful when shooting the zombie. ( I'll target the zombie's legs
and shoot. About 3~4 shots should suffice. ) If you didn't succeed in rescuing
him, you'll go down the hole after the zombie ( not much info ), or else you'll
go back to the door beside the 2 container-like thingie. After the door is 1
regular at the left and 2 masked claw at the right. Finish them off and you'll
see a jail cell, after which 2 zombies wielding buster swords charges at you.
Kill them, and you'll head for the door, but you'll have to kill 2 lizard men
that are on the pipe above you. After going through the door ( memory getting
fuzzy ), you'll see a bystander caught by a shrivelled one. Shoot carefully.
Also, behind them is a cell containing 2 masked claw and 2 of the boxes will
contain a life up and a mushroom. After them, you'll go on and check the next
cell, finding 2 dead bodies, with a bunch of bats. Kill them. And after a few
more enemies, You'll be in the open. ( " is this the colossium ? " ) As you
turn left, 1 shrivelled one and 1 Buster Sword Guy will attack you. ( 2
buster sword guys if in 2 Player mode. )

Kill them and go on to a opening, and 3 masked claw will attack. Kill them and
you'll go through the opening and up the stairs. Here, you'll watch a cut-
scene and then fight the boss.

Number of rescues you'll need for life bonus : 3


Alternate Route :

Chapter 2 : Muddy

TalonSaurn@aol.com says :

If You fail to save the first victim(in the car) You will pass through a
building where the car crashes, after a few easy kills(I think it's two claw
robots) you will come face to face with a chainsaw zombie(surprisingly tough)
then you will get into another room and save a really easy hostage, a couple
of more zombies(one normal, one ax wielder/Thrower) and you'll enter an
few more areas that are in serious disrepair (Quite a few enemies, but
nothing exceptionally challangeing), finally you'll see a victim inside bars
with two shrunken zombies closing in on her, carefully shoot the zombies(It
is easy to hit the hostage, did it myself 4 out of five times)after you take
out the two shrunken zombies she will tell you that if you go straight
through you will get to sunset bridge.(I didn't quite make it but on the
finally screen it showed your path jumping to the correct one for the Sunset
Bridge combat with Heirophant.

Guy Type R says :

If you don't save the car guy (which I ALWAYS do), you will hear a scream of
a girl and two Shrivelled ones (at least that's what you called them) tries
to arm slash her. Due to her face's beauty (meaning that she's UGLY), I watch
her die instead. Of course, you can save her by whiping the zombie in front
of you, then the left. After that, there's a lone container that has a
diamond. After you open the door, you'll meet 2 more Shrivelled ones, and
then 2 claw zombies. After that, there are three barrels, and one of them
contains a coin. After a while you'll see a chainsaw guy. Shoot the head and
you're fine. After that, you'll see a regular and a "walking axe thrower".
Shoot the regular first then the axe thrower. After that, you'll see a woman
and a Shrivelled one besides her. Easy kill. After a TV cut scene
(about Heirophant), then you'll go outside and meet one axe zombie. It's
very close so be careful. After that, you will see a knife thrower "on air"
and saying "I got air Jordan shoes!" silently. When he's about to rush you,
shoot at the head. After that, you'll see 2 regulars. Kill the one that's
come out first. (memory is fizzy now hehe) Then you'll see 3 containers and
a bunch of worms. Before the worms comes, shoot the containers and shoot at
the gold frog. Then you'll see 2 owls. Shoot the right one first, then
quickly shoot the left one. And then you'l see a knife thrower. Easy kill.
After that, you'll see two civilians begging the fat zombie and a normal
zombie not to kill them (?). Strange enough, I had NEVER saved these two,
even shoot at the regular doesn't die. If they can change your rout, plz
tell me! And then....uh.....(memory) you'll see a woman behind the bars,
with 2 shrivelled ones. I usually don't save her because that route is
really hard. But I always shoot the left zombie though. (need info on that
route!) After that, you'll see a bunch (four) of rotting zombies "climbing"
And after that....uh....I guess it's 2 more of these and 3 barrels. Then
you'll see a regular. And then you'll go across the bridge and you'll a.....
uh....gay (homo) woman with a axe zombie. (Let's spoil this first: she will
give you a life up) Shoot the gun quickly and accurately, you don't have much
time. After that (not yet), you'll see 2 rotting zombies. Easy kill. Done.
After that, 2 rotting zombies will pull you into the water and there are
2 1-hit kill rotting zombies. Then there's a axe zombie. And then there's 2
regular. And then (too much then's I guess) you'll see a civilian with a
rotting zombie (brown). Just shoot at this bastard, no matter what the
civilian is doing. After that, you'll meet one more brown rot, and you'll
climb the ladder and meet the chainsaw zombie. The two containers in the
background has nothing. After a cut scene, you'll meet one more regular.
It's show (boss) time! This is the wharf Hierophant.

( this is the route to take if you want to fight Hierophant on the Wharf
instead of Sunset Bridge, and subsequently going on different paths on Chap 3
and 4. )

Brian says :

If you do not take the key, you will face the clock tower. there r 2
silver robots hanging on it and these will jump at you. kill them and u 
enter the door. turning left u see a bunch of 5 shrivelled monsters that 
start charging towards u. after that, u see a bunch of brown slugs 
hanging from some gears. shoot the slugs as the are hanging or dropping 
instead of waiting for them to crawl to u. then u go up a staircase. 
there will be a hostage on an adjacent platform and 2 axe guys are gonna 
kill him. shoot at their heads to avoid accidentally injuring the 
hostage. after that u face a single chain-saw guy, then a cut scene. 
then a hostage and a shrivelled monster. you leave the clock tower  and 
go into the open. 3 rotting monsters will jump outta the water and 
attck.  kill them and a second batch jumps up. the barrels after the 2nd 
batch contain coins ( i think). then a regular monster, then a hostage 
comes running out of a buiding, followed by an axe guy. kill the axe guy 
and 1 rotting, then another will jump outta the water. kill them to 
rescue the hostage and get the life up.there is a short cut scene, where 
u get dragged into the river, and 2 rotting attack. then 3 fish, then a 
axe then 2 regulars.  a hostage in a boat with a rotting comes into 
view. wait for the guy to duck, then shoot  the rotting like hell. this 
is a little hard. if u don't save the hostage, nothin' happens but the 
rotting will jump into thw water and attack u. after that 1 more 
rotting, then u will climb outta the river. there will be 2 chain-saws 
coming fast, so be careful. there are barrels there, but can't seem to 
shoot  them for fear of getting cut by the monsters. then a regular, 
then the cut scene with Harry and Amy then Hierophant.

Also :
If you decided to save the little boy from the fat guy after the gate ( with
the key ), you'll go into his house ("My father is still inside !") . There,
you'll hear someone banging on the door. Shoot the lock one the door 
with just ONE shot, and the father with a shrunken will come out. Kill the
shrunken and you'll save the father. After that, you'll speak with the father
( assuming you saved him ) and look back into the room. There'll be a worm 
on the table, with a few more under the rug. Kill the one on the table quickly
and then aim for the bumps on the rugs ( that's right. You cn shoot them 
through the rug ). After that, 3 ( 4 in 2 player mode ) legless zombies will
jump out from the air vent. Kill them and you'll go outside. 

As you go down the stairs, You can shoot at the 2 boxes ahead for a life up.
At the bottom of the stairs, you'll turn right, facing a regular advancing
on a passerby and a fat guy headed towards you. Off the regular with a
couple of shots and then kill the fat guy ( aiming for the head is
recommended ) . After that, you'll go through a corridor(?) and watch as
2 black shrunkens and a fat guy come riding on a speed boat and jumps up
into your corridor. Kill them, and you'll go out of the corridor. You'll
see a passerby being chased by an axe wielder. Try for his head. Then , a
chainsaw guy ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) will emerge from the door in front
of you. After that, you'll go down another flight of stairs and an axe
wielder will be in the window in front of you, throwing his axe. Kill him
and you'll reach the bottom of the stairs, where 3 killer fishes will jump
at you. You'll turn at the bend and 4 shrunkens will jump up from the water.
Kill the green ones first as they're closer, but don't take too long, as
the black ones are not far behind.

After them, you'll go up some stairs and you can see a barrel ( 2 if in 2
player mode ) moving. Shoot at it to break it. If not, the barrel will
be hurled at you. Going up the stair, you can see the one who threw the
barrel at you : a fat guy. Kill him, and you'll face 4 regulars ( who
had just finished munching on several passerbys ). After that, you'll
fight Hierophant on Sunset Bridge.

Chapter 3 : Darkness

If you fought Hierophant on Sunset Bridge, you'll start Chapter 3 by going
under an opened flood gate. 4 shrunken ones will rise up from the water
at your right. Kill them and you'll come to a bridge with regulars on it.
You'll go under the bridge and a regular ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) will
appear, hanging by their hands. Kill them quick or they'll kick you.
After that, 1 axe wielder ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) will be on dry land,
throwing their axes at you. Kill them, and several owls will come swooping
at you ( forgot to count how many ). After them, you'll see a passerby in
the water with 2 shrunken ones. Shoot the right one first, then the left.
After that, you'll see a speed boat with a passerby and a shrunken one.
You must shoot the shrunken one before the speed boat turns ( after which
the shrunken one will be 'blocked' by the passerby, making shooting hard. )
If you succeed, you'll turn to the right. ( After this, you'll follow the
route as described below, starting at the part where the doors open with
1 axe wielder, 2 regulars and 1 muscle guy. Remember to shoot the life up
in the box !

( if you take this route, you can get up to 4 rescues. )

Assuming u don't save the guy on the boat, the water gate can't open. u 
turn to the right, and 2 axe and 2 shrivelled attack from the wharf. 
there is nothing in the barrel. ( i think) then u will see a hostage 
floating in the water with 2 rotting attacking him. kill them, then 3 
fish attack. Amy then gets a call from Goldman. after that you will see 
lotsa crates  in the distance. i know they contain a frog, but i dunno 
what else. 1 swimming rotting attack the boat, then u turn rounf 180 
degrees and see 3 rotting swimming to the back of the boat. after 
killing them, a door on the wharf opens and 1 axw and 2 regular and 1 
muscle guy comes out. after that 1 fat guy and 1 muscle guy. the fat 
guy's dangerous. there is a life up in the box as the boat turns. amy 
says : harry! over there!, then u see a hostage threatened by a regular. 
as u're shooting from a distance, be careful. 2 axe-guys on the wharf, 
then into a tunnel with a stream of bats, then a platform with 3 
shrivelled guys. after that, u haveta rescue the hostage from the 2 
shrivelled guys, then it's Tower!

(This is the route to take if you want to have a end-level life bonus. )
Bystander 1 : Guy being attacked by the 2 rotting zombies.
Bystander 2 : Girl with a zombie advancing on her ( you'll have to shoot from
              a distance.
Bystander 3 : Guy being chased by 2 Shrivelled zombies ( just before Tower. )

Chapter 4 : Despair
( because the different route taken to tower( you'll fight Tower in water,
not sand. ), chp 4 will be slightly different) u enter this dark place,
then 3 shrivelled jump outta nowhere. kill them, then u face 2 mask
guys then a big axe guy runs outta a waterfall and throws 2 axes at u.
after a stream of bats, you walk down some stairs into this dungeon thingy,
and see a hostage being grabbed by a shrivelled monsters. shoot at the
monster's shoulder. after that the 2 claw monsters in the prison will break
out and attack. there is a diamond and a pile of gems in the boxes behind
them. if u save this hostage, he gives a life up. after that u see a hostage
being grabbed by a shrivelled in a chute. u must be accurate and aim for the
head, if not u will miss and or the hostage dies, u take another path
( which i think is harder and which me and my bro seldom take) assuming
u save the hostage, u go on into this room and two lizard guys will crawl
out from the ceiling. kill them and face a shrivelled and a sword guy. there
is a necklace in one of the barrels. and 2 more lizards, b4 you walk up
the stairs and see 3 mask guys, then a stream of bats, then 2 sword guys 
which attack u and a shrivelled guy which is attcking a hostage. save 
the hostage first as the sword guys are slower.  after that, two big axe 
and 1 shrivelled guy(s) runs out. Start shooting as soon as you see them
coming ( i.e. they're still running out ). Kill them and u have reached...


Chapter 5 : Dawn

Finally, you reach a place with modern buildings. As you go, you say
"It's too quiet. " . Then the shutters on the right will open, revealing 1
muscle guy ( 2 if in 2 player mode ) and 2 muscle guy variant who wears
camouflage pants and berets. Kill them and you'll go on, with the left shutter
opening, revealing a Host zombie with a parasite ( at least that what I think
it is.. ) One of the drums at the back contains a life up. After the host
zombie is killed, the doors of the van will open and 2 muscle guy soldier will
attack you. ( So I suggest shooting the life up first, then kill the Host
Zombie. ) Killing them, you'll go on and meet 2 more host zombies. After
that, you'll find Harry's car and as you're getting in, you'll be interupted
by 2 muscle soldiers and a big knife-thrower . Kill them, and you'll drive
down the slope, to a fight with the first boss.

After defeating him/it/them, you'll drive on, and when you turn your head to
your right, you'll see the legs of a muscle guy. Kill him quickly ( since you
can't shoot at his head. ) and you'll have to kill 2 more muscle soldier.
Shoot fast ( at the left one) , and when you have time, shoot the driver of
the zombie car for more points. After that, 2 blue guys will appear out of
mid-air. Kill them quickly.

/update : actually, only the blue guy who's on your side of the screen will
hit you. So if you're player 1 ( James ), only the left blue guy will hit
you. The right one will miss ( or hit Gary, if in two player mode ). So
the rule is to shoot the one on your side of the screen ( i.e. the one
who will hit you. ) first before the other.

Your car will then be stopped by the second boss. Kill him like you did
before and you'll drive on. Shoot the pack of zombies even before you reach
them. This would make the situation easier. 2 Host zombies will jump out
of the van beside the zombie pack. After that, as you drive, 2 more of
the blue guys will appear out of nowhere , so kill them. The updated rule
above also applies here. After that, you'll get out of the car and have to
face 1 muscle guy, one variant and 2 host zombies. They'll be in a single
line with the 2 muscles at each end. Try to go for the muscles first, as
you're walking to them( the left one will get to you first, so shoot him
first.) The host zombies should be easy enough. If they're within striking/
biting range, and you still haven't got rid of the muscles, you can shoot at
the host zombies' body so that they'll do the 'chest ripping' animation
before letting out the parasite, giving you extra time to finish off the

Then it's on to fight another boss ! ( Those who completed HOTD1, look at
this ! ^_^ )

No bystanders to rescue, so no Life bonus.

Chapter 6 : The Original Sin

You'll go into the building . After the door, you'll see new types of zombies.
These shouldn't pose any problems. After that, as you move around, you'll see
3 of the blue guys materializing in front of you. Kill them, and you'll go to
one of the lifts. Get ready as the lift contains 2 variants of the chainsaw
guy ( now with energy sabers ! ) and one more new type regular walking through
the lift wall.

Finishing them, you'll go up to the 50th floor. When the lift door opens,
you'll be greeted by 2 ( 3 if in 2 player mode.) new chainsaw guys. Kill the
left one first, then the right, then the middle one ( or if in 2 player mode,
you can concentrate both your fire on the left one first, then the right,
and then the last. This is much safer I guess ) . After them, you'll have to
kill 2 blue guys again, then 3 new regulars will walk through the wall at
the end. Kill them and you'll be in a corridoor. Another new regular will
walk through the door just as you're about to open it. Kill it, then you'll
go into a laboratory-like room. As you turn around, there'll be a new
Chainsaw guy in front of you ( 2 if in 2 player mode ). Kill the left one
first quickly, then the right as they're very near to you. After that,
you'll arrive at a door, with a lone box containing a life up. 2 new regulars
will also walk through the wall at this point ( shoot the right one first.).
After them, you'll have to fight the third boss again.

After the third boss, you'll have to shoot 3 new regulars, then 3 more blue
guys and then 2 new chainsaw guys. After killing them * , you'll go up a
staircase and finally meet Goldman, ( a cut-scene ensues ) After all these,
it finally time to fight the Emperor !

* if you manage to reach this point without letting a passer-by die ( either
by your gun or killed by the enemy ), you'll get to enter a bonus room
located at the right door after the 2 chainsaw guys. The room will be filled
with health and various items ( diamonds, coins etc. ) More info on getting
the bonus room is at the Odds and Ends section.

Can you defeat the Emperor and save the world/ finish the game ?

Enemy Analysis

Regular Zombies : These are the easiest things to pop. Just aim for the head
                  and you can down them with 1~2 shots. Even shooting at the
                  body will take only 3~4 shots. They have not much weaponary
                  except their arms, legs and teeth, so no special strategy's

Axe-Wielders    : They carry 2 axes, one in each arm, and they always use them
                  to cover their heads, so you'll have to aim slightly up when
                  targeting their heads ( they have a small portion of the head
                  which is not protected by the axe, which is about the brain
                  area. ) Another way is to wait for them to close up and shoot
                  the head just as they raise one of their axe to slice you.
                  This is not a very good method, as they still have one axe
                  covering their head, and you might not shoot fast enough for
                  them to fall before hitting you.
                  The best way is to shoot at their stomach area. When you do,
                  they'll lower their axes, and you can shoot at their
                  unprotected head. On the other hand, you could just empty
                  your six bullets into their guts to kill them.

Mutated Frogs   : They're quite slow. A volley of bullets should squish them.
                  ( actually, they only take one shot to die... )

Worms           : Keep shooting at a point near the opening from which they're
                  coming from, and they'll just crawl right into your bullets.
                  Just remember that they'll jump at you after a period of

Chainsaw Guy    : The first tough enemy you'll meet. These guys can take
                  a lot of hits, can block your shots with his chainsaws,
                  and is very fast. My style is to shoot at his legs rapidly
                  and when his arms go down, I aim for the head. This is quite
                  important in Chapter 2, as the chainsaw guy is very close
                  to you. You'll have to shoot his legs to slow him down.

Claw Robots     : Easy ! Just keep shooting at them, whether they're jumping,
                  crawling on walls etc. If you hit them enough, they'll fall
                  onto the floor and you can pump more bullets into them.
                  Just remember to shoot them fast as they jump at you and
                  make sure that you reload properly.

                  Caution : if you're so good and/or sadistic ( okay, just
                  joking. ) and shoot off both arms of the claw robot, he
                  will head butt you with his head ( obviously, since
                  he cannot climb on the walls or latch onto you like
                  before ). But you should know that since now he doesn't
                  'latch' onto you, he'll come like a rocket from a distance
                  ( i.e think E.Honda's sumo headbutt ) and it's quite fast.
                  Try it if you have time ! My friend thought that the way
                  he jumped at me is really funny, consider that I was
                  caught off guard and got hit. ^_^*

Owls            : Not much, just try to shoot them as soon as they rush at
                  you. They can be very fast, so watch out. One shot is all
                  it takes.

Knife Throwers  : They can also block bullets using their knife, so you have
                  to shoot them continuously in hope of getting in a hit.
                  They will be vunerable when backfliping, sidestepping or
                  reloading ( getting more knife from their back. ) When
                  they're sidestepping ( i.e. moving side to side ), pick
                  one side and just shoot fast. They'll step straight into
                  your bullets.

                  Also, if you can get a lucky shot to their head, they'll go
                  down straight away.

                  When fighting them, remember to shoot at their knives as
                  they throw them at you. Also, most of the time, you're gonna
                  fight them as a pair, so pick one out and try to get rid of
                  him first, and try not to let them get close to you.
                  For 2 player games, it's no problem as each player can
                  take one on each side.

Brown Slugs
( Chapter 2's clock tower )
                : Not much harm. Just try not to let them accumulate and
                  attack you. It's best if you shoot at them when they're
                  hanging on the ceiling ( i.e. before they fall to the
                  floor ).

Fat Guys        : These disgusting creatures can take more hits than the
                  other kinds of zombies, even when hitting their head. So
                  best bet : shoot fast.

                  Also, these fat guys will sometimes hold barrels or drums.
                  In these case, shoot the barrels/drums first, then go for
                  the fat guy.

Legless Zombie  : A shrunken zombie ( the colour looks... dry... ) without his
                  his legs, so he'll crawl over to you and leap up to bite
                  you. Shooting at his head or just pumping bullets into him
                  all seems to work well.

Rotting Zombie  : About the same as a regular. But when they're in water,
                  they're fast, so try for their heads.

Shrivelled ones : About the same as a regular.

Muscle Guy      : Faster than the average zombie, and certainly tougher.
                  Shoot fast to pump bullets into it until it falls, or
                  aim for the head.

Killer Fish     : They can be quite hard to see when under water, but if you
                  can see their black shadows, shoot at it and it'll die.
                  One shot to kill it. Be careful if you allow it to jump
                  out of water.

Bats            : The all time favourite. They move in a circular pattern,
                  if you shoot at their general position, you should hit them.
                  Just be careful that you don't forget the last bat. ( I was
                  bitten by the last one 2 times, just because I thought I
                  killed all of them....)

Big Knife Throwers : Looks like a grown-up version of a Knife thrower. He's
                  fast, and throws TWO knives at you in one go, so shoot them
                  down. After that, he'll rush up to hit you, which allows
                  you to land more shots at him to kill him. They're dangerous
                  when in pairs, as 4 knives ( faster than a knife thrower's
                  too ) is quite hard to shoot down.

Lizard Men      : Basically lizards with human body. When they appear, shoot
                  at them quickly to repel them. When they're repelled,
                  they'll be on their backs. Shoot at them continuously ! Or
                  they'll just get up and continue toward you. ( they can take
                  a lot of shots. ) If you fight them in Chapter 4 when they're
                  on top of a pipe, be careful if you cause them to fall down,
                  because if they didn't die, they'll spring up and wack you
                  with their tail as soon as you look at the floor.

Buster Sword Guys : Ancient guys carrying sword resembling Cloud's trademark
                  weapon. They'll frequently block your shots with the sword,
                  and then slash you with it when close. I suggest shooting at
                  their body to make them lower their sword A BIT, then shoot
                  their head. Or if you want, you can try to shoot off their
                  hands ! ( isn't HOTD2 a fun game ? ^_^ )

Muscle Soldier  : About the same as a muscle guy. Aim for his head.

Host Zombie     : They can be killed by a direct hit to the head. But if
                  they are shot in places other than the head ( or if the
                  head shot is off target ), the host zombie will stand there
                  and you cannot damage it anymore. After a while, he'll rip
                  open his chest and send a pink worm like thing flying
                  towards you. You must shoot the worm. Once the host
                  releases the worm, he'll die. If you don't shoot him at
                  all, he'll come up close and bite you.

                  So, if you're facing a lot of enemy, like at the near end of
                  Chapter 5, you can shoot the other types of zombies first,
                  then shoot the host as he's close ( thus making him do his
                  "rip the chest" animation and giving you a little more
                  time ) and and finish off the rest before coming back to
                  him. But remember to shoot the worm should it comes out
                  before you finish off the others.

Blue Guys
( Chapter 5 )   : They'll appear out of nowhere onto your car. Just be ready
                  for them. 2~4 shots will prevent them from hitting you.
                  But only the one that's on your side of the screen will
                  hit you ( left for James, right for Gary ). The other one
                  will miss you.

Blue Guys
( Chapter 6 )   : They'll 'materialize' in front of you, and throw blue blades
                  pretty much like the knife throwers. Just pick one out from
                  the crowd and stick with him. ( unless the others are
                  getting too close. Remember to shoot down their blue blades
                  If you don't shoot them ( their body, not the blades that
                  they throw ), they'll scurry towards you and bite you.
                  By that time, even if you shoot them off, they'll have an
                  advantage, as they're now closer to you, and thus the
                  blades they throw will require less time to reach you.

New regulars    : About the same as the regular, only that this one can walk
                  through walls to surprise first time players. As always,
                  aim for the head. They'll take more hits to down if shot
                  anywhere other than the head.

New Chainsaw Guy: They're like the chainsaw guys, but they tend to let their
                  'saws'hang by their sides. So you can aim for their head
                  until they're close, after which they'll raise their 'saws'.
                  They're quite fast, so it's best to shoot the heads to
                  finish them fast. 

Bosses Analysis
Chapter 1 Boss :
Judgement type 28 

The headless knight carrying the huge halberd. If you shoot at him, you cause
only minimal damage. His real weak point is the small Bat Monkey thing that
flys around him. If you're lucky ( or skilled ), you can hit the small one
while he's flying for normal damage,but for the rest of us, you can just shoot
at the big knight for small damage and hope that the small one stumbles into
your bullets ( the reloading trick is very useful here. ) The knight, all the
while, will be walking towards you and when he's close, the small one will fly
up from his back to a random position above him ( "Bye bye!" / "Go Kuarl !" .
I can't make out what he said. ) That's the time when the small one remains
relatively still, so you can shoot him. If you fail, the knight will raise his
halberd, and at the same time, shielding the small one from your shots. At
this point, he'll bring the halberd down on you and you'll lose a Life Point.

After you knock about 2/3 of his lifebar, the knight will fall, and now,
you'll have to hit the small one . He'll charge at you in one of the pattern:
up and down, left and right, and left or right to one side and charge at you
from the side. The first and second pattern is quite easy to hit. Just keep
shooting at a point above or beside him and you'll hit him most of the time.
If he's using the third pattern, you'll have to shoot at the left/right side
of the screen, 2/3 ~ 3/4 from the top of the screen. Just keep firing and hope
that he runs into your line of fire.

If you're playing in 2 player mode, Judgement's speed may increase.

You'll have to fight Judgement again in Chapter Five, but he wouldn't have
any changes. ( i.e. he's the same as in Chap. 1. )

Chapter 2 Boss :
Hierophant type B 05

A humanoid wielding a trident . His weak point is the heart-like thing on his
chest when he opens his 'ribs'. He'll first open and close his ribs, then
dance from side to side to throw off your aim. The way to hit him is to wait
till he about to open his ribs for the first time ( or after every time you
hit him ), start shooting at his chest area . If timed right, he'll be hit
as soon as he opens his ribs. If it doesn't hit, quickly reload your gun and
resume shooting, following his movement as he dance from side to side. If you
didn't hit him after his dance, he'll "go wild" and stab you with his trident
( I don't think he can be hit as he's going wild. ) After that, he retreat and
begin the whole sequence again.

When you get his life bar to about half, he'll squat down and turn his upper
body clockwise and anticlockwise. He's summoning killer fishes, but you still
have a chance to hit him : he'll turn one way, then the other, then back with
his chest facing you. During this time ( or if you're good, while he's
turning ) you can get in up some hits. If you get enough hits, he stumble back
and only 0~2 fishes will come, if not, expect a continuous stream of 7~10
fishes. ( note : he still can be shot when the fish comes, but it'll be risky,
as the fish are fast. )

After about 3 times of the turning sequence ( with fish or not ), he'll
stand right up, and open/close his ribs very fast ( is he laughing or what ?)
You now have a chance to hit him. Just fire continuously on the chest. After
that, he'll hold his trident in front of him ( if you're lucky, you can hit
him even when he's doing this, after which he'll begin the sequence from the
start once again. ) and jumps high up into the air. You'll have to shoot at
the top 1/5 of the screen, or he'll hit you. Shoot fast. If he hits you, you
can get in a hit also as he's now very close to you and his ribs are open.

If you fight Hierophant on Sunset Bridge, Hierophant will leap into the water
before summoning the fishes, after that, he'll leap up onto the bridge and
into the air to stab you, after that, he'll go back to the water and this
time, he'll leap up from one of the following direction : left, right or
front, so you'll have to adjust you shooting.

note : since I didn't see Hierophant jumped at me from the front, I could
only speculate that front is also one of his option. But one thing's for
sure : his front jump must be very rare if it existed in the first place.
For now, just take the options as left and right.

In Chapter 5, you'll fight Hierophant again, but he will not be able to summon
any fish.

Chapter 3 Boss :
Tower type 8000

Looks something like a Hydra, with a blue head that does nothing, and 4 other
copper heads that can attack you. You can damage Tower by shooting at any head
with an opened mouth. When a head's gonna attack you, it'll suck in energy
( it pretty obvious ) and you must hit that head before it hits you. My style
is to shoot the head that's about to attack me continuously. The head ( or
rather, its mouth ) will come straight into my fire. But sometimes, Tower will
attack with 2 of its heads or attack in quick succession. At this point, you'll
have to shoot fast, shoot accurately and reload fast too.

note : when you successfully shoot a head in the mouth, that head will rear
       back, and sometimes, it'll come back into position with its mouth
       open, so you have a chance to shoot it to do damage again. ( as it's
       coming back to position, you don't have to shoot its mouth to do
       damage. A little down the body will hit too. )

       To see if it'll come back with its mouth open, see if the head
       "trashes" around wildly, most likely its mouth will be open. If it
       just fall back, it means that its mouth would most likely be closed.
       I would continue to shoot at a head even after the first hit so
       that I'll hit the head if it comes back with its mouth open. Of
       course, if another head is begining its attack, I'll take care of it

After the first life bar's gone( the 4 heads are down ), the blue one will
move to a new location, where it'll charge at you with its mouth open ( it'll
take some patterns similar to the small one of Judgement. ) You'll have to
score 3 hits to repel its attack. If you don't, it'll come close and leap up
and bite you. Note that when he leaps up, you still have the chance to get in
1 shot.

If you save the bystander on the boat from the fat guy, you'll fight Tower's
blue head on sand. If you do not, you'll fight it on water. The difference is
that Tower will take different route in different location and that you can
shoot Tower much earlier in water than in sand ( because Tower will tunnel
under the sand before surfacing to strike you for the first time. )

When you fight Tower again on Chapter 6, it will attack with ALL of its heads,
including the blue one. Also, its attack will be faster and more frequent. 
The blue head will have a chance of coming back into position with its 
mouth open, just like the other heads.

Chapter 4 Boss :
Strength type 205

He looks like a big fat maniac with a chainsaw ( you gotta admire his movement
!) When the fight starts, you'll be in a maze like location, and Strength will
come after you with his chainsaw. His weak point is his head, but since he's
very big, he's able to block your shots with his chainsaw. Try to visualise
where his head would be behind the chainsaw, and shoot at that point.
Sometimes, he'll let a shot pass. And if you don't manage to hit him for a
period of time, he'll close up and raise his chainsaw : this is your last
chance to score a hit. If you don't , he'll bring the chainsaw down on you.

note : as his chainsaw comes down on you, he'll look down on you, thus making 
his head a bigger target, so this is the best chance to repel Strength.

At some area of the maze, you'll get to see Strength's side ( i.e. you look
down the corridoor and Strength had just come in through a bend ) This is
a good chance to score more hits. But beware that whenever Strength stand
still, he's gonna throw an axe at you. Remember to shoot it down. Also,
Strength will sometimes jump down from heights. You must score a hit or you'll
be hit by his chainsaw as he 'brings it down on ya'. My style is to pick a
point on his line of descend and shoot at that point. This would ensure that
his head will cross my line of fire, and get hit.

After a certain time, you and Strength will come to a long corridoor. Strength
will lag behind a bit and you must score hits from long range. If you don't,
he'll rush up to slash you.

note : depending on the route that you take, you may have a chance to save a
       miner from a shrivelled one with 2 Buster Sword guys in front of you.
       If you save him, Strength will take a new route when attacking you and
       will do his jump-down attack earlier than the other routes.

You will not fight Strength on Chapter 5 or 6.

Chapter 5 Boss :
Magician type 0

Rejoice ! The final boss of HOTD1 is back ! Actually, I'm not quite sure how
he's different from the first game, so I'm listing strategies from HOTD2.

He'll first gather energy, then shoot them at you, then zip to either side,
and repeat the energy gathering with a different posture. You must shoot at
his weak points ( his left upper arm, his left thigh and his right shin. )
while he's doing this, and shoot the energy before they hit you. If you get
in enough shots, you can stun him when he's doing the energy gathering for the
third or fourth time. If he's stunned, he'll zip left and right 3 times( any
combination. e.g. Left,Left,Left or Left,Right,Right etc. ) and then rush at
you. You must score a hit in one of his weak point to repel him. I always
try for the thigh area when he's moving from right to left, as it's one of
the biggest area and is the closest to you. If he's going left to right,
I'll go for the lower leg.  Also, When his last movement ends, he'll always
charge from the opposite direction. (i.e. if he goes L,L,R , he'll charge
from right to left. If R,L,L, he'll charge from left to right. ) So I always
shoot continuously at about 1/5 from the side of the screen, where his thigh
or leg would be. This way, he'll always rush straight into my bullets.

Whether you hit him or not, he'll go back to gathering energy after 5 or 6

After you get him to below 1/2 hit point, he move up the sky and gather lots
of energy. This is the time : shoot at him rapidly to score good damage, but
after you see him do a throwing motion, shoot at a point above him, so you
will hit his energy. ( He'll throw about 15, but only about 10 will be able
to hit you. The others are just way off target. ) After you finish shooting
the energy, go back to shooting the body and he should die in no time. But 
be alert, as some of the projectiles will hit the upperleft/upperright of the

( note : when he dies, or get stunned, all energy projectiles will disappear. 
so if he just have a small amount of life left, just keep shooting at him and 
don't bother about the projectiles. You stand a good chance of killing him 
before the projectiles hit you. )

Also : When Magician "zips" around, you'll be able to see his "shadows". If
these are blue ( when gathering energy ) or red ( when getting ready to charge
at you ), his speed will be normal. But if the shadows are silver, his 
movement, especially his charge, will be very fast. The silver shadows 
usually appears when the computer consider you to be quite good in the game 
(i.e. getting high scores and not using more than 1 continue before reaching
him. ) If you get hit by his energy projectiles when his shadows are silver 
( but not when he's charging ), his shadows will change back to red and blue,
thus slowing down. But if you manage to hit him enough without him hitting 
you, his shadows will turn back to silver and he'll speed up. 

Chapter 6 Boss :
Emperor type ALPHA

This thing's powerful, but if you know his pattern, you can beat him.

First, his weakpoint is unknown in G's file ( G's file is the thing that
flips open everytime you fight a boss. Apparently, G already knew these
things' weakness..... Maybe that's what he gave you at the start of the game.)
But we all know that a single pink orb in a translucent body should be it.

At the first stage of the fight, the Emperor will have several attacks :

1) He pauses and sends the balls around him to attack you. Their speed ranges
   from relatively slow to very fast. You can hit him as he pause for some
   damage, but once the ball comes, concentrate on shooting them off ! Each
   one takes only one shot, but if they connects, you could get hit for 1 to
   3 shots !
   ( note : you know when you've hit the Emperor's red orb : his body turns
    red. )

2) He pauses, then merge 2 balls into one and sends 4 concentrated balls at
   you. You can hit him as he pause. The balls will be relatively slow, and
   will require 1 shot to off. But take note that sometimes, they're quite
   spaced out and you need to hit them down as fast as possible before
   they hit you .

3) He pauses, then merge all his balls into a blade and charges at you.
   You can hit him as he pause, but as he close up and is ABOUT to slash you,
   you must shoot at his orb to repel him. ( Shoot about at the top of the
   screen. That's the level the orb would be at when close up. )

The Emperor will randomly use the above attacks until down to about 2/3 of
his life, then he'll change attacks to :

1) He pauses and the balls merge into an image of the small one of Judgement,
   doing his up/down or left/right pattern. Since the Emperor is relatively
   close to you, the small one will need a shorter time to reach you. You
   can shoot continuously at a point and let the image run into your bullet.
   ( same as when you're fighting Judgement )

2) He pauses and the balls merges into an image of Hierophant, and jumps up
   into the sky to stab you with his trident. Same strategy as with Hierophant.

   note : you can hit Emperor's red orb before it goes off the screen if
   you're accurate enough.

3) He pauses and the balls merges into an image of the Blue Head of Tower.
   To hit the image, shoot at a point up and right ( your right ) of the head
   continuously. When the head rears up to bite you, it'll run straight into
   your shots.

4) He pauses and the balls merges into an image of Strength ( abeit a stiff
   one ) which will charge forward to slash at you with the chainsaw. To hit
   him, shoot at a point where the head will pass continuously, and the
   image's head will surely run into your shots.

The Emperor will suffer damage everytime you succeed in repeling the image,
and will create the image randomly until about 1/3 the life bar is left.
Then , the Emperor will morph into lotsa spinning balls surrounding the pink
orb, and will now fly around for a length of time before coming close. When
close, the balls will change to spikes and energy and you'll take damage.

When the Emperor changes to the balls and orb form, you must score a hit on
the pink orb to inflict damage. If successful, you'll hear a sound effect and
the pink orb will emmit a small amount of smoke (?) . The way to repel the
Emperor's spike attack is to hit the orb a certain number of times, and one
more when it's near you.

It's no easy task as the orb will move around unpredictably.
For me, I just concentrate on shooting the orb ( when the Emperor's not
attacking you. ) to damage it, then shoot and reload continuously when it
starts to advance, hoping that I score a hit.
If you succeed in repeling the spike attack, the Emperor will float away to
begin another attack run. You should then take this chance to inflict as
much damage as you can.

After you defeat the Emperor, you can now watch the boring ending and wait
for the chance to ( hopefully ) enter your score.


Ending 1 : Goldman will jump off the building and you will go out of the
           building. Amy, Harry and the bystanders will be waiting at the front
           door to greet you.

Ending 2 : Same as above, but when you get to the front door, Amy, Harry and 
           gang will not be there but instead, Goldman (now a zombie), will
           be waiting for you. To get this ending, your score at the end of
           the game, when divided by 10, the last digit must be a zero.
           Take note that each time you continue, your score will be increased
           by 1.
           ( the minimum points for all enemies are all multiples of 10, so
           if you don't continue, and you don't get ending 3, you'll get this
           ending. )

Ending 3 : Same as above, but when you get to the front door, Rogan will be 
           at the left, telling you that G and Harry are alright. Then he tells
           you something about "the next mission" ...... 
           You need to get a score of 80000 or more, and the last digit can
           be any digit .
           ( verified by Mark Kim <markkim@enteract.com> )

Odds and Ends
Well, there's 3 endings for HOTD1, and I've discovered 3 for HOTD2... I don't
think there'll be anymore right ?

As for the Bonus Room and can get to it as long as you rescue every passerby
( of course you can't miss and shoot them. ) you meet. The route that I went
by was :
Stage 1 : Save everyone ( 5 people )
Stage 2 : Remember to shoot the key, then save the child from the fat guy.
          Save everyone after that. ( 6 people )
          You'll fight Hierophant on Sunset Bridge.
Stage 3 : Save everyone, including the one on the speed boat. ( 4 people )
          You'll fight Tower's Blue Head in the water environment.

Stage 4 : Save everyone ( 3 people )
Stage 5 and 6 doesn't have any passerbys.

Please note that you only need to save the passerbys that you encounter.
There's no quota to meet every stage. So even if you don't get a life bonus
at the end of chapter 2 to 4 ( you have no choice but to rescue everyone
in Chapter 1 ), you can still get the bonus room if you rescue ALL the
passerby you meet on your way.

To display your score as you play, put in your credits and press the 2
triggers ( left is player one's, right is player two's ) in the following
order : left, left, right, right, right, left, right
and then press the start button. ( do everything before the demo starts. )

*contributed by Matthew Lees ( helmet@ign.com.au )*

Notes on Scoring
After playing with the score mode a few times, I discover some stuff. I
wouldn't go into the more obvious ones such as killing enemies or getting
items though :

1) Lamps are worth 10 points when hit.
2) Shooting at the zombie's body just as they're falling over is worth 10
   points each time.
3) Getting a first aid box is worth 300 points, even though you may be at
   full life.
4) Rescuing a passerby will net you 300 or 400 points ( I forgot. Sorry.)
5) Scoring hits on Judgment, Hierophant, Tower's blue head in Chapter 3 are
   all worth 10 points each time. ( great for finding out who hit the bosses
   when playing 2 player mode. )
6) Completing a Chapter with out losing any life earns you 1000 points.
   If you get hit one time, I think you still get 500, but what if you get
   hit twice or more ? Anyone knows ?
7) Killing the bosses will give you from 1000 ~ 2000 points ( although I
   don't know the exact amount. )

Somethings about Judgment and Hierophant :
These two bosses will give you some boost in your score. Why ?

Well, for Judgment, you'll get 10 points even if you hit the headless knight
( Kuarl ? ), so if you shoot fast, or use the reloading trick , you can just
keep on shooting the big guy for lotsa points. And the small one will
sometimes run into your fire. Note that even if the small one gets hit ( and
is being "stunned" ), you can keep on shooting the big one for more points,
although you wouldn't deal any damage to Judgment ( as opposed to shooting it
when it's walking, in which you will do a minimal amount of damage. )
until the point he falls over and hits the floor ( when he hits the floor,
no more points can be gotten by shooting the big one. ) Just remember
to shoot the small one if he flies up in preparation for Kuarl to
strike. =) I got some 1000 odd points more by using this tactic, almost the
value of one golden frog.

And Hierophant : when he starts summoning fishes, stop shooting Hierophant
and concentrate on the fishes. Since each one is worth about 80 points
I think, You can get quite a lot from this tactic. Although you'll face
Hierophant's jumping attacks while he has more life. ( Since you were
shooting the fishes to shoot him, and you DON'T want to shoot him for the
fear of him being stunned and disrupting the stream of fishes. )


Well, if you have anything ( and I mean anything ) to add or contribute, or
have any questions, please email me at the email address. 

Hope this document's useful, for all those who read it.

Thanks to : Tan Bing Hui ( doraemon269@yahoo.com )
            for lots of info and the almost weekly trip to the arcade. 
            Brian and bro ( brian_atm@hotmail.com )
            for the info on the alternate routes. Really thanks man !

            Richard Chu (rdchu@ualberta.ca )
            for the info on Tower and Strength.
            Ottis Pittman ( PittStop98@aol.com )
            for the info on ending 3.

            for the info on the route you take if you don't save the car guy.

            Guy "Type R" ( hsakuragi@xoommail.com )
            for the alternate route info for Chap.2 and corrections on my
            mistakes. Check out his HOTD2 FAQ too !

            Matthew Lees ( helmet@ign.com.au )
            for the info on the bonus room and the score code.

            Mark Kim (markkim@enteract.com )
            for verifying the conditions to get the third ending.

This file and all text within is Copyright 1999 Tan Yin Chuan Daryl.
Please email me if you want to use this file or any info within for
ANY purpose. No publishing of this work in any form other than electronic
will be allowed. 

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