1. Martin Murphy 3D Character Animation & Motion Capture
  2. Scott Pikulski 3D Character Design
  3. Rowan Atalla Background Movies Direction & Animation
  4. Samuel Lewis Crider Background Movies Direction & Animation
  5. Daniel Vincent Bigelow Cabinet Graphics
  6. Kenneth J. Fedesna Executive Producers
  7. Neil Nicastro Executive Producers
  8. Chris Bobrowski Gun and Cabinet Design
  9. Tom Kopera Gun and Cabinet Design
  10. Samuel Christian Zehr Lead Game Code Programmer
  11. Kirby Miller Opening and Closing Cinematics Animator
  12. Eric Prinkel Opening and Closing Cinematics Animator
  13. Aaron Powell Opening and Closing Cinematics Animator & Supervisor
  14. Stephanie Taylor Opening and Closing Cinematics CG Producer
  15. Tim Miller Opening and Closing Cinematics Creative Director
  16. Jack Haeger Original Concept
  17. Kevin Quinn Original Score & Sound Effects
  18. Paul Dussault Producation Manager
  19. Jason Blochowiak Programming
  20. Samuel Christian Zehr Programming
  21. Martin Martinez Texture Paintings
  22. Rob Berry Voice Talent
  23. Stephanie Eckles Voice Talent
  24. Marc Falkenberg Voice Talent
  25. Jack E. Haeger Voice Talent
  26. Martin Martinez Voice Talent
  27. Mary Lin Muscolino Voice Talent
  28. Scott Pikulski Voice Talent
  29. Bethann Smukowski Voice Talent


Data and credits for this game contributed by and KFHEWUI.

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