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    Dixen by DarkDixen

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    Tech Romancer Character Faq: Dixen
    Version 1.3
    By: DarkDixen
    E-mail To: DarkDixen@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    - Legal Stuff and Copyright Notice
    - Revision History
    - So what's in this FAQ?
    - Button Layouts and Basic Movements
    - Move Modifiers and Weapon Properties
    - Move List
    - Item List
    - Basic Notes
    - Advance Notes and Techniques
    - Final Attack Usage and Command
    - Simple Combos and Aerial Joggles
    - End Notes and Character Rating
    - E-mail Feedbacks
    - Thanks To...
    Sections with (!) are updated.
    Legal Stuff and Copyright Notice
    Logo, design, and characters, and game are Copyright 1998,2000 Capcom Co.,
    This FAQ is solely free, and it's not going to be used to earn profits from.
    Posting of this FAQ on any site is allowed as long as you contact me before
    doing so. This FAQ should not be altered in any manner and should remain the
    way it is intended to be.
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 DarkDixen all rights reserved.
    Revision History
    Version 1.3 (2-24-2000): Minor format layout corrections. This might be the
                             last update for this FAQ.
    Version 1.2 (1-21-2000): Some more minor corrections and I forgot to add the
                             item "speed up" so I did this time. Information of
                             the violet-haired girl added, under the End Notes
                             section. For those of you who wants to know more
                             about Halma, check it out. Oh yeah, did I tell you
                             all that I received NOTHING(so far) from anyone?
    Version 1.1 (1-17-2000): Minor error corrections and layout changes.
                             Expanded information on the "Weapon Properties"
                             Removed a section that is close to useless.
    Version 1.0 (1-15-2000): The oiginal version. Covers some trash talks, move
                             list for Dixen and basic strategies for vs. human.
    So What's in This FAQ?
    Well... basically little things I learned about Dixen during my hardcore
    addiction back in early 99's. If you happen to live by an arcade with this
    machine, I recommend you to try it out at least once(even if you are really
    bad or numb at fighting games). This game is easy to handle, and the input
    timing isn't all that strict.
    ...Too much talking... Let's get down to business.
    Button Layouts and Basic Movements
    Button Layouts
                   (A1) (A2) (J)
    (Stick)                       (Start)
    Basic Movements
    F - Move the joystick Forward
    B - Move the joystick Backward
    A1 - Basic attacks:
          When far from the opponent: Pulse shot
          When close: Saber swing, hit A1 three times for an easy 3-hit combo
    A2 - Secondary attacks:
          Grenade Throwing(F + A2 for longer throwing range)
    G - Guard
    J - Jump
    Forward Dash: F, F
    Steel Dash: (Hold G) F, F
    Backward Dash: B, B
    Venir: (In the air), Hold J
    (During Venir) Hold any direction: Venir towards/away/up/down
    *Venir last for about 1 second(A bit longer during Hero Mode)
    Power Breaker: A1 + A2 + G(Guard Break that does decent damage)
    Use current item: A1 + A2 + J(Cycle through available items by pressing the
                      start button)
    Move Modifiers and Weapon Properties
    Move Modifiers
    Any move with a move modifier such as (!) after the name is a modified move.
    A modified move may or may not behaive the same as other moves.
    (!) Warning Move - Heavy, Armor piercing move capable of breaking guards.
                       AKA Guard Breaker. But unfortunately Dixen has none.
    (A) Aerial Move - A move that can be done in air.
    (A!) Aerial-Must Move - A move that *must* be done in air.
    (F) Follow-Up Move - A move that can be linked with a previously executed
    (L) Launcher move - Launches the opponent high into the air, allowing for
    Weapon Properties
    There are three weapon properties in the game. All Weapons in the game is
    associated with one element such as:
    [S], for Solid Projectile,
    [I], for Armor Impact
    [B], for Beam Projectile
    Each element has its strength and weakness. Generally speaking, all weapon
    associated with the element Armor Impact is limited to melee, rendering them
    useless at long range combats(Except Rafaga's Shell Gun and G.Kaiser's
    Ax Blow, both being Red Weapon Item. If you don't know what an Item is,
    refer to the latter sections).
    Most attacks associated to this element breaks some percentages of the
    opponent's armor.
    Example: Dixen's Raging Slash, Rafaga's P.B.P.
    After Armor Impact comes the Solid Projectile [S]. This element is generally
    weak but makes up with its decent homing ability or special
    (Dixen's rocket launcher, for example, does an absolute knockdown)
    Solid Projectiles can be destroyed with Beam Projectiles. For instance,
    Dixen hurled a grenade at G.Kaiser just before G.Kaiser's Turbo Heat Blaser
    was fired. The grenade will be destroyed by the beam if the beam touches it.
    Example: Dixen's grenades, Rafaga's missiles
    And the last on the list goes to the most entertaining Beam Projectile [B].
    Being the most high-tech weapon available in the game, weapons associated
    with this element are generally stronger than Solid Projectile, but it's
    homing capacity is close to nothing.
    Example: Dixen's Fixer Cannon and G. Kaiser's Heat Blaser
    The system implemented when deciding which attack has the higher priority
    other than the awesome colliding sequence is the Weapon Property System. On
    a colliding sequence, [I] beats [B] beats [S] beats [I] in a manner that one
    beats another in a triangle-like formation.
    Those manuevers wihtout an associated element(i.e. Defensive Manuevers) have
    the element property of [N]
    Move List
    In this move list you will find something like this:
      (1)Fixer Cannon: (2)A1 + A2, (3)[B]
      (4)-Violet Beam that travels forward, does not wear off until it reached
          the other side of the arena.
    1. First comes the name of the attack.
    2. Second comes the commands required to execuete that attack.
    3. Then the attack's Move Modifier(If any) and Weapon Property.
    4. Description of the attack.
    Special Moves
      Long-Range Grenade Hurl: F + A2, (A), [S]
      -Grenade hurls at a longer distance than pressing A2 alone. Low damage.
      Fixer Cannon: A1 + A2, [B]
      -Violet Beam that travels forward, does not wear off until it reached
       the other side of the arena.
      Raging Slash: F + A1, (L), [I]
      -Upward Slash that can knock the opponent into the air, allowing for more
       air joggles. Long Recovery.
      Aiming Satellite: B, F + A1, [N]
      -Homing Satellite that hits the opponent from above. Homes well.
      Reflect Satellite: F, B + A1, [N]
      -Defensive Barrier absorbing and reflecting any [S] or [B] based attacks.
      Boost Slash: A1 + J, [I]
      -Jumping upward Slash striking your opponent hard. Covering wide areas.
       Long recovering time but decent damage.
      Boost Tackle: (While Dashing), A2, [I]
      -Great Damage and perhaps the strongest [I] attack available to Dixen
       other than its Super "Slash and Shot".
    Variation Moves
      Ground Anti-Air Fixer Cannon: B + A1 + A2, [B]
      -Hits 45 drgrees upward, preventing aerial combo starters from coming too
       close to you. Only execuete when the opponent is jumping in.
      Aerial Fixer Cannon: A1 + A2, (A!), [B]
      -hits 45 degrees downward. Much the same damage and effect as it's ground
       counterpart. Not recommended due to its lack of usefulness and long
       recovering period.
      Aerial Anti-Air Fixer Cannon: F + A1 + A2, (A!), [B]
      -An attack close to useless unless your opponent is jumping in the air and
       doing nothing. Hits straight forward like Fixer Cannon except in the air.
    Counter Moves
      Counter Slash: A1 + G, A1(F), [I]
      -Steps into the background and returns with a slash. Short range. Hit A1
       again to follow up with a Raging Slash.
      Counter Grenade: A2 + G, [S]
      -Steps into the background and hurls a grenade at the opponent.
       Low damage.
    Super Moves(All in which takes one bar of your available super meters)
      Hyper Fixer Cannon: B, F + A1 + A2, [B]
      -Fixer Cannon with about 10 times the area coverage. Very decent damage
       and very looooong recovery. Strongly suggested to use together with 
       Satellite or chained in an aerial joggle.
      Slash and Shot: F, B + A1 + A2, [I]
      -Combo Super initiating with a slash. If the initial slash missed the
       super will end prematurely. If the initial slash connects, the follow up
       slashes will connect solidly. After 4 slashes the last slash will knock
       the opponent off its balance as Dixen draw it's pulse pistol and fires
       with its right hand 4 times, then both hands 5 times. Very decent damage
       but long recovery if it misses.
       If your opponent blocked your initial slash you will still continue with
       the slashes but you will stop after the fifth slash, and wait for them to
       hit you HARD!
    Item List
    All items are used by pressing (A1 + A2 + J)
    - Items are obtained by stepping over them in the arena, and by default
      every robot starts with three items, one being "Offense Up" and the other
      two randomly picked from the three available weapon items.
      Red Power-Up: Fist Blade [I]
      -Dixen charges forward with its fist on fire(literally)and hit the
       opponent. Decent damage but not that great as comapred to other Red
      Blue Power-Up: Hellfire [Weird... It's flame but behaives like Beams]
      -Dixen operates a flamethrower and burn the opponent. Low damage but cause
       temporary paralysis if not blocked.
      Yellow Power-Up: Spark Gun [B]
      -Dixen bend forward slightly while trying to electricute the oponent with
       the Spark Gun. Low damage but cause temporary paralysis if not blocked.
      Orange Power-Up: Offense Up [N]
      -A field of Orange Aura surrounds Dixen as it's offensive stats increase
       by 1.5 times. The aura behaives like a launcher, so you might want to
       chain it into a combo for best result. Wears off after about 15 seconds.
      Pink Power-Up: Defense Up [N]
      -A field of Pink Aura surrounds Dixen as it's defensive stats increase by
       2.0 times. The aura behaives like a launcher, so you might want to chain
       it into a combo for best result. Wears off after about 15 seconds.
      Blue Power-Up: Speed Up [N]
      -A field of Blue Aura  surrounds Dixen as it's movement speed increased by
       1.5 times. The aura behaives like a launcher, so you might want to chain
       it into a combo for best result. Wears off after about 15 seconds.
      Green Power-Up: Hero Mode [N]
      -No aura or whatsoever when used, but there will be a short pause,
       followed by a short cut-in sequece of the pilot speaking. Generally all
       weapons with the element of [B] increase damage. Pulse Pistol's damage
       increases, grenade's area of effect increases and venir limit increase
       by about 1 second.It also deflect any [B] weapons.
    *I personally use Hellfire more than Spark Gun since they behaive pretty
    much the same, and Hellfire has a longer range.
    *There are other Items such as Armor Recover, Damage Recover and Super Meter
    Recover. They are obtained and used the moment you step over them.
      Armor Recover: Raise the current Armor to 100% again
      -A box with the symbol of the armor in the middle
      Damage Recover: Decrease the currently filled Damage Bar by about 50%
      -A box with the symbol of a red cross in it
      Super Meter Recover: Increase the available super meter by 1 full bar
      -A pink box with the same color as the super meter
    Basic Notes
    Dixen is not an offensive+ character as comapred to G.Kaiser, who had the
    strongest beam-based super in the game or Rafaga, who had a 30% armor
    damage shell gun(cheap, but effective). So playing as Dixen means that
    you will need to play a little bit defensive and different.
    As it's appearance suggests, Dixen is an all around fighter good for every
    situation. It's only real weakness is the lack of warning moves(!) and
    having no real excelling stats. But it's balance in every aspect is more
    than enough to make it a good expert's choice. If you are going to
    challenge someone in the arcade and don't know his style of playing, then I
    will advise you to pick Dixen.
    Advance Notes and Techniques
    Having three flashy satellite floating behind is what makes Dixen a true
    defensive master's choice. I personally don't play that defensive, so I'm
    not at my sharpest when playing as Dixen but hey! Here's one thing: Dixen's
    satellite provides great defensive purposes. By excueting the reflection
    satellite(F, B + A1) you can absorb opponent projectile-based attacks for NO
    blocking damage, and if the opponent is near you, the reflection shots from
    the satellites after absorbing the incoming attacks will hit them HARD!
    But the tricky part is that you have to do it just right before the incoming
    attack hit you(About 1 second before the attack arrives should do)
    Dixen also has an interesting property that is unique: Gun Changing System.
    By default Dixen starts the round with its pulse pistol, but by executing
    gun change(U or D + G) you can switch to rocket launcher, which is slower
    but more powerful and ALWAYS knockdown all playable robots with exception
    to Wise Duck.
    Final Attack Usage and Command
    When the top right(top left if you are second player) corner of the screen
    flashes red and a box appears, that means Final Attack is available. It can
    only appear after having your opponent's life down to half in the final
    round of the match. Oh, did I tell you it's an instant death if you hit?
    To execuete, press (A1 + A2 + G + J) when available.
    Final Attack: Final Shot
    Weapon Property: Armor Impact(But who cares? They are dead!)
                     Take note that although this attack seemed like an [I]
                     based attack, but it does not deal any armor damage when
    Description: Dixen grabs the opponent by the feet, throw it sky high and
                 fire a stream of beam that goes through the opponent and pose
                 a cool  posture as the opponent crush back to earth and *BOOM*.
    Rating: D+
    - Too slow to actually be used alone. Must stun opponent first with Hellfire
      or Spark Gun, making it quite predicable. It's tactical usage is close to
      nothing and unless yor opponent commenced a jump and you are right under
      the fall spot, don't bother with this Final Attack.
      Do the universal Final Attack combo! Steel Dash + Final Attack!
    Simple Combos and Aerial Joggles
    Dixen is at its fullest when executing air joggles. By excueting its raging
    slash(F + A1) ou can launch the opponent into the air. And depending to the
    terrain and opponent size, you can dash to their desiginated fall
    spot(Follow the shadows!) and execute raging slash again to bring them back
    into the air. When you feel that you can no longer reach the fall spot in
    time you can chain the joggle with a Hyper Fixer Cannon(B, F + A1 + A2) For
    an ultra cool combo finisher and drains about 1/2 to 2/3 damage bar
    depending on machine damage settings.
    Confused? Here's a little flow chart of how to execute Dixen's air joggles.
    1.                          2.                           3.
            opponent                    opponent
                            ->                          ->       opponent
    you         fall spot       you(dash)->  fall spot       you(raging slash)
    *If opponent is large(i.e. Wise Duck) they tend to fly lower but closer,
    which gives you more free hits.
    *Unless you are desperate for the extra pixel of damage, or else I suggest
    you to cancel your Hyper Fixer Cannon into Boost Slash(A1 + J), which does
    lesser damage but some armor damage.
    (about 4% to 12% depending on opponent's robot type)
    The second, and perhaps the most used combo is this:
    1. Execuete a Steel Dash into your opponent
    2. Execuete Slash and Shot(B, F + A1 + A2)
    3. Relax and taunt your opponent as Dixen commences the devestating and
       visually stunning move
    *Be warned that Steel Dashing into an experienced opponent is a very stupid
    idea, and it might cost you the game. You know, they can always hold Guard
    and slash away as you recover from the dash. A better idea is to time the
    dash so you dash into a rising opponent, which gives more chance of success
    since most people don't hold guard right away after they recover from a
    The last and not so usable(Unless your opponent has no armor)chipping combo:
    1. Execuete Aiming Satellite(B, F + A1)
    2. Execuete Hyper Fixer Cannon
    *This combo is a bit trick when being done to you by another Dixen player.
    The aiming satellite will force you to block, or the incoming Hyper Fixer
    Cannon will chain in and hit you hard.
    *If you block, the Hyper Fixer Cannon will force you to CONTINUE blocking,
    and if you are out of armor and running low on HP... it's a Game Over for
    *This setup can be escaped, thou. If you are a Dixen, jump into the air and
    press the jump button in a way that you are not hovering, but boosting. So
    it's like executing a double jump, except you move forward, and can be done
    twice. The aiming satellite will mostly likely to miss, and you can venir to
    the back of your opponent while they freeze from the Hyper Fixer Cannon.
    After landing behind them you can punish them HARD for their foolish attemps
    to hit you!
    End Notes and Character Rating
    End Notes
    I personally don't play Dixen that much after I got a hold of Rafaga's
    library of aerial techniques. But hey! After all I started my first game
    with it!
    And repeat: Halma is just soooo cute.
    *For those of you who had played the Japanese import machines and don't know
    who Halma is, she is the violet hair pilot of Dixen, by pullig the joystick
    downward at the pilot selection  screen after choosing Dixen, you can switch
    from the default male pilot(Nakato) to the violet hair girl(Halma)
    *And for those of you who think she is a "he", look carefully at her defeat
    screen and listen to her speeches. She has a female's voice and a feminine
    body frame! So stop referring to her as a "he"!!!
    Ok, here's Halma's bio data I got from Capcom's official website, but they
    are only loosely translated.
    Name: Halma Flockheart
    Age: 17
    Day of Birth: August 12(Leo)
    Height: 165 cm(About 5'4)
    Personality: A quiet, cold and calm(translated literally) young girl gifted
                 in the art of pilot. She settled a high score of 248 wins
                 out of 248 battles in six days.
    Character Rating
      Power: B+
      -Based on the damage Dixen can deliver
      Armor: A-
      -Based on how fast Dixen loses armor
      Speed: A-
      -Based on the capability to move from one side of the arena to another
      Evasive Capability: A+
      -Based on the ability to dodge attacks
      Item Usefulness: B
      -Based on Item abilities
      Vs. Computer: A+
      -Based on Dixen's performance against Computer controlled characters
      Vs. Human: B to B+ Depending on opponent type
      -Based on Dixen's performance against Human controlled characters
      Final(Not an Average): A-
      -Lost some points at the lack of Warning Moves, long Recover for both
       Supers and lack the ability to break armor effectively. But then it's
       aiming satellite and reflecting satellite makes up for it. Oh well it's
       just my personal opinion...
    E-mail Feedbacks
    Still empty...
    I wonder if it will stay this way forever?
    Thanks To...
    Capcom: For making such an original robot fighting game and being one of the
            best in the field of fighting game creations.
    GameFaqs: For hosting this little FAQ and other great FAQS about almost any
              game. One of the most complete FAQ library available online.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For some of the official move names.
    My parents: Where did my money come from?
    And YOU: For reading this FAQ 'till the end.
    More to come at next update(Probably no more).
    Any suggestions(flames) email me at: Darkdixen@hotmail.com
    End Of FAQ
    Copyright 2000 DarkDixen all rights reserved.
    This FAQ is for hardcore TR fans, and FREE so don't earn money from this!

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