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Character Profiles by Basel

Updated: 09/21/2003

Soul Calibur

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
  This F.A.Q. is only for the Character Profiles. So if anybody have anything
to add, please do so. Otherwise... do not bother.


Name: Ivy (Isabella Valentine)

- Twaisting Blade of Solitude -

Weapon: Snake Sword
Weapon: Ivy Blade
Style: Unrelated Link
Age: 28
Birth Date: December 10
Birthplace: London, England
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown

Family: Adoptive parents dead through sickness.
        Birth parents unknown.

  Ivy was raised with love in the house of the English nobles, the Valentines.
However, her father Count Valentine died a madman, driven to insanity through
an obsession with alchemy.

  The The house of Valentine was brought down by the Count's insanity. Soon
after her family's fall, Ivy learned from her mother on her deathbed that she
was an adopted child. Ivy, however, had no interest in her "true parents."

  Ivy eventually learned about her father's research for the mystical sword
Soul Edge and been to follow in his footsteps in its quest.

  As Ivy learned more about Soul Edge, she discovered its true nature and swore
to destroy the demonic blade. She succeeded in creating a weapon for this
purpose through ancient sorcery.

  To this day, she is still oblivious about her true lineage...


Name: Cervantes de Leon

- The Immortal Pirate -

Weapon: Long Sword and Pistol Sword
Weapon: Acheron & Nirvana
Style: Memories of Soul Edge
Age: Stopped at 48
Birth Date: January 1
Birthplace: Valencia, Spain
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Blood Type: None

Family: Parents deceased.
        Killed all his crew but has no recollection of this.

  Cervantes grew up full of pride over his father who was a great seaman, but
became a notorious pirate because of his father's deadth.

  He obtained Soul Edge, and it eventually drove him mad as it devoured his
soul. His insanity made him destroy anyone who came seeking the sword.
Cervantes' reign of terror continued for over 20 years until Sophitia and Taki
defeated him.

  But this was not the end of Cervantes...

  Nightmare, the new master of Soul Edge, brought Cervantes back from the dead.
Once again, Cervantes seeks the demonic blade with renewed fervor and strength.


Name: Nightmare

- Azure Nightmare -

Weapon: Soul Edge
Weapon: Soul Edge
Style: Memories of Soul Edge?
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown

Family: Unknown

  No one knows when the knight in azure armor first appeared in Europe.

  It was said that those who saw this knight's crimson eyes could not escape

  The grotesquely shaped sword in his band appeard as if enraptured when bathed
in the blood of the living. And then there were the grotesque monsters that
followed him...

  Seasoned knights and armies eqipped with the latest firearms were no match
for it, as the nightmarish horde cut a path of destruction and horror through
towns and villages.


Name: Voldo

- Hell's Guardian -

Weapon: Katar x 2
Weapon: Shame & Blame
Style: Self-taught
Age: 46
Birth Date: August 25
Birthplace: Palermo, Italy
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs.
Blood Type: A

Family: Parents and four siblings, all killed through warfare.

  The Italian merchant Vercci had sought Soul Edge, yet he went to the grave
without ever obtaining it. After Vercci's death, his loyal vassal Voldo became
the guardian of the Money Pit, which was Verccis's treasure vault in addition
to being his tomb.

  Voldo had once attempted to fulfill his Master's last wish of obtaining Soul
Edge and even ventured abroad in its pursuit, but he was unsuccessful.

  While Voldo was guarding the pit one day, a trespasser appeared. Voldo had
chased the woman away, but upon doing so, heard the familiar voices of his

  "Voldo, that woman... she had the scent of Soul Edge upon her... hunt her
down, and bring me Soul Edge this time!!"


Name: Astaroth

- A Soldier of the Heretics -

Weapon: Giant Ax
Weapon: Kulutues
Style: Gyulkus
Age: 3
Birth Date: September 3
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Blood Type: None

Family: None.
        There are many similar creatures like him.

  The God of destruction Palgaea desired to possess the demonic blade Soul Edge
and ordered his grand priest Kunpaetku to seek out Soul Edge.

  Astaroth was created in hellish heat under the devine protection of the God
od destruction to head up to quest. The grand priest Kunpaetku ordered his
creation, the giant Astaroth, to find the demonic blade.

  As he gazed upon Astaroth as he departed from the shrine with a giant ax in
hand, the grand priest laughed to himself, "If I possessed this immense power
that even the Gods desire, I shall become a God myself!"


Name: Heishiro Mitsurugi

- A Mercenary to the Wartime Age -

Weapon: Katana
Weapon: Shishi-oh
Style: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai
Age: 25
Birth Date: June 8
Birthplace: Bizen, Japan
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Family: Parents and siblings all taken by sickness.

  The advent of firearms was a grave matter for a mercenary who made his living
by the sword. Yet Mitsurugi was unable to find a trace of the legendary sword,
Soul Edge, claimed to be superior to fireamrs.

  In his frustration, he challenged a rifleman to a duel in front of nobility,
but suffered an ignominious defeat before the eyes of his lord. This forced
Mitsurugi to embark on a quest to perfect his swordsmanship so that he could
defeat the rifle. It was during this quest that he learned of a knight named
Nightmare, who terrorized Europe with an invincible sword.

  "Prepare for my arrival, whoever you are! I'll soon relieve you of your


Name: Siegfried Schtauffen

- A Soul in Purgatory -

Weapon: Zweihander
Weapon Name: Requiem
Style: Self-taught
Age: 19
Birth date: February 6
Birth Place: Holy Roman Empire
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Blood Type: A

Family: Father - Frederick, killed by Siegfried
        Mother - Margaret

  Siegfried barely hung on to his sanity by suppressing the memory of him
killing his father.

  He obtained Soul Edge to avenge what cannot be avenged, only to become
enslaved by it instead.

  Many years passed during which time his soul was consumed by the demonic
blade, and he eventually came to be known as Nightmare. The resurrection of his
father Frederick succeeded at last, but he discovered it was a mere illusion
created by his weak soul.

  Admonished by the illusion of his father, he accepted responsibility for his
sins by relinquishing ownership of Soul Edge. As penance for his sins,
Siegfried now travels around the world to destroy any evil left by the demonic


Name: Taki

- Shadow Huntress of Demons -

Weapon: Ninja Sword
Weapon: Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru
Style: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu
Age: 25
Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Ohmi, Japan
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 lbs.
Blood Type: A

Family: Immediate family all felled by sickness.
        Master Toki

  Taki was a member of a ninja clan sworn defeat evil demons.

  Believing that her beloved sword Rekki-Maru was resonating in sympathy with
the evil sword Soul Edge, Taki crossed the sea to seek the truth. While abroad,
she managed to obtain a fragment of the evil sword.

  Returning to her homeland, Taki failed to meld the fragment into her own
sword. However, when Taki attempted to fuse the same fragment with the sword
Mekki-Maru, the two materials joined together immediately and an evil aura
began to emanate from the sword's blade...

  In order to pit Mekki-Maru against the remaining Soul Edge, Taki traveled to
foreign lands once again.

  Yet in the dark racesses of her heart, Taki felt the desire to master the
immense power of the demonic blade.


Name: Lizardman

- Jade-Scaled Terror -

Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield
Weapon: Xi Sword & Game Shield
Style: Gyulkus (Rapid Ares Style)
Age: 3
Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown

Family: Unknown
        There are many similar creatures like him.

  Aeon calcos was a warrior who received an oracle from Hepharstus, the ancient
God of smiths, to destroy the demonic blade. Thus, he wandered the world in
search of Soul Edge to fullfill his destiny.

  One day, desert travelers rescued Aeon from certain death in the desert and
brought him back to their oasis village. However, before he could repay their
kindness, the Evil Seed rained down and transformed him into a bloodthirsty
berserker that massacred everyone in the village.

  The stories of a berserker in the desert reached the ears of the grand priest
Kunpaetku of the dark order Fygul Cestemus. Aeon was captured by the dark order
and became a human subject in a diabolical experiment. The experiment caused an
unspeakable transformation in Aeon...

  "Find the demon sword Soul Edge!"

  To the newly spawned slave of the grand priest, these words were absolute.


Name: Hwang Sung Kyung

- Burning Patriot -

Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon: Blue Thunder
Style: Hwang Style Long Blade
Age: 28
Birth Date: August 8
Birthplace: Chili-san, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Family: Parents deceased.
        Master Seung Han Myong

  Rumor of an impending invasion of his homeland reached Hwang during his quest
for Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately cut short his quest and
returned to his country, but not before dragging home Seung Mina, the runaway
daughter of his master Seung Han Myong.

  Not long after Hwang rejoined the Coastal Defense force, he received news
that Mina had run away from home again. Irritated by the news, Hwang lost his
better judgement and caused his men to fall into a pirate's trap, resulting in
the loss of many lives.

  Hwang's superior, Admiral Lee Sun Shin, dismissed him from the Coastal
Defense Force for this debacle and gave him a new set of orders. To aid his
good friend Seung Han Myong, Lee ordered Hwang to search for Mina under the
guise of seeking the Sword of Salvation.

  Hwang immediately understood the true nature of the Admiral's orders and
departed for the West again.


Name: Rock

- The Earthshaker -

Weapon: Battle Ax
Weapon: Apocalypse
Style: Self-taught
Age: 38
Birth Date: December 14
Birthplace: Born in London, raised in the New World
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown

Family: Parents missing.
        Raising Bangoo, a Native American Orphan.

  As a young child, Rock was cast adrift at sea after a shippwreck and landed
in the new world, an orphan without parents.

  Many years later, he came across an orphan named Bangoo, who lost his kin
through tribal warfare. Rock felt sympathetic to the boy and became his

  Rock had once traveled abroad in search of Soul Edge, a distat memory and a
fleeting clue to his past. However, he realized that by doing so, he was
subjecting Bangoo to the same loneliness that he had suffered as a chil, and so
he returned home to Bangoo.

  But one day, Bangoo disaapeared.

  Kunpaetku, the grand priest of a heretical order called Fygul Cestemus, was
responsible for Bangoo's kidnapping. The abduction of Bangoo by his Lizardmen
was part of his plan to lure Rock out into the open with the ultimate goal of
taking his soul.

  "Bangoo, I will never abandon you!" Rock cried out as he crossed the sea
again in desperate search for Bangoo.


Name: Kilik

- Destiny Awakened -

Weapon: Rod
Weapon: Kali-Yuga (rod) & Dvapara-Yuga (mirror)
Style: Secret Art of Ling Sheng Su Style Rod
Age: 19
Birth Date: February 9
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Blood Type: A

Family: Raised in Ling Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire.

  Kilik, raised at the Ling-Sheng Su temple deep within China, was chosen to
inherit a rod called "Kali-Yuga" after many years of training. This weapon was
one of the three sacred treasures of the temple.

  However, the Evil Seed had rained down upon the temple and caused its people
to lose their sanity and a blood bath ensued.

  Kilik was able to keep his sanity under the protection of the "Dvapara-Yuga,"
but was forced to defend himself against those who were under the spell of the
Evil Seed. In doing so, he killed his sworn sister and others dear to him.

  When Kilik regained consciousness, the old man who saved him told him the
truth. Kilik and the Kali-Yuga were both still under the demonic influence of
the Evil Seed. The only thing that separated Kilik from madness was the
Dvapara-Yuga slung around his shoulder. And the source of all this evil was the
demonic blade Soul Edge!

  Kilik trained under the old master, and after learning how to control the
evil within himself and the Kali-Yuga, embarked on a quest to purify himself
and his weapon.


Name: Maxi

- Dandy of the South Seas -

Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon: Fatibal
Style: Shissen Karihadi
Age: 24
Birth Date: May 1
Birthplace: Ryukyo Kingdom
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Blood Type: O

Family: Both parents deceased.
        Sworn brother Kyam and shipmates.

  Maxi was a carefree pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom who traveled to wherever
the winds would take him. One day, while anchored at an Indian port, his ship
came under attack during his absence by a horde of monsters led by Astaroth.

  By coincidence, Kilik was there as well, and so they both joined in the
battle against the horde. After a fierce battle, they repelled the monsters,
but not before one of them snatched the Dvapara-Yuga away from Kilik. Kilik
lost his sense of reason and attacked Maxi.

  Maxi barely succeeded in suppressing Kilik, but by then the monsters that
massacred his sworn brother Kyam and many of his crew nowhere to be seen...

  Having lost all that he held dear, Maxi chose to travel with Kilik and swore
an oath of revenge against Astaroth.


Name: Chai Xianghua

- Flower in the Breeze -

Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon: Krita-Yuga
Style: Sword arts passed on from her mother.
Age: 16
Birth Date: April 2
Birthplace: Ming Empire
Height: 5'
Weight: 101 lbs.
Blood Type: B

Family: Father is deceased, according to her mother.
        Mother passed away 5 years ago.

  The Ming Emperor was irritated by the lack of progress in the quest for Soul
Edge, the "Hero's Sword," so he ordered his royal guards to join the search.
Xianghua was a member of this group.

  The guards masqueraded as a traveling Chinese opera troupe to avoid suspicion
about their true mission. Xianghua, trained in martial arts since childhood by
her mother, was chosen to be the star attraction of the troupe.

  As she prepared for her journey, Xianghua recalled her mother's last words:

  "You were born to complete an important task... cut your path through an
uncertain future!"

  With her treasured keepsake sword in hand, Xianghua departed with the sense
that the invisible forces of destiny were pushing her onward.


Name: Yoshimitsu

- The First Mechanized Ninja -

Weapon: Katana
Weapon: Yoshimitsu
Style: Manji Ninjutsu
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Blood Type: O

Family: Unknown
        Entire clan was massacred.

  Yoshimitsu was the only survivor of the Manji Ninja Clan, after it was
attacked by the samurai lord Oda Nobunaga.

  Yoshimitsu lost his right arm during the battle against Lord Oda, but that
did not stop him from crossing the sea to find Soul Edge, rumored to be the
ultimate weapon in all of existence. Yoshimitsu wanted the weapon to take his
revenge against Nobunaga.

  During his travels, he came across horrific atrocities left behind by a
knight in azure armor. He sensed the hatred and despair of the knight's victims
and reflected on his situation.

  "Vengeance will be mine, but if I continue along this path, I will be no
better than Nobunaga or the azure knight..."

  Even as this moral dilemma gnawed at his soul, he continued his search for
the sword of vengeance.


Name: Sophitia Alexandra

- Renewal of the Vow -

Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield
Weapon: Omega Sword & Elk Shield
Style: Athenian
Age: 21
Birth Date: March 12
Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B

Family: Father - Achelous
        Mother - Nike
        Younger Sister - Cassandra
        Younger Brother - Lucius

  Following an oracle from Hephaestus, the God of fire and smithery, Sophitia
succeeded in destroying one half of Soul Edge.

  After recovering from the wounds she suffered from the sword fragments, she
returned to her life as the daughter of a baker and spent her days peacefully.
However, one day Sophitia had an ominous vision of a knight in azure armor and
a sword of immense evil.

  Once again, Sophitia received an oracle from Hephaestus to destroy the
remaining Soul Edge. As she embarked on her journey, Sophitia held on tightly
to the sword and shield forged by Rothion, her betrothed.


Name: Seung Mina

- Heart and Soul Girl -

Weapon: Ancestral Zamba-toh
Weapon: Scarlet Thunder
Style: Seung Style Longsword and Ling Sheng Su Style Rod
Age: 19
Birth Date: November 3
Birthplace: Chili-san, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Blood Type: A

Family: Father - Seung Han Myong
        Mother and younger brother taken by sickness.

  Seung Mina ran away from home to follow Hwang on his quest to find Soul Edge,
the "Sword of Salvation." Unfortunately for Seung Mina, Hwang dragged her back
home when he found her.

  It was not long before Seung Mina ran away from home again. Her frustrations
with rigorous training, combined with a marriage proposal from one of her
father's pupils, sent her over the edge and out the door.

  Seung Mina resumed her quest for the sword, but gained a valuable lesson
along the way. Following a humiliating and utter defeat, she learned never to
understimate an opponent's abilities.

  She underwent further training during her travels to refine her skills, and
now she was ready to renew her quest for the Sword of Salvation.


Name: Edge Master

- The Master of Blades -

Weapon: All weapons
Weapon: All weapons
Style: All
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: January 1
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Blood Type: O

Family: Lived with Kilik for three years.

  No one knows about the details of Edge Master, an old man who is a teacher of
martial arts at the Ling Shen Su Temple. Although renowned for his skill with
all weapons, his past and true name were shrounded in mystery.

  Edge Master taught Kilik, the cursed successor of the Kali-Yuga, how to
suppress the evil within himself over the course of three long years.

  Something troubled the old master, after Kilik left on his quest to purify
himself and the Kali-Yuga. Although Edge Master's motives were unknown, he
broke his long silence and departed on his own quest.

  Was there a connection between the old master and the evil sword Soul Edge?
No one knows for sure...


Name: Inferno

- The Hellfire of Despair -

Weapon: All Weapons
Weapon: All Weapons
Style: All
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: None

Family: Unknown

  Although no one knows when or where it first appeared exaclty, "it"
definitely exsits...

  It took on the shape of a sword in order to devour more souls and exists in
the grip of someone's hands even now. Those who hold it are unable to escape
from the curse of its evil powers.

  It continues to devour in darkness the souls of those who are led astray by
fate. While it burns fiercely with the anguish and regret of those lost souls,
its blade shines with an icy gleam.


Last Words:
  There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send me an E-Mail. Hope there
will be some respect for the hard work.

Special Thanks:
1)To Namco
2)To Gamefaqs
3)To all my friends for the encouragement.

Soul Calibur is Copyright Namco Crops. This document Copyright 2003 Basel

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or Mr_Geese@hotmail.com

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