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FAQ by DDCecil

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/19/2001

Sexy Parodius for Saturn (and PSX) Guide V1.2
(Guide made with Saturn Version)

By DDCecil (James Tompkins)

1. Introduction/Updates
2. Characters/Items
3. Options
4. Areas w/ tips on completing the missions
5. Bosses
6. Help me!
7. Credits
* - Spoiler Secrets (Listed at the bottom of this guide)

1. Introduction
Greed. Lust. Power. Penguins.

This is the 4th (and final? Let's hope not!) Parodius game. It was ported to 
the Saturn and PSX from the arcade version. Make sure to read my review at 
GameFaqs for more information. (If you haven't already, that is.)

V1.2 - 6/19/2001 - Added lots of things... I'll add more detailed 
walkthroughs and info on the weapons ASAP...

V1.1 - 1/5/2001 - Added a ton of things.

V1.0 - 1/3/2001 - FAQ is finally finished.

2. Characters
Meet the wonderful and wacky heroes of Sexy Parodius! All new characters and 
your all-time favorites are here!

(All characters have speed up and the worthless OH! option!)

The Gradius Spaceships:

Vic Viper and Lord British

Force Field

The Penguins:

Ivan and Toby

Iwatobi Missile
Iwatobi Shot
Bound Shot

The Return of the beauty bunny bombshells!:

Hikaru and Akane

Spread Bomb
Formation Option

Those Wacky Fish:

Mambo and Samba

Bubble Missile
Control Laser
Screw Laser
Search Laser

The Angelic Pigs:

Micheal and Gabriel

Strong Missile
Wave Laser
Round Shot
Grade Up

The Stick Figures:

Koitsu and Aitsu

Koitsu Missile
K Shot
K Way
K Power
K Barrier

The Shapeshiftin' Konami-not-Compile Puyo-Being things:

Option and Multiple

Koitsu Modoki
Gabriel Modoki
Thunder Cross Modoki
Sonoba Power
Sonoba Barrier

The Shooting Star Space Ships (Try saying that 5 times fast!):

Shooting Star and Black Viper

Auto Option
Wide Blast
Spark Laser
Black Power
Psycho Field


Red Pod - Increases bottom weapon bar by one.
Blue Pod - Kills Minor enemies of the screen.

Yellow Bell - gives 500 points, keep grabbing them to get more points. (2nd 
bell worth 1000, then 2500, then 5000, and finally 10000 pts!)

Blue Bell - Bomb. You can have up to 3.

Red Bell - KIKU Beam. Shoots out a vertical laser to protect you from enemies 
and projectiles.

Green Bell - Big. Turns you into a giant and makes you invincible for a 
limited time. You can't grab bells while in this mode.

Purple Bell - Turns enemies into Pods or Bells.

White Bell - Summons Alex!

The Lustful Pac-Man-like Alex - Each player can have his/her own Alex:

Grab more white bells to increase his HP and abilities. Grab Yellow to 
recover his lost HP. Just don't let him fight female enemies ;)

3. Options
After pressing start on the anime sequence, you'll be at the title screen:

I.   1P start
II.  2P start
III. Options
IV. (Empty Space)

I. 1p Start
Start a one player game!

Auto - Game chooses weapons for you (including speed-ups), but you can start 
in the same place where you died and you can get 5 bells.

Auto-Manual - Game gives you the best weapons, but you can choose your own 
(ie. Game gives you Micheal's Round Shot, but you want the Wave Laser 
instead.) When you die, you start close to where you died.

Manual - You choose your own weapons, but when you die you must start near 
where you died.

II. 2p Start
Unlike the Super Famicom Parodius games, 2 players MUST play at the same time 

The 2 player mode has many different things than the one-player mode:

- If 2 players are playing at the same time, and one or both people choose 
auto-manual or manual, you can start at the same place where you died and 
you'll still be able to choose your weapons.

- When the 2 players get close to each other, they can shoot out a various 
weapon. Consult the instructions for the chart on page 19.

N - Wave - Shoot out waves in 8 directions (depends on where the players are 
on the screen)
H - Heart - A homing weapon
X - Spark - Goes straight ahead
SP - Wave 2 - Homes in on enemies
? - Coins - Shoots out smily coins

III. Options
Choose difficulty level, stereo or mono, etc...

IV. (Empty Space)
? ;)

4. Areas w/ tips on completing the missions
The areas on Sexy Parodius are like on the Darius series. Once you complete 
or do not complete a mission, you will go to a different level...

World 1 - Down on the Farm

It seems a giant corn-on-the-cob is picking on the chickens! Help them!

Music: American Patrol w/ a hint of Home on the Range
Boss Music: ?
Goal: Defeat Corn Chiwa before he escapes!


World 2 - Bathroom Trouble

It seems a lady lost her money in a giant bathroom. Help recover the coins!

Music: Anvil Chorus Remix
Boss Music: Three Blind Mice/Circus Music
Goal: Get 300 coins

World 3A (Do not get 300 coins) - Of Mice and Monsters

Mice have taken over an old manor. Get rid of them!

Music: Castlevania - Vampire Killer Opening/?
Boss Music: Castlevania 1 Boss beginning/Habanera from Carmen? (Sounds 
Goal: Kill 100 mice

World 3B (Got the 300 coins) - Geisha Goons

It seems the once-loyal geishas of Moai's Japanese palace have become crooks!

Music: Yie Ar Kung Fu Theme (The opening is)
Boss Music: ?
Goal: "Strip" 200 Geishas

World 4A (Didn't complete the missions on 3A or 3B) - Down in the Mine

Kill the robots that are making trouble in the mines.

Music: ?
Boss Music: ?
Goal: Kill 10 Robots

World 4B (Killed 200 Geishas or Killed 100 Mice) - Save the Girls

Uh oh! The penguins have stolen beautiful women and are packaging them up in 
crates! Free them!

Music: ? (Sounds like the 2nd half of Boosters Tower on Super Mario RPG)
Boss Music: ?
Goal: Save 50 girls

World 5 (After finishing 4A or 4B) - Sky Treasure

A pirate needs help recovering the treasure he found in the sky!

Music: Grape(vine)s of Wrath (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Boss Music: 2 Volcanoes from Gradius
Goal: Get 300 Coins

World * (Get 300 Coins on stage 5, or appears randomly if you failed a 
mission on 2 player mode)

It seems a few old bosses are causing trouble... Stop them!

Boss Music: Area 5's boss from Gokujyou Parodius
Boss Music: Area 1's boss from Parodius Da!
Boss Music: Area 2's boss from Parodius Da!
Boss Music: Area 3's boss from Parodius Da! (CanCan!)
Boss Music: Habanera from Carmen? (it's either this one or Medusa (above))
Goal: Don't die!

World 6 (Not getting all the coins on stage 5 or winning/losing stage *)

It seems Takosuke the Octopus took the group's funds and is running away! 
Stop him!

Music: Hallalujah Chorus
Boss Music: Gradius 3 normal boss
Goal: Get to the end before time runs out!

(WARNING: If the game is on very hard, make sure your weapon choice is AUTO! 
If you die, you must start back aways, and the timer doesn't start over!)

Think you finished the game? Check out the spoilers section if you dare...

5. Bosses
(Note: If you wait a long time, the boss will leave, but if you completed 
your mission, it won't matter. The only one it will matter on is the 1st 
boss, Corn Chiwa.)

World 1 - 
Corn Chiwa (Konichiwa. Get it?)

Your first battle is a fight with a corn-on-the-cob! Start by staying on the 
left side of the screen and blast him and the popcorn he shoots. Soon, he 
will get off the ground, but stay right where you are, then soon he will go 
back to his original position. After that, fire away!

World 2 -
Toilet Penguin

During the battle, stay to the far left, shooting the bubbles as they 
approach, and aim for the penguin's navel. If you need more coins, grab as 
many as possible from the bubbles, but don't take too long, or the boss will 
leave!  Once you defeat him, his helmet will drop a group of coins worth 
about 40. Grab them!

World 3A -

She's back, and bigger than before! Stay to the far left, aiming for her eye. 
After she throws 3 of her 2-way petrify beams that home in on you, she will 
summon 4 mice. Kill them if you need them for your total. Also, if you get 
turned to stone, make sure her snakes projectiles aren't coming after you!

World 3B -
Egg-Shaped Ginsu Lady

Stay to the far left, and when she throws her knives, go slightly right, if 
one is aiming for you. When she throws her head, stay to the far bottom-left. 
Once in a while she will jumpkick towards you. When this happens, head right, 
then above and back to the left. If she throws her head and it goes into the 
foreground, then background, get above and behind her!

World 4A -
Raccoon with a Giant... Well... There's no polite way to explain it...

When the battle begins, he will run to the left, and wrap around to the right 
side of the screen. Shoot him in the face, and when he summons rocks, hit him 
in the obvious place :) Once in awhile, he will walk to the left and wrap 
around to the right side of the screen, so watch out for this. Once in a rare 
while he may turn into a female raccoon! I've personally only seen this once, 
and I'm not sure how to trigger it!

World 4B -

The only time you can hit the penguin is when he is on the far right side of 
the screen or at the top. Once in a while he will drop out boxes, shoot them 
for women or birds that leave power-ups behind (if you kill all 3). When the 
penguin's machine is at the very top of the screen, make sure you are near 
the bottom to block his projectiles (same when he is moving up and down on 
the right side of the screen). After you defeat him, he will pull out a 
machine gun. Just stay away until he disappears.

World 5 -
Dreamcast Symbol

No, that's not what it is. it's a Peppermint with a bad attitude! Start by 
shooting it while staying near it, and when it is about halfway dead, the 
pieces of candy near it will go in 4 directions, leaving coins. Grab the 
coins, but watch out when the candy goes back to its normal position!

World * -
Parade of Bosses


Shoot him, while moving around the screen, grabbing the many options he 
throws at you.


Shoot at his navel, and don't let the background bug you!


Worry about the boss, not the background! Move up and down, avoiding his 
feathers and beam, and shoot him repeatedly in the face. If you are facing 
the parade of bosses earlier in the game (and if you are full-powered), then 
his beams will be gigantic, and tough to avoid!


Kill at least 4 of the lips, then a giant lip will form with the remaining 
ones! Shoot at it, while moving around the screen, wathcing out for the 


She has the properties of the previous 4 bosses! Stay near the left, but 
watch out when the angels she throws out goes into the "lips" phase!

World 6 -
Nice Lady

Oh no! The hardest boss in the game! Good Luck! ;)

6. Help Me!

- Translate the story and subtitles of each area!

7. Credits
This FAQ/Walkthrough was made entirely by me, DDCecil. Feel free to use it on 
your website, and make sure to give me credit. If you are caught selling this 
or changing it in any way, shape, form, yadda yadda... I'll sue you for 
everything you are worth (which isn't much if you decide to do that, of 

Thanks to:

CJayC - For Hosting this on GameFaqs.com
All other websites hosting my FAQs
You - For reading this.
Me - For writing this.
All the Parodius fans out there!


*1 - UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, L, R, L, R, B, A Start - It will give you full 
weapons, but it can only be done once per stage.

*2 - UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, L, R, L, R, A, B Start - This will give you the 
"OH!" Option (which takes away all your weapons.)

* 3 - Beat the game on any difficulty in this order, winning every mission:


After "defeating" the final boss, and after you watch the closing credits, 
you get to go through a special stage!!!
Better yet, defeat it and you can choose it from the main menu, even after 
turning your system off (depends on if your system has a WORKING battery in 
it! (Mine doesn't!)) The background on the option menu also changes!

Stage ** - Special Stage
Music: ? (Eagles and other minions area)
Music: ? (Moai-only area)
Music: ? (Triangle-only area)
Music: Gradius 3 Area 9 (Women-only area)
Boss Music: ? (Gigantic woman star)

Goal: Defeat this level and see a cool picture!

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