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Reviewed: 10/17/13

How many times will you reuse those topless photos, Nichibutsu?

Warning! Seiha is a game that has topless photos in it. These aren’t illustrations, these are for real grainy photographs of topless women that you get for beating the computer at games of mahjong. If you don’t want to play games with boobs in them or if you are too young to play these kinds of games, then you may just have to skip this one.

Seiha is not a bad game, but not a particularly good one either. It’s one of Nichibutsu’s many strip mahjong games that reward the player with pictures of topless women for winning. If you’re a total freak for Nichibutsu and have played every damn last one of their stupid pornographic mahjong games, then you might find the photos to be a little familiar… Too familiar… Haven’t I seen these pictures before?

Story- You are a mahjong master. So, what do you do with your mad mahjong skills? You to a house full of beautiful women and play strip mahjong with them. Yes, they are all willing to strip for you if you win. If you lose, then you have to insert another credit and try again. Can you make it through every room of the house and leave all of the women who live there topless? They won’t take off their panties because Nichibutsu doesn’t go THAT far (though Dynax will), but they will totally just walk around with their boobs hanging out like they don’t care. Public and casual nudity are staples of creepy pornographic arcade games.

Presentation- The mahjong tiles look like how they do in every Nichibutsu mahjong game, which is a good thing because you can clearly see them and tell which one is which with ease. There’s no music, but you do get some digitized voice samples. Okay, time to talk about the porn. It’s all a rehash. You saw the exact same models and the exact same photographs in the terrible Live Gal. This game is better than Live Gal, but still. It looks cheap as hell because this isn’t even the first time Nichibutsu reused those photos.

Gameplay- Seiha doesn’t cheat. …Well, not at first anyway. The game gets harder as it goes, though if you have a winning streak, the game will cheat just to break it. Different rooms require different amounts of wins to get the woman to strip. Some of them take up to five wins to clear. Good luck with that one. Seiha is a hard game, it’s pretty long, and gets a bit stale if you’ve already seen everything there is to see in this game.

Cool Fact- The name Seiha means Conquest. Now you know some Japanese!

Also Try- Do you want a real conquest? Try Lord of Darkness or Nobunaga’s Ambition on the SNES. That one’s fun and is a lot better than this cheap mahjong game.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Seiha (JP, 12/31/87)

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