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Well, Private, are you ready to work your way up through the ranks? These are the toughest maneuvers you're ever likely to see, but the stakes are high--show a little brains and a lot of guts, and they'll be calling you Sarge in no time! And if you've really got the right stuff, you might even make General before the game is up!
You're in charge of the toughest bunch of yahoos ever to graduate boot camp. You've got a tank, a chopper, and plenty of ammo. But so does the enemy! You've got to out-gun, out-fly, and out-maneuver them at every turn, or you'll be scrubbing latrines for the rest of the war!
Play against the computer's army or a friend's army; or join forces with your friend's army against the computer. But any way you play it, you're in for a battle that would have made Patton shake in his boots. Now, get out there and earn those stripes--Sarge!

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