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Reviewed: 02/28/20

Strange And I Love It

Pu-Li--Ru-La is one of the strangest arcades I ever played and I love it! It was never released here in America and in fact it was in a the Taito Legends collection on PS2 but only the Japanese version. It really doesn't make sense why it was never released in the states since it was already in English. It was poor English but it wasn't like the arcades were set high in standards to begin with. "Welcome to Die", anyone?

Here is the plot described in the game's attract mode: Here is a wonderland called "Radishland." In each town, under a keeper's control, the time flow was correctly kept under a time key. But, a bad man appeared and stole the time key to stop the time flow. The towns were attacked one by one, the time flow was stopped and they received damage. An old man was impressed with a sense of danger and called upon Zac and Mel. And he entrusted them with his invented magic stick in order to defend the town.

So right off the bat, you pick either the boy or girl or if its two player its both of them anyway. You start off leaving the old man's house and now you're walking into town. Right away you see people walking and its a colorful and rather old looking town. Then like some crazy characters that nobody would take seriously attack you before going underground and seeing all these gears and stuff in the background. Here you face some puppeteer that ends up getting away and stops time. Everything is in black and white and nobody in town is moving. That's just the first stage in the game. It gets crazier.

The second stage looks like it's in Krypton with enemies turning into animals after you beat them with the magic stick and the boss in this level is some girl head with a big nose who blows kisses at you and hops on her nose. This game is weird.

But nothing can prepare you for the weirdness in the third stage. Some girl is hanging on the pole like a flag while some weird head pops out at you. There are giant woman legs hanging off doors, some woman sleeping as she slurps you with her tongue, and a geisha smoking. You are probably wondering who the boss is in this ultra weird level: well, it's actually not as weird as you may think. Remember that Japanese boss you face before the last level in The Simpsons arcade? It's like that one with longer hair that it whips out at you.

There are six stages in all in this game and it's such a weird and outlandish game that it begs to be played. I highly recommend playing this while intoxicated. It's a rather fun experience and I can't recommend this game enough. There's always something going on screen and it's just visually entertaining. If you can emulate or play Japanese games on your Playstation 2 or Saturn, try this one out.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Pu-Li-Ru-La (JP, 12/31/91)

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