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Billiards and Cartoon Boobs

We must have a quick warning before going into Pocket Gal. It is a billiards game that has cartoon women taking off their clothes to encourage you to play more and put in more credits. You do see pretty much everything, so it is very clearly an adult game. If you are too young to play games with cartoon nudity or are easily offended, then you should probably skip this one.

Pocket Gal is the first game in the Pocket Gal trilogy, a series of games that combine two things that classy gentlemen seem to love. Those things are friendly games of billiards and friendly women taking off their clothes in public. Yeah, this game was made with lonely men and hormone addled teenagers in mind with emphasis on billiards and public nudity. Pocket Gal is actually pretty good and makes for a pretty solid billiards simulation with or without all the cartoon nudity.

Story- You play as a hot shot billiards player. You like to hang out at classy bars and lounges, impressing people with your suave and debonair moves and amazing skills at billiards. You’re like Hugh Hefner and Steve Mizerak rolled into one, but not overweight and with much better looks. Who is Steve Mizerak? Go read a book on the legends of pool! It’s a cool sport with some interesting history!

As a hot shot billiards player, there is only one thing you love more than shooting that cue ball and sinking some numbers. That one thing is women, specifically gazing upon their naked form, always while everyone is looking, in the middle of the bar. No one is safe from your panty-dropping skills with a cue stick. Playboy bunnies, floozies who just want to sleep with rich men, even rich and successful business women, all take off their clothes for you when you play a really good game of billiards. Later on in the series, these seemingly fancy and sophisticated women exhibit primal grunting as though they are devolving into nymphomaniac neanderthals that are about four seconds away from touching themselves in an uncontrollable animalistic fury as they lose more clothes, but this is before such lunacy took hold of the series.

Presentation- Pocket Gal does not actually look that good. Its graphics get the job done, but one cannot help but think that this looks a lot like a pornographic game made with NES graphics. To be fair, pool is not always the most interesting sport to look at, as other billiards games will spice up the visuals in some way or another. Most of what you are looking at here involves bouncing balls, numbers, and the occasional naked cartoon girl drawn on a limited palette. In spite of these underwhelming graphics, the sound is actually pretty good. Pocket Gal features voice clips that were impressive for its time and a musical theme that lends itself well to Pocket Gal’s suave atmosphere. The presentation is not completely bad, but it could have used a little more work.

Gameplay- Pocket Gal is actually a quality billiards simulator. The controls are pretty easy and make for aiming the ball and even getting trick shots a breeze. You have a flipping coin that moves back and forth that helps determine how hard you hit the cue ball. It’s very hard to scratch, which is great if you are not very good. As a result, Pocket Gal, is very easy.

Winning a level is not simply sinking all of the balls, though. You need to meet a certain score to progress through the game. You boost your score by sinking all of the balls in order and knocking balls into specific pockets that are usually determined at random. There are also challenges where you have to sink balls without shattering glasses of brandy that are haphazardly strewn on the pool table. It’s a very easy game to learn and can require a bit of skill to master, but it’s a lot of fun. Don’t mind the 8-bit cartoon nudity. It does not matter at all because this is a great billiards game.

Cool Fact- Pocket Gal got a port to home systems, but with the nudity gutted out. It was renamed to Side Pocket.

Also Try- Real Break Billiards Academy. It’s an okay billiards game with physics that are close but just miss the mark. It also has some impressive visuals to spice things up.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Pocket Gal (US, 12/31/88)

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