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Reviewed: 04/24/03 | Updated: 04/24/03

A traumatizing endeavor!

Never before have I come across a game so contradictory -- so much with a purpose, but then, so self-defeating! Here is a title that by name led me to believe that what I'd be experiencing would involve nude women (and of world class!). This part of the notion is satisfied: there are girls, even categorically divided by nationality! Most of them are gorgeous, despite the strange, contorted positions that some are assuming for their photos.

The consequences of attempting to witness these 'beauties' are brutal.

Miss World '96 Nude is quite similar to the 'classic' Qix. You use a cursor to draw out portions of a rectangular frame, revealing more and more of the picture behind it. That picture is of the girl you originally chose, in a varying degree of nudity. Some are half-clad in swimwear, while others appear to be offering a walk-in tour of their genitalia. It ranges from too innocent to too personal. But this isn't the problem.

As you draw out pieces of the picture to further reveal the dame awaiting you, there are various moving objects that can break the line you are drawing. Should the interference touch your cursor or the line you're drawing to drop out a section of the photograph, you lose a life. This adds a challenge to the game that otherwise would be literally nonexistent. This also is not the problem.

Finally, we arrive at


The problem is that at random, seemingly inconsequential points in time, the picture of the nude woman you're attempting to fully unmask will flip. The new photograph replacing it will be one of true horror: mountains of corpses, demons with spikes shooting out their faces, growing second and third demon heads on their necks!

There is no logical explanation for this. For some reason the player is simply punished at random times for uncovering portions of that naked woman waiting in the wings! When and if in the process of uncovering such a beauty for your own personal satisfaction and the word


appears, run for the hills. What follows is an image sent express from Hell.

Why these opposing universes -- stimulating sexuality and morbidly nightmarish hellspawnly monsters -- would be combined into one is beyond me. But the severe psychological episodes and sexual incapacities it is sure to conjure up for those who experience it are inevitable and, probably, life-long. Never before has a single problem so negated the purpose of the game it plagues!


Rating: 2

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