Review by erutufon

Reviewed: 02/24/04


This platform game from 1993 is as stereotype as a platformer ever could be. Go from the left to the right, collect items and gold coins, shoot enemies, get rid of bosses and proceed to the next stage. That's as simple as it gets and that's all it's about in this game. But, interested in furries as I am, I decided to give this game a try even so. There is no real story in the game, at least I did not notice any intro. You simply control an orange cat, walking like a human, and something really striking is that his features are very similar to a particular two-tailed fox from Sega (I won't tell his name...). And that could very well be the case, since this game was created after the ''birth'' of that fox. Hmmm...*strange* coincidence.

Graphics - 8 points
The graphic is the best thing about the game. The kitty is very well animated, same goes for enemies, and the bosses are moving smoothly enough. The backgrounds are nice and colorful as well. Nothing breathtaking, though.

Sound - 6 points
Standard pop music for a platform suiting for the stages, such as ''heaven'' music on the cloud stage, typical forest music on the forest stage, spooky music on spooky levels etc. Very stereotype, nothing to tell. Sound effects are average.

Control - 6 points
The kitty is moving fast enough, but sometimes it is difficult to time the shots perfectly while jumping. Also, when you get hit, the cat makes a large annoying jump backwards, so if you are standing at the edge of a cliff, you are done for it!

Challenge - 5 points
The game is pretty short with only 5 stages. The difficult level isn't too horrible either, so there shouldn't be any greater problems to run through the game in just a few credits. I haven't noticed any particular difference in the game wether the difficulty level is set to easy or hardest.

Fun Factor - 1 point
This is the major problem with Magical Cat Adventure. The game is of absolutely no fun to play. The game is a simple stereotype of a platformer, and even though the graphics are nice and the sound is working well enough, nothing really happens in the game, no surprises, nothing at all. I was bored even before the first stage was completed. Don't ask me why I played through the game. I really can't explain why. I guess I hoped to see any surprise later on...

Repeat value - 1 point
Same goes here. I can't imagine that anyone would like to play through this game more than once, if ever. This game will be forgotten. I don't think anyone would miss this kitty.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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