Review by Rob Anybody

Reviewed: 09/15/03

Good fun if you like easy flight-simulators

This is a game from 1996, developed by Taito, and it's a flight simulator (sort of). The object of the game is to take off, and land, various aircrafts. These aircrafts include anything from a small plane, to a space shuttle, even a fighter plane! Here are the details:

STORY (0/10):

There's not really much of a story, you just have to take off and land aircrafts. If you beat the game, it says ''Great! You're a famous pilot!'' And that's about it.

GAMEPLAY (9/10):

The arcade cabinet has a seat for you to sit down, and the controls are a fairly good joystick, and a lever to control engine power. The controls are fairly simple: just push the lever up, go to the runway and take off when you have enough speed. When you reach a certain height, the auto-pilot takes control and it's level complete! On other levels you start in the air, and you have to land. The joystick has two buttons, but they both do the same thing: toggle between cockpit view (with all the buttons and lights, which are unique to each aircraft) and outside view, which is limited to a view from behind the aircraft. A bit of variety with the views would have been appreciated, but it's good none the less.

GRAPHICS (5/10):

Well, the graphics aren't really very good, even for a '96 game. The aircraft models are done quite nicely but they are terribly blocky, and the landscape is, not just blocky, the textures sort of appear and disappear and this becomes a bit annoying when you are looking for the runway to land. And the framerate is not very good either, but it's enjoyable anyway.

SOUND (7/10):

You have the engines roaring, and the sound changes as you change the power. You also have voices but I don't understand most of what they say (english is not my native language anyway). They do get a bit annoying when they keep repeating ''power up!'', or ''reduce speed!''. The music is o..k.. but it's just one tune played over and over on all levels. But it's barely audible over the engine sound so it's not too bad.

REPLAY (9/10):

You have two difficulty levels, each with it's own set of 5 planes. It's a rather relaxing game to play from time to time, and it's not very long so you should be able to master all the levels after 3 or 4 times of playing.

OVERALL (7/10):

It's a fun game that should keep you entertained for a while, if you can find it somewhere, that is. This game needs a REMAKE with better graphics and a few more levels. Have fun!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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