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FAQ by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 10/21/03

Pooyan(Arcade) FAQ
Version 1.0.0 copyright 2003
by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However,
if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then I
will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about
answering e-mail. Sorry.

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My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762












  Pooyan is a cute little game where you play a mother pig who moves up and down
in a gondola and fire arrows at wolves who take balloons up/down. Kill enough
wolves and you will be able to advance to the next level. Even the wolves are
cute and the violence and how they fall to the bottom is all quite endearing.
Like many games Pooyan developed a built in game-end in the form of the fifth
and sixth levels when it became rather tough to kill the wolves. But the
alternation of levels(wolves up with balloon, down with balloon) and snowbally
pigs makes this game a treat to play even if you aren't any good or get killed
too soon. Missing wolves that go up/down can result in an amusing death. They
either bite you from behind, on a ladder in your treehouse, or they gang
together to drop a rock on you.

  If Pooyan has a hook in game play, it is that you need to fire ahead of
monsters to hit them, and many missiles travel in a parabola. This allows you to
line up enemies in a nonconventional sense. It also has a weird curve--odd
numbered scenes(wolves coming down using balloons) start out easier but get
tougher than the even numbered scenes(wolves going to the top in balloons.)


  You move your mother pig up and down in a gondola on the right side of the
screen. There are pigs pushing and pulling you near the top, but they don't
actually affect the game. You can let a missile hit the top or bottom of your
gondola. Occasionally a red blob(meat) will appear at the top of your range of
motion, and if you collect it you can fire a powerful parabolic missile. It
wipes out all wolves in its way and even a few it doesn't quite seem to catch.
But it will bounce off to the side if it hits a balloon.

  You start off two times as fast as your opponents but eventually they match up
with you.


200 points for picking up meat
400, 800, 1600, 1600, 1600 points for each monster you hit with meat although
that reduces to 200, 400, 800, 1600, 1600 in the bonus stage
extra 200 points if meat hits the balloon too
200 points for popping a balloon a monster fell off--after you nailed the
monster with meat.
50 points for shooting a solo balloon launched in even stages
50 points for reducing the size of an enemy's balloon to green(even stages) but
0 for red
200 points for shooting a rock the wolves throw at you
200 points for shooting a fruit dropped

First of all some general principles: you usually get two pieces of meat to
shoot at the monsters at level's start, and the meat reappears once the number
of wolves left(the sign in the upper left) reaches a multiple of eight. You
can't store up meat for later use, but you can also chuck meat quickly with the
monsters at a multiple of eight and get another one(it's still a multiple of
eight) although this isn't always very practical when monsters come flying up as
you may just wind up taking out one monster. In general you'll want to try to
pick off at least two monsters with one piece of meat. You can get up to five if
they're in the right sort of curve but even then it may be safer to get four.
The meat will clip the bottom of a bad guy more than you think--often getting
him when it seems it misses him. Meat's only drawback: it bounces off unassisted

The red wolves take one hit to their balloons at first(the arrows bounce off
them) but two after the first wave, and later the purple wolf traveling above
will start dropping fruit to block your progress. Although some seem to get
popped right away--it might be a function of how close your arrow is to the
balloon base.

In the second wave, the purple wolf takes four hits to kill--he's the one at the

Note that you can generally tell what monsters are going to do as they turn to
face you before throwing, and when they're about to take a balloon they stop
pacing back and forth, too.

I'm not aware of your losing if too many wolves get on the ladder in the first
stage, but seven getting to the top of the cliff in the next level means you're

Dip switches on the game are set to extra lives at 30000 and every 70000, or
50000 and every 80000.

* LEVEL 1 *

This level starts with 32 wolves. In general for the odd levels you want to
pitch a perfect game, as the wolves start climbing up the ladders and biting out
at you rather frequently. Fortunately this is not too bad--the general rule of
thumb being: take out multiple wolves with the meat and try to pull to the top
to tackle the next wave. The wolves can spend time pacing on top, and it's to
your advantage to take them out as soon as you come down. Fortunately you can
recover pretty easily.

At the start you have a nice trick shot.






You can take out 3-5 easily but shooting at the foot of 2(be sure to be at the
very top) will get 4. If you're just starting out though you may want to go the
safer route. 1 and 2 will be easy to blast at close range.

You must kill 32 wolves here. If one gets to the bottom a replacement appears at
the top. You really want to stop wolves from reaching the bottom because they
get on the ladders and become nuisances. Although they start at the bottom(where
you shouldn't be anyway) and reach to the top, the threat is always there. It's
a huge distraction. And the first level is really the easier of the two anyway.

[green/yellow balloons]

On completing this level you'll get to see how many pigs the wolves took. The
formula is 2 + # of wolves that got to the bottom

* LEVEL 2 *

Here three balloons go to the top to start. You don't have to shoot them, and in
fact you may waste time chasing them, but beware that if you fire meat at a
balloon it will bounce back. More generally, you need to watch for relative
balloon speeds(with monsters << without them) and be sure balloons aren't
blocking your view.

Your object is to prevent wolves from reaching the top. If seven do so, they're
able to push the rock over the cliff. It will knock your gondola off the rope,
and you'll lose a life. And what's worse, there'll be four wolves remaining as
you resume. But unlike the previous level you won't be hampered if you let a
wolf through. You'll just need that much more precision. And you get a slight
break as wolves that

In addition there's a nasty purple wolf that comes up after all the others come
by. He requires four hits and tends to chuck a lot of rocks, so you need to get
started on him wen he's pretty low down. I've found that knocking out the last
wolf on the bottom before he gets started is possible as well--just kill a red
wolf that takes a balloon up above him. But as this requires some foreknowledge
of where the purple wolf will ascend, it may be most advisable to let a few
wolves go through if necessary, after you're down to 8 wolves, and reserve the
meat for the purple wolf. Because he will be accompanied on later levels.

For now, if you've used up the meat(and you should try to hold off--it is more
expedient at the end,) you just need to hit him with all you've got, and you
won't need anything special, as he will be solo. And if you don't get the purple
wolf, five others come back. This is a special problem because you can't ever
get another slab of meat. If you are really stuck you can concentrate on him to
the expense of getting killed afterwards.

Forty wolves total and special landmarks include having 29 wolves left. They
line up in a diagonal you should be able to shoot(go just above the top one) to
get five in a row. And then fire the meat right away near the top--you'll get a
free refill. With 13 wolves left a bunch of them will take purple balloons and
go up the left side. I think you should be able to get four here. Aim around the
fifth's balloon, just under the meat, to get him--you can play it safe for
'only' four wolves of course too.


Here wolves use balloons to get to the top. But there's no penalty for letting
them go. The main thing you need to do, in fact, is to hit up combinations of
wolves with meat.

For the first couple of five-wolf sets you can knock out four and then one. Do
so twice.






Above you can nail 1, 2, 3 and 5 before cleaning out 4 later. There are two of
these. Then there will be a lone wolf, you can take out two wolves one on top of
the other, and there will be a final threesome. These guys are tough to bunch
together and the program seems to have a bit of a random factor built in, but
going to the top and waiting 'til the last moment should give the final wolf
enough time to take his balloon and be vulnerable before he drops.

My best score here is 8400 for the wolves + 1200 for the meat(2400 - 2 * # of
meat used.) I suspect that this is the best score.

* LEVEL 3 *

Purple wolves, 40 to kill.

You can start this level out by knocking out five wolves in one blow(they drop
down at the edge) although the timing is tricky and of course getting one wolf
on the right so soon is bad news. Still, four would hardly be disappointing. To
do this you should stay just below the tree leaves and fire when on level with
the final balloon. You'll also note the bad guys take two hits instead of one
now. You should really be gunslinging at this point. There will be a lot of
three-wolf combinations near the end, so take care of them with meat whenever

There is also a horizontal phalanx of five wolves. You can get rid of four
easily by shooting the top of one balloon and it's a bit easier to pick off the
final one here than on the next level, where the other balloons go up and block
you. There you might want to overshoot the first one.

Don't worry about shooting the strawberries if they're all alone. They'll
distract you from buying space/time to get back to the top but you can just free
fire away as you're rising, waiting for the next wave of wolves. You'll also
maybe run into two wolves that overlap--try to shoot where both the balloons
would be, and you should be OK.

There's another chance to get three wolves with one piece of meat--when you're
under 8,


Fire at the top of 1's balloon. There's no risk in missing as you'll take out
2/3 that way and 1 will be point blank.

* LEVEL 4 *

48 monsters, mostly purple balloons, to start out. Here you'll have to check
your perfectionist urges at the tree door(how else would the wolves have gotten
up there? They're too small and clumsy to climb) and note that a lot of enemy
clumps are of the form:




Take them out with meat to save time. You'll also need to shoot balloons as they
go up, because they are a bit more prevalent now. In addition there's another
interesting formation that's lucrative if you have the time. A bunch of monsters
with blue balloons are on their way up.


 3 1


Here you can shoot 2 once, go to the top for meat(if it's there) and come back
and torpedo 1-4 pretty easily. The alternative is to fire away--or just hit 2-4
with meat and then take out 1--but if you can work the finesse it can get some
nice points.

You'll also run into a couple of not-quite-phalanxes of wolves with purple


Here just nail 2-5 and let #1 slip if you have to. I have trouble with the
timing but you should be able to take out the other monsters pretty easily.

At the end here you can save your meat OR cripple the final red wolf on the far
left and drop him onto the purple one once it starts going up.


Here there are five wolves chucking strawberries. Your mission is to hit as many
as you can. They are worth 200 each, but you get a bonus of 2000 if you nail
them all. The pattern isn't too bad here. If the wolves are, top-down 1 through
5, you just go...

1, 2, 3, (pause,) 4, 5, 5, (pause,) 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1. You want to shoot
a bit above the wolves as although the strawberries land even with the wolves,
you don't want to wait 'til he last minute. Oh, and you need to move on as soon
as you've fired as well.


* LEVEL 5 *

Now and from here on out there are 48 wolves. The purple wolf now drops apples
which are really the same as strawberries for practical purposes.

To start off you can get the first three bad guys although it may not look like
it. In fact they form a regular pattern and while you'll usually want to start
with the nearest one and pick your way down, taking out the top of the near
balloon will bag the other two bad guys, buying you some time.


Aim for 1's balloon head. And why not use the meat to get the 2-1 right away?

There'll be a V formation around 36 wolves left. Shoot the bottom two right as
they fall and use the meat. Then run down to kill off the rest. There'll be a
phalanx of 4 to use meat on after this and then lots of 3-2-1 as above after.

* LEVEL 6 *

Here you'll want to stun some enemies and come back later--this is especially a
good strategy with the wolves in the middle although there is in fact an even
better but slightly silly one. You can fire at the bad guys and if you hit the
wolves, the arrows deflect down--into the balloon of the wolf below! Now you
should take your first shot to slow up the top wolf, but when they come up from
the center you will be able to mow them down without having to move around a
lot. Fortunately you've seen most of the formations thrown at you before, so you
should be able to deal with this.


First thing to do with the meat is to drop it down the left hand side. It'll
pick off the first two wolves. But beyond that it is touch and go and I found I
couldn't get past 7200/1200 total points.

* LEVEL 7 *

Use meat on the first formation of three guys. Then go down to blast the other
two. Take out this formation:

1        2
    3        4

with meat(top of the first balloon) and then there'll be a down/right diagonal--
get the first two with meat and go down for the other 3. Then there will be 5
bad guys coming down the left but the meat will have reappeared--zap four and
fire away at the last. Next they'll come down the center(28 bad guys left) and I
think you can fire at the wolves' bodies and watch the arrows go down(go for the
center wolf first) but otherwise it can be tough--you can nip two wolves with
one piece of meat but eventually you need to get crafty with conventional
weapons. Because there'll be a reprise(12 left) and after that you can afford to
be a bit sloppy clearing out the remaining wolves.

* LEVEL 8 *

Here with wolves coming up the center you'll want to deflect a lot of shots off
the top one's body after you stun him. Getting 4 out of 5 in the opening swarm
is not so bad, so don't sweat it.

Around 29 wolves left you'll need to drop some meat--at the far left it will
take out the wolf at the edge and also the one below and a bit in from it, even
if it doesn't look as if it might. There are 4 vertical in a row at 20(drop meat
again) and then an inverted V form at 15.

  3 5

Shoot 4, throw meat at 5.


Here you must shoot 18 strawberries. The pattern's the same as the first bonus
interlude of this sort: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, then back up--6, 5,
4, 3, 2, 1.

The bonus for a perfect score here is 2400.

* LEVEL 9 *

Balloons now light blue. This is a very tough level which requires accurate
shooting. The first two formations allow you to take out a clump of five.

1  2
      3  4

      3  4
1        5

Shoot 1-4 with the meat, then just shoot 5. Eventually there will be bad guys
coming like so:


Shoot 1-3 before picking off 2. Then by 17 you'll have another

1  2
      3  4

But you'll need to pick off another trailer to get the meat to fire at them. The
rest is a bit of a scramble with


to follow. You can use meat on a couple of them but a bad guy will probably get
There'll also be some bad guys
* LEVEL 10 *

With 26 left, hit the wolves quickly. You'll need the meat for the formation at
24--in fact you'll need a couple, so try to get up in the air and fire and wait
for the next one. The rest isn't too bad, but



There's a good deal of cross-level strategy but some is also specific to the
odds or evens.

The main cross-level strategy is that you don't want to pick up the meat right
away unless you can take out multiple bad guys. If the game is just throwing out
single enemies then of course you can keep packing them off. And of course you
need to remember to take the enemies' velocities into account when firing at
them. Always be ahead of them. The closer they are, the less you'll need to
adjust. And if you must take out bad guys with meat, try to get the ones in the
rear first. That will make for easier--and quicker--shots. And don't sit back
and watch your shot curve--on the later levels bad guys are as fast as you are.

When in doubt, move up to avoid a missile from far away. The perception is that
you need to avoid where it IS and not where it will be. The farther away it's
lobbed from, the more it will drop. For wolves close in, watch their eyes. They
turn to face you before firing, and as long as you're gunning at them, you
should be able to hit their missiles. Rapid fire here is handy as they don't
shoot all the time. Overall wolves close in are easier to shoot, so if you shoot
meat and aren't sure of your aim, go for the guys in back.

For the odd levels you want to go for perfection. It's a bit easier here
fortunately. Move down with the bad guys and fire away. You generally get breaks
where you can go back up. Fire constantly. Aim at their eyes and you'll hit the
balloon. Balloons don't get in your way here, and often you'll want to wait a
bit before bad guys come down. There's little excuse for not nailing two of them
with meat. Even if they're split on each side of the screen(but still level) you
can aim at the top of the near one's balloon.

In later levels you can use balloons to bounce meat back into play, and you can
hit wolves with arrows to deflect them down into balloons. You also can hit a
wolf's balloon and leave it there.

End of FAQ proper



1.0.0: sent in 10/21/2003 because I hadn't really written anything for a bit. I
need to be more specific on the later levels and also difficulty/dip switches
but most of those notes are at home.


The usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, too, because
they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, daremo, falsehead,
RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul(great AIM convo helped my revamp
efforts,) and others I forgot.
War Doc for pushing me by example to look for that one more game that
needs/would like coverage.
CJayC for creating GameFAQs.com so that I could post cute little time wasting
guides like this.
My new cat who provided an even better distraction than the internet while I was
typing this up(and playing it.)

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